Element4l is an immersive and experimental indie platform game, with a strong focus on flow and smooth gameplay, wrapped in an exceptional soundtrack by Mind Tree.
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發售日: 2013 年 05 月 24 日


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"One of my favorite indie releases of the past few years. Utilizes a unique shapeshifting mechanic to guide you through a beautiful ambient soundscape."


"Element4l is truly something special. It reminded me of the reason why I became a gamer in the first place."
9.5 - http://www.pixelsforbreakfast.net/reviews/element4l-review-a-wondrous-adventure

"Element4l is founded on solid mechanics, fresh gameplay, and a undeniable sense of style."
90/100 - Hooked Gamers

"Element4l knows what it wants to be, a new kind of platform game, and nails it with audacity."
81/100 - PC GAMER

"Element4l is a terrific game that is perfectly balanced in everything that it sets out to accomplish."
80/100 - Hardcore Gamer Magazine

"Element4l is a cracking indie platformer and does more than enough to rise to the top of a pretty heavily saturated genre."
82/100 - Video Games Uncovered

"Element4l makes its mark on the world of land creatures and is just as amazing as it seemed in its initial trailer."
90/100 - Indie Power Magazine


Element4l is an immersive and experimental indie platform game, with a strong focus on flow and smooth gameplay, wrapped in an exceptional soundtrack by Mind Tree.

In Element4l, you control four elements who are bound together on a journey to shape life. Your only hindrances are nature and the sun. It takes a different, innovative approach to classic platform games and challenges you to rearrange your reflexes.

Element4l is a challenge. The first time you play it, you will struggle... just like the first time you've learned how to ride a bike.


  • Elements with ninja moves
  • Alternative 4-button based gameplay
  • Exceptional soundtrack by Mind Tree (Included for FREE as high quality MP3's)
  • 16 levels throughout 4 stages (+ tutorial levels and bonus)
  • Competitive race mode with adaptive ghosts from other players
  • Collectibles/achievements/easter eggs/...
  • Includes DLC Update: Lap Races


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:Intel / AMD 1Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA or ATI - Intel: Shader Model 2 capable
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • OS:10.6 or later
    • Processor:Intel CPU
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA or ATI - Intel: Shader Model 2 capable
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    Important: The Linux version is still in beta.
    Known problems: Fullscreen mode may introduce some mouse and video problems on certain systems.

    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA or ATI - Intel: Shader Model 2 capable
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
11 人之中有 11 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
4.8 記錄時數
張貼於:09 月 10 日
Cute, Beautiful, Fun, Peaceful and Calming, a nice break if you're addicted to games full of action. I'ts a really unique game.
and im in love with the music
10 人之中有 10 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
4.3 記錄時數
張貼於:12 月 15 日
Element4l is an enjoyable indie experience with beautifully atmospheric visuals and an exceptionally gorgeous soundtrack. The smooth gameplay introduces challenges that require the player to utilize the unique mechanics and rise to the occasion in overcoming obstacles to continue on their journey.
7 人之中有 6 人(86%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
2.2 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 29 日
The beautiful thing about indie games is that they're all but the usual, common, money-making, idustrial games you usually find. It's all done a bit differently and in a special way. Now, my question is, what happens when it's all too different, up to the level of 'oh god why am I doing this to myself?', to which I've just arrived.

Never have I seen before a video game, or any sort of media, which is so magical and at the same time is so frustrating and, well... bad. For me, at least.

The game looks very interesting and it is definitely very original. At first I did enjoy it, but later it became tedious and frustrating, as there seemed to be no reason to what I'm doing (I couldn't make up any story of the bland details the game gave me), and the levels got more and more complicated, but not in a way that makes you think more or anything alike, but rather makes you press the exact correct button at the exact correct time.

So yeah, that game was pretty hard for me, and for the wrong reasons I believe. Also, success doesn't feel very rewarding, and that made me quit...

Although I won't recommend the game to anyone, I guess that there are some people that will actually enjoy it. And this game really isn't that bad, it has interesting graphics and sounds, interesting gameplay... But it all gets too tedious and frustrating too early. Not for me folks. Suit yourself
4 人之中有 4 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
7.6 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 29 日
Very good game. The soundtrack and gameplay relieves my anxiety. Some people may not like it, but I enjoyed it and for the price I would suggest this to anyone.
6 人之中有 5 人(83%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
3.5 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 14 日
The game is hard, but not in a rewarding way.
Even when you finish a level, you don't feel accomplished, just tired and with the sensation that finally for once the game didn't f**k you up.

The hint system, suggesting you the right strategy to pass a point, is godawful and frustrating, as it shows you the way to proceed if you had enough momentum, momentum you obviously don't have, since to see the hint you have to day a few times, and restart from the last checkpoint, without any momentum.
Thus making the whole experience even more frustrating.

It has a nice base concept, using different elements to pass different parts of the platformer/puzzle, and that's what got me in the first place, but it's implemented to be such a precision platformer with no room for errors, with controls not as good, thus ending in hours of frustration.

I would not reccommend, even for free.
I managed to play this much only because I know a guy who finished it and the rivalry motivated me, but not enough to withstand the amount of bulls**t this game makes you eat.

3 人之中有 3 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
16.2 記錄時數
張貼於:12 月 21 日
awesome game, fun and challenging, amazing soundtrack!
3 人之中有 3 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
1.9 記錄時數
張貼於:12 月 21 日
A nice gem.
Very polished, different, great music and controls very responsive ^^
3 人之中有 3 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
3.6 記錄時數
張貼於:12 月 14 日
This game has a very nice and beautiful atmosphere to it and is charming in quite a few ways, but it's rather difficult to see enjoyment in it when it is as challenging as it is. There are things about this game that I like, but I found myself getting rather frustrated at certain points that require more or less an exact number of button pushes at the most perfect time to be able to pass them. In other words, though I appreciate the themery of the game, it doesn't pair up well with the demands of how perfectly timed every single one of your button pushes have to be.
2 人之中有 2 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
1.6 記錄時數
張貼於:09 月 12 日
This game is a nice pastime, but you have to enjoy (almost) fixed paths and having to push the right buttons at the right moment. It is well done, but not really my kind of game.
2 人之中有 2 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
3.8 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 22 日
This is a rage game in disguise.
DO NOT PLAY this if you hate rage games.
1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
3.1 記錄時數
張貼於:12 月 1 日
I've not played lots of this. But what I have played, has impressed me. I'm not big on puzzle-platformer types, but I adore this game regardless.

The Soundtrack is absolutely wonderful. It's so ambient and it REALLY fits the game. It genuinely makes you feel like you're solving a puzzle. There's some interesting, occasionally creepy sound-effects [childrens laughter] that definitely adds to the very odd atmosphere. There's no real way to decribe the kind of atmosphere it generates. It's simply unique.

The Artwork/Aesthetic. It's gorgeous. Vibrant colour themes and pleasant contrasts. It's quite simply an interesting game to look at.

The gameplay is, not really for me. The game can get difficult very quickly, which is always an issue with puzzle-platformers. Certainly some levels are more intuitive than others. But it consistently provides a challenge. I imagine, at higher levels, it must feel fantastic to glide through the levels executing each move required perfectly. Sadly, I very rarely - often accidentally - replicate this feeling. It's usually the moment I realize how fluid the game feels that I die! The main issue for me is that when you do die, it really slows the gameplay. What is fluid when executed perfectly feels sluggish when you die, as you often re-spawn stationary, or with little momentum.

But I can't stress enough how polished it is, especially for an indie title. There's some lovely written commentary provided in-game as you pass certain obstacles. If you love puzzle-platformers and unique games, you'll like this game. Even if you don't, I'd argue it's worth buying for the soundtrack and aesthetic in-game. It's simply beautiful. Fully recommended.
1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
12.1 記錄時數
張貼於:12 月 1 日
Great Indie Platformer that takes you on a grand adventure. The soundtrack is just as good as the game itself.
1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
2.7 記錄時數
張貼於:11 月 13 日
When I first launched the game, I (as many others) noticed that you don't have direct control. I was a little dissapointed, but I still proceeded. And I'm glad I did. I like puzzles and challenges, and the puzzles in this game can be very hard. They wouldn't be with direct control, so I can see why the developer took away conventional controls, player sees the puzzle, thinks it's hard based on other games' controls, but when he/she tries to solve it, the controls come to play, and that's when it gets difficult. Along with unique controls, the game has cute, semi-realistic art style, and SO beautiful soundtrack. Music in games is under-rated in most AAA and big company games, but not in most indie games. And in this game, the soundtrack is so calming, relaxing, happy... Words cannot describe how wonderful soundtrack in this game is.

So, not for people who don't like puzzles, and for some players it may get a little repetitive, but for people like me, it's one of te best games in past few years.

1 人之中有 1 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
0.5 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 26 日
Physics puzzle platformer where the use of each of the 4 elements unique attributes lets you navigate and interact with the environment to reach the end goal. Although done quite well, it is a simple formula which can get a bit repetitive. However, with a mesmerising ambient intelligent glitch soundtrack (one of the best I have heard in ages, check out Enigmatik lable if you like that style) I found myself easily getting lost in this game. If you find it on sale it is worth a look.
3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
2.2 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 10 日
Really relaxing platformer. The ambient music and sound combined with the easy on the eyes visuals make sure even struggling on certain areas remains a nice experience. The mechanics aren't too complex; simple, yet deep enough that the game is engaging and fun. Definitely pick it up some time.
3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
1.4 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 23 日
Ever wanted to feel like a ♥♥♥♥ing snail slogging through your life? This game is for you. You have to move around in a platformer-like environment but you CAN'T ♥♥♥♥ing MOVE! This is like an endless quicktime-event reflex game. No smart thinking required, you just have hit the buttons in the right order, at the right second. Otherwise you've blown it. Ragegame, ideal for making funny videos on the Tube, but not good for casual gaming or for having fun.
3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
6.6 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 8 日
Nice game for 3.19 eur ! Love this this type of game and I do not regret that I bought it ! <3
3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
31.8 記錄時數
張貼於:08 月 9 日
It's cute and simple.
Just like Aristotle-chan said.

2 人之中有 1 人(50%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
3.2 記錄時數
張貼於:09 月 1 日
This game is way too frustrating. Yeah i suck
97 人之中有 86 人(89%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
12.2 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 11 月 15 日
Dear god. Hard. Fun. Hard. Pretty. Nice music. Hard. Also, hard.