Element4l é um jogo de plataforma indie experimental, com um forte foco em fluxo e suavidade na jogabilidade, envolto em uma trilha sonora excepcional pela Mind Tree.
Data de lançamento: 24 Mai 2013
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Element4l update 1.2.3

8 abril 2014

Such a lovely version number!

* Languages added
* Bugs crushed

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Element4l UPDATE 1.2

6 março 2014

* Mr. Smooth! - new help system, for those who are stuck at a certain point. You may ask for help after you lose 5 elements at a certain checkpoint

* Updated checkpoints

* Localization! - mtba

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"Element4l is truly something special. It reminded me of the reason why I became a gamer in the first place."
9.5 - http://www.pixelsforbreakfast.net/reviews/element4l-review-a-wondrous-adventure

"Element4l is founded on solid mechanics, fresh gameplay, and a undeniable sense of style."
90/100 - Hooked Gamers

"Element4l knows what it wants to be, a new kind of platform game, and nails it with audacity."
81/100 - PC GAMER

"Element4l is a terrific game that is perfectly balanced in everything that it sets out to accomplish."
80/100 - Hardcore Gamer Magazine

"Element4l is a cracking indie platformer and does more than enough to rise to the top of a pretty heavily saturated genre."
82/100 - Video Games Uncovered

"Element4l makes its mark on the world of land creatures and is just as amazing as it seemed in its initial trailer."
90/100 - Indie Power Magazine

Acerca do Jogo

Element4l é um jogo de plataforma indie experimental, com um forte foco em fluxo e suavidade na jogabilidade, envolto em uma trilha sonora excepcional pela Mind Tree.

Em Element4l, você controla 4 elementos que estão unidos em uma jornada para formar a vida. Seus únicos obstáculos são a Natureza e o Sol. Ele tem uma abordagem diferente e inovadora para jogos de plataforma clássicos e desafia você a reordenar seus reflexos.

Element4l é um desafio. A primeira vez em que jogar, você vai se esforçar... Assim como a primeira vez em que aprendeu a andar de bicicleta.

--- Características ---

  • Elementos com movimentos ninja.
  • Jogabilidade baseada em 4 botões alternativos.
  • Trilha sonora excepcional pela Mind Tree (incluído gratuitamente com alta qualidade MP3).
  • 16 níveis ao todo, em 4 etapas (+ níveis de tutorial e bônus).
  • Modo de corrida competitiva com adaptação Ghost de outros jogadores.
  • Colecionáveis / realizações / ovos de páscoa /...
  • Expansão ""Modo Corrida"" gratuita incluída.

Requisitos de Sistema (PC)

    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:Intel / AMD 1Ghz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA or ATI - Intel: Shader Model 2 capable
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space

Requisitos de Sistema (Mac)

    • OS:10.6 or later
    • Processor:Intel CPU
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA or ATI - Intel: Shader Model 2 capable
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space

Requisitos de Sistema (Linux)

    Important: The Linux version is still in beta.
    Known problems: Fullscreen mode may introduce some mouse and video problems on certain systems.

    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA or ATI - Intel: Shader Model 2 capable
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
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Element4l - it is charming, adorable, beautiful... If you just look at the trailers or pieces of gameplay, you'll probably come to a conslusion that this is a very relaxing and soothing game. I'll clear that up in just a second.

But first. What exactly is the game? The mechanics are simple, technically it's even called a platformer... You travel different environments: rocky and green, fire with lava, icy and snowy, or watery. And you are an element. First you are a bubble of air, then you gain the ability to turn into a cube of ice, then a little rock, and finally a fire spark. Each form has other abilities and weaknesses. The only control you have, is the form you take. You don't really control the movement, you just turn into the right element in the right area to fly, swim, slide, or bounce around.

The mechanics are brilliant in their simplicity. You press up for air, down for rock, left for ice, and right for fire. That's all you have control of. So it should be pretty easy, right? A simple, pleasant game.

WRONG! Honestly, I don't remember the last time I screamed, grunted, moaned, and cried this much during a game. Since the control is so minimal, you have to hit everything just right, at the right moment, with the right speed and angle. If you don't, you're screwed. Do over.

I'm a rage game masochist. So I just completely adore this game, and can't pull myself away from it. But if you don't enjoy getting absolutely infuriated during a game, maybe you shouldn't try it.

Now, apart from the brilliant mechanics, this game is just gorgeus. The environments are made in a beautiful, soft style. The elements are tiny, with an adorable little smiley kawaii face. The music is gentle and soothing, almost like a lullaby. And, every here and there, you get small remarks from the element that you are controlling, written somewhere on the screen. Like, when you are going underground the element mentions Gollum and the One Ring.

So the whole thing, looking objectively is really just cute, pretty, sweet and adorable.

And then if you play it, and you aren't very adept at it yet, it's hell on Earth.

I love it. If I haven't scared you off yet, try it. It's different, it's clever, it's difficult, and it's cute.
Publicada: 23 Mai 2014
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I enjoy some difficult games because when they're done right success can be very rewarding. The difficulty in Element4l comes down to "how well can you copy the exact path I've designed through this obstacle?" There's only one way through the levels and your ability to copy exactly what it shows in the help that pops up when you fail too many times determines how hard you'll find the game.

There's no creativity or independent thought involved in clearing levels; just "do exactly what I show you". This poorly crafted difficulty means that you need to repeat things a lot to get them right and when you finally do it's completely unrewarding.

Aesthetically, it's fine, but the text is low resolution and it gives the game an unpolished feel.
Publicada: 10 abril 2014
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At a first glance this seemed like a good idea. It's definitely original! I personally did not enjoy this game but it might have some appeal to other kinds of people.

Strangely enough, it reminds me of Dragon's Lair for the Sega CD. And I know exactly why. If you never played said game it works like this: you put the cd on and hit play, then a beautiful animation starts playing! cell shaded, disney quality etc. That's no intro or cutscene, that's the game. You have to press specific keys at specific moments to allow the movie to progress. It's a game 100% made of quicktime events, made before this term had been coined. And Element4l is exactly that under the hood; you have to press the correct key at the correct time, there's no margin for error and no flexibility at all. Again, some people may enjoy this but, if they exist, I hope it's not because of the movie playing because Element4l doesn't have that part.
Publicada: 7 Mai 2014
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hardest game in the world why did i buy this 11/10
Publicada: 24 fevereiro 2014
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I love this game.
I always loved difficult and frustrating games, they push you to your limits and give you lots of satisfaction when you finally get through a level, well, this game isn't THAT hard, it's just filled up with good ol' trial and error: you die, you die again, you understand, you succed, you die and you start the loop all over again until you understand the pattern that you have to follow.
The game's lenght isn't that big but when you'll finish the main storyline you'll want to start all over again to speedrun through all of it and you'll always want to get even better at it.
I found it even more appealing using a gamepad.
Then we have the graphics, oh my god the graphics... This is one of those games with graphics that are so simple that makes it look more appealing than new-gen games, you wouldn't even guess it's an indie.
Another thing I loved were the elements quotes, they are so funny to read!
Totally a game that is worthy of a try
Publicada: 8 junho 2014
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Indium Game Contest - Winner (European Fantasic Film Festival Strasbourg)

Unity Awards 2013 - Finalist Best Visual 2D Experience