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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 Oct 2009
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Acerca del juego

¡Participa en un viaje tropical de poder! Conviértete en el dictador de una isla remota en la Guerra Fría. ¡Cautiva, persuade, intimida, oprime o engaña a tu gente para permanecer en el poder! ¿Eres un líder amable y generoso? ¿O quizá un tirano corrupto y despiadado que gobierna con mano dura? Convierte a tu isla en un paraíso turístico o en una potencia industrial. Haz promesas al electorado o difama escándalos políticos rivales para conseguir esos votos cruciales en las próximas elecciones. Envía tu avatar para felicitar a la gente, visitar la isla de otro jugador o simplemente ponerte a tomar el sol en una playa caribeña.

Asume el rol de una de las superpotencias de la Guerra Fría y enfréntate a las demás. Tropico 3 ofrece una visión irónica y desenfadada de los problemas del mundo real como la política tercermundista, la corrupción o los regímenes totalitarios.

  • Una campaña consistente en 15 misiones
  • Generador de mapas aleatorios
  • Editor de línea temporal
  • El Avatar es personalizable y controlable por el jugador
  • Mítines electorales
  • Simulación de la vida, familia y posturas políticas de cada habitante
  • Vehículos y carreteras
  • Nuevos edificios y nuevas unidades
  • Puntuaciones en línea
  • Visitas a otras islas controladas por otros jugadoresa

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: CPU a 2.5 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Espacio en Disco: 5 GB de espacio libre
    • Tarjeta de vídeo: Tarjeta gráfica 3D con 128 MB y soporte de Shader Model 3.0
    • Tarjeta de sonido: Dispositivo de 16 bits
    • Versión de DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
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Tropico 3 is a light city/state building simulator.
+ Nice graphics
+ Polished gameplay
+ It gets you in to that tropican mood.
+ Funny

- If you've played an older Tropico, its more of the same. Even the character traits are the same. I expected more or different elements to the game compared to Tropico 1.
- Building roads is a hassle in this game.
- Experienced some CTD's
- its a bit light if you are looking for a serious city game.

Overall a fun game but more of the same
Publicado: 27 noviembre 2013
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Very fun, it has god mode to help you learn the game, as well as a campaign and random events.
You can even decide what your small island nation is like. Ranging from how you make money, all the way up to how many tourists you have or how powerful your dictator nation is.
Publicado: 25 noviembre 2013
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Originally posted on April 9, 2011

Tropico 3 is a delight of a game. It features funny and charming music, atmosphere, and little details that continue to make me smile. The varieties of different approaches you can take to building an economy or satisfying your people are great, and the balance between diplomacy, economics, and and politics is very good. My major complaints with this game are that many game mechanics are not explained at all (very poor tutorial) and the ways things effect each other are not readily apparent in many situations. When first playing the game, youll often find your economy suddenly tanking, and youll have to dig through the economy hunting for clues as to why it is doing so. The constant effect of each building and policy should be more visible immediately within the UI, in order to avoid situations where the player doesn't understand the causes of an event. Also, the AI needs a lot of work, and the garage and combat systems are very flawed. Overall, I'm excited to see where they take it.
Publicado: 31 diciembre 2013
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A nice city simulator, but gets very repetitive(Specially the radio) and the different challenges offer little variation. If you want to try your hand at being the presidente, get it on a cheap sale.
Publicado: 26 noviembre 2013
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For all those who have a dictator inside (or maybe you just like feeling powerful), Tropico is a game you will enjoy from the very beggining. Although this version (Tropico 3) doesn't offer a really improved experience compared to the first one of the saga, besides some graphical improvement and a more 3D environment.
As the commander of a banana republic, this game offers a different feeling from other city government simulations you've may tried. This one is really political and you'll often have to choose between communist/capitalist ways to rule a nation. You are going to try to make your Tropico nation a wealthy one, but of course, not forgetting about your own Swiss Account.
The sound of this game is one of the things I like most. Of course, I speak spanish and I like latin music, but besides that, background music mixes within the sense of a Tropican country, and your people dialogs are so much fun, it really is one of the things I'd recommend Tropico for.
The sense of humour of this saga, and the entire parody thing is one of its strongest's points, if you're unfamiliar with Tropico games, I'd recommend you to start with Tropico 1, or Tropico 4. This version isn't more than a graphical improved Tropico 1.
Publicado: 10 febrero 2014
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