The Steam Special Edition of Tropico 3 contains the following additional content: Two additional maps for the sandbox mode: Verde Playa Coco Chico Map Two additional costumes for the el presidente avatar editor: Female Avatar: Casual Clothes Male Avatar: Casual Clothes Two additional accessories for the el presidente avatar editor: Female
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Datum vydání: 20. říj. 2009

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The Steam Special Edition of Tropico 3 contains the following additional content:
Two additional maps for the sandbox mode:
  • Verde Playa
  • Coco Chico Map
Two additional costumes for the el presidente avatar editor:
  • Female Avatar: Casual Clothes
  • Male Avatar: Casual Clothes
Two additional accessories for the el presidente avatar editor:
  • Female Avatar: Baseball Hat
  • Male Avatar: Commie Hat
Engage in a tropical power trip! Become the dictator of a remote island during the Cold War. Charm, persuade, intimidate, oppress, or cheat your people to stay in power! Are you a kind and generous leader? A corrupt and ruthless tyrant ruling with an iron fist? Turn your island into a tourist paradise or an industrial power. Make promises to the electorate or slander political adversaries to get the crucial votes for the upcoming elections. Send your avatar to congratulate the people, visit the island of another player, or just sun-bathe on the Caribbean beach.
Play the Cold War superpowers against each other to your maximum advantage. Tropico 3 offers a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted take on real world issues like third world politics, corruption and totalitarian regimes.
  • A campaign consisting of 15 missions
  • Random map generator
  • Timeline editor
  • The Avatar — customizable and under the player's control
  • Election speeches
  • Simulation of the life, family, and political views of each Tropican
  • Vehicles and Roads
  • New buildings and new units
  • Online Scoring
  • Visits to islands controlled by other players

Systémové požadavky

    • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: CPU with 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB Available HDD Space
    • Video Card: 128 MB 3D Graphic Card with Shader Model 3.0 support
    • Sound Card: 16-bit Sound Card
    • DirectX® Version: DirectX® 9.0c
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City building games have been a staple of PC gaming since the beginning. It is a subset of the RTS genre that helped to pioneer both sandbox gameplay and the concept of nearly limitless replayability. Fastforward to the present and the genre remains very much alive and well in Tropico 3; a game that takes the foundation of the genre, adds a great deal of social and economic depth, and finally puts a Latin twist on it for good measure. Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media, Tropico 3 has all the features of a city-building game developed by the mainstream likes of Electronic Arts.

The first thing that will grab your attention is the visual quality. Tropico 3 brings the beauty of tropical islands to life very similar to the way Far Cry did. From lush forests to arid deserts, the varying environments on a single island help to break up any visual monotony that would normally be a problem. Of course, this isn't to say that the random map generator can't and doesn't create maps with little variation. Thankfully, the game does allow you to preview the landscape before starting on a new island.

If the visuals aren't impressive enough, the soundtrack will get certainly get your attention. The music attempts to capture the authentic Caribbean style and does a fairly good job of it. In fact, the only real downside to the soundtrack is that there doesn't seem to be enough tracks. You will hear the same tracks many, many times during one game, which can last for hours depending on whether you're playing in sandbox mode or a campaign.

In order to maintain the game's authenticity, the majority of the voice acting is Spanish. Moreover, any immigrants or workers hired from other countries will mostly speak English. Only the voice acting that the player needs to understand is done in English with a decent Latin American accent. For example, there is a radio announcer that provides regular updates on the situation of the island.

The gameplay isn't the standard city building players have come to expect from games like Sim City. Instead, Tropico 3's focus is on the social, political, and economic development of the island nation. The game introduces a few factions that the people align themselves with such as Capitalists, Communists, Nationalists, Militarists, Environmentalists, Intellectuals, and the Religious. And, the player is tasked with appeasing these factions whether by building structures such as churches or military bases, signing edicts that reduce pollution or ban contraceptives, or signing treaties with either the U.S. or the U.S.S.R.

The faction system brings a lot of depth to Tropico 3, and it isn't just about increasing the happiness of the overall population. Every couple years an election is held on the island that the player must win. Appeasing a majority of the factions helps secure votes, but it's based on more than making all the factions happy. For example, a majority of the population may belong to a single faction, thus making that faction the most important focus. Knowing which factions to appease and when is crucial to getting reelected. The player can choose to give political speeches during each election, and even pick what topics to address, which can have an effect on the voters.

The elections aren't the only thing to worry about it. There is also the potential for members of a faction to become rebels. If the player makes a faction angry enough, it will increase the number of rebels. Then, those rebels will attempt to sabotage infrastructure, take hostages, spread propaganda, and even assassinate El Presidente. Of course, being in good standing with the Militarists (the army) allows the player to fend off against rebel attacks, which even play out on the streets when they occur.

Economically, Tropico 3 is based entirely around three major sources of revenue: industry, agriculture, and tourism. The player can use farms, which can be set to harvest a variety of crops from food to tobacco; industrial buildings, which take those crops and produce products; and/or tourism attractions, which bring people to the island who will spend money.

Based on the map the player is given, some economic resources such as oil wells and mining deposits, may not be available, forcing the player to rely on other ways of growing the economy. Economic progression in Tropico 3 is a slow process, even using the 3x speed feature that's available. Moreover, it needs to be closely watched by the player because of random events that may occur. For example, throughout the game, the state of the world economy may fluctuate, causing an increase or decrease in the price of your exported goods. These events will impact the player's economy dramatically, forcing the player to take action.

Tropico 3 doesn't offer a huge number of building variations or options like many city building games do, but it doesn't need to. The depth of the game doesn't stem from the cosmetic look of the buildings, but from the dizzying level of depth and customization. For example, all the farms look exactly the same, but the player can set each farm on the island to grow a different crop. Better yet, where the farm is placed affects what types of crops it can grow. Some crops grow best at high altitudes, in high humidity, or in sunny areas. Picking the right crop for the right location can make or break your economy.

To add to the depth, the player can also set the wages of the workers based on the job or education level. Even better than that, players can set wages based on each individual building. For instance, the cooks at one restaurant could make $15 while the cooks at the restaurant close to the tourist's hotel could make $20. Players are also able to easily set the wages of all the cooks, regardless of which restaurant they work at, as simply as clicking a button. The same thing goes for the education level options, which allow the player to set the wage of all employees with no education, a high school education, or a college education.

Player will have to deal with a variety of problems such as pollution, economic disparity, crime, housing, political unrest, foreign influence, overcrowding, extreme weather, and a variety of random events that can impact the island. Hurricanes can sweep in and destroy key buildings such as electric substations, which could create rolling blackouts across the island, reducing the output of industry buildings that require power and lowering the overall happiness of the population.

Despite the game's astounding level of depth and options, however, there are a few problems that can cause headaches. For starters, the in-game tutorial is a less-than-adequate introduction to the game mechanics. It does a fine job of getting the player used to the UI and where certain information is represented, but it doesn't explain how to actually grow the economy or reduce the threat of rebellion. For example, the tutorial will tell the player how to build a farm and set a crop, but it doesn't make it clear how exactly it contributes to increasing revenue.

There are also some minor control issues. For example, when selecting a building to place on the map, the player uses the middle scroll wheel to rotate the buildings orientation. However, the scroll wheel is also used to zoom in and out, which means the player needs to zoom in close enough prior to selecting a building to ensure the placement is correct.

Overall, Tropico 3 should be applauded for its depth and customization. The game's visuals along with its unique and authentic soundtrack help draw the player into its Caribbean setting. And, regardless of its few problems, none of which are game-breaking, it does an excellent job of focusing on the political, social, and economic pieces of the game, each of which often affects the others in some way.
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For a game about playing as a dictator,there isnt enough reward for doing so.

It is far easier to attend to the needs of your people than to opress them.It might be your cup of tea,but its not what i was looking for in this game.

I assume you are forced to do villanous things in the campaign,but in sandbox?Not at all.

You cant even muster up your military and establish your "country" as an independent "take-no-♥♥♥♥♥-from-anyone" military power,as an invasion results in instant loss.
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"It's all work and no play for presidente!"
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V roce 2001 společnost PopTop Software představila hru ve stylu tycoon, chcete-li ekonomickou strategii v reálném čase, s názvem Tropico. O co šlo? Jednoduše se jednalo o "simulátor boha". Božskou úlohu však na sebe převzal prezident a jeho prostřednictvím pomocí mechanismů tzv.indirect control, tj. můžete určovat lidem, co mají dělat, ale neovládáte je přímo, jste měli za úkol udělat z tropického ostrova prosperující ráj na zemi, čehož se dle názoru El Presidenta, s vaší pomocí, nejlépe dosahovalo zavedením totální diktatury. O něco později se hráči dočkali pokračování Tropico 2: Pirate Cove, kde platil stejný princip, avšak v pirátských kulisách. V roce 2008 značku odkoupila německá vydavatelská společnost Kalypso Media a o čtyři roky později světlo světa spatřilo Tropico 3.

Je velmi sympatické, že se bezezezbytku podařilo navázat na pocitovost z prvního dílu. Stejně jako v původní hře váš diktátor nebude řešit globální dominanci nebo množství atomových zbraní v bunkrech, nýbrž vcelku prosté starosti jako například udržení se u moci co možná nejdéle za účelem podstatného zvýšení zlatého padáku ve švýcarské bance, falšování voleb, odstranění hlasitých kritiků režimu, nakrmení a uspokojní základních potřeb obyčejných pracujících a udržování diplomatické rovnováhy ve vztahu k SSSR a USA.

Po herní stránce se jedná o typicý tycoon, kdy začínáte na jednom z vámi vybraných ostrovů s téměř nulovou zástavbou, absentující výrobou a limitovanou finanční částkou na rozjezd. Později z velmi přehledných seznamů, opatřených grafickými symboly, vybíráte, jaké budovy postavit a kde je chcete umístit (nutno dodat, že na mapu dáte jen půdorys budoucí stavby, zbytek je na stavitelích, jejichž ústřednu musíte rovněž vybudovat a k tomu stanovit atraktivní platové podmínky, abyste je do tohoto zaměstnání nalákali). Jestliže máte dost peněz a volného místa, popusťte uzdu fantazii! Jestliže financování schází, nebo jste si vybrali nevhodný terén, budou vaši obyvatelé ještě nějakou dobu žít ve vlastnoručně vyrobených plechových přístřešcích a jen doufat, že se jednou dočkají bytových domů a farem na hovězí.

Na začátku si budete muset vystačit s prostým plundrováním nerostného bohatství a jeho exportem do zahraničí v syrové podobě. Později si budete moci dovolit rafinérie a továrny na zpracování surovin, což se následně odrazí na ceně finálních výrobků (hotové doutníky logicky stojí víc, než sklízený tabák a nábytek je dražší než samotné dřevo). Taktéž dospějete k závěru, že by nebylo špatné přilákat na ostrov další dolary a rubly, pročež se se dočká rozvoje turistické odvětví. Jenomže bohatý turista nebude bydlet v laciném hotelu a bez zavedené elektřiny nefunguje ani letiště, ani kasino.

V této fázi vám hra ukáže, jaká umí být malá sviňka. Čím víc ostrov prosperuje a čím lépe se mají jeho obyvatelé, tím víc kladou požadavků a kazí mírumilovnému diktátorovi náladu věčným srocováním u paláce, demonstracemi a v horším případě touha po změně zavedených pořádků vyvrcholí v ozbrojené povstání, což jaksi není nic neobvyklého v takových banánových republikách jakou je ta vaše (doporučuji celou dobu hlídat, aby ozbrojené složky pobíraly skutečně vysoké platy a byly tudíž v rozhodující moment na vaší straně)!

Můžete se pochopitelně vydat několika různými směry. Ano, klidně stavte další nemocnice, univerzity a zlepšujte sociální jistoty obyvatel. Nebo vytipujte pro tajnou policii největší buřiče, nechte je hnít ve vězení, případně vydejte rozkaz k fyzické likvidaci. Falšujte volby, zastrašujte politické oponenty a naplno využívejte propagandy ve sdělovacích prostředcích. Mějte ale na paměti, že v třetím Tropicu je El President majitelem fyzického, a tudíž smrtelného, těla. Ukrytá loď s velkým kufrem odstupného a letenkou do Švýcarska může přijít vniveč, když dostatečně neodhadnete diktátorovy možnosti.

Máte před sebou staré Tropico vylepšené o některé detaily v novém grafickém hávu, které dělá čest svému předchůdci. Hra nabízí nepřebernou škálu možností, jak řídit váš tropický ráj a užít si při tom legrace. Zároveň se jedná o propracovanou ekonomickou strategii, která nekompromisně prověří vaše schopnosti.
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Communism cannot be wrong if you're good person.. ;)

I recommend to you.
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