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Date de parution: 20 oct 2009

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"The tropico everyone says is the best one. Its plenty good but I prefer 4."

À propos de ce jeu

Engagez-vous dans un voyage du pouvoir tropical ! Devenez le dictateur d'une île perdue au cours de la guerre froide. Le charme, la persuasion, l'intimidation, l'oppression ou la triche, tout est bon pour rester au pouvoir ! Êtes-vous un chef bon et généreux? Un tyran à la main de fer sans scrupules et aux pouvoirs corrompus ? Transformez votre île en un paradis touristique ou en une puissance industrielle. Faites des promesses électorales ou diffamez vos adversaires politiques pour obtenir le vote lors des prochaines élections. Envoyez votre avatar féliciter les gens, visitez l'île d'un autre joueur, ou simplement prenez un bain de soleil sur la plage des Caraïbes.

Jouez aux superpuissances de la guerre froide, montez-les les unes contres les autres à votre avantage. Tropico 3 vous offre une réflexion et un nouveau regard sur le monde réel dans la politique du tiers-monde, la corruption et les régimes totalitaires.

  • Une campagne constituée de 15 missions
  • Un générateur de cartes aléatoires
  • Un éditeur chronologique
  • L'Avatar — personnalisable et sous le contrôle du joueur
  • Discours électoraux
  • Simulation de la vie, de la famille, et des opinions politiques de chaque Tropican
  • Véhicules et routes
  • Nouveaux bâtiments et nouvelles unités
  • Scores en ligne
  • Visitez les îles contrôlées par les autres joueurs

Configuration requise


    • Système d'exploitation : Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processeur : 2.5 GHz ou plus
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 5 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique 3D comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo et support shader Model 3.0
    • Carte Son : Carte Son 16-bit
    • Version DirectX® : DirectX® 9.0c
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Pas beaucoup de contenus malheureusement , on s'ennuie vite :(
Posté le : 19 juillet
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I own all the Tropico games and I enjoy them all.I would pick Tropico 3 as the most fun of them all.It is not as challenging as Tropico 2 but that is not the kind of challenge I'm into so I didn't mind. The original and it's expansion are classics but I prefer #3

Tropico #3


#1.Good Graphics

#2.Many Buildings to build

#3.Custom El Presidente

#4.Rebels will fight you if you don't please your people

#5.Some good music

#6.The radio guy can be helpful and funny


#1.Building buildings gets old

#2.The roads are too big

#3.You can't make roads anywhere on the map.You would think you could get a bulldozer or dynamite and have enough slaves I mean your people lol to lower/raise/flatten any land you want.Not being able to connect all the roads sucks

#4.It is really easy to beat the rebels once you learn how to play

#5.One of the songs in the game I don't like it and they don't allow us to control what song is played.I just mute the music for a few minutes and then turn it back on.They could of added more songs also

#6.The radio guy gets really repetitive and I'm sure some can't stand him.I can tolerate him for awhile but I get sick of him too

#7.The maps are so small and it makes putting the tourists buildings in a area they can all fit and is allowed a serious problem.You can't place the buildings anywhere or less people will go to them.It would be like telling you to stay at a hotel in the ghetto part of the island.Some tourists just wont do it.That is realistic but the maps are so small.If they fix this the roads can remain big

#8.The majority of edits you never ever use.A few are good but most of them there is no reason to do them

#9.USA and USSR will circle your waters if you don't do something better.You will just lose if you don't fix it.If I am going to lose come on my island and shoot it out with me and my soldiers then

#10.I don't think the cops do anything.I saw they drive around and arrest people when you tell them to.I don't know if it lowers crime rates but if you are playing to help your people you wont need cops

#11.Prisons are even less needed.Unless you are going to act evil you wont need a prison for sure.I never saw a cop arrest anyone unless I told them to

The Bottom Line -

Tropico 3 is a fun game that will let you create your own city.I found the rebels first attack on me to be a wtf moment.It was funny and cool.I would also call that realistic.Once I got the hang of it I could make my people happy and defend myself and make plenty of money

I played as an evil El Presidente and it was ok but I could kill anyone that wasn't related to the military or cops/prison officers and get away with it.The rebels couldn't beat me because I treated the military so much better than everyone else and I always had an army.I never killed the wives of my soldiers and I wonder what happens then.I doubt it would of mattered I could just replace them.I found it less fun to act evil because they can't beat you once you have the military setup the right way

Once you are making good money the game gets really boring.I would of liked it had I been able to make a full military.Have buildings create Tanks,Fighter Jets ect and prepare for war.Then after that conquer another island or be invaded by a country that was a more even fight.I don't mean fight the USA or USSR but a similar country.It would of made a multiplayer game really fun

Tropico 4 could have 2 settings

#1 Financial

All it is about is building and money and they remove the rebels.This is great for kids and people who don't even like the rebels killing you or you killing them

#2 Financial and War

You have the same buildings as #1 but also weapons buildings and navy/air force/army/marines related buildings.The rebels would be there but the rebels would create and/or even take over your buildings.Make them tougher with more tactics.Plus the objective of the game is to stay in control of your own island which would be harder and then take over other islands.Then you got the multiplayer version

This would create not only a better game but it would appeal to more people.I hope Tropico 4 looks something like this as I have not played it yet but if it doesn't I hope Tropico 5 does.

My 2 cents

Posté le : 29 juin
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Haha, once, a fruit-exporting company made me an offer, which could wipe away company's debt.
I declined the offer, and 2 weeks after that, the head of the company jumped from Empire State Building roof.
I bought their company for 10000$

Posté le : 27 mai
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Tropico 3 is a pretty fun game. While you don't have as many options of creation and aren't really in battle with any other nation as you would in Civilization games, you're faced with a much different, and in my opinion player-friendly playstyle.

You're essentially in control of an island. As "El Presidente", you're given the options of running said island however you wish. Want to be an industry titan, producing oil, cigars and rum in mass quantity to make your city prosper? Or will you make the island a "paradise" and profit off tourists in hotels? The choice is yours.

Well, ish. The industry option MASSIVELY overpowers tourism in revenue, and also is better of when you focus on just one type of product. However, the game is still quite fun and the possibilites endless.

The events and occur in the campaign are interesting and add a twist to your gameplay, which by the way, is still themed as you being a dictator on an island. The said island has different interest groups, and some are more powerful than others. You may wish to build a church over a factory if elections are close and the religious group is upset. Or maybe even an army base, lest you wish your own generals and soldiers turn on you.

The way you control these groups is up to you. Do you praise democracy and have free elections? Or do you declare martial law and shoot any protesters on sight? The choice is yours, Presidente.

I got this game through a Humble Bundle, and do not regret the purchase.
Posté le : 7 août
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Tropico 3 is just as great as any tropico but just as simple and limited. Actually i would say it aint worth playing tropico 4 if you got tropico 3 and vice versa... Its a series that doesnt change much... most changes look like mods or tiny expansions... the dlc of tropico 3 for example, was pathetic and 1 of the biggest wastes of money in my steam history...

Tropico is an original idea and a refreshing series, but unfortunetly the changes are pathetic and playing 1 of them is more than enough....
Posté le : 31 août
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