Bykonstruktionsstrategispillet Imperium Romanum foregår i det hæderkronede romerske imperium, og spillerne vil måbe over den utrolige sans for detaljer, mens de arbejder på en strategi til opbygning af en velorganiseret, velstående og imponerende bebyggelse.
Brugeranmeldelser: Very Positive (62 anmeldelser)
Udgivelsesdato: 30. okt 2008
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About This Game

Bykonstruktionsstrategispillet Imperium Romanum foregår i det hæderkronede romerske imperium, og spillerne vil måbe over den utrolige sans for detaljer, mens de arbejder på en strategi til opbygning af en velorganiseret, velstående og imponerende bebyggelse. Som guvernør i en romersk provins ligger heldet i vid udstrækning i spillerens hænder.

Imperium Romanum er proppet med et udvalg af nye aspekter, der forbedrer gameplayet, herunder en komplet overhaling af grafikmotoren samt masser af autentiske historiske bygninger som det verdensberømte Circus Maximus eller gladiatorskoler.

Emperor-udvidelsespakken fører spilleren på en rejse gennem historien fra det kolde Britannien via de vilde skove i Germanien til det frugtbare Nildelta i Cleopatras Egypten.

19 udfordrende, nye scenarier på historiske lokaliteter som f.eks. Aquae Sulis (bad), Hadrians Mur, Massilia og Treverorum kommer til at kræve alle dine omfattende økonomiske og strategiske lederevner for at lykkes. Ikke bare din kompetence, men også din sans for religion og de romerske guder som Jupiter og Venus kommer til at spille en vigtig rolle for din opgave som romersk guvernør.

Vil du være i stand til at vinde gudernes nåde og herske med succes over imperiet?


  • Indeholder den fulde version af Imperium Romanum og udvidelsen "Emperor Expansion"
  • Forbedret kampsystem med belejringsmaskiner
  • Levende spilmiljøer med skiftende døgnrytme og vekslende vejr
  • Nye historisk korrekte omgivelser, enheder og begivenheder
  • Ny valuta og forbedret handelsmekanik
  • Forbrydelser, optøjer og naturkatastrofer
  • Talrige nye enheder (f.eks. Equites – romerske ryttere)
  • Historisk autentiske bygninger (Circus Maximus, Colosseum, Insulate osv.)
  • Interaktiv missionstilstand: Aktiver hver enkelt opgave, når det passer dig
  • Konstruktion af broer, befæstninger, bymure og akvædukter
  • Storslået, episk soundtrack
  • Fotorealistisk og levende 3D-miljø
  • Dette får du med Emperor Expansion

  • Forbedret grafik og nye bygningsformer
  • 4 nye, udfordrende kampagner:
  • Erobringen af Britannien
  • Det vilde Germanien
  • Koloniseringen af Afrika
  • Cæsars borgerkrig
  • 19 nye, omfattende scenarier
  • Større kort til kampagnen Cæsars borgerkrig
  • Mange nye opgaverammer og supplerende tale
  • Nyt hastighedsniveau og større kort
  • Religion og 5 guder påvirker gameplayet
  • Indeholder samtlige tidligere udgivne tilføjelsespakker og patches


    • Understøttede operativsystemer: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1,6 GHz minimum
    • Hukommelse: 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX-version: DirectX 9
    • Grafikkort: DirectX 9-kompatibelt med 128 MB VRAM
    • Harddiskplads: 2 GB ledig harddiskplads
Helpful customer reviews
39 af 40 brugere (98%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
4.5 timer bogført
Imperium Romanum is a city-builder set in the ancient Roman Empire. If you're thinking, "Hey that sounds just like the old Caesar series" then you're not far off. Much like the old Sierra series, Imperium Romanum places you in a series of towns and settlements and asks you to build housing, establish farming and resource production, and set up industries. You'll also build defenses and armies to protect yourself from barbarian hordes and conquer nearby villages.

I think Imperium Romanum takes a slightly more casual and less complex approach to the genre. First, at least in the missions I played, each level seemed to be completely contained and it didn't seem as though your city carried over throughout multiple stages of the campaign. Rather, each mission starts in a different settlement and gives you goals to accomplish there and then you move on to the next. There is a sandbox gameplay option so if you want to build a super-city, you can do that, but the campaign missions don't seem to be cumulative.

Combat is rather simplistic and basically your troops are limited to a couple of formations, neither of which can actually be changed on the fly once battle has begun.

One thing I did notice here is that unlike a lot of the "historical" city management titles, the game doesn't skirt around the issue that slavery was a common practice. Slaves will do all the building and hauling here, and they get separate "housing" and will not be able to fill the "free" jobs that your settlers will take. If you overwork your slaves (i.e. don't build enough slave shelters) then they are likely to revolt until you get their workload under control.

The graphics are pretty detailed and there is a nice variety of industries and buildings you can introduce in your town.

Overall, it's a nice little city builder for the history buffs, and it offers a more forgiving approach to planning than some of the other similar games I've played. (read this as: I never had to break out a spreadsheet to lay out perfect housing and industrial blocks in Imperium Romanum in order to beat a level. Then again, I might have been an overly compulsive Caesar player. ymmv)

Indsendt: 20. august
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42 af 60 brugere (70%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
9.3 timer bogført
Tedious game. Mediocre at best. Old games like Zeus and Pharoah still surpass this game by miles. I'd say skip this one and get Caesar instead.

You can't build too far from your Forum and will require Marketplaces to expand to other portions of the map. The problem is that each building will require a house nearby to employ it.

You won't be able to design a city that has different zones (residential, industrial, agriculture and so on) everything becomes mashed up.

This in turn creates a snowball effect. For example: You want to build a mining camp for a marble deposit that is on the outskirts of your city. So you create a marketplace, the mine, then houses.

Here's the fun part: The houses will require supporting structures e.g. bakery, altar, butcher. Now each building will require a certain material upkeep which leeches into your economy as well.

So your little expansion becomes a city of it's own. I tried ignoring their need for clothes and sausages but then that little town became rebellious. So for one little mine on the outskirts, I had to create a new town and the supporting structures to it.

The people in the houses seem to randomly choose their jobs. So you might have some unemployment in one sector and a lack of employees in the other. This game just becomes very grating after a while.

Why do they want so many sausages anyways? Every game it's always about sausages.

Look, I enjoyed the game but I dreaded having to start a new sandbox or campaigns. This is coming from someone who enjoys punishing City games like Banished.
Indsendt: 13. juni
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9 af 10 brugere (90%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
4.9 timer bogført
I recommend this game. It's extremely well put out, unuique, not a ton of money, and fun. The bad thing is that it does take some practise to be good at it.
Indsendt: 27. maj
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13 af 18 brugere (72%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
68.9 timer bogført
Love It!

Killing and Building(+roads) what is there not to love!?

in other words its kinda like Tropico just in roman times.
Indsendt: 3. juni
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6 af 12 brugere (50%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
5.0 timer bogført
I have played this game for about four hours now and my opinon is that it is very mediocre. It has some good aesthetics, it seems that whoever made this actually wanted to make a good game about Roman cities, but there is simply no climax to building a city. Nor is there really any challenge beyond basic city building, except for the tacked on difficulty accomplished by extremely whiny citizens who don't always quite realize that they do in fact have access to the resources which they are complaining about.

YOU LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEMPLE! Be quiet! Oh, heck with it, I didn't really even care in the first place.

I orginally bought this game thinking it was that really old game about Roman city building I used to play (EDIT: Caesar III apparently), with legions and whatnot, and since I would love to go back and play it as a decent gamer I was happy to snatch this up. Well, not only is it not the game, but the lack of depth is such that after three hours of playing I felt I had seen all there was to see so after another hour and with no amount of pride I bid my perfect city adieu.

Now, I assume somewhere this is a scenario where you are under constant attack to up the ante but frankly I don't see this as potentially engaging, mostly due to overly simple combat system; combined with an overly simple set of building mechanics I honestly don't care enough to probe any further.
Indsendt: 25. juli
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