Lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and where nothing is quite as it seems: join young Jerry and follow a peculiar white rabbit to the wondrous realm of Mousewood, a land where critters can speak and where mystery abounds.
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Releasedatum: 28 mei 2013

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Includes Original Soundtrack (41 tracks), 8 audio books (160 minutes total running time) and a wonderful game comic by Olga Andriyenko.

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"Overall, its a breathtaking and emotional experience. I recommend it for genre fans."
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“Night Of The Rabbit is unquestionably charming, and wow, the art is exceptional.” - Rock Paper Shotgun

“If there was any question whether Daedalic is the inheritor of the LucasArts adventure gaming crown, consider it settled.” - Escapist Magazine

“... the most outstanding game I’ve played this year.” - Pixels or Death

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Lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and where nothing is quite as it seems: join young Jerry and follow a peculiar white rabbit to the wondrous realm of Mousewood, a land where critters can speak and where mystery abounds.

It is here that Jerry’s dream of being a magician comes true, though a haunting, sinister force casts a long shadow over the forest. Someone offers the residents of Mousewood a deal of their lifetime - tickets to the greatest magic show that the world has ever seen. But the price is steep, as they'll have to stake their most precious possessions and also their lives.

As the shadows grow deeper, the residents of Mousewood have only Jerry to turn to. On an adventure full of laughter and tears, joy and fear, the young boy will face the ultimate trial, leaving behind the world he once knew, and his childhood, too, will become a thing of the past.

Key Features

  • Story-driven exploration/adventure: The Night of the Rabbit was conceived, written and designed by Matthias Kempke, who believes that games design is all about creating new worlds to be explored by players.
  • Multi-layered story: it starts out in a light-hearted and funny way, but soon shift to a dramatic and thought-provoking tone over the 20 hours of gameplay.
  • Original character and world design: the animal people who populate the game were originally developed in short stories written by game creator; these stories are included as the in-game bonuses.


Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:2.5 GHz (Single Core) or 2 GHz (Dual Core)
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 256 MB RAM (Shared Memory is not recommended)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • OS:Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor:2.5 GHz (Single Core) or 2 GHz (Dual Core)
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 512 MB RAM (Shared Memory is not recommended)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • OS:Lion (10.7)
    • Processor:2 GHz (Dual Core) Intel
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:7 GB HD space
    • OS:Lion (10.7)
    • Processor:2 GHz (Dual Core) Intel
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:7 GB HD space
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47 van de 51 mensen (92%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
16.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 31 oktober 2014
Night of the Rabbit may be Deadalic's best work yet-- and that is saying something. In my opinion, they are one of the premiere developers of point-and-click adventure games today. All of their games have a certain "charm" about them that make them so appealing. Well Night of the Rabbit may be the quintessential example of that Deadalic Charm.

The puzzles make sense for the most part, and there are in-game hints you can get to help you along. The artwork is amazing and the music is phenomenal-- I really liked the songs. The voice acting is well done, although some of the lines are a bit forced and a bit corny-- but its a minimal amount. The overall story is intriguing and well-told. Also, I experienced no glitches/bugs or crashing.

It is a rather long game for a point-and-clicker. It does drag on a little towards the end. One thing that most Deadalic games do well is timing, where they end just as they get old-- but this one definitely has an hour or 3 more than it needs to. So: if you get bored of games easily, you might want to be aware of this.

There are lots of extras in the game that you don't commonly see in point-and-click games, like collectibles... and even a card-based mini-game similar to gin/go-fish. Although I personally thought they could have made the card game more fun (it is very luck based), it was a cool little extra.

All in all though I thought this was a great game. Probably Deadalic's best work so far. If you are a fan of point-and-click games this is a must play.
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17 van de 19 mensen (89%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1 persoon vond deze recensie grappig
15.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 7 oktober 2014
Daedalic has done what I previously thought impossible: given us an adventure game both with good puzzles AND a protagonist you don't want to punch in the face.
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10 van de 11 mensen (91%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
12.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 18 november 2014
Created by Daedalic Entertainment, this is the actually the first click and adventure game I have played from them and it appears that this game doesn't receive quite a lot of attention as the other more popular series (Deponia, Edna & Harvery, etc.) but The Night Of The Rabbit stands nicely and here are my thoughts on it:

(Edited 19th November 2014)

1.) Graphics (9/10)

Ah, this section is where the game truly shines. The background environment is really beatiful with a mystical charm to it and almost every parts of the game are interesting to view. No doubt that they have heavily emphasize on the artwork that compels you to explore further into the world of anthromorphic inhabited world of Mousewood.

As for the characters, they are drawn in 2D graphics which works well for the beautiful background and simple to look at them. Quite a large amount of characters in here and most are based on animals.

Despite all that, they are some minor problems I have seen in this game, in a sense with the dialogues that appear on screen does not match with the voice acting. However, it isn't really bad enough to ruin the experience.

2.) GamePlay (7/10)

As for this part, it is a simply, straight to the point clicking around until you make progress story wise game. It is a nice of them to include in a short tutorial on the controls and it was done in a fun way. As you continue on, you are required to solve many puzzles along the way, which requires you to combine items and using them. There are also some puzzles which requires to be done in a certain order that would only work. No doubt that some puzzles can be challenging and you have to think hard in order to solve it.

Unfortuntely, some puzzles can become cumbersome, back tracking involved routine and rather vague, despite the fact that you can refer to your journal which sadly offered only minimal help. There were a few several times when I got stuck completely and had no choice but to end up relying on a guide by other players, which I have to admit this is a bit disappointing and it may cause some players to shy away. All in all, the puzzle part could have use more thought and polishing to it by the creators but still the job is done well enough for an indie game.

3.) Sound / Voice Acting / Music (8.5/10)

Oh boy this is another part where the game shines too, whereby most of all the characters (Except for a few particular residents of Mousewood) had their own voice acting that fits their personalities and appearance very well. From the main character to the most minor characters, it is nice to talk to them and listen to their various quirky and serious dialogues altogether.

The music is really good too, even the main menu for a simple click adventure game can sound really mysterious when paused. Every parts of the game had their own distinct music and in my opinion it fits well on every mood.

However, the most annoying part of the game is that during the process of solving a puzzle and if you made a mistake, you are forced to listen many of the same lines over and over again but thankfully this can be easily mitigated by simply skipping with clicks of the mouse.

4.) Story (7/10)

The main part of the game, hmm to be honest I have mixed feelings about it. You play as a young boy by the name Jeremiah Hazelnut or simply called Jerry, a very tenacious and curious boy who would one day strive to become a famous magician. He is currently on a summer holiday which will end in two days and so Jerry decides to spend his two remanining days looking for adventures in an innocent child perspective right nearby the comfort of his home that lies at the edge of the town in a forest. As time passes, a strange mysterious letter appeared inside his mailbox and in it contains an magical incantation and an invitation for him to come over into the world of Mousewood.

Jerry then gladly follows the instructions on the paper and with that it summons a very strange yet interesting character which happens to be an anthromorphic white rabbit namely Marquis De Hoto. The marquis turns out to be a magician and also a TreeWalker, who is capable of traversing through various portals found at certain places only and their main job is to help its inhabitants, protect and restore the balance of many worlds. Being a naive minded yet excited typical of a boy, Jerry agrees to be his apprentice in order to become a great magician and from there the story continues.

The first part of the game starts off pretty slow but as the game moves on we start to dwelve deeper into the mysteries of Mouseworld and other worlds that Jerry will visit in his quest, which picks up the story. But sadly, towards the last part of the game feels kind of rushed, sloppy and the ending, in my opinion was a bit lacking in its punch and left a few things unanswered. I'm not sure if this was intended by the creators to open for a sequel which I hope it may bring a closure to it.

There is also the bonus content if you purchase the premium version of the game, it brings some stories which sets in the same universe of Mouseworld that you can see and unlocks along the way in your game play which brings a bit more content of the game

Conclusion (8/10)

In short, The Night Of The Rabbit excels in its Graphics and Audio department but slightly spoiled by certain tough puzzles and the lack of proper conclusion to the story as well as the quality dropping towards the end. Still, it makes for a good experience and I am certainly looking forward to seeing a sequel being made for this game.
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8 van de 8 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
45.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 7 december 2014
An absolutely fantastic and solid point n click adventure game with very deep (well-worked) story, great visuals and fantastic soundtrack.It has references from adventure games of the golden age of adventure games like Monkey Island,Simon the sorcerer and many others.It even has references from well-known fairytales and characters from games that are not point n click adventures,like mario,sonic etc.

For the fans of the genre of point n click adventures,it is a MUST-PLAY!

For non-fans of the genre it is a MUST-TRY!(and maybe it will make you to change your mind :) )
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5 van de 5 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
17.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 13 oktober 2014
I've been playing adventure games since the Sierra heyday, and this is quite possibly the most enchanting and enjoyable adventure game I've ever played. It recalls the sense of wonder, yet subtle danger, that I remember from some classic animated films like the Secret of NIMH - the kinds of stories that prove they can be kid-friendly without talking down to their audience. Great beauty and admittedly cute characters exist in the shadow of a palpable darkness, with an intriguing mystery of the Marquis overlaying it all.

This game does fall into the trap, like so many adventure games, of having several overly obtuse puzzles, but this is at least relatively minimal. The positives more than outweigh this: solid and simple interface, a well-written story, outstanding voice-acting, and some of the most beautiful scenes you'll ever see on your monitor. Great for kids, yes (although it may frighten them at times), but a joy for anyone who loves classic adventure games... and anyone who remembers what it's like to be a child two days before their summer vacation ends.

This is a game that will make you smile.
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
20.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 november 2014
Just last night I finished the game and I am looking forward to a sequel. Before my review I would like to note that this was my third point and click adventure game (all from Daedlic) so I am not particularly experienced on this field.

In my opinion the strongest point of the game. As the description says we follow the adventure of a young boy whose dream is to become a magician. On a summer vacation anything is possible! It sounds like and starts out as a light-hearted fairytale with talking woodland animals. (It reminds me a bit to The Whispered World.) However, even the starting cinematic hints that there are more to it. The story picks up slowly as Jerry, on his training to be a Treewalker, first just do all kind of chores for the locals, which took about half of my game time. But the subtle referances that things weren't as they looked kept me going. There are a couple of threats looming over Mousewood, the home of the woodland critters, some more immediate and more apparent, some not. The initial innocent tale about talking critters expands into a complex one with harsher elements. I find the plot intriguing and creative. It has more than one layer and gives a couple of twists in the second half of the game. We get answers to some of the mysteries, but at the same time more questions arises. There remain some loose ends hanging, that makes me hope there will be a sequel.

There is only one click option, and the game decides whether you look, talk to, pick up, etc your target. Jerry's adventures centers around a place called Mousewood and its close surrounding. He needs to visit same places over and over again, but some other, smaller areas open up briefly too. The game lacks a bit on exploration-wise in my opinion. There are riddles, hidden objects and lots of item combinations. Unfortunately I found myself often opening a guide because my logic works differently than Daedlic’s. During his training, Jerry learns some useful spells. With the help of them some previously inaccessable places open up or he can interact with objects in new ways, which sometimes help solving puzzles or give extra flavour to the game. After a while day and night cycles are introduced too which, again, alters how and where we can interact with objects and people. There are collectible items too, built in, simple card game (the pictures on the card you collect too) and audio books as bonuses. I think these are good, refreshing ideas which brings the game above average. Unfortunately the puzzles I don’t find particularly interesting unlike the ones in The Whispered World.

Characters, voice acting and dialogues:
Jerry’s behavior is belivable and suitable to a 12 year old child: how he impresses himself when he manages something, his goodwill and slightly naive attitude to the wold, playful and adventurous. I find him a likable main hero. He meets lots of different creatures (funny ones, charming ones, witty ones, etc) and they have all well thought-out personalities. The voices are fine and matches the characters. There are a decent amount of dialogue options, and fortunately we can replay most of them or at least get a summary afterward.

The game isnot short on them. I really like the menu music and some of the in game ones, but there were a few which slightly annoyed me hearing it over and over again.

Charming cartoonish characters and spectacular, detailed backgrounds. I can only say good about it.

Overally I think The Night of the Rabbit is worth its cost. Because of its setting it is perfect for younger audiance, but it can suit well for older players just as well due to the deeper thoughts arising later during the plot. I don’t think it is the best game when it comes to puzzles but it definitely has some nice features, and because of the story I might even replay the game to see it evolve again, now with a better understanding of what is what and who is who in real.
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
22.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 12 oktober 2014
I highly recommend this game, especially if you're already into point and click adventure games. The story is awesome and the puzzles are clever. It has a nice world to explore, lovable characters, great music and graphics. It's the sort of game you can become really immersed in. I played it over a few days; it was kinda like a book you can't put down.

It was hard to get into at first because the dialogue was so slow and drawn out and it seemed so innocent I thought it must be made for kids, but it's definitely not - the story is actually pretty dark, and it even has a bit of a twist ending. I didn't decide to buy it until I finished the demo. Unfortunately I had to play it from the beginning again once I bought the game. My only criticisms are the slow and wordy dialogue (which you can click through quickly or escape out of anyway), and a bit of bugginess with the cursor (there were some small objects that I didn't realise I could interact with because the point to click on was actually lower and to the right of the object).

I think the puzzles could all be figured out with enough wandering around clicking on things, but it depends how long you can stand to be stuck on one puzzle. I had a walkthrough open that I used to give myself a hint if I was stuck. I just carefully scrolled down to see only the next step after the steps I had already completed. It would be great to be given clues, as I hate to ruin the experience by using a walkthrough. The journal does sometimes give you clues though.

Some of the puzzles are really simple, some take more thought, and a few I don't think I would ever have thought of. However, most of the time I looked at the walkthrough I realised it was totally obvious, or I could have figured it out if I had thought about it more / tried more things / explored more.

As someone already mentioned, there is a lot of pointless dialogue to sit / click through, like "hmmmm", laughing, grumbling, etc. but this is a minor issue. It can be irritating but doesn't really affect the enjoyment of the game. I found a lot of the dialogue and the characters amusing, so I didn't mind too much.

Overall... really great game. 10/10.
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
36.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 november 2014
This masterpiece might be labled "Indie," but you would never be able to tell. With its beautifully realized world, breath-taking soundtrack, fun cast of characters, and brain-scratching puzzles, "The Night of the Rabbit" is one of the best point-and-click adventure games out there.
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
12.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 oktober 2014
I don't think you have to be "into this kind of game" or anything. It's just an atmospheric point & click adventure that features a lovely and immersive story that will teach you about magic, make you think about the ambitions you strive for and maybe even change your way of thinking about the world as it exists today. The amazing soundtrack and the hand-painted art style (as you might know from various other titles that were created by the German developer studio "Daedalic Entertainment") complete this awesome experience and caught me from the very beginning.
I might even say this is my favourite adventure so far.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
20.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 3 oktober 2014
This game is a wonderful entartainment and adventure at the same time. This is a traditional point&click adventure game with a fabulous (exactly!) graphic. The graphic part is the major merit here but not only.

As much as I like adventure point&click games, I often get bored from here to there, so I find myself forced to scroll the tale down. However, this little adventure game didn't bore me at all!
It reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland (because of the rabbit and another world setting) or Harry Potter (because it's about magic) or Grimm fairy tales (because of the fairy tale and all those mice and all). However the story and the setting is quite fresh. It's like without a meaning on one hand, on the other it's just a masterpiece.

During the game you collect playing cards. They'll be used for an extra card game, which is pretty fun and you can play it also after you finish the main game.

There're also some kind of improvement in your movements later on in the game, so that you don't need to wait ages till your protagonist reach a point you wish him to reach.

The length of the game is satisfying. It's not short. It's not very long. It's just reasonable. Getting to the credits can take you around 19-20h of gameplay. I haven't noticed any bugs. Controlling system is pretty simple and obvious - as this is the point&click game ;)

All in all, this is a tasty pretty little game, which I can recommend for everyone who loves fabulous adventures and decent point&clicks.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
14.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 31 december 2014
Sometimes Daedric games are all build up to a less than stellar ending after nothing but fantastic story arcs. In this case however the ending and plot reveal didn't feel undersold or spoon-fed (until the extra scene after the credits, but that's a fairly minor complaint about a scene set up, as usual, to hint at a possible sequal.)

Can't emphasise that the art and music are goregous without sounding like everyone else but that truly is the case. Puzzles were challenging but didn't suffer from horrendous leaps of logic only seen by a developer. Voice acting very good. Would rate 8/10.

Very hard to think of any let-downs. Possibly the card-game minigame which is downright strange and tacked on. Most of the achievements are based around hidden object puzzles. The extra content is nice but searching the screen for stickers and a slightly blue pixel that could represent a dew drop is not my idea of fun. Further while I appreciate the immersion by having audio-books about the world available and collectable the stories are somewhat twee and have only a superficial linking to the game story as a whole.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
20.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 december 2014
Taking cues from LucasArts' reign as top dog of the point-and-click adventure genre, Daedalic Entertainment seems to get better and better at creating worlds and stories that stand tall on their own, despite being inspired by classic tales we all know, and most of us love. If I were to describe Night of the Rabbit as X meets Y, I would say it's half Alice in Wonderland, half Wind in the Willows, which basically makes it a children-oriented fairy tale with furries and outlandish characters demonstrating thinly veiled moral points. Join Jeremiah Hazelnut in a quest to become a magician while also learning the importance of staying level-headed against adversity. Most of the game takes place in and around Mousewood, a pitoresque society of assorted small animals, and while at times the story turns a bit campy and preachy, it is, for the most part, an enchanting journey for children of all ages. In terms of quality and production value, the hand-drawn style fits the setting perfectly, the voice acting and music are more than adequate and the rich content (achievements, collectibles, side stories and a Go Fish-type card game) adds a layer of pixel-hunting to the otherwise simple puzzles. Although I detect a certain oscillation in the writing and animation quality (at times, tNotR feels more like an homage to LucasArts than a spiritual successor), I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a weak spot for fairy tales and puzzle solving, perhaps doubly so as an introduction game to the genre.

BUY IT if you:
-Are a child, either literally or at heart, and would rather curl up with an A.A. Milne book in front of a fireplace than join a gang and wack pigs in South Central.
-Enjoy lightweight adventure games and intuitive inventory puzzles.
-Are a fan of Daedalic Entertainment and the highly derivative but otherwise funny and enjoyable Deponia series.

DO NOT BUY IT if you:
-Want mature content in your entertainment or expect any kind of deep or complicated plotline to keep your juices flowing.
-Are a hardcore point-and-click adventure fan and are sick of all those "combine tuft of hair with stick to obtain brush and then use on an obvious brush-lacking trigger prop" newbie puzzles.
-Find the ten or so hours of raw gameplay unsatisfactory for whatever price it is at the time of purchase.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
14.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 20 oktober 2014
First off: I really enjoyed this game. But there are some complaints: a glitch where the dialogue would flash through at incredible speed and you'd have to exit the scene and come back to get it at the right pace again. A couple of other glitches include not being able to complete achievements (for the LIFE of me I couldn't get the Snail sticker, clicking on it does nothing) and sometimes the game will freeze, or the mouse will disappear and I'd have to close the game and relaunch it (SAVE OFTEN).

The puzzles are unfortunately not very intuitive, and the 'advice' spell is literally next to useless. To those claiming that the dialogue is too long and when you accidentally click into an interaction you'd have to click through it all again - just press Esc. This will instantly end that conversation.

But overall, it was an enjoyable experience. The art is beyond reproach and really gave you that old nostalgic feeling. The characters are likable (except Humbert - I would dearly love to drop-kick him into the brook) and I thought they were mostly well developed. The story is certainly very interesting, although the environmentalist message seemed oddly shoehorned in, and the crow problem was never solved, though the townspeople claim it has been. I really like the plot twists at the end, I thought they did a pretty good job dropping hints that lead to the big reveals.
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14.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 1 januari
The Night of The Rabbit
'The Night of The Rabbit' by Daedalic is indeed very enticing. The game starts with the life of an average boy, bearing the name Jerremiah Hazelnut, who has forever dreamed of being a greatly-renouned magician. One warm Summer day- also one of the last, a mysterious letter appears to slam harshly into Jerry's mailbox. At first it seems like a coincidence, but there is none. That starts a magical adventure as the apprentice of the Marquis de Hoto. Along this journey, you will hear whismical music, discovery new, vibrant worlds, meet unique characters, and enjoy the beautiful, colourful environment. On top of that also comes an outstanding plot, that has many variating twists. Along the way, you'll have to use your own logic to solve puzzles hidden in the point-and-click rythm of the game. But, sadly, smetimes the pace of the game can be slow, and the puzzles too challenging. By the end of the game, you have spent countless hours with the residents of the game, that it is almost sad to let them go.

  • Outstanding plot
  • Beautiful, vibrant graphics
  • Great musical score
  • Become a magician
  • Solve fun, but challenging logical problems

  • Sometimes the pace of the game is a bit slow
  • Sometimes the puzzles are too challenging

The night of the rabbit has an amazing plot, and is natrually beautiful, and fun to play, but sometimes the pace of the game can get slow, and the puzzles can get quite a bit challenging.

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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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108.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 februari
This is a great game. The plot is interesting and the art style is so cool. It can get a little tedious at times, like when you can't figure out what to do, but that's what walkthoughs are for. It does not have much in the way of replay-ability, but that's not what point and click games are for. The game is very well done and dosn't have many characters that leave you wondering why they put them in the game. If you haven't played this game you should. It's well worth the price.
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3 van de 4 mensen (75%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
18.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 4 oktober 2014
If you liked Monkey Island 3, you'll love The Night of the Rabbit.
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17.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 28 oktober 2014
Short version: 84%
Night of the Rabbit is an excellent 2D adventure game with a charming storyline and setting, a memorable cast, interesting puzzles, and lots of side content. And don’t let the theme fool you: this game is as much for adults, as for children.

Long version:
The Night of the Rabbit is a wonderful magical fairy tale from Daedelic Entertainment, the company which really knows how to make a modern 2D adventure game.

The basic premise may sound familiar: you play as Jerry Hazelnut, a 12-year-old boy, who suddenly finds himself in a magical world where he becomes a wizard-in-training with the ultimate goal of saving the Forest from the evil magician.
The setting uses the same cartoonish forest inhabited by talking critters we saw in hundreds of children’s books, but this doesn’t make the game dated or old, quite the opposite. This world was crafted with lots of love and care, which is also shown in the almost three hours worth of audio books (unlockable in the game, included as additional download in the special edition). And the story won’t disappoint either… it’s fun, it’s clever, it’s charming, and more importantly, it’s perfect even for an adult.

Strangely, the same goes for the puzzles, but in a wrong way. The initially harmless and easy obstacles quickly turn into desperate try-everything-with-everything scenarios. Even the plot has a few dark twists, setting a more adult tone, which may create an uncomfortable discrepancy between the first and second halves of the game.

All stages feature jaw-dropping graphics and lots of detail, and the English voice cast with their charming accent fits the theme perfectly. The same cannot be said for the acting, but it’s nothing major to really worry about.

Overall, it’s an excellent adventure to embark upon, whether you are young or old, so put on your wizard hat and have fun!
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21.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 2 november 2014
Beautiful game, with a great immersive storyline and overall a fun time! Definitely recommend :)
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15.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 11 december 2014
I must admit I found this game during Black Friday, as a simple coincidence, and at first I thought it was going to be a simply point and click. How wrong I was.
This game is AMAZING: the art, the music, the story (so far, because it seems I still have quite a lot to do), the characters design, the backgrounds, everything makes a whole that's just a wonderful piece of art for the eyes.
I must admit sometimes the game kind of expects a bit too much from the player to think by himself/herself, by not giving enough clues of what to do, but even with that you can keep going on.
Sometimes you have to use the imagination to progress, and I enjoy that a lot.

It also gives you hints about what's really going on, but it never lets you know everything before the correct time, which makes you come back for more.
It's like reading a book and playing a game at the same time, and those two things are two of my most favourite hobbies.
What else can I say? I wish I could have found it before.
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1 van de 1 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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Geplaatst: 25 december 2014
Great point and click adventure games. Nice story and the art combined with the music is just great.
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