b]Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition[/b]™ wykorzystuje nową ulepszoną wersję silnika Infinity. Zawiera całą przygodę z gry Baldur's Gate, dodatek Opowieści z Wybrzeża Mieczy oraz niedostępną wcześniej zawartość, w której skład wchodzą nowa przygoda i trzech towarzyszy: calishycki mnich rasaad yn Bashir, dziki mag Neera oraz mroczny strażnik...
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Data wydania: 16 Sty, 2013

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Kup Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Kup Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition


Rekomendowane przez kuratorów

"30fps lock. Can be unlocked via .ini tweak however this will increase the speed at which the game runs. Genre: cRPG"


"The writing of Baldur's Gate has always been one of its strongest aspects. The story remains unchanged and still holds up."

8.5/10 - Destructoid
"Hammers out a multitude of bugs found in the original release, as well as introduces brand new characters, storylines, and modes to play through.

8.5/10 - Inside Gaming Daily
"Enhanced Edition has received a number of visual upgrades including support for high resolutions that provide a far more panoramic view of the game's lovely, lush backgrounds, and a mousewheel-controlled zoom function for quickly shifting to a more down-and-dirty view of the battlefield."
The Escapist

O tej grze

Od swojej premiery w 1998 roku, gra Baldur's Gate zachwyciła miliony graczy na całym świecie i otrzymała wiele nagród. Przez cały ten czas aż do dnia dziesiejszego, klasyczna saga o tajemnicy, intrydze i przygodzie pozostawała niedoścignionym wzorem dla wszystkih gier RPG opartych o system Dungeons & Dragons™.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition™ wykorzystuje nową ulepszoną wersję silnika Infinity. Zawiera całą przygodę z gry Baldur's Gate, dodatek Opowieści z Wybrzeża Mieczy oraz niedostępną wcześniej zawartość, w której skład wchodzą nowa przygoda i trzech towarzyszy: calishycki mnich rasaad yn Bashir, dziki mag Neera oraz mroczny strażnik Dorn Il-Khan.

Główne cechy:

  • Nowa przygoda: Kręgi Podmroku
  • Nowa postać: Dorn Il-Khan
  • Nowa postać: Nowa postać: Neera Dziki Mag
  • Nowa postać: Rasaad yn Bashir
  • Nowe zestawy dźwięków dla postaci gracza
  • Natywne wsparcie dla wysokich rozdzielczości oraz ekranów panoramicznych
  • Ponad 400 usprawnień względem oryginalnej gry
  • Poprawiony tryb dla wielu graczy z możliwością łączenia się przez wiele różnych platform.

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor:1 GHZ
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible
    • Hard Drive:2.17 GB HD space
    • Sound:Windows Compatible
    • OS: OS X 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor: Dual Core Processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible
    • Hard Drive:2.17 GB HD space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12+
    • Processor: Dual Core Processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL 2.0 compatible
    • Hard Drive:2.17 GB HD space
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18.2 godz. łącznie
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Special thanks to a good friend who proof-read this review; they said they wanted to remain anonymous, but thanks nonetheless.
**Some of review in comments section

Unlike many of the individuals who have purchased this title, I had not previously been exposed to Baldur’s Gate before this variance made its way onto the Steam store; I can, however, say that I anxiously awaited its rerelease on Steam, and even purchased it at a much higher price-point than I ever had and would with any other title. Baldur’s Gate is a game that deserves its praise as a classic open-world roleplaying adventure game based on the Second Edition (2e) of the Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) tabletop d20 game developed by the late Gary Gygax; Baldur’s Gate, followed by the Neverwinter and Dragon Age series, supports the DnD 2e core roleplaying game mechanics. As an avid player of DnD 3.5 and 3.75e (the Pathfinder system), I had not experienced much prior exposure to 2e other than that which I researched online and from my older Dungeon Mastering books, and, therefore, was able to view Baldur’s Gate as an original concept instead of ‘just another DnD adventure path.'

Here are some things that I found particularly enjoyable about Baldur’s Gate:

Connectivity to Dungeons & Dragons - Right down to the equipment, combat tactics, roleplaying capabilities, and intriguing characters, Baldur’s Gate provides the sheer thrill of roleplaying that is offered by the tabletop renditions of the Dungeons & Dragons games. The game utilizes a simultaneous real-time and turn-based approach to combat, which will be described under the Gameplay portion of this review. Included in this title are six playable core races, a multitude of classes that influence each character’s style of play, the ability to multiclass, and the capability to interact with party members, which further enhances (no pun intended) the roleplaying experience. Since it utilizes the same mechanics as those in the tabletop roleplaying system, concepts such as THACO scores, Initiative modifiers, and alignments make an appearance; to those that are not familiar with the concepts, they are very simple to grasp and there are online guides dedicate to both Baldur’s Gate and Dungeons & Dragons that aide newer players in learning the roleplaying system.

Gameplay - As stated previously, Baldur’s Gate utilizes a combat system that is both turn-based and real-time in that actions rotate between characters within a confrontation as a sequence depending on each character’s Initiative score; basically, whoever’s quicker will end up going first in the rotation. The game also employs a simulated d20-or 20-sided die-roll to resolve the degree of success pertaining to given actions such as lockpicking and attack actions. Outside of combat, players can speak with other characters, both in and out of their own party, which may alter a given character’s alignment status. Some characters also have the ability to perform certain actions such as picking locks as a Rogue archetype (pressing V while out of combat), or casting passive Charm spells on non-player characters for specific gains. In all, the system is so intricate and open that you can practically do whatever you want, within the game’s limitations, of course. There is also a multiplayer component to Baldur’s Gate in which you can import characters you have created and play with friends throughout the game.
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28 z 31 osób (90%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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235.4 godz. łącznie
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10/10 would go for the eyes again.

For first time players I would caution: this game is an 2nd-edition D&D pencil & paper game made into a computer game. If you are expection lots of cutting edge graphics, sfx, Michael-Bay style action, CoD-style instant-gratification, and easy gameplay with little thought involved, this game is not for you.

On the other hand, if you enjoy good narrative, compelling story arcs and excellent gameplay, look no further.

I played the original back in 1998 and i'm already a huge fan. If you are too, then you will be pleased to know that Beamdog have left alone eveything that made BG great, while making small subtle improvements to things like the User Interface and the graphics (resolution, zoom feature). Trent said it well himself, to paraphrase "BG has not aged well, so they've make improvements to make the game to match what we all see through our rose tintend glasses".

Extra content and NPCs are all good too. The NPC's all fit very well with the lore and don't tread on the toes of the existing characters, who all still have their place. The extra areas are very in keeping with the atmosphere and in some cases the humour of the original.
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Zamieszczono: 30 października
Baldur's Gate beginner guide:

1) Buy and install Baldur's gate.
2) Start a new game.
3) Spend 2 hours rerolling ability scores during character creation.
4) Realize it's already midnight and you have work tomorrow morning.

This game is the reason I can now add 6 double digit numbers in under 2 seconds.

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13 z 15 osób (87%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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A great game with an amazing story, lore, and diversity. Although the story starts out slow, it greatly picks up the pace later on. Pretty much any special enchanted item has an interesting back story behind it. The amount of classes, items, and spells in this game is gigantic. Another thing, some of the dialog choices are pretty funny.

However, there are problems with this game.

1) It's a game that focuses on strategic combat. So some fights can be ridiculously hard. This might even be harder if you're someone who isn't familiar with knights of the old republic style of combat. It can also become tedious and tiresome.

2) Yes, the graphics are dated. If you're the type of person that can't play older style of rpg's, it might be hard to get into.

3) Because they put baldur's gate into the baldur's gate 2 engine, there are some nasty bugs which may have to do with the scripting. Examples being->everlasting battle music, certain quest items becoming unusable, and some bosses just despawning.

4) They didn't fix the pathfinding in this enhanced edition. So you have to baby sit your characters to make sure they go to the right place.

5) Most of the time you have a choice on what happens, but not in some instances. I won't make a spoiler, but some choices severely punish you. As in you're suppose to make a certain choice or you die.

If you can get over these flaws, you will find that Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is well worth a playthrough.
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5 z 5 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
2.7 godz. łącznie
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Alongside the original Fallout, Baldur's Gate to me represents the first true modern cRPG, and one of the first RPGs to me that made its blend of storytelling and gameplay seem almost effortless.

The game takes place in the Forgotten Realms along the Sword Coast. You're open to make any sort of character you want to go on your adventure. From an honest noble Paladin, to a deceitful Assassin. What is great about this is how it meshes perfectly with the storytelling. Most of Baldur's Gate is spent wandering and doing quests, and there isn't really an overarching "save the world" plot to keep you grounded. There's a very colorful cast of characters who can join your party too. From a cleric frozen in stone, to an evil greedy mage, to an overly enthusiastic Ranger who talks to a hamster. More than any other game, Baldur's Gate really captures the feeling of playing D&D near perfectly. I have never played an RPG that captures the essance of being "sublime" more than this game.

This would be all well and good on it's own, but Baldur's Gate's gameplay was done very well too. Combat is very brutal and punishing, especially at the start of the game. It runs on a very finely adapted variant of the AD&D system, so a lot of very old RPG conventions are present. Stuff like races are restricted to specific classes and mages are restricted to a single spell per day at level 1. What's more is that the classes aren't balanced against each other like in a modern day RPG, so the strategy to the game comes from building a balanced party of adventures. This is all great stuff and it makes the game extremely replayable.

Adding to that Baldur's Gate is essentially a trilogy of games. Starting with Baldur's Gate, continuing with Baldur's Gate 2 and ending with it's expansion Throne of Bhaal. All featuring much of the same cast of characters. So you get the most out of the experience by playing through all three.

Now whether you get this version of the game is totally up to you. You can alternatively get the original version from GOG for things like mods. I heavily recommend for this version to pick up a mod called BG1 NPC project since it adds things like party banter and romances.
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