As condições extremas e imprevisíveis que caracterizavam a série Lost Planet regressam, mais agrestes que nunca. Lost Planet 3 revela novas verdades sobre o planeta sinistro e a história colonial de E.D.N. III.
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Data de lançamento: 26 Ago, 2013

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Acerca deste jogo

As condições extremas e imprevisíveis que caracterizavam a série Lost Planet regressam, mais agrestes que nunca. Lost Planet 3 revela novas verdades sobre o planeta sinistro e a história colonial de E.D.N. III.

Lost Planet 3 apresenta-nos Jim Peyton, um piloto de plataformas que abandona a Terra para assumir um contrato perigoso mas lucrativo em E.D.N. III. Trabalhando para a Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC), que está a preparar o planeta para ser colonizado, Jim junta-se aos seus colegas pioneiros na base Coronis e começa a fazer o levantamento do terreno inexplorado e a obter amostras da fonte de energia do planeta – a Energia Térmica.

Com a reserva de Energia Térmica da NEVEC a esgotar-se, o destino da missão Coronis depende da localização da origem natural da fonte de energia. Percebendo que esta é uma excelente oportunidade para ganhar muito dinheiro e regressar mais cedo para junto da sua família, Jim enfrenta os riscos do ambiente traiçoeiro e a ameaça dos indígenas Akrid.

A plataforma de abastecimento, uma casa longe de casa equipada com uma série de ferramentas que o ajudam no terreno, garante a segurança de Jim e é essencial não só para o seu trabalho mas também para protegê-lo contra o clima em constante mudança.

Lost Planet 3 oferece uma variedade de modos de jogo, incluindo batalhas a pé e ação intensa na primeira pessoa. Com uma série de modos multijogador e uma envolvente experiência para um jogador, Lost Planet 3 irá mergulhar mais profundamente no universo de Lost Planet, revelando verdades ocultas no ambiente único e dinâmico de E.D.N. III.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 or better, ATI Radeon™ HD 4770 or better
    • Hard Drive: 16 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Standard audio device
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Quad core 2.7 GHz or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 or better
    • Hard Drive: 16 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Standard audio device
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Publicada: 29 de Agosto de 2014
O jogo foge um pouco do que vimos no primeiro jogo, o segundo não joguei, mas mesmo sendo diferente, gostei bastante do jogo, que lembra um pouco a jogabildiade de Dead space. Com esse vídeo pode se ter uma idéia de como é o jogo e saber um pouco mais de como ele funciona.
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Publicada: 6 de Agosto de 2014
Okay, so here is the deal.
Yes, the gameplay is altered substantially from the previous two, yes the T-Energy mechanic doesn't come into play sadly. I had hoped the game might have had a section as a nod to the old games where Jim's suit gets damaged but alas it did not.
Co-operative play is also not featured anywhere in the single player story.

This said however, while the gameplay is somewhere inbetween extreme condition and the first dead space title, the controls most of the time feel fairly fluid.
The characters, especially Jim Peyton himself are really likable and it kept me immersed in the story. Jim's wife is a very interesting character (as well as Jim himself)and the game has a lot of soul.
Jim isn't a grizzled space marine who can kill an akrid from 300 metres, but he is also not out of his depth.
With a temperament somewhere between a trucker and a cowboy he instantly became (for me) one of my favourite videogame protagonists of all time

When you're out there on your own, with just music you brought from planet earth (the game imports music from your computer files so you can creat your own soundtrack for the cold wastelands) you really feel like there's no-one else you can count on but yourself. You feel isolated and in danger at every second.
This also works in reverse, that when you get a message from your in game wife you feel like you're at home, like you're making a difference and the characters really come to life. The same can be said when you return to coronis and upgrade your rig and weapons, greeting old friends.

There's a fair bit of longevity in the upgrades to your rig. Certain upgrades allow you to get to new places you couldn't before, or allow you to scrounge for scrap metal in new places.
The controls when fighting the akrid will feel a little alien at first due to the over the shoulder viewpoint of the camera, but you quickly get used to the contextual-only use of the grappling hook as well as dodging out of the way of enemies.

Fans of the series will be pleased to know that this does actually provide an interesting and very unexplained part of the story of the franchise and while they do retcon one or two things, it really does feel like it's for the better. The plot makes sense and while isn't anything spectacular, it is coherent and well-written. The supporting cast for me, was what really pulled along the plot for me and kept me interested even while trying to hunt down those annoying albino akrid.

The setpieces out in the ice and snow are quite fantastic and this is where the game excels, in the sheer scale of the areas outside. The opposite is unfortunately true in that on the occasional offchances you go into an enclosed space, combat and movement can feel clunky and out of place.
It's a shame likely the repetitive sidequests will put anyone off buying this because the atmosphere is amazing.
You really do feel like a lone contractor out in the middle of nowhere drilling for a precious substance.
I imagine the feeling and atmosphere in this game is not all that disimilar from the feelings of isolation and longing that ice truckers deal with on a day to day bonus.

Which brings us to the Rigs. The rig is not the vital suit (this is a prequel don't forget), it is an entirely different breed of machine, but this isn't a bad thing.
Yes, there are a few mechs in this game and while at first you may lament the loss of having shoulder mounted rockets and gatling guns, you will immediately warm up to the defensive and offensive capabilities of Jim's machine. Admittedly the rig can feel quite slow at times and while this may have been an artistic choice by the devs at Spark it can bog down the pace at times until you access fast travel quite early in the game. The good news is that those who loved the sheer mayhem and carnage of slicing off a limb or two from the large akrid will be right at home. It is just as satisying, maybe moreso to time your grab just right as you hold the creature and helplessly drill into it's cores with the drill arm as their lifeblood (T-energy) spills out.

I should point out that I was only ever interested in the game (and series) for the single player experience and therefore I did not touch multiplayer. My understanding is some of the maps from extreme condition make a reappearance and generally most reviewers say the online is where the strength of the game really lies.
This game did poorly due to the mountain of scathing critiques and generally poor write-ups it received.
I personally enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who was a fan of the series for the story.
In terms of all the bad press and poor scores, I'd advise you to try it for yourself, it's not the most amazing game in terms of graphics or presentation but I sure had fun with it.
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Publicada: 12 de Outubro de 2014
Giving a thumbs down to LP3 feels painful. It's got a lot of heart. The animations, the graphics, the voice acting, it's all wonderfully cinematic, and it's a loose sci-fi blue collar theme, with space contractors in a space wasteland planet trying to do science in the face of aliens everywhere. Your dude is a bearded contractor who gets messages from his wife and country music plays in his giant robot. Gamers in general don't see much manual labor so it's always nice to see stories that focus on that sort of hard work. That said, thematically, it's a bit of an odd mix since your average mission is to "go fix X, okay, all done? Good, now get back to the robot and march back oh wait there's 400 aliens between you and your robot. And this isn't a problem at all." What was the want ad for this? Space engineer, must be able to perform QTE repairs while shooting 4000 aliens. Still, they want it to work so bad, they fill this story with real heart.

But for all the glitz and polish it's just not that much fun. You walk places and walk some more then get in a robot and walk places with slow robot clomping and FINALLY you get to dive roll and shoot aliens and that part is actually kinda fun in a low budget Red Faction Armageddon sense but then you get to walk back and talk some more and walk and walk and climb and it's all just such a waste of time and then they expect you to go back to earlier locations for some dumb sidequests and there's just no way, no how.

It's clear the man hours went into this game that should, by the book, have created a solid fun, but forgettable AAA game. But the talent somehow didn't make its way to the final product. And it's a shame because so much love went into this but it just was not enough.

I would have watched the movie of this.
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Publicada: 11 de Setembro de 2014

I really don't understand MOST of the hate for this game!
Basically if the movie Aliens and the Dead Space series had a baby and moved to Hoth you would have Lost Planet 3.

Graphically it's stellar. The vistas are something to behold and even the small details you come across in the world.
The facial animations in the cutscenes are expressive and the voice acting is top notch. I really cared about these characters and their back stories.

It played a lot like a poor mans Gears of War, which in my book is not a bad thing. The gun play was pretty basic but at times frenzied as well. More than once I fear for my life much the way I did in the Dead Space games. A lot of the enviroments are truley unsettling and coupled with ALIENS soundtrack I was hooked and immersed.

In true Capcom fashion there are little details that make this game stand out. One being the 'hominess' of you RIG (mech). You get messages from your wife back on earth, updates about your baby boy and even a vlog. Not only that but in most of the traversal parts of the game you're able to play a music list. By that I mean YOUR MUSIC ON YOUR PC! that changed a lot of the game for me. Heres an example:

Being able to listen to oldies or whatever your cup of tea is while walking around this vast frozen tundera really scored big points with me.

To keep this short, play it for yourself. It's on sale right now and if your up for something immersive and pretty erie with a tight story to boot then give Lost Planet 3 a shot. I'm glad I did, it's something I will remember for a long time to come.

Now, for a fight with a giant Akrid to 'Sleepwalking' from GTA5.
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Publicada: 28 de Setembro de 2014
First of all I want to say that I didnt played the first Lost Planet game but I played the second one. I like Lost Planet 2 because it has its own style. Lost Planet 2 was "crazy" and I enjoyed the journey through the singleplayer campaign. I hoped Lost Planet 3 would have the same style but I got greatly disappointed.

Negative Points:

- The assignment of keys was horrible in Lost Planet 2 but this time they really wrecked it. I changed the sh*tty layout but after that the most keys just didnt work correctly anymore. I changed the key layout to default because of this but I also had to start a new game cause nothing worked properly after I used a different layout.
- Default layout also dont work as well as it should.. Great work!

Controls (again)
- I raged a lot because the game says at some quicktime events things like "Hold w/s/a/d" but in reality I have to press "F" several times. It really p*ssed me off. I even reinstalled the game because of this sh*t.

Cover System
- The cover system works horribly. I even stopped using it because 1) It dont work well and 2) You dont need it.

- I dont like the HUD. It dont show me the things I need in a acceptable way. And if you are too far away from your mech you will lose important things like the mini map.

- Sometimes enemys just appeared in front (sometimes even inside) of me
- The variety of enemys is a joke
- Grabbing enemys with the mech is so buggy
- Enemies often just stuck in something (especially the flying enemies)

Boss Enemies
- "Boss Enemies" - or should I say "Boss Enemy"? Really you have to fight the same typ of Boss for uhm 3 times I think. Well maybe the crab looks a little bit different every time but it is the same stupid "crab thing" over and over again.
- One time the boss crab was invincible.. wasted 30 minutes.

- Boring weapons like shotgun, pistol or assault rifle. No crazy "Holy sh*t" weapons here..
- There are also just a few weapons for you. No fun!

- They call it "Open World".. I call it "Path between 2 loading zones"
- Loading zones.. so much loading...even with a strong PC

Price & DLC
- Overpriced DLCs
- Got the game during a sale and I am happy that I didnt pay the full price (40 euros - 1 year after release) because it is way too much for this game.

- There are some bugs in the game which can make you rage a lot (game breaking bugs like not triggering something are §/"§&$(%&$!!!)
- Other bugs are for example: Explosive weapons shell just explode after you shot for no reason so you hurt yourself a lot / cant shoot (only aim) with weapons / invisible walls (no I didnt reach the end of the map because I walked there 5 minutes ago without problems)

Steam Connection
- You lost connection to steam for about 2 seconds? Well no connection to steam = playing not possible. The game will stop and throw you back to the main menu. Will the game saving the progress? Nope. Seriously why cant I play the game in singleplayer without a connection to steam?

Windows Live
- Dont worry GFWL died and Lost Planet 3 uses Steamworks now. I still blame every studio which have chosen this GFWL sh*t!

- Is nearly dead. You will find some players in Team Deathmatch but the other modes are dead. Maybe you will find some players which are playing for achievements but normally you will not find anyone in a other game mode than Team Deathmacht
- Lost all my stats. Just got reseted and after that happend the new stats dont work correctly. Well I dont care that much because I dont got much after 4 hours MP
- Now I am in the "Top 1000" from the MP leaderboard again.. with 4 kills. Says a lot about activity.

- Only 1 save slot
- Savegame got wrong date (I think this is not the year 2013..)

Other problems
- Subtitles (german) are sometimes incorrect
- Lip sync is bad
- The jokes which are made by the characters are really bad the most time
- You liked the mechs in Lost Planet 2? Yes? Well forget them you only get 1 boring mech with no third person view!
-Cant skip credits

Neutral Points:

- The game graphics are ok (not good for release 2013 but also not the worst)

- Story (I have to say that I didnt follow the Lost Planet story that much at all)

Positive Points:

- I like Jim, his wife and the other women you will meet, I dont want to spoiler too much. You will know which one (psst I dont mean the annoying black b*tch) just in case you still want to play this game.

Well I just tried to find something positive... actually I hate more characters in Lost Planet 3 than I like.

At the end I have to say: Dont buy this game for more than 5 euros! It is a boring game with so many problems. You can feel that this game was made for consols and not for the PC. Lost Planet 2 had a lot of problems too but it was much more fun than Lost Planet 3. The style of Lost Planet 3 reminds me a little bit at Dead Space 3. Also Lost Planet 3 failed as sequel just like Dead Space 3 did. Maybe the number "3" is cursed in the gaming industry and Gabe know it? Would explain why we will never see Half Life 3..

Back to topic: Do not buy this game. If you really want to buy it do not pay more than 5 euros and do not buy the DLCs!
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9.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 23 de Novembro de 2014
I am really enjoying this game a lot with 4 hours into the game. I am still only using a single gun and a hookgun. The athosphere in this game is amazing. Its like being on the Ice Planet Hoth which is great!! I am loving the music too. Very Alien 1 inspired. I love what they did with the game. The different look and graphics. I mean if we want Lost Planet 1 or 2 graphics lets play those games. I am glad they went into a different direction. Just like many people give negative reviews because "this Call of Duty or AC game looks exactly like the last one" Lost Planet 3 did something about that. It doesn't look like LP 1 or 2 but Lost Planet 3. Now also many people don't like that either and want the old look back. They compare it to Dead Space or Red Faction. What can I say. Well I dont think so. I have played al those games and Lost Planet 3 doesn't try to be anything but Lost Planet 3. A 3rd prson shooter is a 3rd person shooter. And this a really good one. The story is really starting to pick up. The Voice acting is very good and so are the sound effects and graphics. A great effort from Capcom. The price could be a little less at this stage and the DLC should be free but don't we wish that for all games. I give this a 8/10. will edit after finishing the game.
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20.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 5 de Outubro de 2014
LOST PLANET® 3 is one of a kind, it's a game that sucks at being a successor of the Lost Planet franchise with its totally different type of story, speed, gameplay, BUT I do think it's one of the most interesting games I played in a while, here's why I think this way:

The game puts you in the role of Jim Peyton, husband and father who's trying to earn some money with working for NEVEC.
What I liked particularly about the game is its way of making you believe you really work on E.D.N. III, because the game is not trying to be make some things simple in order to make it more fun or faster.

That of course may be why most of the fans of the series won't like it though, because it's as different as it can be considering the first two games were fast arcade shooters.

I'ts been a long time since I played Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, but this game makes me wanna pick it up again
and I do recommend getting this game if anything I wrote above appeals to you, but I don't think it's worth the full price though.

Score: 7/10
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19.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 30 de Setembro de 2014
I just finished the game and I'm like WOW!!Of course lost planet 3 is different from the other 2 games but i liked it most of all!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH HATERS ♥♥♥♥ing critising the game?!?!? ITS JUST AWESOME with a great story and twists till the very end that kept me at the edge of my seat 4 days continiously!!! I had no crashes and in general everything was pretty nice and smooth! I dont know what others say maybe their system's not good I dont know! But this game deserves way more and in my opinion is in my top 10 games list!!! Try it and you WONT regret it!
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4.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 9 de Novembro de 2014
Let me start by saying Lost Planet Extreme Condition colonies edition , and Lost Planet 2 are two of my favorite PC games. So I am a HUGE Lost Planet fan. This so called "Lost Planet 3" However is so bad in everyway possible...1st off let us start with the graphics..Lost planet Pushed PC graphics to the max at the time of release(really taking advantage of DX10 effects) Lost Planet 2 also Pushed PC tech at the time,and Really utilized DX11.
The DX9 ONLY graphics on Lost Planet 3 and effects are Just really bad...
If you are a fan of the series,be ready to be Very disappointed. Gameplay and Graphics wise. Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2 are such beautiful looking , and playing games,with the PERFECT 3rd person View with such original satisfying gameplay, Lost planet 3 however is atrocious ,in all regards.. from the horrible graphics,horrible effects,bad gameplay..the every been there done that 3rd person view,This game does not feel look or satisfy the Lost Planet fan :(
Red faction is also a great game series,and This game looks and feels Like a very very bad & Rushed version of a red faction game..
Multiplayer is so linear,and single player,is decent at best,The whole Control scheme,gameplay,graphics ,EVERYTHING about lost planet 3 does not look,feel or satisfy me,and has changed for the worse.
I can't stress enough how extremely disappointed I am with Lost Planet 3...
It Feels as if The game was made by people who have NEVER played or worked on Past Lost Planet Games,It feels like any old bland 3rd person shooter with rushed xbox 360 quality graphics/effects.
The gameplay also feels rushed.
I can only Hope Lost planet 4 will return to Lost Planet's Roots.
Avoid Lost Planet 3 at all costs sadly is my recommendation.
If you have Never played a Lost Planet game,and start with Lost Plant 3 , prepare to have you're mind Blown when you try Lost Planet 2, or Colonies,or extreme condition.
If you are a Fan of the Lost Planet Series,well prepared to be Very disappointed...
This is NO Lost Planet game.
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14.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 14 de Setembro de 2014
Having played the game solely for the campaign, with one or two multiplayer matches under my belt, I'm not entirely certain I can give a good review, but I can give my opinon at the very least.

I had an interesting experience while playing. The introduction to E.D.N. III was splendid and gave me a pretty blatant message that the game was not going to be like it predecessors. Which in some ways is unfortunate, but in others it's great.
It was great because it meant they changed it to a way that would allow a much more closely followed story. Rather than LP 2, where the story kinda jumped all over the play till it came all together at climax.

The akrid enemies were varied in some scenarios, some added new tactics other than just being big an menacing, and some just marched toward you like an explosive cow towards a humansized-shotgunweilding-meatgrinder. Not to say it wasn't fun mowing down waves of that strange basic acrid tripod thingy.

Fighting the large creatures on foot proved a challenge sometimes, though their tactics were easy to learn. When you later face similar creatures in your Rig I found the experience of welding and/or drilling them to death quite relaxing.

One unfortunate thing is the grappling hook. I loved that thing in the first installments of the Lost Planet series. Sadly thanks the games changes, usage of it as an exploration and tool have been limited to 'designated' cliffs and such. I mean later in the game you get a zip-line upgrade that lets you slide on zip-lines sometimes. Either way, one the few things I didn't like.

Overall the game was good from start to finish. Except for a certain part about 2/5th in, where they try to shove you into a cramped station and the pit orchestra from Dead Space returns with a raging vengeance as they ♥♥♥♥ your ears while the awesome nothingness ensues! Really, they try to create an atmosphere that just really was never there for me.

So in closing:
Do you want a game that's fun and you can just ♥♥♥♥ around it? LP2 or 1 might be a better bet.
Want a game that gives and interesting explanation as to how ♥♥♥♥ got to the first LP with a cool ♥♥♥ take on Rigs and VSs? This is for you~
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16.3 hrs em registo
Publicada: 24 de Outubro de 2014
Finished 7/10

+ Good voice acting
+ Great blend of Carpenter's "The Thing" and Dead Space atmosphere
+ Tense soutrack

- Dull and cliched story
- Boring and repetitive boss fights
- Upgrade system almost doen't mean a thing
- Awkward QTE moments
- Occasional environment glitches
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6 de 7 pessoas (86%) acharam esta análise útil
0.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 30 de Dezembro de 2014
got super excited when i saw this because i loved LP1 and LP2 but this is just sh!T, controls are nothing like the other games and now you have to buy weapons unlike the other games, no one even is ever on the multiplayer, only reaspn i bought this game was because it was in a steam sale i have beaten first three missions and i just dont wanna play anymore
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18.8 hrs em registo
Publicada: 7 de Setembro de 2014
Well, the game is definietely NOT what I expected. First Lost Planet, which I absolutely love, was waaay more about shooting aliens, wrecking enemy VS' and making a lot of noise. This game, however, is much more story-driven and sometimes suffers from it - it gets boring at times. What it lacked in fast action it made up for in characters and storyline, which I really liked. The main protagonist, Jim Peyton, is a very well-written character whom which I identified a lot - the way in which he acts and speaks is not only lifelike, but also logical and at points witty, which makes him a likeable fellow. What saddened me is the unused potential of Jim's robot, RIG, which looks awesome, but is pretty much useless. I admire Capcom for sticking to the convention (its a prequel, so robots with big-♥♥♥ guns were unneccessary), but I really regret that in the end the player-controllable RIG never got any weapon other than its utility equipment, and most of the fights are resolved by quick time events. To sum up: a good 7/10 game: intresting story, characters and dialogues, decent graphics, but too few not sufficiently varied Akrid to shoot, dissapointing robot and monotonous locations. Had fun anyway.
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Publicada: 21 de Novembro de 2014

I'm kinda new to gaming, so my opionions probally won't be the same as most people

Multiplayer isn't bad
Excellent voice acting
Decent Graphics

Semi-Boring Story
Graphics aren't as good as LP2 (Opinion)
If you are new to this game's multiplayer, You're gonna have a tough time.

Final: A game with a semi-boring story, decent graphics, and great voice acting, I personally would recommend it. Just the story's finale is really dull and predictable.
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23.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 7 de Setembro de 2014
I have been a Capcom Fan for many many years now and Lost Planet 3 just showed me why.

This game, for me, is almost perfect on every aspect, from gameplay to story to environment to sounds etc etc.
It is just so well made and so immersive.

Being a 3D animator myself, i have to say that the animation and sounds effect related to them is simply gorgeous and so well done.

Every Lost Planet are different from one another and LP3 is a really great asset to the serie.

I've been enjoying every single minutes i've played this game so far and would totally recommend that game.
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Publicada: 26 de Dezembro de 2014
Lost Planet 3 is the best Dead Space game I've ever played.
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Publicada: 8 de Novembro de 2014
It's really not easy for me to say no to this game, but the last strong bug i've experienced was the last drop for me. I'm not going to write a story about that bug, i'm just gonna say that it makes further storyline impossible to go, you just stuck there. The game is not bad in general, it's catchy, it's dinamic, it's fun to play... sometimes. But the whole thing gets killed by 3 other things: environment, which is the same all the time, controls along with annoying saving system which are frustrating and bugs. Environment doesn't change. It's ice, pseudo-wide open spaces, some boring abandoned stations, always the same. Controls are just frustrating. There are many actions you can do but almost all of them can only be bound to different keys. It gets simply stupid. You can pick up stuff like videologs and ammo with "e" but you can't pick up other stuff with the same key. And this is pretty much for everything. Changing keybindings may cause (and caused in my case) some bad bugs and glitches. Playing on the hardest difficulty is quite ok when you're on feet, but it gets absolutely impossible, almost painfully unbearable to fight bosses when you are in rig, you get killed CONSTANTLY. And when you die, the game doesn't continue right before the boss fight starts, you gonna have to go for a long time just to come to a place where you will be forced to watch the cutscene again. It's so annoying, you gonna want to break something, and you probably will. So, save your nerves, time and money for better games. By any means, this game is not worth money they're asking for it, not even half of it. Look: there is a wide choice out there.
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Publicada: 24 de Setembro de 2014
Haven't played lost planet 1 or 2 however this game is not too bad. Sometimes the port from PS3/XBOX is visable but you can forgive it - maybe! Worth a purchase if on sale.
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Publicada: 1 de Dezembro de 2014
I hate this game, It is a disgrace to the Lost Planet name because
•The Developers didn't listen to the community's demands *Cough* Akrid Hunter *Cough*
•They ruined gameplay (Now everything is just a big fat skin grab)
•Purchasable maps (Who even does that anymore?)
•They got the franchise frozen (We aren't going to see a Lost Planet 4 now.)
•Last, but not least, the loyal players got nothing at all, I mean, the players that were there from the beginning got nothing for this over-priced game.
Because I am feeling nice.
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Publicada: 18 de Setembro de 2014
I love this game a whole lot! Epic campaign mode and Awesome multiplayer...Although the player base is limited it seems. Not many people on multiplayer as other games like halo's multiplayer. I highly recommend this game though! all 3 of them from lost planet 1-3 they are awesome.
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