Experience the final explosive chapter in the Alien Breed series and uncover the horrifying truth surrounding the existence of the Breed. Launch discount good thru Nov. 24 10am PST.
リリース日: 2010年11月17日

Alien Breed 3: Descent を購入する


Alien Breed™ Trilogy を購入する

3 アイテムを同梱: Alien Breed: Impact, Alien Breed 2: Assault, Alien Breed 3: Descent


Alien Breed™ シリーズ激爆最終章、Alien Breed™ 3: Descent。壮大なストーリー、高い知力を持ったエイリアンの大群、強力な武器の数々、Epic Games の Unreal® Engine 3 を導入した驚愕のステージが魅力の SF アーケードシューティングゲーム。宇宙船のチーフエンジニア、コンラッドとなり、凶暴なエイリアンの大群を相手に地獄で最後の闘いを挑め。絶体絶命のレオポルドとエイリアンの宇宙船が、惑星の大気圏にさらに深く引き込まれていく。このままでは氷の海が墓場に。最後の力をふりしぼり、エイリアンの攻撃を生き延びて死の手をはねのけるまで、残されたのはあと数時間。沈みゆくエイリアンの宇宙船に射るような冷たい水が溢れる中、「ブリード」の存在にまつわる恐ろしい真実がついに明らかになる…シングルプレイヤーモードでのスリル満点のエンディングや、容赦なく手ごわいサバイバーモード、さらにアクション満載の2プレイヤーオンライン協力バトルモードを完備。


  • Alien Breed™ 3: Descent - Alien Breed™ 三部作、衝撃の最終章- アーケードシューティングとサバイバルホラーのミックス、アクション満載。武器のアップグレードやカスタムも充実。
  • 地獄に最終突入!
    • 新登場 – 本格的作戦– 浸水したレベルや船体通路でブリードと戦え。
    • 新登場 – サードパーソンアクション- 主人公コンラッドになって、アクション満載の新セクションをサードパーソンで体感。
    • 新登場 – 強力な新しい武器を操り最後の闘いに挑め。
      • プロジェクトX :接触したすべてを蒸発させる巨大な威力を持つ。
      • エレクトロリンクガン:電力の稲妻を発生し、敵の周りにも威力を連鎖させる。
    • 新登場 – 新たなエイリアンに立ち向かえ – 「エレクトロショッカー」や、ラスボスとの強烈な戦い。
  • 大規模なシングルプレイヤー・ストーリーモード – シングルプレイヤーモードの最終章では、新登場の研究所レベルなど、壮大でハマリ度最強のステージ。フィナーレまで緊張の展開。
  • シングルプレイヤー・サバイバーモード – 戦闘アリーナはこのモードのために特別デザイン。次々襲い掛かる強力なエイリアンの大群に立ち向かえ。
  • シングルプレイヤー・フリープレイモード – シングルプレイヤー・チャレンジモード– 今までのミッションで出した記録より、さらにハイスコアを狙え。
  • 2プレイヤー協力プレイモード – 2プレイヤーオンラインプレイのために攻撃マップを特別カスタム。力を合わせてエイリアンの大群を迎え撃て。
  • 2プレイヤー協力サバイバーモード – オンラインで協力し、特別デザインの戦闘アリーナで生き延びろ。オンラインで他のプレイヤーと競い、ランキングで自分のサバイバル能力を証明せよ。
  • 盛りだくさんのオンライン機能 – クイックマッチ/ゲーム作成/フレンドリスト/ボイスチャット/ランキング/Steam 実績/協力実績
  • アップグレードショップ – 倒された仲間やロッカーを探して現金を入手、武器にうまく使おう/ショップでキットをアップグレード。
  • 無料デモ公開 – Alien Breed™ 3: Descent 特別制作デモ版「プロローグ」はアクション満載。制限時間制のサバイバーモードも収録。


    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 6800+ or ATI Radeon X700+ Video Card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2.0GB
    • Sound: Windows Supported Sound Card
    • Other Requirements: Internet connection required for multiplayer
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Alien Breed comes in "3 Episodes" and if you like games like the Free2Play game Alien Swarm then you should try all three Episodes of Alien Breed. That would Be:

Alien Breed: Impact
Alien Breed: Assault
Alien Breed: Descent

Can recommend. Only flaw i found was the Co-op part of the game, its a stand alone four diffrent missions that you can play, and not the main campaign played in Co-op (Sadly). Later games even have survival mode.
投稿日: 2013年11月26日
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Same as the previous 2 games, it amazes me why they couldnt realease all 3 games into 1 pack instead of selling them commercially as singles. Any how what ive stated in previous reviews stands only buy it if its on sale since its got pretty much zero replayability and theres just not enough content or oomph to go back to an average experience overall although i did like the final boss and his constant taunting of the main protaganist only because he sounded alot like my old english teacher at school lol :D
投稿日: 2014年1月24日
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I’d be lying if I said that this review would be as negative as the other two games. Now, I may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome from continuously playing all three games in a row, but I find this game more enjoyable than the other two. I may actually even have to recommend it ;__;

The opening did not give us much to go off on—a monotonous comic strip will NOT capture the audience’s attention, especially when you’re trying to explain what has happened from Alien Breed 2. That’s my only real issue with the beginning. It seems that Team 17 did try to make a difference with their game. They did stick to the run-to-here-and-back game mechanic through the entirety of the game, but they threw in many more dynamic scenes and gameplay experience as far as ways in which you shoot aliens. Now that they’re raising Klein as your main antagonist, I find it a lot more enjoyable, especially when listening to his stereotypical German accent. <3

Very ‘OK’ boss battles. I actually kind of enjoyed fighting the aliens, especially in the water scenes (which I can also appreciate). They also brought in a new type of alien that while I like, I also dislike. I feel that the Electro-shocker is a bit overpowered, and would have worked better if it could not actively fight on land, since that was what I assumed from the first few that I had encountered. It would have made more sense, because the game shows that electricity will hurt you if it’s spread above water.

And ooooh my god, the comic scene for the last chapter is so lovely. SO LOVELY. It’s just so sick and cruel and yet I can’t help but love Klein even more for being such an evil lunatic. I just LOVE it, even though I know I wouldn’t really enjoy his company in real life. I did not enjoy the ending.

Team 17 made this trilogy with the interests of making money only, after seeing interest in their Worms series starting to dwindle. They made and released all three of these games in the same year. A LOT of content was reused in the first two games, but I also see a lot more introduced into this final game. I’m not sure what got them to put in more effort into this last one, but I can say that it is OK. Not BAD, per say, but OK.

I’m not sure why this game got as much bad rep as the other two games, but I’d still say get this game when it’s discounted at least 75%, but if you were going to pick any of the three, play this one first.
投稿日: 2013年11月25日
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Personal Rating: "Get it whilst on a massively discounted sale or avoid"
Traditional Rating: 3/10
Paltform: PC
Genre: Isometric Shooter

The third episode in this whole Alien Breed affair (or drama as I see it) unfolds in a way you would expect it to unfold if you had played the first two episodes. Walk an endless labyrinth of spaceship corridors to an electric door that needs a keycard (why doesn't that suprise me in the least - lazy design? ) then proceed to walk the entire length of said spaceship in search of said keycard ( are you artificially trying to extend your game Team 17). Rinse and repeat ad nauseam! To break up this frantic keycard search for every second door you encounter there will be some pesky aliens lying in wait to snack on your bones.

Having completed the third and final episode in the Alien Breed series I am still not entirely sure what Team 17 was trying to go for here. Sure Alien Breed back in the nineties may have been a resounding success but dragged kicking and screaming into the new century the game comes across as archaic and inevitably simple in its design and implementation process. There are absolutely no scares, the action is so flat that you would get more out of a text adventure from the eighties. It certainly doesn't even have the good grace to have a sense of humor (unless collecting keycards to open bloody locked doors is Team 17's idea of a laugh). The voice work done for the major characters is a notch below bloody awful that it reached a point where I was forced to mute the game because my poor ears were starting to bleed.

There is so much wrong with this entire episodic release that I could go on and on. But life is too short for that. This is crap and I would highly suggest you give it a wide bearth. Considering that there is another infinitely superior title about a engineer onboard an alien infested spaceship called Dead Space, you are better off taking your money there.
投稿日: 2013年11月18日
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This one was slightly different from the first two. Of course it's the same follow waypoint to waypoint, oh this broke doing this, fix it then back to doin that mindless ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. They did try to change things up this round though, being the last installment. It is a bit shorter than the other two, and they switch up 2 weapons every game (game 2 was my fav with the minigun :D ). They did somehow make this game E VEN EASIER by doing a few different things. Not a bad little story, and even though it's completely predictable the entire way through, and it makes you hate not letting you just finish it by taking an extra 10 minutes to do a run around route haha .... but, alright, wouldn't reccomend though.
投稿日: 2013年12月23日
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