Sacred 2 – Gold contiene sia l'acclamato Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel che l'espansione Sacred 2 - Ice & Blood. Sconfiggi infinite schiere di pericolosi nemici; conquista potenti armi e preziosi tesori. Preparati alla battaglia suprema, diventa una leggenda!
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Data di rilascio: 21 dic 2012

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Sacred 2 – Gold contiene sia l'acclamato Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel che l'espansione Sacred 2 - Ice & Blood. Sconfiggi infinite schiere di pericolosi nemici; conquista potenti armi e preziosi tesori. Preparati alla battaglia suprema, diventa una leggenda!

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Sull'orlo della distruzione, minacciato da un caos soverchiante, il mondo di Ancaria è avvolto da una misteriosa fonte di energia. Lasciando solo mutazioni e terrore sul suo cammino, questa energia vivente è diventata la fune su cui tutte le altre cose oscillano. I poteri della Luce e dell'Ombra sono destinati a collassare in una tremenda battaglia che potrebbe dilaniare lo stesso tessuto della vita.

Sacred 2 Ice & Blood

Ice & Blood espande il mondo di Ancaria con due nuove regioni, un nuovo personaggio giocabile e tonnellate di nuovi oggetti, nemici, armi e missioni.

Caratteristiche principali

  • Uno sconfinato mondo fantasy, ricco di ambientazioni dettagliate e pericolosi dungeon
  • Le campagne della luce e dell'ombra ti consentiranno di diventare un eroe... o un distruttore
  • Configura e sviluppa uno dei sette possibili protagonisti
  • Raccogli migliaia di armi e parti di armatura
  • Chiedi al tuo demone portatore di trasportare per te i tesori scoperti
  • Affronta la battaglia sulla tua cavalcatura
  • Più di 500 Quest ti stanno aspettando!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo:Microsoft® Windows XP (32 / 64 Bit) con Service Pack 3 / Vista (32 / 64 Bit) con Service Pack 1
    • Processore:Processore da 2,4 GHz
    • Memoria:1 GB RAM
    • Grafica:Scheda Video con 256 MB RAM, compatibile con DirectX® 9.0c, con supporto Pixel Shader 2.0 (dalla nVidia® GeForce™ 6800 o ATI® Radeon® X800)
    • Hard Disk:20 GB di spazio
    • Audio:Scheda Audio compatibile con DirectX
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    Sacred 2 is one big GAME! I'm telling you, if you like big games with tons and i mean tons of quests and exploration then this game is for you :) I spent 90 hours on my ps3 playthrough and only explored 35% of the map. Like, WOW! There are hundrends and i mean hundreds of quests. I'm not sure on the max player level but i got to 127 over the spand of 90 hours. The game might not be as polished as DIablo but i tell you. It is wayyy more fun. As far as the game goes it's 10/10 Don't expect anything serious because the story is crap and quests are not the greatest. But it is an amazing game.
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    One of the best RPGs you can get your hands on - it absolutely can compete with genre kings like Diablo II.

    - Different classes with different play styles and a huge variety of unlockable skills in diversified skill trees - millions of possibilities to level up you char
    - A beautiful, varying and truely spacious world with an uncountable amount of main and side quests. And easter eggs. And easter egg quests
    - A story not taking itself too serious, a good sense of humour
    - Neat graphics and decent soundscape. WoW graphics in 2015 is still stone age compared to Sacred 2 back in 2008
    - multiplayable! Play cooperatively via the internet thingy, or head over to your partner and revive the good old LAN days

    Ok, if you havent figured out the resumé yet: Sacred 2's definitely a must-have when it comes to RPGs!
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    When the point-and-click genre finds itself bereft of recent hits, Sacred 2 is a breath of fresh air, albeit with the slightest of bad odors..

    By no means is it a perfect game. It's got a painfully complex UI that will probably be confusing to you for the first 5 or so hours, especially as you unlock whatever skill/items go in whatever slot and you're like "oh, so THAT'S what that was for..."

    That said, it's a competent isometric along the same lines as Titan Quest, the Diablo franchise, Path of Exile, etc. Actually, let's just say Titan Quest, because realistically, this game is NOT a skill-spamming, screen-exploding, 24/7 fireworks-esque carnagefest like Diablo. Most of your actual fighting is with the weapons of the game, with skills supplementing rather than replacing it. Much like Diablo 3, Sacred 2 shrugs off convoluted skill trees with skills that grow redundant over time; instead, it adds in secondary effects that can tweak your skills. Depending on your class selection (of which there's 6, or rather 7 as if you're reading this you'll get the expansion if you buy via steam), you get a fairly normal spread of buffs, debuffs, single-target and AoE skills to use.

    Or rather... okay, rewind a bit. You acquire "Combat Arts". This is what the game calls skills/spells/whatever. These are your on-call abilities for damage, utility, and defensive purposes. Unlike most other RPGs, Sacred 2 doesn't have mana, or energy, or what have you; instead, each Combat Art has its own unique cooldown, with a small global cooldown for all abilities on top of that. This means you can theoretically use the same CA all game, if you felt so inclined, with the only limit on casting being its cooldown. Cooldown is affected by factors such as armor weight, with the heaviest armor reducing CA cooldowns, and lighter, more... breathable caster-oriented gear actually giving you a cooldown DECREASE; specific stats reducing cooldown that is an affix/prefix to gear; through points into the Stamina stat; or through the use of relevant skills.

    Now "Skills", as Sacred 2 views them, are actually a series of passive buffs that have their own progression (no having to wonder whether to give yourself +stat or more damage for that one spell you like). This is one of those convoluted systems I mentioned. See, you get this page full of assignable skills (assigned to get their effects, mind you, no other interaction required). They do all sorts of stuff -- buff damage with certain weapon types, increase status effect chance, gain new gameplay aspects (smith your own stuff out in the field, see what items will cost without having to be at a merchant, ride better horses (yes, there's mounts, and the world is huge so it's kind of necessary)). Think of these as perks, in a sense, with most being passive buffs, but a few unlocking key features -- everything from the utility skill Alchemy letting you use one-time temporary buff items, or the weapon specific Magic Staff skill giving you the ability to fire ranged magic attacks (without at least one level of this skill, you'll just bash enemies over the head with the staff, no matter how magical your character actually is). There's a set limit to the number of skills you can choose (note that Combat Arts are separate, and you could theoretically level EVERY CA if you wanted).

    Skills also, in addition to these catch-all generics, contain class-specific skills that buff one Combat Art Tree or another (of which classes have 3) with damage, duration, cooldown, and so on. It isn't just raw buffs, however -- you need these CA skills to level your individual Combat Arts (if you've played Titan Quest or Grim Dawn, just think about how you need to consciously level up your Mastery to unlock skills). And Combat Arts are actually acquired in a really roundabout way -- rather than 95% of other ARPGs, you don't gain points to distribute upon leveling up; instead, you have to find Runes, consume-on-use items that increase your Combat Arts by one point. Let me emphasize -- there is no such thing as "end-game" CAs, because you could feasibly find ANY CA as a rune at any one time. Unfortunately, you can only level CAs so far before needing -- you guessed it -- points in the Skill for that Combat Art -- still with me? Also, you have to have self-control, because leveling increases EVERYTHING about the CA, including cooldown timer. So you might quickly find yourself pouring runes into a skill, then realize you're missing the cooldown-reduction, late-game gear, or points in the Combat Art's governing skills, that would make using it at that level feasible.

    The aforementioned CA modifications are actually a binary system, where you have three points of upgrade for each Combat Art. Once you put a certain amount of points into the Skill governing that Combat Art's tree, you get an option to upgrade one of your 'discovered' Combat Arts. This modification is usually a choice between something like damage vs. status. It's not a huge difference, but its effect stacks with the baseline increases of leveling that Combat Art via runes, and offers some degree of customization.

    On level up, in addition to a few skill points (and a new skill slot unlocked every few levels per a set formula), you get to choose from 6 stats to put a point in. I'm not gonna run them all down (as review space is precious), but it ranges from health and health regen out-of-battle (Vitality) to chance to hit (Dexterity) to cooldown for Combat Arts (Stamina). Fairly normal RPG spread, really.

    Equipment-wise, the game is pretty generous. You've got a full spread of torso, legs, feet, arms, shoulders, and more; varying amounts of rings and necklaces (per character class); a few unique things like "Batteries" for the Temple Guardian (basically a cybernetic Anubis sort of robot thing). There are a LOT of places to fill on the inventory screen. On the High Elf I'm playing right now, alone, I've got 4 rings, 2 amulets, torso, legs, feet, arms, hands, shoulders, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some without opening the game to look. It's crazy, really.

    All that said, there are downfalls to the game. Its graphical interface is, as mentioned, clunky, not to mention has very odd choices (transparencies everywhere, lots of ill-defined edges on UI elements, etc.) Animations are... okay, but not anything to drop your jaw at. Same thing with general appearance -- it looks fine, but it's not an eye-candy sort of game. The earliest few hours, on top of overloading you with stats and numbers and mechanics, will also be very slow, as a lack of skill variety (until you find the appropriate runes, of course) and a painfully-slow movement speed before you start getting mounts will make the game a tiring slog.

    And boy, howdy, is the voicework friggin' painful. The game does NOT take itself too seriously outside of the specific story arc, so you've got stuff like enemies going "Arrrggh! I was... just an... extra..." or 'pirate' enemies going "I guess you weren't such a landlubber after all..." Your character spews an unhealthy amount of lines, ranging from generic hero stuff ("You would dare hit a High Elf?") to... 4th-wall breaking stuff ("Ugh, can we remove animals from the spawn table, please?") Very fortunately, an option in the menu enables drastically, or even completely, reducing this commentary (that's even what the menu calls it), so that's an option if it gets a bit much for you.

    Besides the general usability of the game, though, the multi-tiered depth of character-building is a great change of pace from certain games that railroad your builds (-cough- Diablo 3), without forcing something like having to min/max a billion different passive buffs (-cough- Path of Exile). If nothing else, there's a demo available (if not here, then on the internet in general). Check it out, try to tolerate its rough edges, and you'll get a fairly competent and fun game, worth at least one or two replays.
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    Disclaimer - I do not own Sacred 2, I have played the game via Steam family share and the hours recorded on Steam is not accurate either.

    Sacred 2 is an action role playing game part of the Sacred series. The PC version of the game was released in 2008. This was my first experience with the sacred series, having not played the original release either. I went into the game expecting it to be a little like Dungeon Keeper or Diablo.

    The gameplay is top-down style, clicking on the world where to move and the traditional left and right click attacks. This to me is one of the best control systems out there as it is easy to grasp and you are able to do everything you need to do with just your mouse. Sadly a lot of Sacred's 2 important menus are not bound to keys so you have to click on your UI in order to bring them up, such as inventory etc. I also did not like the fact there was hardly any tutorial to the game; you get told how to move and attack; that's it.

    Upon starting the game for the first time and creating your character, you are greeted with a humongous amount of information straight away. Although the game tries to explain what everything does, I found it a little overwhelming that I was being fed this amount of information on the first screen.

    The graphics are dated since this game came out in 2008, you can easily see polygons and sharp edges on everything in the world. There is a small amount of voice acting in the game too which is done very well, would of made the experience even better if all NPCs had it though.

    I have been playing Sacred for about seven hours now; and I am barely even scratching the surface on the amount of content in this game. I am seeing sources online telling me there are about thirty four hours worth of content on offer here which is a huge amount. There are around 100 quests to complete in the main campaign as well as plenty of caves and dungeons to explore, there are said to be about 600 side quests out there too.

    I am having a number of technical issues in my playthrough so far. The main one is that my UI will randomly disappear at points, which is extremely difficult to work around as I am not able to see my health or use potions etc. The only way I found to fix this was for you to either die, or reload the game. Sadly this one becomes very annoying very fast. Secondly there is quite a few areas which cause lag spikes and stuttering. I should not be playing a game that is almost seven years old and experience stuttering at all.

    Do I recommend Sacred 2? Personally I think I may of been spoiled by recent RPG games. Back in the day I would bet my life on Sacred 2 being game of the year material; but compared to current and recent day RPG games, it just isn't the same. People who have played the game will probably disagree, but since I didn't grow up playing this game when I was younger I can only go off my first experience playing it. So for me I won't recommend it since I am not having as much fun on this as I do other games. Old school gamers which love having tons of information to immerse and delve themselves into will love this game, it's just not for me.

    If you found this review helpful, please consider giving it a thumbs up. You can also find more reviews over at

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    Come and play with us forever and ever and ever.(multiplayer disabled)
    A great game, too bad Ascaron went out of business, so this is the end of the series.(what sacred 3? There is no such thing)
    Level cap is 200 combat systems are losts of fun, ton of loot. SEXY characters, you have to see the beautiful inquisitor
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