Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Or is he? When the existence of a mysterious 3rd dimension is revealed to him, Gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him to the very end of time and space. Use your ability to navigate 3D structures from 4 distinct classic 2D perspectives.
User reviews: Very Positive (7,510 reviews) - 91% of the 7,510 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 1, 2013

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Recommended By Curators

"A great Side Scroller with a neat mechanic of changing the view. This game is 100% worth getting. One of the best indie platformers almost perfection."


"Fez is joyful. [...] There's a lot to be said for a game that can make a grown woman squeal with glee dozens of times in a playthrough (especially a game that doesn't star Hello Kitty). In short, the long wait for Fez is entirely worth it. Play it, and I dare you not to smile."
100% – Joystiq

"The game's unique artwork, its perspective-shift mechanic, its nostalgia for the 16-bit years and its bewitchingly strange setting all exist in total harmony and make a single, deliberate statement."
10/10 – Eurogamer

"The sum of Fez’s intelligent level designs, perception mechanic, massive number of stages and secrets, and incredible art is so much more than just a shout-out to old-school gaming. Fez is a game in love with games."
9.5/10 – http://ca.ign.com/articles/2012/04/11/fez-review

About This Game

Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Or is he? When the existence of a mysterious 3rd dimension is revealed to him, Gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him to the very end of time and space. Use your ability to navigate 3D structures from 4 distinct classic 2D perspectives. Explore a serene and beautiful open-ended world full of secrets, puzzles and hidden treasures. Unearth the mysteries of the past and discover the truth about reality and perception. Change your perspective and look at the world in a different way.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:2nd Generation Intel Core HD Graphics (2000/3000), or dedicated GPU with OpenGL 3.0 Support
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • Sound:OpenAL-compatible
    • Additional:See https://getsatisfaction.com/polytron/topics/support_for_intel_integrated_graphics_hardware for details on Intel HD Graphics support, not all models are supported. Latest graphics drivers are required to maximize OpenGL feature compatibility. DirectX 9 is required but only used for XInput game controller support.
    OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8, Lion strongly recommended, 32/64-bit
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    Hard Drive: 1GB HD space
    Notes: Intel Integrated Graphics (excluding HD series) WILL NOT WORK WITH FEZ.
    OS: glibc 2.15+, 32/64-bit. S3TC is NOT required.
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    Hard Drive: 1GB HD space
    Notes: Intel Integrated Graphics (excluding HD series) WILL NOT WORK WITH FEZ.
Helpful customer reviews
65 of 74 people (88%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 20
FEZ Review
I was going through a queue recently and, having played Edge and Beep, saw FEZ as one of my recommended games. This game is incredible for it's price. Heck, even if this game was 2-dimensional it would still be a great puzzler! But one of the most unique and certainly enjoyable aspects of this game is the ability to rotate the entire world to explore new areas. Here are some of the finest points of the game.

Innovative Ideas
Take your favorite Mario Bros. game and compare it to FEZ. Where regular platformers, such as Mario Bros., have only the basic 2-D sidescrolling capability, FEZ has a fully rotatable world, where turning the world opens up new objects to jump on, new cubes to collet (see below), and new rooms to visit. It's as if the developers said "I'll call your two dimensions, and I'll raise you a third dimension!" In all seriousness though, this is by far the most compelling part of FEZ. It is what truly makes it stand out as a platformer.

FEZ consists of linear gameplay, but the way that the "doors between worlds" are presented to the player make it seem like you have endless choices to make. There is no time limit to the game, and taking full advantage of this situation, I found myself constantly fully exploring the worlds before moving on to the next. The originality of FEZ is an easy 10 on my list.

FEZ is centered around the objective of collecting cubes to unlock new worlds. There are 32 cubes to collect, with each cube having a number of pieces to find in each world. To unlock the second world, you have to collect two cubes. To unlock the third world, you need 4 cubes (including the previous 2). For the fourth world, you need 8 cubes (including the previous 4 cubes). It's a really nice progression system that is well timed and not overbearingly, excruciatingly long and difficult.

One of the things that I personally liked about this game is that it really isn't very addicting. You won't feel like playing it every time you open Steam, but I can assure you that there are plenty of times that you will be compelled to buy it. While this might be a con for some players, I found myself playing the game less frequently but for longer periods of time, which gave me a better experience when playing. I would not go so far as to call the game addictive, but it surely isn't boring in any sense of the word.

Controls and Graphics
The game has simple pixel graphics, but the colors are really vivid in this game. The developers chose really bright color schemes and not dull/dark colors, which I have seen ruin games before. The only thing here is that when you rotate the world, there are no shadows so it is often difficult to tell which direction you have to turn.
As for controls, the default controls spread all the way from left ctrl to the arrow keys. For me, this is a big time no-go (the only exception being The Binding of Isaac). When FEZ adds an option to change the controls to at lease wasd/ijkl, the controls system will inprove considerably.

Having gotten FEZ as part of the Steam Summer Sale, it was just one of many games I picked up over the course of the week-and-a-half event. However, as soon as I played it, I realized the amazing deal that I had gotten. In fact, I even mentioned to some friends to go and give it a try. For the 2 bucks that I got it for, FEZ is simply amazing. At full price, if you're into puzzlers and platformers, buy it. If not, still buy it. Trust me, it's a great game and the price is right.

Aspect Rating
Originality 10
Addictiveness 6
Graphics 8
Value 10
Overall 9

Final Points on the Game
Not only is FEZ a great platformer, the rotating world concept also makes it one of the most unique games in it's class. This is a must-buy!

Be sure to check out any of my other reviews on my profile, and please upvote if this helped you, I hope it did! Thanks for reading!
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97 of 138 people (70%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 13
This isn't only a game, this is art.
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21 of 23 people (91%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 28
Note: This review is for FEZ, not Phil Fish.

Acclaimed as one the best indie videogames ever made, FEZ is a puzzle platformer in a 3D space composed of 4 2D planes. I agree that this game is nearly perfect. It's fun to play. The controls are okay. The music is cool. The art is brilliant. And there are good designed puzzles. And the best part is it's difficulty: in this game you need to collect 32 normal cubes and 32 anti-cubes, among other things. The normal cubes are easy to find, and to beat the game you only need 32 cubes. So, if you're not very good with puzzle games, you can beat this game. Since it has (almost) an open world style, if you get stuck you can just keep moving ahead, instead of being stuck forever. The anti-cubes are harder, but some are easier to get than others. But getting them all is a real challenge. And there are also 3 red cubes, which are extremely hard to find. So, this is a game for everyone. I think it has the right lenght, but it can be annoying sometimes, for example when you need to backtrack. This is definitely one of the best games i ever played, a true masterpiece in almost every way. Buy it now (on sale is even better).
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 15
-Quick Review-
FEZ is 2D Indie Platformer developed by Polytron Corporation and released mid 2013. FEZ emphases on platforming, hidden puzzles, and exploration. The Music, graphics, and gameplay are all wrapped up into a nice indie niche game.

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: You play the game as Gomez, “a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Or is he?” Gomez is presented with a Fez that reveals his 2D world is actually a 3D world. Gomez is then sent out on a journey to collect cubes and cube fragments to bring balance back to the universe.

Gameplay: The movement controls are basic for PC controls, movement and jump. The unique ability is that the player can adjust the camera angle, the whole game freezes as the camera angle changes, giving the player a considerable amount of recovery time (For example, you might jump off a cliff, and try to stick a landing on a different 2D platform, when you change the perspective the game will pause for the animation of changing camera angles.)

Achievements: All of the achievements on the game are related to your progress on collecting all the various cubes in the game. The first two achievements are easily unlocked, however the rest will require extensive playing, puzzle solving, or dumb luck. (I have no shame in admitting I had to use a guide to finding the last 10-15 cubes I needed at the end. Those were hard!)

Price: FEZ is priced at $9.99, without a guide this game will definitely take you longer then 10 hours to figure out all the puzzles. The game price is pretty fair for how much time I personally spent in the game, I would recommend waiting for a steam sale before purchasing FEZ, I also picked my copy up on a Humblebundle deal.

Conclusion: It is worth pointing out that I strongly disagree with FEZ Designer Phil Fish's behavior over social media and lashing out on twitter, exclaiming: “Seriously, shut the F*** up about Fez 2. never going to happen. You don't deserve it”. (Reference: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/18/fez-2-is-never-going-to-happen-says-fish)
Regardless of Phil Fish's antics, FEZ itself is still a very solid enjoyable indie game that I can easily recommend to anyone who enjoys puzzle games.
To quickly recap, Story: enough to keep you interested on finding out what happens at the end. Not much dialogue. Gameplay: Innovative, interesting, enjoyable. Achievements: Difficult to get 100% without guides, I suggest trying to get as far as you can without looking up guides. Price: $9.99 fair price for the time spent in game, I always suggest sales for a better price.
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Posted: June 11
While it says that I haven't played for very long, I still feel like I can write a little bit about FEZ. So far, the gameplay has been very enjoyable and the graphics make my heart melt because everything is SO ADORABLE. Aesthetics aside, I also feel like it's enough of an open world to explore (given the context of the character and the plot line) and doesn't force you to immediately engage in achieving goals. I've spent some time just jumping around and admiring the little world that the main character is in. Maybe it changes as the game progresses... but so far, LOVING IT!
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