Zeno Clash ist ein Action/Kampfspiel, das in einer bunten Fantasiewelt spielt. Die Kämpfe in diesem FPS-Spiel sind hauptsächlich blutige Handgemenge. Erleben Sie eine tiefgehende Geschichte in einer fantastischen Welt.
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Veröffentlichung: 21. Apr. 2009

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"RPS's 48th best FPS ever"
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6. Juli

Surreal videogame in development by ACE Team co-founder

Carlos Bordeu, from ACE Team is working on a personal project called "The Endless Cylinder" (see video below) and showing it for the first time today. Fans of the surreal art style of Zeno Clash might be interested in how this project is shaping up. Go give it a look!


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"... fühlt sich erfrischend originell und absolut fesselnd an."

8,4 von 10 — IGN

Über dieses Spiel

Zeno Clash ist ein Action/Kampfspiel, das in einer bunten Fantasiewelt spielt. Die Kämpfe in diesem FPS-Spiel sind hauptsächlich blutige Handgemenge.
Erleben Sie eine tiefgehende Geschichte in einer fantastischen Welt. Sie spielen die Rolle von Ghat, einem Mann, der von seinen Brüdern verstoßen wird und sich auf eine hoffnungslose Reise durch die verbotene Wüste bis ans Ende der Welt begibt.
Dieses Spiel wurde nominiert für die Kategorie 'Excellence in Visual Art' bei den Independent Games Festival - die originelle Grafik unter Verwendung der Source Engine bringt frischen Wind in das Fantasiespiel-Genre. Das neuartige Nahkampfsystem unterscheidet dieses Spiel zu tradionellen Action-Spielen im FPS-Genre und bietet sowohl neuen, als auch erfahrenen Spielern Abwechslung.
  • Fesselnde Nahkämpfe aus FPS-Perspektive

    Das neue Nahkampfsystem ermöglicht es Spielern verschiedene Bewegungen - wie zum Beispiel Täuschungs- und Ausweichmanöver, abwehrende Faustschläge und strafenden Würgeattacken - auszuüben. Lernen Sie neue Angriffe, während Sie sich durch das Spiel schlagen und überwältigenden Feinden geneüberstehen.
  • Atemberaubende Grafik, erzeugt von der Source Engine

    Die Spieler werden in eine fantastischen Welt eintauchen, die zugleich wunderschön, aber auch sehr gefährlich ist. Dieser brandneue Grafikstyle ist ein neuer Ansatz im FPS-Genre. Die unwirklichen Umgebungen und Charaktere bieten langfristigen Spielspaß.
  • Survival Modus Herausforderungen

    Kommen Sie gleich zur Sache und versuchen Sie sich an den "Tower Challenges". Der Spieler muss Wellen von Feinden bezwingen, um in den Tower Levels voranzukommen. Sie werden in verschiedenen Kategorien, wie Schnelligkeit und Ausführung bewertet. Versuchen Sie die Gipfel der Ranglisten zu erreichen und messen Sie sich gegen Ihre Freunde.
  • Interessante Handlung

    Als Spieler übernehmen Sie die Rolle des Ghat; der Sohn einer eindrucksvollen, hermaphroditischen Zwitterkreatur, die Father-Mother genannt wird, und dessen Kinder den stärksten Klan von Halstedom führen. Ghat muss vor seiner Familie flüchten und beginnt eine abenteurliche Reise mit seiner Gefährtin Deadra, die ihm in dem gefährlichen Ländern von Zenozoik zur Seite stehen wird.
  • Bizarre Waffen

    Das Spiel bietet eine außergewöhnliche Auswahl an Waffen, die aus Schrott und Müll hergestellt wurden. Hämmer und Schläger sind am effektivsten gegen schwere Charaktere, die nur mit äußerster Kraft besiegt werden können.
  • Das Zeno Clash Model Pack für Garry's Mod

    Das Pack beinhaltet 70 Modelle mit Charakteren und Kreaturen für Garry's Mod. "Dies ist eine großartige Erweiterung zur existierenen Bibliothek und wir hoffen die Fans werden ihren Spaß daran haben und ihre eigenen Zeno Clash inspirierten Videos, Screens oder Machinima kreieren." sagt Andres Bordeu vom ACE Team. Zeno Clash Besitzer können den GRATIS DLC vom Tools-Tab in ihrem Steamaccount herunterladen.


    • Betriebssystem: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Vista64
    • Prozessor: Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM
    • Festplatte: 3 GB frei
    • Grafikkarte: 128 MB, Shadermodel 2.0, ATI 9600, NVidia 6600 oder besser
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c kompatible Soundkarte
    • DirectX® Version: DirectX® 9.0c, DirectX® 10
    • Betriebssystem: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Vista64
    • Prozessor: Intel® core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM
    • Festplatte: 3 GB frei
    • Grafikkarte: Shadermodel 3.0, NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 oder besser
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c kompatible Soundkarte
    • DirectX® Version: DirectX® 9.0c, DirectX® 10
    • Controller: Unterstützt
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Verfasst: 19. Juni
xeno- prefix. from Ancient Greek ξένος (ksénos, “alien”) a. Having to do with foreigners, as in xenophilia, or more commonly, xenophobia. b. From a foreign place, as in xenolith.

clash noun. onomatopoeic a. A skirmish, a hostile encounter. b. Opposition, contradiction, such as between differing or contending interests, views, purposes etc.

In my imagination, the development of Xeno-- sorry, Zeno Clash -- started when folks at Ace Team got together, got high, and got onto the subject of ancient mythologies (Roman, Greek, Norse, etc.) and how weird they all were. I mean, if you want crazy characters and crazier stories, you need look no further than some of the gods and goddesses traipsing around back in the day. Athena, birthed fully formed out of the sweaty forehead of Zeus; Pan, the goat-god of wanton sex; Artemis, goddess of the hunt, who for some reason was depicted in various interpretations as being literally covered with breasts; Medusa, she of the stylish snake perm and stony gaze, being some kind of metaphor for psychosexual wackiness (I'm pretty sure we can blame Freud for that); Jeff, the God of Biscuits; and even some nutter who told people to eat some bread and drink some wine and pretend it was his flesh and his blood... I mean, ew, dude. I'm sure we have enough problems without adding cannibalism to it. So anyway, the developers were shooting the breeze about Gods and Golden Fleece and rivers of blood and whatever until one guy, as I imagine it, stood up and went, "Yeah... but like, what if... Dude! What if there were, like, aliens, right? And they were weird, like totally, heh, but then, like, THEY also had myths and ♥♥♥♥! I mean... dude..."

So that's where this game comes from, more or less. There is a distinct dreamlike quality inherent in the stories of myth, fantastical and larger than life, and that is the feeling you get as you find your way through the land of Zenozoik. It feels deliciously alien and new, in the visuals and in the story (neither of which go out of their way to make a lot of sense, but it's still easy enough to follow). You'll see and hear a lot of weird stuff, and sooner or later, you just go with the flow because it's weirdly seductive. Even running on the old Source engine, and looking a bit dated now in 2015, the art and design and imagination of the dev team comes through in nearly every area so that you will truly think you are in fact running around on an impossibly, impossibly alien world. Luckily, they do at least have one thing in common with us here on Earth: they really like punching the stuffing out of each other.

If you've seen anything about Zeno Clash you already know the basics: it's a first-person brawler-shooter. Way more emphasis on the brawling than the shooting, thankfully. You, a fugitive on the run, have a modest set of fighting moves at your disposal, such as light and strong punches, blocks, dodges, counterattacks, grabs and throws. Unfortunately, so do your opponents for the most part, although they will also attack you at range if they get a chance. You get a small selection of weapons yourself, and they come in handy once in a while but the majority of your combat will be served in knuckle sandwiches. And they were never so tasty: combat feels fantastic in this game. It's fun, responsive and fast, with a good amount of variety (though there could be more), and it's super satisfying to land an uppercut on some chump and watch him go flying. I didn't really think I'd enjoy such a melee-focused FPS but after playing this I stand corrected, it's ridiculously fun. I even enjoyed the few bits where you are required to tote a rifle or another firearm, although I am glad those bits were few. They're not bad, really -- the rifle in particular sounds great, and it's amusing to plunk away at dudes with the double-fisted handguns -- but save for a couple spots you won't really get that much of a chance to use them because enemies will do their best to rush you if you're shooting at them, and none of the weapons are viable at close quarters.

One thing you will notice right off the bat is the voice acting, and it is... hmm. How to describe it. Well, your first impression will probably be "Oh my god this is bad." And you wouldn't really be wrong, especially with regards to the main character. He is, let's say, from the same acting school as Christopher Walken and William Shatner, only he flunked out hard. His lines are awkwardly paced, and weirdly inexpressive; he speaks in a stilted, matter-of-fact tone. All of that might turn you off -- which is why I'm mentioning it -- but honestly, his weirdness actually fits the game very well. There is often dialogue that sounds so insane on paper, but because of the way he delivers his lines, it instead sounds believable and ordinary, which makes the bizarre setting of the game even more bizarre. All in all, it works for me. It may not work for you.

It's not a very long game (ignore my obscenely long playtime), but it's a fully-formed, enjoyable, weird as all hell story that will have you doing at least one or two double-takes because you have probably never heard sentences like these in a game before. The fighting is hard and fast and so enjoyable, the world is filled with delicious weirdness for your eyes, and the trusty Source engine shines through even for a six year old game. I don't know about you, but it absolutely charmed the pants off me with how little Ace Team cared for making the "right" game, and made a fun, unique, and beautifully bizarre one instead.
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Verfasst: 6. März
Do you want to kill a blind weird-looking creature with a dead crab attached to his occiput while he is standing on the head of a giant giraffe-elephant-ish creature and throwing you squirrels with bombs on their back?

Well, then buy this game!
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Verfasst: 17. März
A bizarre, unique and fun first-person beat-em-up!

Video review:
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Verfasst: 10. März
This game isn't anything BUT good!
The game story is intresting! It tells the start at the end!
Good game desighn, could be better

And a bunch of weird stuff to make you questions!

Now, let me talk about how this game is MUCH better then the second.

The story has a twist, a very good ending,and story. The second is just a bunch of golems, which it says nothing about in the first game, and in the second game 10% of it you know why you need to say Father-Mother, heck i barley even know why you need to save Father-Mother. In the first game the controls are easy to learn and fast to comprehend. But in the second game it isn't the same, and it's like "Prezeh yeayeh 2 preeayas aeh burrton" bassicly the controls are MUCH worst and harder to get used to. And it just doesn't have the same... Feel, i don't know why but i'd perfer the old models then the new,the story doesn't ever surrond much about what happened in the past of the original zeno clash (this) and it's just heartbreakining to get a good game, then have a sequl which is bad. If there's a zeno clash 3, atleast make it better!

I hope you liked me review, i know it's not good, and yes i understand zeno clash 2 is good. But i don't think it's the same.
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Verfasst: 21. Mai
Zeno clash is probably one of the more memorable games I've played this year. Set in one of the most creative worlds I have ever witnessed, this game stands out as a real gem to me.

+Well-developed melee fighting where you can lash together combos, strike quickly or strongly, or pick a median attack. Blocking, dodging, countering, finishing. Many great moves to help you deal with the situation at hand.
+Ranged weapons that work fairly well from dual-wielded pistols, rifles, crossbows, or 'grenade launchers'. All very imaginatively designed in a way that they're nothing like you'd imagine based upon how I just described them. Unfortunately they make some fights a little too easy, but without them those same fights would have been a bit too hard.
+It's challenging, but not unfair. Many games today are either too easy, or designed unfairly to promote difficulty. Zeno clash is almost the perfect median between the two.
+The voice acting for the characters is simply splended. Every voice actor was given strange roles to fit, very specific roles, and they all nailed them with excellence.
+Great and memorable characters. From the moral-less Ghat, to the kind and caring Deadra, to the mysterious Father-Mother and all of his-her sons and daughters you face throughout the game. To the also-mysterious Golem, and even to the many unique Corwid you face throughout the game. Oxameter and Gabel being the most memorable.
+The story is confusing to begin with, but as you progress and learn more about what's happening it is fantastic. Absolutely great. Unfortunately it ends in a bit of a cliff hanger but that's fine! We have a sequel available to us!
+The world is simply stunning. The setting is so unique and refreshing, I just want to experience more and more of it. Give me more!
+The music fits the game so well! Matching every moment almost perfectly! Well-arranged tracks as well.
+A challenge mode to keep you entertained after you beat the main story, which is well needed since....
-I finished the game in a little over 3 hours. And the challenge mode will keep you busy for about one extra hour, which is nice.

I give this game a solid 9/10. How short it is is what holds it back from its full potential, but this is a game no one should miss. Definitely pick this one up as soon as possible!
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