RPG Maker VX Ace is the latest and greatest engine in the RPG Maker series, improving on every aspect of creating your very own epic adventure. The most powerful editor yet, Ace supports multiple tilesets, offers full control over autoshadow and has a very flexible features system.
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"Make your personal world and story with robust tools. Even for the unambitious, exploring the engine and assets feels nostalgic to 16bit era RPG fans."

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RPG Maker's 12 Hours of Christmas Event

Make sure to join us on our official forums, where we will be sharing tons of all-new FREE resources by some of the most talented artists and musicians, along with hourly giveaways and a grand prize drawing!

The 12 Hours of Christmas event will begin tomorrow, Saturday, December 20th, at 7am PST, on the official RPG Maker forums.

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Simple Enough for a Child. Powerful Enough for a Developer.

RPG Maker VX Ace is the latest and greatest engine in the RPG Maker series, improving on every aspect of creating your very own epic adventure. The most powerful editor yet, Ace supports multiple tilesets, offers full control over autoshadow and has a very flexible features system.

Ace gives you all the tools you need to make that game you’ve always dreamed of, including the following features:

• A powerful map editor to build your world.
• A database to track your characters, skill, equipment and more, all improved with the powerful new flexible Features system.
• New event options, including support for Ogg Theora video.
• An expansive set of default resources, including a built in character generator to create your own sprites and faces.

Key Features

Simple, Powerful Tools
RPG Maker VX Ace brings powerful new tools to the table to enhance your RPG-making potential. None of the previous engines can match Ace for flexibility, even for users with no coding knowledge. These features are powerful but also very easy to learn, with most accessed through a simple point and click interface.

Enhanced Default Graphics
RPG Maker VX Ace offers a large collection of new graphics, including 4 tilesets and the long-requested set of fallen character sprites. The engine is also compatible with all of the existing fan-made RPG Maker VX resources.

Export Your Game
Once you’re ready to show your project off, you can easily export your game into a portable EXE file that can be played on ANY Windows system. Share it with your friends, family or with the vibrant RPG Maker community on the internet.


    • OS:Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Processor:Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • Hard Drive:400 MB HD space
    • Processor:Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
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プレイヤーのステータス設定したら満足するね みつを
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投稿日: 10月29日
For everyone who is confused to be asked "RTP is not installed" when you lanch this even you have "rtp" folder!
change the name of folder "rtp" to "RPGVXAce", now it works. Try!

When I installed this game to my old PC I didn't have to do it. But today I installed this to my new PC and I got this message. Well, now I can play this software again.

rtpフォルダが入っているはずなのに"RTP is not installed"とかでてきてインストール出来ない方はVXのファイル内の"rtp"フォルダを"RPGVXAce"に名前を変えるだけでうまくいくはずです。
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投稿日: 9月28日
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投稿日: 11月7日
This software is an excellent introduction to game-making. While many people don't like RPG Maker games, it's still a great way to start your game development journey - or just to sate your hobbyist tendencies!

I recommend this without reservation - I may never release a game for public, but I love writing short little in-joke games for my family and friends.

For instance, I once wrote a short Kingdom Hearts-themed game for my daughter, which also used characters/settings from Beyond Good And Evil and Final Fantasy 7 and 8. As I understand it, under the terms of the RPG Maker license, the game I wrote WOULD NOT be allowed to be released (even as a fan creation) without paying for all of those character's usage rights - but I didn't make it to sell, I made it for my daughter. And SHE loved it.


- Easy to use.
- Fairly easy to understand.
- Anyone who's fiddled with game editors before should feel right at home.
- Plenty of tutorials available.
- Great, helpful community, especially on the official website and forums - this was the main selling point for me.
- Design is modular (meaning you can work on one aspect of your project at a time, or all at once)
- Don't like the Final Fantasy Style battles? Find and download a battle engine to change it to something more like the Zelda games!
- Importing custom data (inc. sound and graphics) COULD NOT BE EASIER.
- The asking price *includes* a license, meaning you can legally sell your RPG Maker VX Ace game the second you've made it! (there are some understandably strict caveats to this, though)
- includes a character maker, ideal for those of us who suck at art (like me).
- ACTIVE devs and community!
- Don't have the sprite/sound/script/whatever that you want? Try requesting it in the official forums - chances are, somone else has already requested it!
- One of the few pieces of software that I own that has NEVER crashed.
- Steam Cards! Hey, it matters to me. ;)

- License is included in the price, but some may consider it limited - for instance, if you make a sprite in this program, that's basically the only place you're allowed to use it (exceptions: or other programs in the RPG/Game Maker stable that you own the license to). So, you can't make sprites in this, then export those sprites to be used in say, a self-made browser-based game. And so too, for ALL the stock assets.
- Importing the custom data itself is quite easy - but knowing what to do with it can be confusing at first. For instance, importing a new tileset can be done with 3 button clicks. But then you have to go over the tileset and tell RPG Maker VX Ace which tileblocks the player can walk through, and which they can't, and so on. This makes complete sense once you think about it, but it isn't explained anywhere in game (that I saw).
- The DLC isn't like traditional DLC, it can require some real work to set it up (see above for a basic example)
- Advanced Developers (I'm not one, so this is a guess) may find certain aspects of the engine restrictive.

People who should buy this software:
- Amateur devs
- JRPG hobbyist
- people curious about the game development process
- people who have good ideas for stories
- IDEAL for people who want to make their 'first real game'.

People who should avoid this software:
- Uh...people who hate JRPGs, I guess?
- People who refuse to play nice on forums (because that's where most of your questions will get answered)
- People who are allergic to cuteness
- People who are allergic to lists
- People who actively hate maths and other forms of 'thinking'. I'm not trying to be snide, I swear. Some of us just aren't designed for calculations. Having said that, I actually fit into that category - and I love this software. But it is a fact: planning is part of game making.


I would basically recommend this software to ANYONE who shows even the slightest bit of interest in it. An excellent and very affordable way to get into game developing - it does exactly what it claims to, and does so quite solidly.

I award this product 9/10, without hesitation.
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投稿日: 11月1日
RPG Maker VX Ace is an incredibly powerful tool, not a game. While I found myself immersed for hours and hours creating and editing and editing and editing... this software is meant to create content. Even though is fun, people who lack creativity or try to go about it without a plan (story, settings, character development) might find themselves not enjoying this software as much.

Some lead you to believe that this game creating software is user-friendly and easy to understand, in actuality it is not. Users will find themselves constantly bashing their brains trying to do simple things, looking up tutorials and other means of help.

While still fun be prepared to be challenged. Be creative and have a story in mind. Also, might want to wait for a price drop in the steam store to get the best price as it can be a bit expensive.
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投稿日: 11月21日
Easy to use, but still able to make some really nice games. Just the fact that a brilliant game like To The Moon was made with the RPG Maker shows its ability.
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One does not simply "Code"
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I can make insanity tests, and force my friends to play them!
10/10 Would force friends to lose sanity again
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投稿日: 11月1日
It's wonderful but 60 dollars is just too much... 4/5
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投稿日: 11月13日
The software is great! Lots of tiles and objects you can select from. Also it gives you free things you can use to make your game such as music and game graphics. You dont have to be an artist to create a game, they have an easy charactar builder! If you want you can import your own art into the game but you dont have to. Also when they said no programing needed they were RIGHT! There easy click and drag gui lets you create charactars and there personalties. This software is easy to use and fun!
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Oh yus, this isn't a game, but it's fun to use. I may have been doing nothing the whole time, never to make an actual game, but I was also at one point working with someone to make a simply ebin game, I learned a lot, I had fun testing out and breaking and building and testing, repeating and creating.
/s4s/ this is to you

<3 A Bideo game
I still have it in google drive, if you wish to see the s4s themed game just ask for it.

Story: X
Gameplay: X
Presentation: 8/10 (Does not give my eyes ♥♥♥♥♥♥s)
Soundtrack: 7/10 (Lol)
Replayability: 10/10
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投稿日: 10月12日
RPG Maker VX Ace is the newest in the line of RPG Maker toolkits by ASCII and Enterbrain. For anyone who aspires to create games as a hobby or perhaps as a profession, it's certainly a good tool to take a look at. You can easily make the most simple and casual of role playing games with it or you can spend countless hours trying to make your very own masterpiece that you may or may not finish. While there are a few limitations in the software, many have been overcome through community works and scripting, to the point that the primary limitation is your own desire to finish a project.

If you've even had a passing interest at making your own role playing game, this is well worth the purchase. The default graphics are quite usable, the character creation software increases that (my own portrait comes from this software), and there are plenty of free and commercial graphics, music, and scripting packs you can find. So check it out. This is certainly the best RPG Maker to dive in with!
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投稿日: 10月26日
It's simple if you follow youtube tutorials and if you are creative and have enough will you could make something
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投稿日: 12月6日
Remember my friends happy waifu = happy laifu
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投稿日: 10月31日
This is a quality software. You can burn your games to a disc, and then play them on other Windows computers. This saddens me that this does not work on Macintosh.
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投稿日: 11月10日
-easy to use
-easy to learn
-awesome presets and ressources
-nice tools like the character generator for example

-limited creativity without knowledge of scripting (not for me though, but for scripting beginners)
BUT awesome community custom scripts
-no more cons

An awesome tool for creating RPG`s with lots of opportunities, even more when you know how to implement scripts or
even script by yourself (the language is Ruby).

I highly recommend this software for everyone new to Game Development who wants to make RPG`s and even to
more experienced developers as it is an awesome software and definetly worth the price.
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投稿日: 9月12日
I always wanted to make my own games.
Now i totally can and its so easy to use!
Sale or not,totally worth it!
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投稿日: 11月20日
this is an amazing piece of software. the developers are definitley right about the simplicity of RPG maker VX Ace. I love this software, and I am planning to put a game made with this software, on greenlight in 2015-2016.
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投稿日: 10月28日
Even though i have so many good ideas, im too lazy to actually make 'em into a game. Even if it looks hard to use from the outside, after a day of playing around with it you learn the basics. If you know ruby scripting, you can make even greater things.

An absolute 9/10 (needs layers from the older version of this)

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