Beyond Divinity is the follow-up to the award-winning Divine Divinity.
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Data de lançamento: 27 Abr, 2004

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“If you're looking for a lengthy (as in 100+ hours) RPG that blends quick and dirty gameplay with heaping plates of detail and sophisticated character development, no one else comes close to this series”
90/100 – GameSpy

“If you have ever played Diablo, Dungeon Siege, or Baldur’s Gate, then this game will become second home to you.”
80/100 – GameZone

“Combines the best of fast-paced combat-oriented RPGs with a decent storyline and inventive questing.”

Acerca deste jogo

Beyond Divinity is the follow-up to the award-winning Divine Divinity. Soul-forged with a Death Knight, your fate is to spend the rest of eternity bonded to this creature of evil, unless you can undo his curse...prepare for your greatest adventure!

This new re-mastered version offers support for Windows 7 and higher resolutions.

Key Features:

  • An RPG of Epic Proportions: Experience an adventure that will last you over 60 hours, filled with tons of non-linear quests and offering an enormous world to explore, spread over 4 story acts. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always enter the Battlefields - a randomly generated universe filled with loot, enemies and new quests.
  • Classless Character Development: You decide what kind of character you want to be! An open, class-free character development system with over 30 character traits and 290 skills to learn, including advanced alchemy, craftsmanship, trap creation and many others.
  • Work together to emerge victorious: You can seamlessly switch control between your avatar and the Death Knight. In combat, you can pause the game at will and take your time to issue commands to each party member. Summoning dolls allows you to increase your party size even further.
  • Interaction Galore: Discover the enormous amount of objects that can be investigated, traded, used and combined. Found some empty flasks and picked up some colourful mushrooms? Create potions! Obtained some vile-smelling poison? Daub it on your blade or arrow tips: your foes won't know what hit 'em!
  • Award-winning Soundtrack Enjoy the dulcet melodies composed by Kirill Pokrovsky, the two-time winner of IGN’s "Outstanding Achievement in Music" award.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 3D card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2300 MB HD space
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
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Publicada: 11 Março
Having this game as a kid i remember the opening part very well but sadly never found my way out of the prison .
15 or so years later i make it out to an even dark wold then the prison.

that being said this game has a real dark stary to it. Filled with illness people (imps) dying everywhere.
You can choose to save the imps or massacer them. I went this good guy way and i am currently attempting to save them.

I have obviously not beaten this game yet so i cannot say to much but this is a diablo clone and a good one. I have heard divine divinity is better but i have not played that (yet) so again i cannot say

You are playing as a prisioner and you have a dark night as a companion. You are both under a spell where your souls are connected meaning If you die so does the other at least until the spell is broken. It puts a nice touch on gameplay and makes keeping both characters alive a top priority.

If you find your self in a tight spot and cannot heal fast enough there is an in game pause feature where you can still interact with items and your inventory character sheets ect. This puts a touch a stradegy in the game which is a nice thing.

Exploration is also a key factor in this game. You can actually move in game items like boxes and things on the world. somethings maybe hidden underneath like keys potions ect. Not a whole lot of games do this which makes finding things a bit harder that you may need. You can also make map notes to help you remember things you may forget later like entrances to areas, where someone is ect.

your weapons/armor have a durability status as well which adds an added effect of keeping things well kept.

I do plan on beating this game so if i have any more to add i will update this.
Last updated 3/11/15

Definitly worth the $6 you get more then $6 worth of gameplay here.

As always this is an older game so keep in mind that it may have issues running on newer hardware I probebly will not get updated any time soon to run on newer hardware now. So far i have had no issues with it. Even though it warns me that i am not running on a 16 bit color mode :3 gees i feel old now just saying that ...
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Publicada: 15 Abril
Without giving away spoilers I will say this game is a cross between Pools of Radiance and Baldur's Gate. If you are interested in games like that, you will find this a fun game to play. It has been a few years since I played this, but I fell back into it in less than an hour and had to pull myself away to write a review. Get it if it is on sale!
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Publicada: 2 Janeiro
The second and probably the weakest one of the Divinity saga.This game is still good but if i compare it with Divine Divinity it is much worse than DD...The game is still good and there a lot of things from the Divine Divinity and a few new good things but unfortunately there are many new bad things-absolutely terrible skill tree system-the worst i have ever seen, dividing the game to acts was bad too,item system was a little disaster too.So if you are a Larian Divinity saga fan you will find this game intersting but otherwise forget on this game.

Rating: 80%
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Publicada: 9 de Dezembro de 2013
I have a confession - a lot of my enjoyment of this game was out of spite. To get more information about this game, I decided to look at a Let's Play ( Some information is good - for example, sneak is absolutely invaluable. Some I'm unsure of, like all the skills he calls useless. One thing I know for sure he's dead wrong about - magic. Magic is wonderful. Magic is incredible. Magic can break the game in half, especially with the wonders of Hammer. Summoning dolls I'm less sure about, but I think they're worth more exploration.

To me, this game really hearkens to Warcraft 2 - the music is really reminiscent of something you'd hear during the Orc missions and the cartoonish graphics are similarily familiar (maybe Warcraft 3). It's got RTS-lite gameplay where you control two party members, each with their own skills and stats, with the option to summon more temporarily. The comically bad voice acting is comparable in tone although not in quality.

I do have one big problem with it, though. If you click on the wildlife by accident, -all- wildlife of that type aggro you. There's a lot of wildlife. It gets tedious.

Overall, I'd say give it a whirl. It's a fun adventure and continuation of the Divinity plotline. I'd also recommend finding the Novella, Child of Chaos - it's a short read that sets up the plot of the game and makes later events make a lot more sense.
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Publicada: 18 de Agosto de 2014
Beyond Divinity is mechanically better than it's predecessor.
The menus are better.
The loot is better.
The class system is more meaningful.
Your choice of skills is WAY better and more varied than before.
The setting is far more interesting than the "Medievial Western Europe" of the first game.

However, too much is wrong with it to justify a buy.
1. The loot system's coding is broken ("Rogues Rags Gloves Blue of the Magus", anyone?)
2. You can, at ANY TIME, teleport to a safe area to buy/sell/ID/Repair items.
3. 90% of the subquests, which do nothing to drive the plot, are MANDITORY. It's busy work.
4. The steam version does not come with a copy of the novella "Child of the Chaos" that was packaged with the game.
5. The last 1/4 of the game is a five-story maze where you do nothing but puzzles, read books, learn complex magic rituals and do a lot of extra backtracking. This KILLED the remainder of the game and by the time I got through to the end I just did not care.

TDLR: It's not bad mechanically speaking, but the manditory subquests and the last 1/4 of the game just kill the fun.
That, and the novella that's supposed to come with the game, "Child of the Chaos", does not come with the steam version. How else will you know what the heck is going on? (I hunted down a copy on Amazon since I run a youtube show "D&D Stories" to do reviews of stuff like this) I figured out the "ending twist" less than 1/4 of the way through the game. :(

RATING: 3/10
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Publicada: 23 de Janeiro de 2014
It's really rough around the edges and the voice acting is completely atrocious and the battlegrounds are a bit TOO repetitive, but the core game is pretty amusing at least. The ending threw me a curve ball that I never saw coming and I felt immense satisfaction from it that was made all the better from playing the first game. There is no reason to play this game without first playing divine divinity, however. So if you don't want to play divine then don't play this either.
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Publicada: 2 de Dezembro de 2013
Worthy RPG, with a first chapter that takes a (humorous) stab at Planescape Torment.
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Publicada: 7 de Abril de 2014
The tutorial/learning curve is the only hard part about this game. It is frustrating in the beginning and you die often. Here is my tip to get past it. save alot, and RUN if it seems impossible. At first, you need to click on top right icon to select and play as the death knight. Now near top right is option to "Select all" You can now fight and control both people at once. You can right click items to send to opposite character if it suits them better. Also click on potion symbol to access all the potions you have, but you have to click it for the corresponding character to heal them.

Also near top right is option to set your secondary skills. I set the human to lockpicking and skills can be upgraded via vendors to either add new skills, or in essence increase the max level your skills can get to. If you skip one of the imps, it may not let you get skills to +10 as the imp allows. (Thief skills like pickpocket, sneak, lockpick, etc) I would make sure to talk to him and get enough money for atleast lockpick 10)

The torture chamber master seems impossible. Just backtrack after getting some keys to the burning area that you started at where you first meet the death knight. There should be a small bow in top left area beyond previously locked gate. In battle press space much like dragonage origins, and make sure to click select all and then click enemy and unpause. I control the deathknight to hold aggro and have human archer stay back. Your bow will eventually break, but as soon as you can warp back to base camp from the key you can buy repair skill up to level 6, drag the basecamp key into your inventory and topright skill menu, you will see ability to warp to battlefield, which is an area with many shops but also areas to level up at. Skeletons won't level you up so skip the long dungeon full of them. Once you get a little further where you fight deathknights in chambers, you will soon find another battlegrounds upgrade to lvl 2.

You can now access new dungeons around lvl 7 area (Keep crossing bridges to the right of battlegrounds to reach these crystal staircase like places) You can only reach the new ones as you get higher level battleground keys.

Look for levers around, hold ALT to see items. Make sure to find a large key that allows you to travel to battlegrounds.

SEE ISN'T IT EASY TO FIGURE OUT_ OF COURSE IT IS! I recommend playing divine divinity first, i got to lv33 in divine divinity, and want to play through both of these before i get into divinity original sin further. Great game, but not as good as divine divinity, but it feels like an accomplishment to get into this game and overcome the learning curves, to get a new experience much like the previous game, but with gameplay that reminds me a bit of dragonage origins.
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Publicada: 12 de Dezembro de 2012
While the gameplay can get iffy at times and has some serious lag issues in certain areas if you own more than 3 GB of RAM (there is the workaround of telling your OS to not see more than 3GB of RAM while playing), this game is a worthy successor to Divine Divinity, and a must-play if you want to understand the connection between Divine Divnity and Divnity 2. The plot is this game's strength, even if it may not be apparent at times. I suspect this game is what inspired Larian Studios to make the upcoming Divnity: Original Sin co-op compatible.
Beyond Divnity is probably the weakest link in the Divinity series, and it is still at the very least worthwhile.
Kirill Pokrovsky remains the composer of this game's music, and the additions to the collection of Divinity soundtracks it brings are between good to awesome. For me, the music really enhances the game's value, which is a very rare achievement for a non-japaneese game.

I wholeheartedly reccomend the whole Divninity series, this installment included.
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12 de 23 pessoas (52%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 9 de Setembro de 2013
Я более чем уверен: если бы эта игра попалась мне в свое время, я бы с нее не слез до победного конца. К сожалению, эргономика игры в наше время оставляет желать лучшего, я просто засыпаю, играя в нее.
Рекомендуется олдскулерам и коллекционерам.
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1.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 9 de Fevereiro de 2013
I really enjoy this game. If you like old school RPG's like baldurs gate, fallout 2 etc, then this game is definately for you! The price is extremely low too, for being such a big game.
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4 de 9 pessoas (44%) acharam esta análise útil
36.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 5 de Novembro de 2014
Very pleased with the different types of skeletons, like the raanar's. I just wish I ran into more of them
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Publicada: 27 de Dezembro de 2014
Another classic RPG on Larian Studios belt, this time with a cleaner setup(albeit a more confusing one), you find yourself cursed alongside one of the Elite Guards of Samuel, a Dark Knight who refuses to tell you his name, in order to remove the curse you must find Isolde, the Dark Knight's former mistress, but the jorney is far less easy and simple than first thought.
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Publicada: 26 Março
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Publicada: 5 Fevereiro
Beyond Divinity is a very odd RPG game where you control 2 characters at the same time . You can level up and equip items for yourself and your Dreadknight companion who was bound to you by a curse .

Divine Divinity was absolutely wonderful game and Beyond Divinity managed to be worse in every way . Good voice acting is gone,good story telling is gone,animations look crapy and there is not nearly as much to explore.

Still if you power through the learning curve of this game you may find something special as all Divinity games have a very organic way of creativng puzzles by allowing you to pick up and use certain objects .

If you thinking about buying this game I highly recommend trying Divine Divinity first . While both games are confusing at first this one is not nearly as rewarding .

Only once you 1/3 of the way into the game you start realizing how uniqe and creative it is . Until then you will be forcing yourself to play it and probably won't enjoy it .

Overall its just one of those games that only hardcore isometric RPG gamers will appreciate .

If I had to give game a score it would be 4/10 but there are certain parts of this game that I really loved ( mostly the artstyle of later worlds )

I only recommend this because its very cheap now . I still have my $30 physical copy somewhere in basement .
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Publicada: 19 Fevereiro
I was released from my prison cell by a unnecessarily stern bloke. I tried to chit-chat with him, but he made it quite clear that he was not interested in any of that. He said some stuff about watching my eyes, or whatever—I wasn't really paying attention because my cat fell off of my drawer which made me laugh.

About 2-3 minutes later I bumped into a prison guard who didn't seem too thrilled by the fact that I was wandering around the prison just doing my thing, so he chased after me with lethal intent. I ran back to the guy who set me free, assuming he would protect me from the bloodthirsty guard (he cared about me enough to set me free, so it seemed like the smartest move at the time), but to my surprise, watching me getting stabbed repeatedly by the guard did not seem to move him one bit, which made me realize that the guy must have been a sociopath—I highly doubt he released me out of altruism. Maybe I was better off just letting myself get executed by the guard, I mean, I met two people in my short time there and both of them seemed to have very diminished empathy and remorse, which leads me to believe that thats the way things go around there... I may be jumping the gun with that assumption, but I was not alive long enough to reach another conclusion.

8.2 / 10
EDIT: Nevermind that last part, just found out you can start over.
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Publicada: 23 de Dezembro de 2012
Es macht echt laune :D
trotz des alters ist es immer noch ein tolles spiel
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Publicada: 19 de Outubro de 2014
Played for about 4 hours, gave it a fair shot. Here are my first few impressions before I decided to throw this game out the door. Might be some spoilers below

First, I loved DD, however BD at first glance looked like it was going to be fun. It didn't last too long though, some of the first few fights literally steers you away from the game. The DK party mechanics are so horrible, it makes you want to turn the game off. I felt like I was playing a poor mans version of starcraft micro managing 2 characters. So you would think ok, so build this DK tanky and be a wizard or a ranger. Assist your DK while he tanks, nope....its literally a cluster of healing, attacking, and healing some more while you try to kite in a circle.

The skills system is a complete mess, offering slash? crit? accuracy? to use your skill points on? Isn't that what your character points already do? not a fan...of this...not going to even go into the "how to obtain skills"

The worst part of the game for me? was the Dark Knight mechanics/party system. I mean this is game killer. Reloading the saved files 10x because your DK simply is not smart enough to do anything other than die. He stands two miles away while you are running away from the fight. Healing two characters at once (perhaps there's a better way to heal later in the game or I may not know of) from the drop potion icon.

My final thoughts? perhaps if you went a warrior/warrior combination it might be more enjoyable. I went wizard with a warrior DK. Some people on the forums mentions archerDK/warrior. I got it on sale, for a couple bucks, even at 5 bucks its not bad for a old school game if you are capable of dealing with bad mechanics
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Publicada: 19 de Agosto de 2014
Worst of the series, but pretty solid.
Graphics are terrible, and they WERE terrible since release. I warned you.
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Publicada: 25 de Janeiro de 2014
The only thing it lacks is La-la-la-larian intro which Ego Draconis, etc had.

Great groundwork, much potential. Will satisfy most RPG fans. Not sure if 30fps lock is intentional, but hope that goes away.
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