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Deberás llevar a cabo una peligrosísima misión en el corazón del territorio enemigo: matar a un hombre… al mismísimo Emperador. ¡Lidera la revolución de orcos y goblins!
Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 Oct 2012
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“…you should absolutely give it a look if you're interested in ambitious design or interesting worlds.”
8 out of 10 – Machinima

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¡Lidera la revolución de orcos y goblins!

En un mundo en guerra, el vasto Imperio de los Hombres trata de extender su dominio sobre los territorios de orcos y goblins, a quienes persigue, esclaviza y masacra sistemáticamente. En este gran juego de rol, encarnarás a un temible guerrero orco y a un sigiloso goblin, maestro del asesinato.

Deberás llevar a cabo una peligrosísima misión en el corazón del territorio enemigo: matar a un hombre… al mismísimo Emperador. Ábrete paso luchando a través de un mundo terriblemente hostil para alcanzar el objetivo de tu misión. ¡Sube de nivel, aprende y desarrolla poderosas habilidades y libera a tu pueblo del yugo del Imperio!

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor:AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2 GHZ
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
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Of Orcs and Men is third-person action RPG from Cyanide and Spiders, the minds behind Mars: War Logs, Aarklash Legacy, Bound by Flame, Blood Bowl and many others. The closest analogy in design and mechanics to this game would probably be Mass Effect 1.

Turning the genre on it's head, instead of playing the plucky human fighting evil, you play as a duo of “greenskins”, an enormous Orc name Arkail and a small Goblin named Styx fighting the evil human empire intent on wiping you out. Both characters, especially Styx, are endlessly entertaining, Styx the comic foil to Arkail's enduring determined colossus. There is an admirable literary quality here, not just good vs. evil, though the fact that every third line contains the f-word can at times see it return it to baser roots. Both character can take part in conversations in the now standard “Bioware” dialogue wheel and choosing which character talks can result in wildly varying outcomes.

Each main character has three combat stances, Attack/special/defense for Arkail and Melee/special/ranged for Styx. Hitting the right shoulder button on the controller allows you to slow time to a crawl and select your various abilities and queue up to 4 at a time on each character. Both characters have a resource to manage, Styx uses concentration to power his abilities, use it too quickly and he is left with only an auto-attack while it recharges. Arkail however uses rage. Use too many offensive attacks too quickly and he can go berserk, doing huge amounts of damage, but becoming more vulnerable to attack and sometimes even killing Styx! Arkail's defensive stance slows the rage buildup, but he also does less damage.

Arkail and Styx are a duo and they function best when they work together. The best strategy I found was to use Arkail in his defensive stance to group taunt everyone and then stun them while Styx would go around debuffing/poisoning and finishing them off one by one. As you level up each character gets an addition point that can be used to either buy a new ability or upgrade one with the addition of a choice of effect. Later in the game each character can choose an “advanced” class adding 3 further abilities to their special stance tree. There is an impressive number of skills and strategies to use and at higher difficulty levels you will need them!

Maybe the most important strategy is using Styx's stealth ability. Large groups of enemies can be thinned out before a fight by having Styx go into stealth mode and assassinate enemies at the edges. But watch out for dogs, they can smell Styx coming!

The game isn't particularly loot heavy. While each character has a weapon, gloves, top, pants and accessory slot, there are at most 6 or so different armor sets and weapons for each character in the game. You are also able to buy an upgrade for each item and you should do this as early as possible. This is not an easy game and a full set of upgraded gear will provide a noticeable lift in you damage output and survivability.

The graphics are very decent, though maybe not as sharp as they could be, but the character models of the two mains are fantastic, Styx especially. The voice acting is patchy, Arkail and Styx are great so are most of the Orc's but some of the humans are pretty average. The game also has a very nice classical score though at times the mood of the music seemed a little out with what was going on on screen.

While not particularly long, 12 hours give or take, the ambition and new experience it offers makes this a very worthy addition to the Action RPG genre and Styx apparently has his own spin-off game coming soon!

Publicado: 29 junio 2014
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One of the best and original games I´ve played in a long while. The story was captivating, the music gave me chills, the combat, well, I would describe it as the thinking mans dragon age. It obviously had flaws, the biggest was that there was too little of everything. I finished it in about 13 hours and am left dreaming of a sequel.

I noticed this game just around the time it came out, but waited with a buy until it was discounted and sat on it for even longer as I had read so much negative feedback beforehand. I wish I could go back in time, buy it at release to support the studio, and get on the barricades to defend it against all the flaming. I can understand a lot of the critisicm, however I think it all boils down to this game being unaccessable to a lot of people due to the challenge of the combat system, and the game being marketed in a way that perhaps fooled people it was a more action-oriented game with a bigger budget. The trailer kind of looked like gears of war with orcs, to be honest.

I could write a lot about this game but will just summarize the main points;
I enjoyed the combat, allthough a little unforgiving at some points, it did let me think up different tactics for different battles. The skills were fun and there were a few easier patches that let you feel powerful. Gear managment was a little thin but worked okay. Leveling your characters was business as usual with stat and skill points, with some new intresting bits such as deflection and stability. The game looks and plays beautifully. Encountered only a few minor glitches (perhaps it has been patched a bit?). Voice acting quality varied throughout the game from excellent (main characters) to crappy, but I only disliked a few of the actors.

The bad? "Corridor running" which I did not really mind, as I enjoyed the combat and the quests.
Slow paced combat, so be prepared if you don´t like that sort of thing. Lack of in-game cinematics or at least more cinematic finishes to some of the more epic events, which left some anti-climatic feelings at parts. And in the end, a lack of budget? If there would have been some more time and resources to flesh more stuff out, this could have been a dragon age killing tripple A.

I can´t help but picturing a sequel of magnitude, with deeper tactical combat, different character choices, a more open world with continuation of the story.

If you enjoy tactical RPG´s - a must play, if you came here looking for an action game, you should probably head back.
As for me? Would marry/10.
Publicado: 23 febrero 2014
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One of the most underated games i have played imo.Had hours of fun playing this.The combination of having to play the orc and the goblin is excellent.iT MAY NOT BE TO EVERYONES TASTE BUT I CERTAINLY BLOODY WELL ENJOYED IT
Publicado: 30 junio 2014
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This game is a rts combat game, I enjoyed the combat most of the time although sometimes it can fell strung out and meaningless at some points when you don't hear anything new from the story for some time. It's got an interesting story inwhich you follow the acts of a goblin and orc who are thought of an lower class citizens because of their race.
Publicado: 6 febrero 2014
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I want to like this game =\
The story seems awesome, but the combat isn't for me... If you love strategic rpg games *basically turn by turn* you will maybe enjoy this...
I really disliked the fact that you're this huge orc, but your attacks seeminly are 100% absorbed by everyone as they don't do a lot of damage, nor do they make any type of push-back effect to the signicagantly smaller humans... which is very, very dissapointing to me. (this and the slow lackluster combat makes this game feel like you're just watching a terrible movie where the actors are standing completely still and not really hitting eachother, as opposed to ordering strategic moves to your team)
Tried so many times to play this game, but the combat is just so awful for my hack and slash giant orc craving =[ The combat isn't even tactical... its basically hack and slash but sloowwww turn by turn hack and slash.. its utterly terrible to me, like theres no reason it should be this way, theres a bunch of enemies and youre abilities are just hack and slash type abilities (oh beside the goblin that sits back and throws daggers sometimes).. this game BEGS for hack and slash (You're a giant orc that goes on "rampages"), or at the very least dragon age type combat.. Seriously sucks the fun out of the game Hack and Slashers DEFINITELY stay clear.
Publicado: 17 junio 2014
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No es un juego que recomendaría, ya que su precio no me parece acorde con la calidad que ofrece. Es un juego del montón que puede llegar a enganchar, aunque es demasiado lineal y con poca libertad de juego. Nunca he estado de acuerdo en los precios excesivos de los juegos. Aunque si vinculamos los precios altos con juegos con unos valores de producción de los tan en boga actualmente triple A, como puede ser Assassins Creed 3, de los que un juego como Of Orcs and Men no está a la altura. Por tanto la gente se podría animar a adquirirlo pasado un tiempo, con su consiguiente bajada de precio.

Aunque tiene una historia interesante y es visualmente agradable, el sistema de combate no me ha terminado de convencer, pero considero que con mando la jugabilidad aumenta considerablemente. No es un juego para a los jugadores casuales, es más para jugadores experimentados debido a la dificultad de controlar este sistema, pero nunca es mala idea dar una oportunidad a los juegos que suponen un reto.

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