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Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old school turn based fantasy strategy game. You start by choosing one of 17 different characters, e.g. Necromancer, Demonologist, Dwarf Queen, Troll King or maybe a High Priestess of Ba'al.
发行日期: 2012年10月24日

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Conquest of Elysium 3.20


With this update Conquest of Elysium 3 has got more diverse societies. The number and type of independents are more bound to the type of society and there some special features have been added to the Empire and the Dawn of a New Empire. The capital of the Empire now has an emperor and spawns wandering soldiers and peddlars. The new capital in Dawn of a new Empire got a group of counsilors.

New features:

  • More differentiation for societies.
  • New capital in Dawn of a new empire.
  • Counsilors in new capital.
  • Empire got an emperor in the capital.
  • Capital emperor part produces soldiers and peddlars.
  • Apocalypse got much more deadly and apocalyptic.
  • A new small fire effect with less sound and particles.
  • Changed sound effect for summon serpent spells.
  • Text fixes.
  • Non-burners can enter burn screen (b) too.
  • Support for new screen resolutions (including 4K).

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Conquest of Elysium 3.19


The game has been updated with the following changes:

A second demon mastery did not always result in more spells, fixed.
New graphics for some units.
Necrotod only hypnotizes every second round.
Winged Monkeys.
Improved pluralization.
Support for new screen resolutions.
Market village became sea when loaded in map editor.
The amount of Hands of Glory wasn't cleared between games, fixed.
Reduced memory usage.
Serial number shown on preferences screen.
Network bug fix.
Mac: Retina displays could get wrong fullscreen size, fixed.
Linux: ALSA playback could stop after an underrun, fixed.

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Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old school turn based fantasy strategy game. You start by choosing one of 17 different characters, e.g. Necromancer, Demonologist, Dwarf Queen, Troll King or maybe a High Priestess of Ba'al. The different character classes vary wildly in what special abilities they have and what parts of the world they should focus on conquering. E.g. the Demonologist needs sacrifices that you gain from towns and villages, but the Druid want special herbs that are found in forests. But of course gold is always good to have, so all classes can make use of a gold or silver mine, but only the Enchanter can make a Gold Golem out of it.
The Witch can use fungus to summon a Catoblepas whose gaze can annihilate an entire row of enemies per turn. The Demonologist can summon powerful demon lords, but only if he is reckless because the likelihood of a demon lord attacking his summoner is quite high. Careful Demonologists make use of the lesser summoning that are also powerful when compared to mortal men. The Warlock can summon an immortal Phoenix. The Phoenix explodes when it dies and then swiftly reforms in the home citadel of its owner. In short the main thing about this game is the amount of features and special abilities that can be used.
Someone described the game as a strategy roguelike and I think that is a quite good description. It plays fast and you can die quickly if you are unlucky. Worlds are randomly generated, so no two games are the same. It is also an unfair game, random events can wreak havoc upon the world and game changing monsters or locations can be encountered.

Key Features:

  • Many monsters and many special abilities. Some examples right below.
  • Assassins that make an assassination attack before combat starts.
  • Catapults, Hill Giants and Rocs that can throw or drop boulders during sieges.
  • Immortal Liches and Vampires.
  • Regenerating trolls rise from the dead if they haven't been killed too badly or their side lost.
  • Large worms that can swallow smaller enemies whole. Swallowed units take a few points of damage from digestion each round until they are freed.
  • And many many more monsters....
  • New weapon system, attacks are divided into pierce, slash or blunt damage (magic attacks have other types too). Skeletons are difficult to injure with piercing weapons and you should preferably use slashing weapons against treemen, etc.
  • Hotseat and network support for multiplayer games.
  • Team play, you can be 2 players against the AI for example.
  • Random maps.
  • 17 different classes to choose from. And they are quite different from each other, both in what resources they need and what kind of rituals or special abilities they have.
  • Spell system with currently 42 magic paths.
  • Magic items.
  • Permanent battle afflictions.
  • Horrors.
  • Stealth and invisibility. Scouts needed to detect stealthy troops, something better (a star spawn or a beast bat will work) needed to detect the invisible ones.
  • Shape changers that looks like something else when seen by the enemies.


    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor:1 GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL capabable graphics card


    • OS:10.4.11 and above
    • Processor:any PowerPC or Intel cpu
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
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游戏内容的随机性比较大,有一定的Roguelike风格,加上18个完全不同派系/职业和海量的怪物种类保证了你可以往里面砸大量的时间而不会因内容重复感到无聊,此外作者为了不鼓励SL大法还把游戏进行时菜单里的Load Game给去掉了……



不过18个派系/职业才是最大的亮点,看在其中有呼唤深潜者和星之后裔的克总High Culist的份上我觉得就应该入一份,当然乱入的不只是克苏鲁神话,有从日本穿越过来的Bakemono、从罗马穿越过来的Senator、从玛雅穿越过来的Priest King、各种捏他基督教的Voice of El、信仰古典邪神Baal的High Priestess;剩下的就是比较经典的派系设计,比如使用元素之力的Warlock、魔像制造狂人Enchanter、建造机械生物的半身人Burgmeister、地底穴居人Pale One、可以变身巫妖和吸血鬼召唤亡灵军队的的Necromancer、会变形术和魅惑术的Witch、和恶魔签订契约的Demonologist、动物的好朋友Druid、暴力低价玩人海战术的Barbarian、以没有特色为特色的标准人类Baron、怎么看都应该是怪的Troll King、每回合生孩子的Dwarf Queen——只要你喜欢奇幻和神话元素,那么总有你喜欢的派系
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This is one of my favourite games, I would value it at $60+ so it is an absolute bargain. All 17, yes 17, factions play in their own unque way and I have had fun playing every faction. This game is a must if your a Civilization fan or enjoy turn based strategy games in general. I found it very helpful to watch some lets plays on youtube by Das24680 I highly recomend watching these he explains all the controls and other basics very well.
I recommend the troll race for your first game as the troll king is a one man army at the beginning and is very forgiving of newbie errors.

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A fantastic hybrid of roguelikes and 4X strategy games like Civilization. The great strength of this game is in the number and diversity of the factions available to play. There are seventeen factions total, allowing play as anything from a mighty Baron of men to the High Priest of an Elder God cult. All factions have unique and highly individualized play styles that will keep you going for potentially hundreds of hours. On top of the various factions the world itself is full of danger. Bandits, monsters and the ghosts that rise from the fields of battles present plenty of danger in their own right. From the makers of the Dominions series, this game offeres similar depth while being more accessible.
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This is my first steam review... yay! CoE3 is a nicely put together Turn-Based Stradegy game. It reminds me a lot of Master of Magic. There is no control in combat, and the game does not focus on research or city building, but instead, the acquisition of units and capture of cities/towns/villages/mines/outposts/towers/etc. With each capture, you increase your income, build your army, and set out to explore the map and find and conquer yoru enemies.

There are numberous races in this game, and most of them play differently. It's enough to keep me interested to keep playing and learning how they each work. There are a massive number of unique units, there are magic items you can find and equip, and random world events which can be good or bad... losing a town due to a meteor is never fun, but it sure keeps it interesting!

The game has multiplayer as well. My friend and I play all the time, and I can say after numerous games, that this is a stable, polished, and enjoyable game to play, either single-player or multiplayer. If you are into the turn-based world domination, my army is bigger than yours but not necessarily better type games, which offer randomly generated maps, exploration, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, I'd highly recommend this one.

The learning curve for CoE3 is a bit steep, but most of the information you can find in the games manual. The graphics are not top-notch, but if you grew up on 90's gaming, the nostalgia is great!
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Game is great.

-Variety of classes
-Variety of units
-Variety of playstyles
-Extreme replayability
-Excellent multiplayer
-Feels very roguelike-ish
-Tons of spells/items
-Super random

-Sound (god awful)