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Haben Sie, was man braucht, um Realms of Ancient War zu überleben? Werden Sie zu einem furchterregenden Krieger, mächtigen Zauberer oder Schurken und tauchen Sie in eine Quest voller Abenteuer ein!Hauptmerkmale:Das explosive Hack’n’Slash (Action/Rollenspiel) R.A.
Veröffentlichung: 11 Okt. 2012
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“… Realms’ raw intensity and chaotic excitement will keep you playing.”
7 out of 10 – Official Xbox Magazine

Über das Spiel

Haben Sie, was man braucht, um Realms of Ancient War zu überleben?

Werden Sie zu einem furchterregenden Krieger, mächtigen Zauberer oder Schurken und tauchen Sie in eine Quest voller Abenteuer ein!


  • Das explosive Hack’n’Slash (Action/Rollenspiel) R.A.W nimmt Sie mit, allein oder mit einem Freund im Koopmodus, in eine Fantasiewelt, die in einem altem und brutalen Krieg zerstört wurde.
  • Steigen Sie mit Ihren Helden im Rang auf, sammeln Sie stärkere Waffen und Rüstungen, schalten Sie neue und verheerendere Zauber frei und vernichten Sie dutzende Horden von Gegnern, die Ihnen im Weg stehen.
  • Danke Ihrer Fähigkeit der Verkörperung können Sie Kontrolle über Ihre stärksten Feinde erlangen, um ihre Kraft freizusetzen und Zerstörung in den feindlichen Reihen anzurichten!


    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ
    • Memory: 1024 MB (XP)/2048 MB (VISTA/7)
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB
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Grafik: 4/5
Content: 3/5
Singleplayer: 3/5
Multiplayer: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Spaßfaktor: 2/5

Gesamt: 18/30 Pkt.
Verfasst: 27 Februar 2014
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Verfasst: 26 März 2014
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R.A.W. is a hack’n’slash RPG where you choose from the standard characters of warrior, dark sorcerer, or rogue. The four kings met in the North to fight back an ancient evil which is trying to come back. Only three made it out beaten and worn and the North King was frozen in crystal. This is where you come in and find the North King and he speaks to you telepathically asking for your help. He melds with your body and sets you on a task to open the four portals of north, south, east, and west lands.

Playing the game isn’t bad it’s just not great. There isn’t much variety in enemies as you’ll fight mostly the same ones over and over which will become monotonous over time. Your weapons and armor don’t really make much of a difference in what you use. Basically you find a better one and it gives you a higher damage or defense. You can also have elemental damage of fire or poison to your weapons but those didn’t seem to add anything noticeable. Skills get added each level but none of them were that great or make me excited to level them up or unlock them.

The story is pretty weak and didn’t really hold me or make me want to pay attention much. You’ll fight through the same levels or what seems like the same levels many times. Make it halfway through the game and then go back and do it all over again. Not too exciting if you ask me.

Overall R.A.W. is a mediocre game which wasn’t bad to play but not worth playing more than once. Co-op may add a little fun to it but since I played it already by myself I don’t see the real reason to play it again unless you want all the achievements.

Bear Rating: 6/10
Verfasst: 29 März 2014
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Hold left mouse button to move, hold left mouse button to attack.

You're encouraged to make ranged attacks but due to the zoom level most times you can't see what's coming until it's htting you.

99% of the loot is useless & sold for gold which is also useless. You'll pick up some good armour, level-upgrade some basic active & passive abilities, and be set for the rest of the game. You also get enough XP to unlock almost every skill upgrade so you don't have to choose wisely, and if you die you're resurrected instantly to carry on.

The whole thing is so bland & so generic, the story is bog standard fare & the ending is equally unengrossing. Enemies are mostly the same throughout despite 4 seasonal flavours to the map, and there's only a couple of places where you think 'oh that looks nice'.

If this game were on an ECG it would be close to flatline. Just a few hours of holding the left mouse button,
Not worth the time or the money, buy something else. If you already own it, play something else. Anything else.
Verfasst: 9 Juli 2014
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One of those titles that are not AAA quality but are actually more fun to play than most of the big names. Has a really good feel with a controller, great art style, and I liked the streamlined progression system compared to the overly complex, smoke and mirrors pathways of other games. Crazy not to have an on-screen map, but it is very linear.
Verfasst: 24 April 2014
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