Parviendrez-vous à survivre à Realms of Ancient War ? Prenez le contrôle d'un redoutable Guerrier, d'un puissant Sorcier ou d'une Rôdeuse, et lancez-vous dans une grande quête riche en action !Caractéristiques :L'explosif Hack'n'Slash RAW vous emmène, seul ou à 2 en mode coopératif, aux quatre coins d'un continent fantastique ravagé par...
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Date de parution: 11 oct 2012

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“… Realms’ raw intensity and chaotic excitement will keep you playing.”
7 out of 10 – Official Xbox Magazine

À propos de ce jeu

Parviendrez-vous à survivre à Realms of Ancient War ?

Prenez le contrôle d'un redoutable Guerrier, d'un puissant Sorcier ou d'une Rôdeuse, et lancez-vous dans une grande quête riche en action !

Caractéristiques :

  • L'explosif Hack'n'Slash RAW vous emmène, seul ou à 2 en mode coopératif, aux quatre coins d'un continent fantastique ravagé par une ancienne et violente guerre.
  • Montez en niveau, récoltez de nouvelles armes et armures toujours plus puissantes, débloquez de nouveaux pouvoirs de plus en plus dévastateurs et exterminez à tour de bras les hordes d'ennemis qui se mettent en travers de votre route.
  • Grâce à votre don d'incarnation, prenez le contrôle de vos adversaires les plus puissants et semez la destruction au cœur même des rangs ennemis !

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : WINDOWS XP SP3/WINDOWS VISTA SP2/WINDOWS 7
    • Processeur : AMD/INTEL DOUBLE-CŒUR 2.5 GHZ
    • Mémoire vive : 1024 Mo de RAM (XP) / 2048 Mo de RAM (VISTA/7)
    • DirectX® : 9
    • Disque dur : 2 Go d'espace disque disponible
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Posté le : 14 décembre 2014
Finally a RPG that's just plain FUN to play, a delight really.

8/10, not perfect but so enjoyable. I love it and recommend it strongly.
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Posté le : 5 novembre 2014
It's difficult to describe RAW as anything more than a mostly competent Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance knock-off. In comparison though the skill tree and the abilities contained within are quite bland as are the graphics: generic locations with depressingly linear pathways. The loot and equipment are unimpressive as well.

RAW is just completely average and bland. There are so many options available these days that RAW is a pointless and uninventive timesink.
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Posté le : 26 octobre 2014
No matter how you look at, this "old-school" feel simply isn't right when it comes to this game.
Classes and story are too generic, graphics are average, controls are clumsy it really becomes repetitive (but not in a good way like Torchlight, Diablo, Van Helsing etc...).
If you really don't have any other game in this genre, you can this game a try, but you can expect pretty average (forgettable) experience.
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4.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 mars
R.A.W. is like eating r.a.w. meat
Some parts are tasy and you will want to have more
some other parts are deadly and may result in food poisoning or here, disapointment

a realy solid 5/10 hack and slay i would say

I recommend buying it at your local stores if they have it, it might only cost 5$/5€ there.
Or wait for a discount
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Posté le : 4 février
The game itself is alright and quite fun to play. It can be best described as a poor man's Diablo. It has a similar feel and playstyle just less characters and is shorter in walkthrough. The quests are straightforward - run from A to B, meet C, he says to kill D and E to get magic items to open the door and stuff like that.

The only two downsides for me personally are:
1. No ingame map. I mean I want to know to which parts I've been to, where the quest mob is and what not.
2. Bugged achievement in the form of Eternal Hero. :(

Overall, it's alright in a sale, and a sorta complete once or thrice (with all characters) and never open again type of game.
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Posté le : 13 février
I think a lot of people are unfair when they review this game, mostly because they review it thinking of it like a Diablo clone. In all honesty, R.A.W. is more of a Gauntlet clone, but with some more RPG elements thrown in.

The game is mostly a slogfest. Kill enemies, maybe do a random quest, reach the next area. Most likely get one experience level on the way (there is an experience cap per area and once that has been reached you barely get any experience).

Is this a problem? Not really. Sure, the game might feel sluggish at times, but overall it actually keeps on going pretty well. And except for the beginning when I didn't use the compass enough I never really got stuck anywhere. (Oh, and there's no map in the game, only a compass which shows the general direction you're supposed to go.)

Overall: Not a bad game. Not the best game in the genre, definitely not the worst. Just don't go in hoping to get a Diablo game, then you'll be disappointed.
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Posté le : 28 novembre 2014
I want to start off by saying that this game is not great. Being that it's local co-op, this game was absolutely a blast. I'd recommend playing this game with a friend.
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Posté le : 6 janvier
They understand that hack and slash should be a basig horde game where a ridiculous amount of enimies are coming at you. Problem being my basic level 1 spell has an AOE effect that on most cases one shots everything, on top of that its also interrupts attacks and spells so you can kill a boss without getting hit once. At level 3 I lost complete interest in the game because all attacks I had had a knockback effect as well. I dont see this being an entertaining game at all.
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Posté le : 9 novembre 2014
Realms of Ancient War is an action/role-playing game with a strong affinity for hack ’n’ slash, developed by Wizarbox. At the beginning of the story, you must choose whether you are going to spend the game hurling fireballs and deadly spells at numerous foes as a Wizard, slowly ploughing your way through armies of enemies as a powerful Warrior, or utilise your endless skills of survival striking from the shadows as a Rogue. You are then presented with a quick run-through of recent events of the last few decades or so, and then are thrown head-first right into the action, slowly turning your character into an unstoppable whirlwind of fury, complete with a power pretty unique to Realms of Ancient War that allows you to take control of your enemy’s strongest units and turn them on their own.

In the first impressions, Realms of Ancient War has obviously had a lot of time and energy invested into it for its graphics, which really shine through at points. The loading screens are actually some of the most pleasing to the eye and the scenery in the game tends to be very well-put-together. The magic spells especially, although only visible for a short time, look great and the scenery, again, is overall of a very high standard. The title has also managed to ensure that the dead bodies of your former opponents stay on the battlefield instead of evaporating as they tend to do in most other titles, which allows for an enhanced sense of satisfaction as you look around caves that are now marked with your handiwork. In contrast, the actual character design, which looks stunning in all of the artwork, is disappointing. You will certainly notice the main things about your character as they change throughout the game and you equip them with different coloured armor and weaponry, but on the most part all of the little details have seemingly been quickly brushed over, leading to an overall effect which just isn’t quite satisfactory, especially at higher levels where you look almost identical to how you did at the start.

The combat in Realms of War almost certainly delivers on its promise of being a hack ’n’ slash as you work your way through innumerable enemies of different varieties, depending on where you are along the storyline. You will find yourself being ambushed by large amounts of enemies that don’t tend to have that much life at all. You can breeze through most of the game as long as you are careful as to where you run to so you don’t get blocked in, because once you are blocked in you will almost certainly be cut down by the horde which has beelined straight for you – a design you will very quickly be able to use to your advantage. Throw down a poison trap and walk backwards a few steps and it is guaranteed that whatever is running at you will completely disregard the danger and run straight into it. Running away is your number one and only form of defence, seeing as there is not a control for blocking or dodging at all.

Wizard and Rogue classes allow you to use ranged attacks before you go charging in, and although they tend to look great and give you the upper hand in small skirmishes, more often than not you will find that any distance between you and your target has been closed down before you can manage more than a few shots. Luckily, as you grind through enemies you also grind up the levels and you will be given skill points to assign to different characteristics, such as increased ranged damage or an increased mana pool, which make these ranged moments a little more useful; but in the most part, the skill points you assign tend to actually do very little.

Combat-wise, you will also come to grips with the soul gems. During each level, you are only assigned a certain amount, which are used to revive. Running out of soul gems means you are sent back to the start of the level, and it is not until late in the game where you will be given the opportunity to avoid using one. However, it definitely adds a twist to the game, which notches up the difficulty a little and makes the game a little tenser as your supply begins to dwindle.

In addition, Realms of Ancient War has a less-than-gripping storyline, and you will rarely feel the compulsion to carry on playing like you do with other games of the same genre. The lore is vague, and the opening sequence of events that explains the recent history gives you very little idea into this world of warcraft and wizardry and the relationships between the four different sections of the continent, and you don’t really cover much more of this as you work your way through the game. Furthermore, the levels can be a little confusing to navigate at points, due to a strange choice of deciding not to include a map or mini-map; as well, directional arrows tend to point as the crow flies, but if you have some experience with these types of games then there should not be too much problem with finding your way around. The way the dead bodies remain on the floor will almost certainly signal to you that you have been there before.

Finally, although the game lacks multiplayer, you can engage in a co-op campaign by connecting a few wireless controllers. This makes the game a lot more playable and does reduce the chances of your character getting mobbed by the throngs of creatures out for your heads. However, it is a little bit disheartening to find you cannot team up with somebody over the Internet, which would have made the game a lot more appealing in an era where almost every game has some form of online capability.

In conclusion, Realms of War is a title that is on the lower side of average in the genre it exists in. Although the graphics are great from the menu screens and scenery, the characters just never seem to look that detailed or magnificent as you would want them to, and it contrasts greatly with the artwork displayed throughout. The combat system is very basic as it lacks a mini-map, blocking, and dodging; and you tend to spend your time in the middle of a sea of monsters. But to give credit where credit is due, it is still very enjoyable to hack your way through such a large opposition and come out the other end, and the brief moments of rampage as you take charge of some of the stronger units are definitely great fun. In terms of length, the game will take up a large chunk of time if you decide to play through all three campaigns, but it does lead to the question whether you will truly enjoy the game for that long.

Slightly Recommended

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Posté le : 6 décembre 2014
This game is nearly pure hack and slash. No worries about having to remember what you read. As the wizard, all I have to remember is to hold shift while I left click at stuff to blow up.
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Posté le : 6 juillet 2014
Pour ma part j'ai beaucoup aimé ce jeu !
J'ai commencé à joué au clavier/souris et j'ai trouvé le jeu moyen au niveau de la jouabilité, ce n'est qu'en jouant au pad que j'ai vraiment apprécié ce jeu qui est devenu, pour le coup, beaucoup plus accessible.
Bonne durée de vie ou l'histoire ce laisse suivre, graphiquement correcte et varié au niveau des décors. En résumé c'est une bonne pioche !
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Posté le : 22 juin 2014
En ces temps forts de sortie de Blockbusters - on sent Noël approcher à grands pas - Focus, après Loki le raté et Silverfall la réussie, vient pour la troisième fois de son existence nous offrir un hack'n slash en tant que distributeur. Le développeur, Wizarbox, inconnu du monde RPG - leur dernière production était un jeu d'aventure : So Blonde - nous offre sa vision du hack'n slash, avec ce Realms of ancient War, plus simplement nommé R.A.W. : un jeu plutôt modeste à petit prix avec un univers d'heroïc fantasy. Un lancement tout d'abord sur nos consoles via le live, avant de rejoindre le monde impitoyable du PC dans quelques semaines.

Père Kastraw, racontes-nous une histoire

Nous voici dans un univers heroic fantasy où la guerre entre races sévit. Avec une cinématique d'illustrations animées fort attirante, en anglais mais sous-titrée en français, nous apprenons que les quatre rois du royaume ont décidé de se rencontrer pour faire cesser les confrontations et trouver un arrangement. Mais, la réunion semble s'être mal passée et à leur retour, ils ne sont plus que des loques, sauf le roi du nord qui a disparu.

La suite, c'est ici :
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Posté le : 1 janvier 2014
R.A.W. : Realms of Ancient War

les Français de Wizarbox ont fait de ce petit mais original de hack & slash un Must, vous pouvez tenter le coup: - Les quelques défauts n'empêchent jamais de progresser dans l'aventure ! Et le plaisir tout simple d'abattage de monstres est au rendez-vous surtout en Réincarnant les Boss Final des Niveaux pour viander les meutes : c'est jouissif !




(seul truc négatif est le COOP qui n'en n'est pas un)
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Posté le : 26 septembre 2014
Alors, soit je sais pas jouer au Hack N' Slash, soit ce jeu a quelques petits soucis.
Je m'explique (/!\ le texte risque d'être long) :

1. Le Path-finding (trouver le plus court chemin pour aller a un point) est à chier :
- les ennemis, pour venir vers toi se bloque dans les obstacles (mur, tombe, grille,...)
- il se peut que ce soit dût au fait que l'ennemi essaie de te contourner pour evité d'arriver droit sur toi et de prendre tes attaques. Manque de peau c'est buggé...
- le personnage, si tu clique sur un point qui n'est pas accessible en ligne droite, va faire des petits déplacements en zig-zag
- et si tu clique en dehors de la map, au liieu de partir tout droit et de s'arreter au mur, il se déplace laterralement comme pour essayer de trouver un chemins.
- En gros, pour aller de Paris à Marseille l'IA va passer soit par New York soit par Tokyo...

2. L'IA, pas mieux:
- l'IA réagit si vous etes dans son champs de vision ou si vous l'attaquez. Problème ? 5 monstres côte à côte, attaque 1 des monstres, UN seul monstre réagi ("tient mon pote est en train de brulé... Oh ça doit être une combustion spontanée ...", "ah ah, t'as reçu une fleche dans la tête, t'inquiète ça va passer")
- les ennemis se bloquent entre eux ... 1 mini-boss, 1 archer et 2 sbires bloque par un autre sbire derrière un grillage...

3. Les petites araigné de la première map :
- tellement petites, que si vous tiré vers elles les projectiles passent au-dessus, il faut les viser précisement (Clavier/Souris)
- en plus, elle sont de la même couleur que le sol, Comme du bleu clair sur du cyan...

Conseil : n'appuyer JAMAIS sur la touche Entrer ! JAMAIS !
Explication : dans les aides aux commandes il est indiqué que la touche Entrer perme d'activer le second personnage.
Réalité : Sa vous rammènne à l'écran de séléction de niveau !
Problème : Si vous n'avez pas terminée la quète de la map et ben vous devez la recommencer ! depuis le debut !
personnellement, j'ai recommencer la 1ere map 4 fois...

Bon, pour prouver ma bonne fois je vais l'essayer encore un peu et je m'engage à éditer ce message pour compléter mon évaluation.

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Posté le : 8 juin 2014
Super se jeu à la diablo ^^
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Posté le : 12 août 2014
C'est là que tu te dis que D3 est pas si mal.
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Posté le : 30 avril 2014
C'est vraiment de la ♥♥♥♥♥
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Posté le : 3 novembre 2013
Inspired by games like the Diablo franchise or Torchlight, Realms of Ancient War is an old school hack and slash dungeon crawler with very limited depth and breadth that is hard to overlook even tough it isn't a triple-A title. The story in the game is not the worst we've seen so far, in all honesty it's fairly interesting and one of the stronger points of the game. The game starts years after the so called Ancient War which divided the land to 4 territories (East, West, South and North...duh, imagination at it's best). The Northern King proposed truce so he invited the remaining kings to the Hero's Garden. Something went wrong because the Northern King was never to be seen again and the rest of the kings became soulless zombies. Yes, clichés after clichés, but it's not all that bad. The game contains some witty dialogues and turns.

We can pick from 3 unnamed characters: wizard, warrior and rogue. Each have different styles but they aren't that different that any would change the gameplay significantly. Each class has it's own skill tree, where you can level up your attacks. There are 1 level and 3 level skills. Skills open up gradually. The first group right after the beginning of the game, the second after you reach lvl 10, the last after lvl 20. However, there are two problems related to your skill management. First, in every stage you can gain exactly one level. No matter how much you fight or how many side quest (there aren't that many) you complete. You can only get 1 skill point in each stage. That makes the whole level grinding procedure useless and dropping all the challenge. You will get your skill point no matter what.

The second problem comes with the use of your skills. You have only 4 skills at your use at a given time. Two of them are to be activated with the mouse and two with keystrokes on the keyboard. You can program these skills to the aforementioned buttons. If you want to use other skills you have to use the alternative set. Essentially you have 2 sets of skills, which can be changed at any time with a button push. Easy enough, in theory at least. Practice is a different beast. Remembering which skill you have assigned to which button in which set is pointless, painful and horrible. When a dozens of foes are attacking you there is no way this system can be use properly. Using this method is understandable on consoles where there are limited buttons to use, but on a PC it's unacceptable. This is where you realize that 4 skills/attacks are well enough to complete the game.

At least the fighting and hack'n slashing is exciting. You are continuously attacked by tens of enemies, making the game challenging and intense. Sometimes it is hard to hit smaller enemies, like spiders which live everywhere, rain forests or volcanoes it doesn't matter for them. Graphically the game doesn't excel, but it's not bad either. For an XBLA title it's passable. Not are the audio tracks though. Audio effects are horrible and repeating. Listening to the same 3 grindings throughout 8-10 hours when you hit enemies is annoying. The music is on par with the rest of the audio. You get one passable song which plays when you start the game, the rest of the music tracks during gameplay are just pointless burrs.

R.A.W. is a below average hack and slash game that tries to build upon it's great predecessors of the genre but fails in every possible way. It's chaotic, mediocre and boring. A game that is hard to recommend when you can get a dozen of it's kind cheaper (or even for free). If you can finish it once there is no point starting the game ever again.

Rating: 45/100; Replay Value: 1/5; To Beat: 8-9 hours; Played on: normal.
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Posté le : 9 juillet 2014
Hold left mouse button to move, hold left mouse button to attack.

You're encouraged to make ranged attacks but due to the zoom level most times you can't see what's coming until it's htting you.

99% of the loot is useless & sold for gold which is also useless. You'll pick up some good armour, level-upgrade some basic active & passive abilities, and be set for the rest of the game. You also get enough XP to unlock almost every skill upgrade so you don't have to choose wisely, and if you die you're resurrected instantly to carry on.

The whole thing is so bland & so generic, the story is bog standard fare & the ending is equally unengrossing. Enemies are mostly the same throughout despite 4 seasonal flavours to the map, and there's only a couple of places where you think 'oh that looks nice'.

If this game were on an ECG it would be close to flatline. Just a few hours of holding the left mouse button,
Not worth the time or the money, buy something else. If you already own it, play something else. Anything else.
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Posté le : 28 août 2014
This is one of those titles that you should not play unless you know what to expect going into it. On the surface, R.A.W. is another Diablo-style hack & slash RPG lootfest wherein you slay endless waves of strikingly homogenous minions and swap gear out for marginally better gear. In this respect, R.A.W. succeeds where many others succeed and fails where many others fail; gameplay is satisfying (if repetitive at times), programming is relatively bug-free, and the story is... well.. there's a story at least, some games don't even have that. What R.A.W. provides for Steam, however, is all of this formula that can be enjoyed both with a controller and with a local friend. If you own at least one 360 controller, you and a friend can enjoy quite a few hours of good old mindless RPG baddie slaughter. Overall, I'd give this game a 6.5/10; solid gameplay, proper controller support, and local multiplayer often outshine the game's general lack of ambition.
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