OMERTÀ - CITY OF GANGSTERS es un juego de simulación con combates tácticos por turnos. El jugador se meterá en la piel de un inmigrante con sueños de grandeza que acaba de pisar tierra firme, y deberá abrirse paso en la jerarquía criminal de la Atlantic City de los años 20.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 31 ene. 2013

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Acerca de este juego

OMERTÀ - CITY OF GANGSTERS es un juego de simulación con combates tácticos por turnos. El jugador se meterá en la piel de un inmigrante con sueños de grandeza que acaba de pisar tierra firme, y deberá abrirse paso en la jerarquía criminal de la Atlantic City de los años 20. Su personaje empieza con pequeños trabajos, pero reúne una banda y va expandiendo su imperio gracias al territorio tomado de otros gánsteres. Con el tiempo, forma su propio sindicato del crimen y se convierte en el auténtico soberano de Atlantic City.


  • Fiel representación histórica de Atlantic City y sus lugares emblemáticos.
  • Acción estratégica que permite una visión general de la ciudad, la planificación, la expansión y la obtención de información.
  • Combate táctico por turnos con un sistema de cobertura y de actuación sigilosa.
  • 15 personajes diferentes controlados por el jugador, cada uno con su propia personalidad y sus antecedentes.
  • Un sistema de tipología rol para desarrollar los personajes del jugador y gestionar su equipo.
  • Modo multijugador competitivo y cooperativo con bandas duraderas.
  • Más de 15 horas de juego para completar una sola partida.
  • 20 mapas distintos que cubren varios distritos de Atlantic City.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP3 32-bit, Vista SP2, Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 8800, Radeon HD 2000, Pixel Shader 3.0, 256 MB discrete RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB HD space
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: 2 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 400 series, Radeon HD 5000 series, 512 MB discrete RAM
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.7 or higher.
    • Processor: Dual-core or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or higher, NVIDIA 8x00, 9x00, 2x0, 3x0, 4x0, 5x0 and 6x0, and AMD 2x00 or higher.
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Publicado el 7 de noviembre de 2015
This is one of those games that takes a good idea, in this case running a mafia gang in 1920's Atlantic City, but just doesn't deliver on its potential. Each level is set in a different neighbourhood of Atlantic City. You have an overview of that neighbourhood where you can rent or buy buildings and establish illegal or legit businesses or joints. There's also some squad based tactical combat where you control some of your hired gangsters as they fight rival gangs or cops.

Good points:
- the games style is pretty good with nice looking maps that pull of the 1920's look quite nicely. The music also adds nicely to the games atmosphere.
-running your own mafia gang is pretty fun for the first few hours at least

Bad points:
- this game gets very repetitive after a few levels. The basic formula for each level is start setting up businesses, discover more of the neighbourhood, set up more businesses, gather enough money, resources or liked rating to complete objectives, combat mission end. While the campaign has a story and objectives that try to keep things fresh is doesnt stop the repetition creeping in and the game becomes a chore.
- the combat sections arent great. Granted its not the gameplays main focus but it doesnt have much depth and combat sections become more of a nuisance later in the game.

I've ticked not recommended for this game instead of recommended but it's really one of those "somewhere in the middle" games. It's not so much a bad game but it's not good either, just average. If the game sounds like something you'd enjoy it might be worth a try but probably not worth it otherwise.
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Publicado el 12 de diciembre de 2015
For those old enough to remember, there was once a pretty decent game called Gangsters 2: Vendetta - a game where you could hire gangsters, buy them weapons, cars, muscle (IE - bodyguards), direct them to whatever point on the map you needed them to be, attack rival gangs and their businesses, take over their territory, set up legit businesses, set up illegal businesses, protect your businesses from rivals, all whilst staying hidden from the law.

Now imagine if someone had taken all that, thrown it out of the window, and replaced it with a gangster themed boardgame of Monopoly. Because thats all this is, every mission - buy a fake business, create a speakeasy to sell booze, make money, win level. The cops or rival gangs never barge in on your operations, and if you DO somehow get the cops attention (perhaps by murdering a few people in a boredom induced rage), slip em a few hundred dollars and they'll forget all about the corpses they've just discovered.

Its a sad state of affairs when I can genuinely say that a 16 year old game beats this into the ground.
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Publicado el 23 de diciembre de 2015
I'm going to have to recommend this one, overall.

It's not as deep as some of the games of yesteryear (see: Gangsters - Organized Crime), but the scenarios are interesting and the building trees coupled with limited spaces make you really think about what kind of gangster you're going to be - loved, feared, or both. The turn-based combat portions are solid, but not fantastic. The storyline highlights various facets of life in the 20s, with some romanticism thrown in. There's a certain faction you run into early on that, I'll admit, is very satisfying to shoot in the face.

The music is also too damn catchy.

If you like the era and want a modern take on the whole gangster thing, grab this and the DLC. Especially if it's on sale.
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Publicado el 13 de febrero
It took me 27 hours to beat the main story mode on normal difficulty. I probably could have finished much faster, but I enjoyed being thorough on each mission. And enjoying it is what it is all about.

The game is quaint, straght forward, and pretty fun. It has basic resource management and turn based tactical strategy, but isn't in depth enough to be stressful.

A simple, fun little game with decent replay value. Well worth looking into, especially if you are a fan of the Ganster Era.
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Publicado el 16 de abril
I bought the "Gold Edition" pack of this game in the sale at the end of last year. This is a turn-based game when doing the missions and choosing the right weapons for your team can mean the differences between success and failure. You can do many things in this game from buying assets to establish your businesses to doing trades with other criminals and bribing the authorities to turn a blind eye. Its a good linear-based storyline and has a decent reply value to the game. However it can be annoying with some of the auto-resolve in missions if you use it as I have lost battles despite the fact that the chance of success has been more than 75%. But in all honesty. If you like mob-based games like I do, then this is worth a try.
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