Enter a world of danger and adventure with Dungeons & Dragons Online® based on the beloved RPG that started it all.
Blandede (36 anmeldelser) - 69% af de 36 brugeranmeldelser, fra de seneste 30 dage, er positive.
Hovedsagelig positive (1,401 anmeldelser) - 76% af de 1,401 brugeranmeldelser for dette spil er positive.
Udgivelsesdato: 25. jun 2012

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“this is the ultimate group game”
8/10 – Eurogamer
“The goal of D&D Online: Stormreach was to recreate the heady thrill of a well-sculpted dungeon crawl in mom's basement, and to that end, Turbine has succeeded beyond expectations.”

Om dette spil

Enter a world of danger and adventure with Dungeons & Dragons Online®, the free, award-winning, massively-multiplayer online game based on the beloved RPG that started it all.

Key Features:

  • Experience the Best Action Combat of Any Free MMORPG: Take control in combat and make every move count. Leap past deadly blade traps or dodge poison arrows. Whether fighter, sorcerer, or rogue, every move is your move as you block, tumble, cleave, and more on your way to glory and power.
  • Play for Free: Experience the action, danger, and intrigue of Dungeons & Dragons Online for free! Play as much as you want all the way to level 20.
    Exciting Adventures with Iconic D&D Monsters: Come face-to-face with a dragon, defend your sanity from a Mindflayer, or get roasted by a Beholder as you delve into the deepest and most treacherous dungeons ever imagined. Test your skill against a monstrous number of iconic Dungeons & Dragons foes in your pursuit of power and glory.
  • Adventure alone or with friends from all over the world: Set out on an adventure of your own, create a group with friends or join a guild to meet new people.
  • Create a Unique Hero: Craft the characters you’ve always wanted to play with deep character advancement that offers nearly infinite possibilities. With 8 races, 13 classes and nearly limitless traits and character abilities, it’s possible that no two characters may ever be the same!
  • A Rich & Beautiful World: Explore the sun-drenched, magic-powered city of Stormreach, the gathering place for countless DDO players from around the world any time of day or night. See the iconic locations of Dungeons & Dragons brought to life like never before! The world of DDO is yours for the taking.
  • Enhance Your Experience: Shop in the in-game store for extra quests, powerful gear, experience boosts, buffs, and more. You choose how little or how much you spend.


Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows® System XP SP2
    • Processor:P4 1,6 GHz eller tilsvarende AMD med SSE
    • Hukommelse:1 GB RAM
    • Grafik:64 MB Hardware T&L-kompatibelt grafikkort
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Harddisk:11 GB harddiskplads
    • Andre krav:Bredbåndsinternetforbindelse
    • Yderligere:*Bemærk: På grund af potentielle spilændringer, kan minimumskravene ændre sig med tiden.
    • OS:Windows® System Vista64/Windows 7
    • Processor:Dual-core processor, such as the Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 or better
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS: 10.7.5
    • Processor: 2,0 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB
    • Harddiskplads: 18 GB ledig plads
    • Grafikkort: Intel HD Graphics 3000 eller bedre
    • DirectX®: Ikke krævet (OpenGL)
    • Lyd: Integreret lyd
    • OS: 10.7.5
    • Processor: 2,0 GHz Intel Core i7
    • Hukommelse: 4 GB
    • Harddiskplads: 18 GB ledig plads
    • Grafikkort: nVidia GeForce GT 650M eller bedre
    • DirectX®: Ikke krævet (OpenGL)
    • Lyd: Integreret lyd
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Blandede (36 anmeldelser)
Hovedsagelig positive (1,401 anmeldelser)
Senest opslået
( 1.5 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 23. juli
Loved the game, nice class and race choises, and it just felt like a good game to me.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 18.6 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 23. juli
Ever since they switched to the new datacenter they are on, the lag has been highly annoying... which, in turn, caused a very large portion of the players that were still around (admittedly not a gigantic number) to bail out. There is also the fact that the players that ARE still around have been around for years and don't want to spend the time to enjoy the dungeons, rather than just blazing through them at full steam.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 13.9 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 23. juli
as a long time player of pen and paper games - this game doesn't exactly manage to get it all but its pretty dam close

over all a fun game that can be F2P and can unlock allot of content +1
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 126.0 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 23. juli
Fun. Definitely get VIP, don't buy expansion packs unless you plan to play for life time.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 24.6 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 19. juli
I've always enjoyed playing old school D&D. This is a great modern version.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 0.4 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 19. juli
I've played this game for 6 years now. I could write a book about my adventures. This is hands down the best mmorpg ever made. Sadly it's never gotten any advertising. I have a 28th life True Reincarnation Completionist main. I love this game to death. It takes awhile to learn simply because it's not like other mmorpgs. It's not a WoW clone. It's not open world. It has dungeon instances and raid instances. It does have explorer areas for mob slaying also. No mounts. Guild Ships (housing). Crafting (needs updated). And Looking for Group finder is one of the best. WoW even created a LFG based on DDO's LFG. Give this 10 year old mmorpg a try, you won't regret it.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
Sad Soul 魂
( 0.9 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 17. juli
Took me a hour to download

I already like it!
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 31.7 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 16. juli
This game was really fun when it was sub based. Now its a total pay to win grind fest. Inspite of it all, I still find myself loging in from time to time to see how things are going.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
( 2.9 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 14. juli
Took really long to download and my computer just didn't like it. I have an amazing pc too.
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
Banana Man Sam
( 4.1 timer bogført )
Indsendt: 12. juli
I came to this game because of LOTRO.. i must say it was fun at first but it disapointed me... I honestly think the game has potential but just not the type of MMO for me...
Hjælpsom? Ja Nej Sjov
Mest hjælpsomme anmeldelser  I de sidste 30 dage
31 af 32 brugere (97%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
4 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
1,170.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 29. juni
I love the game. I started playing it when you had to buy it in stores and level 10 was the max level. The free to play option is great but very limited at first. The best thing to do if you do the free to play route, is use the free ddo store points you unlock to buy more adventure packs. They go on sale regularly. You can unlock all of the game without spending a dime but it takes a long time to do that.

The character buiilding is amazing, you can make any type of character you want almost. A wizard that throws fireballs, a fighter with a great sword, a monk the punches people, a sorccerer that melees things down, a cleric arcane archer, a staff wielding barbarian, a rogue/wizard/paladin, ex....
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
5 af 6 brugere (83%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
0.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 27. juni
Amazing game! Can be played to max level without purchases but is difficult to do so.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
14 af 24 brugere (58%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
Ikke anbefalet
202.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 9. juli
I have played this game on and off for years, and spent well over 200 dollars on it over the course of that time including monthly subscriptions and purchases of ingame currency, with 200 being a pretty conservative estimate. My account was suspended without notification and I no longer have access to it without any justification why. Support has almost completely shut down due to what I assume is a lack of funding and as a result there is no longer a way for you to call. I have opened a total of 5 support tickets, had 3 closed on me and 2 unanswered. When I contacted Turbine they said the support team still has an active ticket for me. Don't express confidence in keeping the account you've spent your money on. The game itself was fun when the population was high because character customization is very diverse but they never adapted to their dwindling population by adding between-server instanced dungeons. It would GREATLY improve the "LFM" system.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
1 af 1 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
31.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 16. juli
This game was really fun when it was sub based. Now its a total pay to win grind fest. Inspite of it all, I still find myself loging in from time to time to see how things are going.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
2 af 3 brugere (67%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
24.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 19. juli
I've always enjoyed playing old school D&D. This is a great modern version.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
7 af 14 brugere (50%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
3 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
21.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 8. juli
I used to play this game a lot for years but then fewer and fewer people were in world so grouping became very difficult.
I havent played it now for a few years so loading it in at the moment to see what it is like nowa days.
I do find it funny though when people complain about the game crashing or having playing problems, when really if that is the case you guys need to buy a desent gaming PC lol. I have never had any problems with this game as far as being able to play it is concerned but I've always had gaming PCs. Some poeple have basic computers then blame the game when it doesn't play right......really guys.......lol.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
Mest hjælpsomme anmeldelser  I alt
1,075 af 1,207 brugere (89%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
10 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
Ikke anbefalet
451.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 22. januar 2014
As you are reading my review please consider that I have played DDO since the beta. Not the beta for F2P either, we're talking 2005. I only downloaded it on steam because I discovered I could multi-box that way but 99% of my hours playing this game are not on steam. Yes, this reminds me I need a life bad because I realized I have 440 steam hours as well at this time.

First I must say I have a bitter love/hate relationship with DDO. I am a huge PnP D&D fan and have been since I was a kid. The quests in DDO are second to none. The way it blends classes and makes rogues feel like a real class is simply amazing and gameplay is simply fun. To date it's one of the best combat systems I've ever used and I have played a LOT of MMO's. Since it's not heavy PvP it's one of the games you can max the graphic settings out and realize it was designed very nicely and not be gimped. I have level capped so many characters and honestly if you know how to build a character in real D&D you'll have a huge advantage over other players. I've never had a character I felt was anything less than spectacular and have always felt emerged in my characters. Though I feel strongly about all my characters, the artificer (one of the semi-newer classes) has really created one I enjoy. As I said, I've got a love hate relationship with this game and even though as of now I no longer really play the game, this was my favorite game of all time and I regret the actions of turbine that made me decide to leave.

Now, on to the reason why I don't recommend this game anymore. Also why after bringing everyone I know and game with to DDO, they all left too. I'll spare you the trial and error details as this game has been forced to change and evolve. Despite many of those changes coming too late after they've lost tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of players. All of these changes were not enough to drive me away (for good anyway). Many people left because of things that were later fixed like the lack of ability to solo or lack of content. Issues I don't find so much in the current game if you're a subscriber, but that's where it ends and the problem begins.

Turbine has apparently gotten VERY greedy. As they've become short staffed, under budget, and now owned by big brother warner they've gotten outright insane with their cash shop and try to leech every player for everything they can. I'll start on this with their subscription plan. Lets just say if you don't have this they will punish you. You're availability of content will start off good up to level 6 and by level 15 become almost unplayable. I always subscribed for this reason but even as a subscriber you're punished because you lose all the F2P players to group with and run the paid content. They have "guest passes" but seriously, how long will you go paying peoples way into groups with your wallet before that gets old? (answer, not long). Beyond content you're also unable to open dungeons at higher than normal difficulty until you've completed the lower ones. This wouldn't be so bad except the bonuses for "Bravery streaks" (playing content first time on elite @ level) are huge and you miss soooo much experience not being able to do it. When you suffer from the lack of content F2P players have losing 50% of your potential experience just doesn't feel right.

Now even this is not enough to push me away. So I kept playing and yes in time I will admit I dumped thousands into the cash shop. Yes, thousands of dollars and no, not paying to win because those options came later. We're talking buying buffs for my guild ship, buying guest passes, buying friends and family content to run with me, buying expansions, buying character classes, unlocking storage, character slots, and so on.

Yes, that's right, even if you are a subscriber, you still have to pay for access to expansion content. You still have to buy certain character classes and so much other stuff it'll drive you insane. Yeah, you can live without it but you will feel the pressures of not having it. For example, F2P players don't get shared account storage. This game has tons of "Bound to Account" gear that you can pass to other characters on your account, but only through that storage.

This was not enough to deter me, so I gamed on! Emptying my wallet into a game that got MUCH more expensive after it went free to play, I still loved DDO and couldn't stop playing. Then they added the hard core cash shop content. Books that add perma experience boosts per character, supreme stat tomes that don't exist in game and getting them the hard way would be a fortune and take forever, and eventually, the ability to buy levels. Yes, that's right, you can "buy" levels.

It started with "vet status" to start at level 4 instead of 1. Then the new vet status lets you start at 7. However you take these level boosts on an airship and you can access the cash shop before taking them. You can buy all the cash shop exp buffs and instead of starting at level 7, you end up over level 8. This becomes a big deal because there is a cash shop item a level 8 character can use that makes them level 16 and gives them gear! Now, you can buff up hard, cash shop some more and instead of 16, end up level 18+ well on your way to 19 (maybe even with new stuff end up 19?). So for a game where you true reincarnate at level 20, you can start the game around level 19!? Talk about Pay to Win? I spent years leveling my characters now people can start off almost ready for TR? Regular levels cap at 20 before you hit epic levels that only go to 28. Which by the way you can't ever see without paying. Not only do F2P players not get access to the epic destiny feature, but there's almost no free to play epic content.

By the way, even this wasn't enough and I played on! Figured it would at least bring some noob high level players to run content with (it didn't). Then the game killer for me came. After tolerating my favorite game becoming pay to win, they drew the last straw for me. DDO has had astral diamonds (cash shop currency for in game purchases) for years. You use them often for ship upgrades for your guild. There are few other things they could be used for, but nothing game killing. Then they did it, they added "astral shards". Astral shards, much like diamonds are cash shop currency. However they are everywhere. Need a buff? You can buy one. Want free stuff? Toss dice rolls for free stuff with it like craps. You name it and it has astral shards now and the big winner... the astral shard auction house! (seriously, wth!?).

Now games like Diablo 3 (which blows hard) have a real money auction house, so what's so bad about this? Well, in diablo 3 big brother Blizzard takes a cut, then gives the money to the seller which you can then do what you want with. With astral shards, your real money auction house only makes them money. They take a shard cut from your sales, give you the change, you use it to pay for in game micro transactions (different and in addition to cash shop).

So Turbine wants you to subscribe for $15/month (I paid $99/year as better deal).
Pay for new content even though subscribers are supposed to get it as part of their deal.
Then drop buckets in the cash shop.
And now buy astral shards to pay for everything in game with micro transactions including the auction house.
(yes, it has made platinum almost worthless)
In game point rewards too small to do much with. You can buy very little.

I'm sorry to my beloved DDO.
I still visit from time to time, but I cannot play this game anymore.
I decided originally as punishment for their greed, Turbine could not have any more of my money.
Now I see a fraction of what F2P players see.
As free to play, the game is not worth it.
Sadly, this is the most expensive F2P game I've ever played.

Although if you're a true D&D fan and have buckets of money to spend and not care.
This otherwise would be an amazing game second to none.
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0 af 2 brugere (0%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
0.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 2. august 2014
mega stort fedt spil
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
540 af 615 brugere (88%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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323.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 13. marts 2014
Last week, I would have recommended this game to anyone who wanted a hack and slash romp in a Dungeon's and Dragons setting and in fact had; this week the twenty first update forced users to accept Akamai Netsession with an End User license agreement that says that Akamai can - at any time - turn on funtionality that would make your computer part of their Akamai content distribution network.

I can not recommend that anyone install the game with such software forced upon the user especially with alternative distribution methods available to the developers.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
303 af 348 brugere (87%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
Ikke anbefalet
327.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 14. marts 2014
Sadly this was ONCE a good game I would have been happy to support financially. However, it has started using questionable practices as a business. For a while I decided to simply not purchase anything in game and hoped that those in charge would get the message as fewer people used their software. However, recently, an update installed that broke the camel's back. Software known as Akamai netcient or some such tried to force install itself onto my computer when I tried to use the client. It was caught by my compter's security thankfully and was blocked. Upon looking further it sends bandwidth and your computer data in a peer to peer network. This is HIGHLY questionable and furthermore a major breach to your computer's security. They have recently stopped using Akamai netclient though I still do not like how they choose to gouge customers for money since they literally cannot find any quests after about level 10 since they require you to buy access to the content. However, if you go for a subscription then it is likely a fun game, though only if you wish to use a subscription plan and get access to all the features and zones.

Just checked it again. Turns out they went back to using Akamei. If you value your computer's security, AVOID TURBINE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
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