In a time of chaotic upheaval, the player takes the role of a great mage, a warlord vying for ultimate power.
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Udgivelsesdato: 8. maj 2012

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The Warlock: Master of the Arcane Complete Collection brings together the complete trials and tribulations of mage and magic which includes:

Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Armageddon
Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Return of the Elves
Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Master of Artifacts
Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Power of the Serpent
Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Powerful Lords

Warlock - Master of the Arcane
In a time of chaotic upheaval, the player takes the role of a great mage, a warlord vying for ultimate power. Your mission is to build an empire, expand your borders, research new spells and conquer your enemies. Become the ultimate Warlock and rule over all of Ardania!

Main Features:
  • Feel the magic: Research and master dozens of spells, conjure powerful enchantments and discover awesome spell combinations.
  • Ready an army: Command an expansive range of units, all with unique abilities.
  • Choose your strategy: There are various ways to achieve victory: by military, diplomatic or even magical means.
  • Fight your enemies: Engage in epic battles with large armies marching across the landscape.
  • Command the game: Enjoy an innovative city management system, where there are no routine actions, and every decision counts!
  • Have faith: Fight on the side of one of the eight gods. Complete their quests and spread their temples across the lands or become one yourself!
  • Follow the traditions: Warlock – Master of the Arcane inherits all the best elements of the famous turn based strategies of old.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane - Armageddon

About This Content:
The ancient prophecy has come true. The End Times are near. The boundaries between worlds have fallen, and the Dremer have entered Ardania. The Great Mages are the only ones who can possibly defend the land, and now more than ever, they need a leader who can gather a force large enough to defeat the Dremer once and for all. Will it be you?

Key Features:
  • New Armageddon Game Mode: Fight against the powerful Dremer while terrible cataclysms tear Ardania apart
  • Two new Great Mages: The Dragon Queen & Krel the Kingpin
  • New Perks For Great Mages
  • Favor of Krolm – Adds 30 points of relationship with Krolm · Clean the Land – Adds the spell “Clean the Land” to the spellbook ·
  • Elven Followers – Provides a unit of Elven Archers · Elven Relatives – Ensures the appearance of an Elven village near a Great Mage’s capitol

Warlock: Master of the Arcane: Return of the Elves

About This Content:
The elves from the knightly order of Arethi return to Ardania. They come not to serve as they did in the past but to conquer. They bring along the True Knowledge, and intend to share its’ light with everyone who will accept it, willingly or otherwise.

Key Features:
  • New race of the Arethi Elves with all its might and glory:
  • 18 new units
  • 20 brand new city buildings
  • Additional new perks and abilities
  • New Great Mage – Grand Master Amberon the Dark
  • New perks for Great mages:
  • Glorious Tactician - Increases the attack power of all units of a Great mage

Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Master of Artifacts

About This Content:
The ancient and almost forgotten art of making artifacts returns to Ardania. Now every Great Mage can create powerful artifacts imbued with spells, abilities, or even strength of the gods!

Key Features:
  • Using special spells artifacts can be created
  • Special units of lords can be given artifacts (which will be available via free patch)
  • Artifacts can be found in monster dens, received as quests rewards, gained and lost during battles, bought from Trader of Artifacts or smelted to mana.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Power of the Serpent

About This Content:
Play as the all new Great Mage, Malixalxochi, Wizard Queen of a powerful race of reptilian warriors known as the Koatl. Renowned for her cruelty and ferocity, she is a formidable foe to anyone in Ardania who dares oppose her.

The new Mage brings two new perks to the battlefield: Lord of Koatls and Koatl Training. As Lord of her race she can hire fierce reptile Spears, Hunters, Warlocks and of course the powerful Giant Turtle. Then instruct any of your units with Koatl training for increased protection from ranged an Melee attacks. Crush your enemies with the Power of the Serpent!

Key Features:
  • The Great Mage Malinalxochi, the Queen of Serpents.
  • New perks for Great Mages:
  • Koatl Training – Increased protection from melee and ranged attacks for all of your Great Mage's units.
  • Lord of Koatls – Ensures the appearance of a Koatl village near the capitol of a Great Mage.
  • The Koatl village is a local resource that allows for the construction of buildings that enable the player to hire Koatl Hunters, Koatl Spears, Koatl Warlocks, and a powerful Giant Turtle.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane: Powerful Lords

About This Content:
You are introduced to two powerful lords: the High Blademaster and the Imp Adviser. The two lords will appear near the capitol of the Great Mage who selects the “Master of Blades” and “Demonic Adviser” faction perks at the start of the game.


    • OS:Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor:Dual Core CPU
    • Hukommelse:2 GB RAM
    • Grafik:GeForce GT240 512 Mb eller lignende
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Harddisk:4 GB harddiskplads
    • Lyd:DirectX 9.0c-kompatibel
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Quad Core CPU
    • Hukommelse:4 GB RAM
    • Grafik:GeForce GTX460 1 Gb eller kompatibel
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Harddisk:4 GB harddiskplads
    • Lyd:DirectX 9.0c-kompatibel
Helpful customer reviews
73 af 83 brugere (88%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
1.9 timer bogført
Indsendt: 8. september 2014
Great game! While you get the feel of Civ 5 with the grid layout, the comparison ends there. The focus of the game is combat and everything you do is related to this. I love how the city management is focused. You can't build every single building in every city you build. You have to focus on which resource your city with produce. And this can change depend on which resource tiles you have in your city limits. This game has hooked me better than both Civ 4 and 5 did. The low price is also a big +.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
35 af 41 brugere (85%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
6.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 9. september 2014
I got this game free from the Humble Store and this are my first impressions after completing an 5 hours Skirmish match.

-There is no campaign, you have only the skirmish mode which you can play offline or in multiplayer.

-You get really fast into the game since there are not much ressources and the buildings are pretty much self-explanatory.

-Normal units get pretty fast useless when high-lvl heroes appear on the battlefield, since they casually oneshot entire unitgroups with one attack when they are highlvl.

-Defending and attacking castles/citys feels cool and not too hard.

-The AI is really acting "nice". The AI doesn`t send 781 drones into every corner of the map and is building expansions until you give up because the game would take 2 weeks to finish. They try to handle the threats on their own continents, isles and barely explore other continents with ships.

- The diplomacy system sometimes doesnt make any sense, they declare you war for no reason or want incredibly stupid high tributes from you to stay in peace.

- The graphic looks beautiful and is definetly to enjoy.

All those impressions were made on normal mode difficulty 3/5.

A few weeks ago I bought Fallen Enchantress...Even if I like the graphics from Fallen Enchantress more, the game couldn`t catch me. I can enjoy Warlock way more, thats why I am going to buy the dlc pack when its on sale.

Peace, Hexor.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
23 af 25 brugere (92%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
3.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 14. september 2014
I got this game when it was being offered by the Humble Bundle store for free, and it has easily been one of the best free games I've received in the year 2014. A lot of reviews mention this game to be "Sid M's Civilization, but with the fantasy theme," and they are actually pretty accurate.

If you like the Civilization series (especially military victories), 4x games, turn-based strategy, fantasy themes, and disregarding diplomacy, then you should enjoy this game.

The aesthetics are great, and there are a lot of different unit types and character models. The detail put into the "world board" is very good. The music and sounds are great, and the feedback is always helpful in showing stats like how much damage is done and taken by units.

Warlock offers a helpful tutorial for people new to this type of game, however, if you are familiar at all with the Civilization series (or other games in this genre), then this part is easily skippable. Compared to Civilization V, Warlock is much simpler, and also heavily combat-based (as there are no cultural or economic victory routes). The learning curve is minimal to moderate, depending on your experience with turn-based strategies.

The gameplay is very fun - you start off by building something in your home city, and the game does a good job (like in Civ) of prompting/reminding you when you still have tasks to do (like building when your queue is empty, or moving idle units). After you building completes, you must wait x number of turns before you can build again, and this is indicated by a number next to your city name, which fills up each turn. I do not believe there is a "pay gold to rush build (instant-finish)" option.

The diplomacy is actually quite comical, as there is no negotiation ability - if the AI sends you a demand, you have to either accept or immediately go to war. You will probably notice that the AI enjoys making demands then randomly offering peace after a few turns, only to repeat this again and again.

Since the game is heavily combat-oriented, you will be focusing on building an army to destroy your opponents. There are also random creeps that will periodically spawn around the map, so it is essential that you invest in home armies in case one pops up close to your cities. The leveling up system for units is similar to Civ V, where you can choose different stats to increase (or perks) every time a unit reaches a new level (from battling). There is a large variety in the units you can create and the buildings you can construct, When you take over a city, you will have access to that particular race's build tree (ex: goblins, humans, etc).

In the pre-game screen, you can select from existing races, or create your own (you can pick from a pool of magic skills and perks like extra gold per turn).

Periodically, hero mercenaries will come, offering their service. They are very important, and boost your army strength considerably. Also, traders will come, offerring items that can be equipped by mercenary heroes. Consider investing in both of these whenever you have sufficient gold reserves.

Magic spells are helpful for winning the game, but not essential if you strengthen your stats in other things, like having a massive army, or a very high-level one. Spells include things like offensive attacks, heals (one merc hero has long range attacks AND heal spells; my personal favorite), summoning different units, and map alterations. Something fun to do to your enemy is to turn all of his city tiles to frozen plains or mountains.

Overall, the game is very, very fun, and it is easy to get into the "one more turn" mentality that results in you playing for 5 more hours when you originally told yourself you would only play for 1. If you like fantasy turn-based games similar to the Civilization series, give this game a try.

Highly recommend!

DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
21 af 25 brugere (84%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
3.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 19. oktober 2014
Just like Civilization but with a fantasy theme ie: Rulers/Players are Wizards, Monsters, Undead, with a focus on casting spells.

More stream-lined in the micro-management than the others, & it's easier to keep tabs on all your units etc.
If you like Civ or Anno style of play you'll be right at home here.
There's nothing particularly not to like, it just lacks a bit of the depth of the others.

Click, click, click, just one more turn...
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
16 af 19 brugere (84%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
75.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 13. september 2014
This game was free for 2 weeks and I'm glad to have shared it with all of my friends, this game is what civ 5 wanted to be but couldn't because they are restricted by being realistic. And even though they are making the same type of game in the same style, it doesnt feel the same, the magic and magical qualities of everything add a very fresh feel to it, it has a much different progression path and includes spell research.
If you like civ 5 and you like magic, you really need to get this game, chances are a lot of your friends got it for free too, so there even should be a good ammount of players playing it.

Also my only complaint to have about it is that there are a few bugs, and it says that the game is final release, so these bugs which were fairly easy to find will not be fixed, the main problem with the bug that I'm thinking of is that its game breaking and is able to be used in multiplayer, which is generally not accepted as ok.

Story (Actors): 10/10 (The characters you can choose from have funny personalities, they're unique and fitting)
Gameplay: 10/10 (This is the same type of game as Civ BUT it also includes magic and type resistance, oh man this game is great!)
Presentation: 10/10 (Doesnt take itself too seriously, perfect for a game this style)
Soundtrack: 9/10 (Umm yeah whatever, bonus points for the Boing sound effects for undead arrows)
Replayability: 10/10 (50 Hours in already, spending days playing with friends. its a GG)
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
11 af 11 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
42.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 29. oktober 2014
Personal Rating: Great Game, balanced, addictive and features rich.
Classic Rating: ★★★★☆

I loved it from the first match - which i lost :)
As you know this is a fantasy turn-based strategy game: what i liked most is the great variety of mages (lords), troops (from humans to goblins to undead), monsters (snakes, bats, wolves, bears) and spells (elemental, arcane, attack/defense, healing/blessing), at your disposal.
You are never bored, even when you have to wait some turns in order to gather your resources.. moreover, the game HUD offers a truly good aid telling you which actions can be taken at your turn (build, research, attack, trade or diplomatic affairs).

The game automatically saves your match (you can save by yourself anytime, though); gameplay is basically one single battle against one or more enemy mages, over one or more worlds, till you achieve the victory or die trying. Multiplayer is supported too but i haven't tried it yet.
IMHO, one thing could have been done better: tutorial and general guidance through the game when you play it for the very first time: it's not that easy to be ready to go but the learning curve is not that high either.. once you start exploring menu and icons you get the feeling on what is what and how things work.

Strongly recommended, you can't miss Warlock: Master of the Arcane.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
5 af 5 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
59.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 15. oktober 2014
Very similar to Age of Wonders, those familiar with the franchise will find old concepts like leveling heros, unit enchantments, and summoning packaged in a new engine. The best way to describe it is like if someone combine Civ V and Age of Wonders, very fun game, though rough around the edges.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
4 af 4 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
24.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 9. oktober 2014
A good TBS game. It's somewhat simple compared to, say, Civ, and it lacks Age of Wonders' tactical battles, but I still find it find to unite Ardania under my rule. I Love that each faction feels different from the others, but so far I've found that doesn't matter by mid game since you'll end up with cities from every faction anyways.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
4 af 4 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
97.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 10. september 2014
This game is amazing.
First off if you were lucky you got this game for free, if not it goes on sale for less than $5 everytime.
The first thing you will realize is that it is a civalizations type game.
It starts you off as one of 12 (might be more) different wizard lords bound to their own cause, but free to become your own.
Instead of having pesky villagers you have to worry about dying, you have city extensions that produce resources and other bonus wonders.
You should play this like you play Sid Myers Civ 5, and you will be fine, but in case you need it there is an in depth tutorial that doesn't bother you or drag on forever.
Instead of advancing to the next stage in technology like most strategy games this keeps it cool and stays in the same era of weapondry, which is one thing that bugged me when playing the Civ Games. There is nothing more lorebreaking like seeing the Myans with robots nuking and anchient Chinese Empresses.
The game has a large variety of units and has a large focus on casting badass spells if you have the mana.
The enemy wizard lords AI lacks a large variety of negotiations, but at least you wont have Ghandi yelling at you for being a Warmongrel.
FInally, and at long last, I would say this is a very fun alternative to Civ 5 and is significantly better for the low price.
8.75/10 Good job Ino-Co, I'm hooked.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
4 af 4 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
27.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 11. september 2014
First Glance (~2h played)

Take the old classic Master of Magic, mix with Civ5-like terrain and UI, throw in a hint of HOMM and add decent if not great AI. What do you get?

- You get racial specific, balanced units which can be buffed or upgraded.
- Lots of fighting between Mage armies, minor cities, monsters. This is the main focus of the game.
- There's lots of units, and you dont depend on one race, only start with one.
- Only three races, but at least they're balanced and there's a boatload of indipendent units.
- Simple spell research in place of tech.
- Ability to unleash said spells to modify units, terrain or cities.
- Simple but honest Truce, Pact or War diplomacy.
- A world to explore and expand upon. Then another world when you find a portal link to it. And another one after that...
- Guarded loot as in MoM, monster spawners, rampaging monsters, and other map features to keep exploration interesting.
- Some spells are fire&forget, others are buffs that require upkeep.
- Simplified economy. Few resources to manage, all directly related to keeping your war machine on the march and growing.
- Slightly convulted way in which buildings unlock other types of buildings or even troops.
- Very little terrain feedback! (Archery bonuses, terrain defense, etc).
- Oceans that are worthless except as passages.
- Pumpkins as a resource on which Shrines of the Rotting Pumpkin can be built. ikr, awesome!
- Resources that grant bonuses or allow for units to be built in the city.
- AI that can fight. (turn up the difficulty)
- AI that ... will occasionally attack Ghosts (weapon immunity) with a common melle unit (uses weapons). Genius, but doesnt really work.

- Gods, ability to anger gods, and become destroyed by angry gods.
- Multiplayer, so you can throw fireballs at your friends like they were pies!
- A dose of humor, as the game doesn't take itself too seriously. Unit responses and even unit names can be humorous.

Between Master of Magic, Civ V and Heroes of Might and Magic, Warlock mostly resembles MoM, but with tactical combat replaced by Civ's system. Why did i not know of this game before? Granted that it's not one of the best ever made, but it's very good and can favorably be compared to Civ V (IF, and that's a big IF, you want the game simplified and focused on combat). I think the name is stupid, that's probably worth 10% of a review score right there.
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8 af 12 brugere (67%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1.9 timer bogført
Indsendt: 8. september 2014
Great game! A lot like the civ games with a fantasy twist on them. I got it free and can't complain. Very fun!
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
3 af 3 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
44.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 11. september 2014
this game is one of the least dificult 4x games i have played. the multiplayer goes really smoothly. the AI could do with some smoothing especialy the diplomacy. over i give this game 9/10
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
3 af 3 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
10.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 24. oktober 2014
Warlock is entertaining hex based turn based strategy game. One Scenario took me over 10 hours to win
+Well generated worlds, gives you a planetary feel, with climate zones and you can actually make a trip around world.
+Terrain usage, in defense and on attacks
+Loads of spells
Neutral-arguable things
/No Campaign mode, it tries a diffrent aproach. Rule the world with some side quests
/Little hard to start playing this, because it wont raise your awerness to all gameplay elements, you will be just thrown into the game. This is my first game of this type.
-Annoying monster spawning
-olny 3 types of quests
I will reccomend this game because i had fun, and had some really intense warfare with weaker enemy, after i allready had conquered everything else, but he was well defended on his island kingdom, with superior navy.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
3 af 3 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
74.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 24. september 2014
Blends 4X with monsters and magic. If you're tired of Civ you might want to try this.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
3 af 3 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
0.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 4. februar
If you like Civ V, this game will please you a lot.

It's no harder to play, slightly different play process but graphically pleasing and over all a good game.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
4 af 5 brugere (80%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
6.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 7. december 2014
Warlock - Master of the Arcane is a game that I recommend because:
- have an acceptable price
- is a method to banish boredom
- is a strategy game
- have trading cards

Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
4 af 5 brugere (80%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
63.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 6. oktober 2014

Look up.

Four hours have passed.

This is a wonderous game, just be sure you have a clock nearby so you aren't late to anything.
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2 af 2 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
47.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 30. oktober 2014
It is like civ5 with magic. And not in a way that would ruin fantasy and strategy by cobbling to ideas together. This seems to be a very well made game that I have enjoyed spending time playing.
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
2 af 2 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
10.9 timer bogført
Indsendt: 8. september 2014
The "Majesty" world is beautifully rendered as turn-based strategy in "Warlock" & quite enjoyable. Suprising is the ease of play, the comfortable interface, & (for those frustrated with Majesty's notorious command system) managable AI. In fact, if you didn't like "Majesty's" mechnics, but loved the story, art, & lore, "Master of the Arcane" plays at a familiar 4x pace without getting bogged down with technicality. That being said, it is easy to learn, & progresses into the intricacy one would expect from arcane arts. I love "Majesty II", despite it being hard as hell. "Warlock" ranks amidst greats like "Fallen Enchantress" & "Endless Legend" (or even Civ.V) by pulling you into its fun fantasy universe, satiracal yet believable. Factions are fascinating, providing the ability to conquer other civilizations and make their troops / buildings as well, adding a crazy conquest element to the game. The pacing is well done with quests, production, & magical skill tree to keep you taking just... one... more... turn...
Fandt du denne anmeldelse brugbar? Ja Nej Sjov
2 af 2 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
254.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 21. september 2014
Fun, but for something that calls itself "Master of the Arcane" there's awfully little arcane, relying on pushing units around the map.

One or two spells per turn on average, versus countless units, I would have prefered it the other way round. Plus, casting a spell is pretty much the only thing it does not remind the player to do.

I do like the unintrusive way it reminds me of other things, so that's a plus on the interface.

A minus is that it doesn't show me what units I can build where in the city list, so I'd have to guess and check all of them. It also isn't very informative on what I need to do to get what. One of my cities won't let me build a Mana Trap, and I have no idea why. Earlier I wanted to research Fertile Lands, but had no idea how to get that either. At some point I could suddenly cast it (I assume I found it).

A few more postives:

- Customizable Win conditions. No need to keep an opponent alive (like I used to in Master of Magic) to cast the Unity spell, simply untick the win option of beating all opponents.

- Go-to orders come AFTER I did my turn (after pressing end of turn), so I can still change their orders before that, and it's still/again my turn when they end up with movement points left after they arrived. (I hated having to wait through all the go-to orders in Civ before I even get to do something.)

And while you can't disable movement animations/showing enemy moves, clicking somewhere cuts that short (the plain info of "Enter ends your turn" under the purple button at the bottom right corner is perfect for that).

- Little gems of humour hidden away, sometimes referencing films and possibly other media. They always make me smile.

A drawback is that the game slows down after a while on my computer (which isn't that old), with a noticable delay when I click on one of the reminders mentioned above, before it gets to the relevant place. So I have to save, quit, and start the game again to get normal response time again. (Edit: Friend told me how to fix or at least delay that: don't use the wide option of the spellbook.)

But that's not the only problem. With graphics on max, even the Steam chat input was delayed, huh!? (The reason I have the graphics all on lowest. Which still has all the animations active. The tiny figures doing stuff is very cute and well done, but it would be nice to disable that.)

Right now I ran into a graphic glitch that keeps turning up when I capture a certain city.

But overall it keeps me entertained for a while.

Edit: For anyone where the "Read the user manual" option at Steam launch of the game doesn't work either, I just found this:

At first glance it doesn't explain much more than the Tutorial, though.
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