America’s Army: Proving Grounds is the official game of the U.S. Army and part of the highly acclaimed America’s Army game series. This free military game focuses on small unit tactical maneuvers and puts you to the test in new America’s Army maps as well as AA fan favorites Hospital and Bridge.
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AA: PG Update Released!

The latest update to America's Army: Proving Grounds is now live! Be sure to update your game and give it a try. Let us know what you think at

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America's Army Comic Issue #12 Live!

America’s Army Issue #12 which launched today features art from “Overload” by map designer Drecks, the winner of the AA:PG User Made Map competition. Check out his map on the Steam Workshop.

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About the Game

Do you have what it takes to train like a U.S. Army Soldier?

America’s Army: Proving Grounds is the official game of the U.S. Army and part of the highly acclaimed America’s Army game series. This free military game focuses on small unit tactical maneuvers and puts you to the test in new America’s Army maps as well as AA fan favorites Hospital and Bridge.

Take on the role of an 11B Infantryman practicing combat maneuvers at JTC Griffin, a fabricated training MOUT (military operations on urban terrain) environment. This training is crucial to your success as part of a Long Range Combined Arms – Recon (LRCA-R) unit, a full spectrum capable team that embarks on special operations missions behind enemy lines.

Key Features

  • Two Game Modes
    Experience fast-paced Battledrill Exercises (BDX) (6v6) that focus on small unit maneuvers. As you learn how the enemy might react, adjust your strategy for future engagements
    Forward Line Operations (FLO) (12v12) test your skills in a larger environment
    Hardcore mode has increased weapon damage and a reduced HUD

  • 5 Mission Types
    Activate - Activate all the objectives
    Extract - Extract the objective to the rally point
    C4 - Plant the C4 at one of the bomb sites and defend it until it explodes
    Destroy - Arm the objective and defend it until it detonates
    Take and Hold - Activate all the objectives and prevent the enemy from activating objectives you control

  • You are a U.S. Army Soldier
    Weapons - M4A1 Assault Rifle, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M249 Saw, M14EBR-RI, M24 Sniper Weapon System, Remington 870 MCS, and M9A1 Pistol
    Grenades - M67 Fragmentation Grenade, M83 Smoke Grenade, M106 Fast Obscurant Grenade and M84 Stun Grenade
    Optics - M68 Close Combat Optic, M553 Holographic Weapon Sight, M150 ACOG 4x Optic, Elcan M145, Leupold Mk4 and Ghost Ring Sight
    Supported Fire allows you to rest your weapon on obstacles to reduce recoil
    Bullets do instant and bleed damage, bandage yourself to stop the bleeding

  • Teamwork is Critical
    Spotting enemies gives your teammates greater situational awareness
    Reviving your down buddies gets them back in the fight
    Securing enemies prevents them from being revived and communicating with their team
    Report your location and status to your team
    Suppression affects your enemy even if you don’t hit them. Use the M249 to control firing lanes and keep the enemy’s head down while your team flanks their position

  • Train in Shoot Houses
    Shoot Houses give you a place to learn how to use all the weapons in a single-player environment. They are fast-paced exercises that allow you to compete for the highest score
    Create your own shoot houses in the Mission Editor

Mission Editor

Create your own missions and shoot houses with the AA:PG Mission Editor
Share them on the Steam Workshop
View the Tutorial at
As your skills with the Mission Editor increase, you can move to the Advanced Editor
*The Mission Editor and Advanced Editor are developer tools that require more advanced hardware than what is required to run the game. Performance may vary.

About the Comic

The storyline that influences the America’s Army: Proving Grounds game is unveiled in the America’s Army Comic series. Learn more about the assignment you are on and the challenges you will face by reading the saga of American forces deployed to Czervenia, a tiny foreign nation in the middle of a chaotic conflict. In order to defend against Czervenian President-General Adzic and his army who are attacking the neighboring Republic of the Ostregals, America's Army has created new experimental combat teams, forged together in secret Proving Grounds, to uncover the General's insidious plot before time runs out. Read more at


    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.4+ GHz Quad Core CPU
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card with 512MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant sound card
    • Additional Notes: Requires Internet Explorer 9 or later and the latest Windows Media Player
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: 3.3+GHz Core i5 CPU
    • Memory: 8192 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card with 1GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant sound card
    • Additional Notes: Requires Internet Explorer 9 or later and the latest Windows Media Player
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Thanks Obama! 10/10
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Great game!
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Lets run down middle : dead
Was that a grenade? : dead
I hear him : dead
I shoot him first : dead
leaning : dead
crouching : dead again
what if.... : dead
Prone at spawn : dead
Throw a random grenade : 4 kills.
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This game is actually pretty good :D

-Good graphics (enough for a fps game)
-Very realistic compared to every other fps games i've played!
-One of the best communities I've seen
-It's so much teamwork! The voice chat is being used all the time!

Okay, here's the bad stuff.

-You have to make an account in-game...
-It gets boring..
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This has to be the best Free Military FPS on Steam without a doubt, recommend this to anyone who likes shooters. Although this is more tactical than most and teamwork is definitely required to complete objectives.

Love the combat, love the maps and even the graphics are pretty decent for a free game.

10/10 from me just for the cardboard cars and fish alone.
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Is free, plays well and does not look like a potatoe.
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Note:This review is updated to 9/24/14
So overall this game is great its not like the older AA games but its a W.I.P.The developers are doing a great job so far and would like to see more happen to the game because it has great potential when it comes out of open beta.I've been playing AA games since 2.5 and they finally added the roles but they need fireteams now.
Graphics are good not next gen or behind but current gen.
Gameplay is a mix of AA games with a bit faster pace depending on how you play it.
Teamwork is needed to suceed.
Your able to choose your role Ex. Rifleman,Auto Rifleman,Designated Marksman,Sniper.
No hitmarkers < my opinion.
You die quicker than alot other games so its more realistic.
Mostly well designed maps.
Great community < most of it.
Workshop you can make your own maps and download other peoples.
Free to play the way it should be without microtransactions ingame.
Good rankup system.
Weapons well balanced.
All weapons unlocked the moment you create an account.
Decent launcher and GUI
Not alot of hackers since the last update.

Now we go on to the cons not too many of them btw.
No menu screen.
No fireteams.
You look like the enemy too the us but to you, you look like the us and the enemy looks like the enemy.
Dual render scopes cause drops of framerate occasionaly if your looking somewhere open.
Alot of people have punkbuster issues with the game. < I have none but alot of people do.
Sniper hipfire is too accurate.
That was my review guys thanks for checking it out :D
Please rate.
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- Semi realistic

- No Karambit fade
- 'Murica

11/10 enlisting immediately
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I've been around AA since 2004 on version 2, great shooter yet a real combat simulator backed by the real US Army.
Cool environment to make freinds and meet real soldiers.
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Great game,Great community.
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Guns: Check
Enemies: Check
Hackers: Check

I would say it's a fun game, suprisingly good graphics being that it is a free game.

As close to free CoD as you can get, except this game is actually good.
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After the game update the game is AWSOME!

- Good graphics. Not the best but good.
- Team Work using voice chat and awsome community that wants to help you
- Super realistic game. Exept for the fact that they're using tracer ammo.
- Its not pay to win! Get the full game! No other ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ items or boosters.

- The game is a bit laggy even on Hi-Specs PCs.
- Get good at it or die tryin'. You die very fast and you have to respawn in 2-3 minutes, if you don't listen to your team mates or your not paying attention.


- Worths every cent! JK. But is a nice addition of Hardcore Realistic Tactical Team Based Games.
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If youre searching for what AA has originally been about, go play the first game, if you'd like to play small unit "tactical" maneuvers, that dont make want to kill yourself because you cant get used to the controls and complexity, this might intresst you.

Neat F2P game that really is F2P, but this has very little to do with the old Americas Army
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Fantastic game. Very tactical game-play, and very squad based. You need to communicate with your team to win. One of the best communities in online gaming that I've come across, and just an all out blast. 10/10.
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No 12 year-olds squeaking about my mom and calling me a hacker.

0/10 horrible
But really, in all honesty, I enjoy this game so much it's ridiculous. At first, I charged into battle like a madman, and got rekt like a marshmellow under an elephant. Then, I stayed back at spawn and got chewed out for being a coward. Finally, I stuck with the team, and did what they said, while doing my best to help them as well.

This is a strategic FPS game, and a pretty dang good one for being entirely free.
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You can shoot sum guns and it's got America in the title so it's pretty gud
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Very ver fun game if you enjoy a tactical shooter.

-It is a get good or die a lot game (People can put this in 'Cons' I think it makes the game better)
-Great graphics (I am not saying it is the best don't get me wrong)
-Play the entire game without spending a penny (Or what your currency is)
-In game voice chat
-Need to play more as a team to win
-Fun with friends who enjoy the type of game

-Graphics can lag even on higher gaming riggs
-When you start out you will find you suck... A lot (I said this was good but it can be bad as well)
-If the team doesn't play as a team you can find yourself losing games very fast

I will say that the game has better graphics than expected and is very fun to play with people who also enjoy team-based games. The lag in graphics can get annoying (even a decent gaming rig,) but that is only on some maps while maps like 'Hospital' don't suffer from the issue.
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Beautiful !
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