The sequel fans have waited 16 years for is finally here - Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I! Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic Spin Dash, and the versatile Homing Attack, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles™ left off. Dr.
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The sequel fans have waited 16 years for is finally here - Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I! Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic Spin Dash, and the versatile Homing Attack, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles™ left off. Dr. Eggman’s back, and in an effort to finally rid himself of Sonic, he revisits – and improves – the very best of his creations. Get ready for the next chapter in an all new epic 2D saga built for old and new fans alike.



    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/Win7
    • Processor:Pentium 4 @ 3.2 GHz/Athlon 64 3000+ or Equivalent & above
    • Memory:1 GB (2 GB on Vista) GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7600/AT Radeon X1300) & above
    • DirectX®:dx90a
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible


    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/Win7
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.4 GHz/Athlon 64 X2 4200+ & above
    • Memory:2 GB+ GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD 3800) & above
    • DirectX®:dx50
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible
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1.0 小时(记录在案的)
Ever since this game released i was wondering why was it so panned, i can understand weird phisics but all the gameplay looked good enough... and then i played today and now i realize why

Green Hill zone is the only area that had gameplay shown of, this... This game has angered me more than any other game, not because it's hard, but because of how frustrating the levels become once you hit the casino zone... I made it to the next area only to run into an even more frustrating puzzle...

This was... Bad, really bad, after getting stuck in that puzzle I can tell you i'm done with this game, this was advertised as a sequel for the classic sonic games, yet this game brought elements that only slow sonic down, the 10 minute time limit is insulting considering how unfair some of the obstacles are

I'm a fan of hard games, I played and beat super meat boy WITH KEYBOARD, but this? this game is just cheap difficulty, I'm glad this was part of the Sonic Collection bundle, if i had grabbed this individually? I would have felt ripped off...

Just avoid this game... I can only summarize it in one word: ANNOYING
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1.6 小时(记录在案的)
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1,
Sigh. . . i Wish i could like this game.

It said to be a sequal to Sonic 3 And Knuckles (one of the best sonic games in the series)
This game as a whole could of been great but then there were lots of Faults

So Back in 2010 this game was titled Project Needlemouse (Sonic's Original Name!) and there was a huge list of what characters were going to be in it, like Sonic,Tails,Big Even Tikal from Sonic Adventure!

a few weeks later we were treated to the announcment of Sonic 4 Episode 1 where it showed all 3 Sonic games (Sonic 1 2 3&K and at the end it showed the logo and that was all i can remember

Sonic in this game has Bad Phsyics and he looks like somthing a girl would do on her first time on instagram

The music is okay but short and loops waaaay to much

Stages are rehased from old sonic games

and the Bosses Suck to.

Because im a sonic Fan i will reccomend this. if it wasnt for this game being bad but not to bad
i wouldnt of gone to Summer of Sonic :D
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5.9 小时(记录在案的)
Не покупайте это ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥о. Купите лучше Sonic CD, например.
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0.8 小时(记录在案的)
Music is very very bad, not much content, bad graphics, bad level design, bad physics.

The music is so bad I want to turn off the volume..
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0.1 小时(记录在案的)
This game is an insult to the classic sonic franchise.
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1.5 小时(记录在案的)
This Game is Cool. Way past cool. I dont get why everybody says the game sucks or it doesnt work or the physics suck or that this was worst than Sonic 06 (seriously ive seen people say that). To me the physics are OK and the gamplay is fun. Overall a good expirience.
4.1 小时(记录在案的)
Sonic The Hedgehog 4. Does it deserve it's title? In my opinion, no. But it still gets the job done. I had a enjoyable time playing thorugh this game. It's not the best game iv'e played, but it's still a good purchase. If you don't like repititve gameplay, do not get this. But for everyone else, you might find some good enjoyment out of this title. But for me, it wasn't very exciting. I still had a good time, though. Sonic 4 gets a 73/100, a C.
0.4 小时(记录在案的)
This game is terrible, everything about it makes me cringe

0.6 小时(记录在案的)
Oh you bought this game? You love the old school sonic franchise? Good. Cling to those memories and uninstall this game as fast as you can. GO! Stop reading this review of a terrible game and Uninstall! If you're reading this, burn your computer. It's too late.
1.2 小时(记录在案的)
oh what could have been, sonic the hedgehog 4 does everything right on the surface, but unfortunately lacks the spark of sonic the hedgehog 1-3&knux. the level design is not as tight, the game feels slower than it should, the graphics are kinda ugly to be honest...
it just stinks of corporate desperation, sadly. if you want a good sonic game, buy one of the sega collection packs, or sonic CD- steer clear of this soulless husk.
0.4 小时(记录在案的)
Horribly recycled. Same bosses and badniks from previous games. Tile set lifted off of old levels. To make matters worse the momentum system is all messed up. If you arent pressing a direction you will drop like a sack of brikes. They also added a holming attack which does nothting to enjoy,
8.4 小时(记录在案的)
From all the new Sonic 2D games this was the worst, I preffer the NDS games over this one, they are more well done, have better soundtrack and are way more fun. I gave it chance since I used to play Sonic back in 90's, but the truth its not the same thing, the 90's gameare way more well done than this one.
7.8 小时(记录在案的)
This "game" is an absolute travesty and completely spits in the face of everything that made the original Sonic games good. Calling it a sequel is an insult.

There is nothing redeeming about this game whatsoever. It's a blatant cash grab.
0.1 小时(记录在案的)
TERRIBLE!! (this game came with my sonic games pack)
This was expected to be the succesor to the older Retro Sonic games (like sonic and knuckles) but It simply CAN'T BE!
The graphics are way too faded and colorful (its like an over saturated blurred out picture).
The Music is too loud and too synthy (I got annoyed very quickly)
The sound effects are ok, it has a tough time choosing whether to have older sound effects or newer ones.
and now, the thing that would've made this all ok, if this aspect of the game was ok, it just might have saved this game, but like everything else in the game, They EFF it up too.
The gameplay... it's terrible, theres no momentum to the game (once you get to a certain speed, you're not getting faster), adding the homing attack makes this game too easy, and once you home attack an enemy, your speed goes smack down. all of this paired with terrible level design makes the game really unenjoyable,
Verdict: you can buy way better games for the price, Sonic's been through enough. 2/10
4.9 小时(记录在案的)
Get it on a sale since this game can get very short very fast. Overall really nice arcade old school style sonic with some modern improvemenrs.
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27.0 小时(记录在案的)
I liked this game *Wave of downvotes*. All I have to say is : "You like 90's Sonic Games ? You should try it. You like Modern Sonic games? You should try it." The difficulty is perfectly balanced but it suddenly become "Sofa King Hard" during the final boss act.

→ 77/100
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11.9 小时(记录在案的)
In this game you pleh as Sanic the hodgeheg, as he runs accross "Sega" inspired levels with his trademark ability’s to jump and collect rings to avoid Amy.

The game is a sequel to sanic 3 and knipples, the game that introduced everyone’s favourite Australian marsupial, Lyall.

Highly recomended 10/10
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2.6 小时(记录在案的)
Ugly, lazy, barely any content. The content that's there is either boring or terrible. Sonic controls like Megaman to the point where if you don't hold a direction while being launched out of a cannon or minecart you'll drop like a rock. The music tries to sound like a Genesis and succeeds in all the worst ways. An all-around unpleasant experience, really.
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10.9 小时(记录在案的)
Huh, so Steam has reviews? Okay, why not try my hand at it.
So Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I seemed to be SEGA's way of returning Sonic to his roots for people to enjoy.
Does it do a good job? Eh. It's fun. Could of used better physics than the Sonic Rush engine. Personally, I prefer the Wii version of the game, as Sonic isn't as shiny, the music sounds closer to an actual SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, and the controls are much more simplistic (not to mention I had to get a button mapping program because -while my controller had enough buttons- it wasn't an Xbox 360 controller, so it decided not to have compatiblity) The only reason why I recomend getting this on anything besides a Wii is for Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II's "Episode Metal" which requires both games on the same memory, and Episode II never saw a Nintendo port. But even though I do recommend getting for the reason just mentioned, wait for it to go on sale. The game isn't worth it's current price tag.
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1.3 小时(记录在案的)
Pretty difficult to get into. Cudos to the players that actually played through the thing.

Scale: 1=despised 2=negative 3=could go either way 4=acceptable 5=loved
Game design: 2/5 I'm going to join the herds and say that the controls are bad. Even if I get used to them, this does not feel like a Sonic game. Graphics and sound are okay, but nothing special. I don't know why this is a "4" when everything is just rehashed from old games. Maybe there's something unique later, but why would a sequel need to use anything from it's precursers outside of a flashback?

Tone: 2/5 It kinda looks like Sonic, kinda sounds like Sonic, but after playing a bit it just all seems like another insult to the series.

Personal skew: 3/5 I think I went into this open minded, but I came out pretty bitter. I think I can justify it because I would not enjoy this game no matter who the main character is. If this was an indie developer starting up, I'd say "good try", but it's not and I don't think they tried at all.