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A little update

2014년 9월 1일

Hi everybody!
I've pushed out an update that fixes one cause of slowdown for some users. Also if the game crashes when you quit, please delete the "steam_api.dll" file located in the game's folder (Steam\steamapps\common\RBS). This file is no longer included in the game files so if you delete or reinstall the game you won't need to remove this file.

Cheerio, and have a good un,
- James @ Boss Baddie

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Version 5.02!

2014년 4월 18일

Whoa, would you look at that. Version 5.02 is out and it adds the following;

- New Boss Baddie logo
- Fixed a problem on the options screen where the mouse would select the wrong item
- Updated menu background art
- Lightened Replay/Next text
- Core Boss now moves away from the respawn zone a little quicker (isn't that nice of it)
- Players 2-4 can now quit Peaceful? Mode
- Press to Join text brighter
- Tweaked pacing rates
- Fixed a multiplier bug on Pacifism

- Added Expo feature to Options screen;

-Disables all online features
-Highscore becomes Session Highscore
-Cannot access Data Wipe on main menu or Score page
-Removes distortion effects
-Adds "Really Big Sky" text to main menu
-Unlocks all modes whilst activated
-Quit and Scores button on main menu are blocked
-Expo feature cannot be disabled from the menu, Alt+F4 or hold Escape to quit
-Guides forced on, Performance Graph disabled
-Online score submission disabled
-No shortcut buttons on main menu
-Longer Guide screen
-Cannot overcharge Perks
-Par Bar set to Session score instead of Highscore

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게임 정보

REALLY BIG SKY! A super fast, twin analogue shooter for the modern age!
Way over in the big void of space live some aliens. They coveted [your planet] and would do anything to live there. So what's [your planet] to do? Yeah, blast through them all! Face off against waves of enemies, bosses, giant laser planets, blackholes, wormholes, massive lasers, planets and asteroids across 12 game modes!
Everything is procedurally generated from the way YOU play the game! From attack patterns, strength of bosses and enemies, pacing between waves and generosity of bonuses!
Features a comprehensive statistics system to let you hone your mad laser skills.

Key Features

  • Fast, Adaptive and Addictive Gameplay
  • 12 Juicy, Full-fat Game Modes
  • Giant, Dynamic Bosses and 17 Enemy Types
  • Powerups, Perk system and the Friendly Mothership to help you out
  • Ultra Perks and Ultra Weapons for super post-game madness!
  • Smash through solid planets and asteroids. Cruise through gas giants
  • Narration from a cheeky cockney AI
  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • Library and Secret unlocks
  • Loads of events including Blackholes, Wormholes, Pandora Box, Panic Crashes, Warp Speed…
  • Gameplay-altering 'Cascade Events'
  • Online scoreboards - measure your awesomeness!

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:2ghz Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c or above
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectSound-compatible Sound Card
    • Additional:Controller support extends to official Xbox 360 controllers only.
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죽었을 때의 최종 점수로 업그레이드를 한다는 것도 나름 좋았다.

하지만, 입문하기에는 가장 낮은 난이도도 어렵다. 그것만 아니라면 추천할 만 하다.
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