Choose your weapons and take aim at the most random Serious Sam adventure yet!
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Acquista Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

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SALDI ESTIVI! L'offerta termina il giorno 4 luglio


Informazioni sul gioco

The legendary Serious Sam reloads and rearms in an explosive, turn-based RPG developed by indie developer Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing). Serious Sam: The Random Encounter follows Sam and his band of oddball mercenaries as they battle across a pixilated world teeming chaotic battles, hordes of bizarre creatures, and mysterious secrets. Choose your weapons and take aim at the most random Serious Sam adventure yet!

Serious Sam Indie Series

The Serious Sam Indie Series is an extraordinary program launched by Croteam and Devolver Digital to partner with gaming's most creative independent developers and design radically unique Serious Sam games in a variety of styles and genres.

Key Features:

  • Turn-Based Awesome: Battle across three worlds of pandemonium with Serious Sam and his band of quirky commandos as they clash with legions of relentless creatures hell-bent on ruining your day. Choose your weapons and prepare for an absolute onslaught of merciless enemies charging from every direction.
  • Extraordinary Visual Design: Behold the pixilated brutality of Serious Sam’s struggle against evil in glorious retro-styled graphics. Visit the exotic locals of Egypt and dangerous caverns overrun by Mental’s twisted horde. Battle by land or take on all-new aquatic variations of classic Serious Sam baddies in underwater skirmishes unlike anything Sam has faced before!
  • Serious Strategy: No magic here, son. Select from a variety of dynamic items to increase your party’s stats, toss out some Headless Kamikaze bait, or bring everything to a devastating halt with the all-powerful Serious Bomb.
  • Challenge Mode: Take on a never-ending wave of Mental’s most fearsome minions and attempt to post the best score to win the admiration of your friends and family.
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter was created by Dutch indie duo Rami Ismail & Jan Willem Nijman and features crisp pixel art by Roy Nathan de Groot & pixel-animator Paul Veer. The game had its chiptune music created by Alex Mauer and the trailers were produced by Canadian video-magician Kert Gartner.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz or faster processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 100MB free space
    • Video Card: 256MB Video Memory or higher, DirectX 8 or later
    • DirectX®: 8.0 or later
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( 0.4 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 26 giugno
Fun game.
( 0.3 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 24 giugno
It is an okay game 3.5/5
( 1.1 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 24 giugno
suprisignly fun 8/10
Captain Chaos
( 1.8 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 12 giugno
A novel idea to turn Serious Sam into a SNES-style turn-based RPG is marred with game-breaking bugs and completely unbalanced difficulty. I couldn't get more then an hour or two into it before being completely unable to progress.
( 1.4 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 10 giugno
You know, I love this game and remember getting it for $1 but this game has crashed on all my computers over the years. It crashes almost every freaken 3 minutes. I'd give it a thumbs up if it wasn't for that. It had a nice battle system idea, a little hard to get use to but I like challenges. However whats the point of recommending this game to others if you have a 70% chance of it not even working.
( 1.4 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 10 giugno
It is unfortunate, and personally, I enjoy the Serious Sam series a lot. A LOT.
but alas, this is NOT a true serious sam game. this is a VERY SHORT knock-off.
this, my friends, is a joke. even compared to Serious Sam "the first encounter", or worse yet, "serious sam 2", Serious sam the random encounter is a flop. definitely NOT worth over a dollar. I beat the game in roughly an hour. but, in keeping with my professionalism-review-code, I will now proceed to dole out pros and cons.
WARNING: my review has some spoilers. fair warning has been given.

- It has very low req. specs to run. Your computer could very well be several years outdated, and still run it just fine.
- amusing dialogue, with references and fun character.
- an okay number of iconic guns.
- amusing gameplay style makes fun of the old random encounters of the old JRPGs.
- Colorful graphics. Granted, there are people out there who hate any graphical level that is any less detailed then, say, DOOM 4. but personally, I enjoyed the old retro-gaming look.

- Very short, you can beat it in an hour, even if you DO loot every possible crate on the way.
- some of the weapons are unbalanced. the cannon is too powerful, the rocket launcher is too weak, etc....
- very linear. they give you the illusion of there being multipule paths to choose from, but such is not the case.
- uninteresting bosses. for example, using two grenade launchers and one serious damage powerup, I killed the final boss in a single shot. and the final boss didn't have some sort of "ultimate mode" or something? And that wasn't even mental, either, which brings me to my next point.
- too much emphasis on a character that never appears. Mental. All throughout the game, Serious Sam and his pals keep talking about killing Mental.....but Mental wasn't even the final boss!!! Mental makes NO appearences WHATSOEVER. this is actually quite annoying, and is one of the main downsides of the Serious Sam series as a whole.
- random weird characters. I mean, who ARE these two guys that follow Sam? Some random afro dude and some random cowboy. they don't get their own background stories? memorable NAMES?? Original weapons? (eg. Excalibur for king arthur, Mining lazer for Glitch, A knife for Jeff the killer, etc.) These two feel less like allies on the field, and more like two extra guns.
- Fails to capture the feel of Serious Sam. Serious Sam may be a bit hardcore about destruction, but he's not an idiot. this game portrays him as being a fool who only cares about shooting mental, and hates puzzles. It makes him look like a musclebound pretty-boy with no head on his shoulders. this is NOT how Serious Sam should be. Serious Sam is sarcastic, makes puns, is fearless, and will often stop in mid battle to give a witty one-liner, like "Alien bulls? that's a lot of bull. *kills it* There. 100% alien beef." He's also quite the ladies-man, as well. and somewhat....shall we say....'rougueish', from time to time.
- Where's the C-4 charges? and the quadgun? and the buzzsaw-gun? or even the plasma pistol! WHERE ARE THEY??? It's sad how they didn't put those awesome guns in the game...
- The animations are 'passable'. but not very good at all. Personally, I enjoy retro-appearences, but just because it's retro doesn't mean the animations have to be so TERRIBLE. I mean, look at 'Gone Home', or 'Lone Survivor'. those retro-style games were both made by a SINGLE GUY EACH, and yet their animations were surprisingly good.
- Lack of depth. even the 3rd serious sam game had sufficient puzzles to prevent yer brain from going numb from all the raw combat, but this game's terrible excuse for puzzles wouldn't even float in a Pokemon game. Seriously.

So yes, on with the final Verdict. I give this game a 4/10. Slightly below average. I say this because with all it's flaws, it was still an okay way to kill time. it was okay, going through endless mode for a little while. I've actually seen worse games that had higher expectations. still, that's no excuse to make a shoddy game. this game is currently being sold at a price of exactly $4.99, but it's only WORTH, I'd say $1.99, to be fair.
( 7.6 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 7 giugno
Isn't worth it.

I enjoy Serious Sam titles, and I've enjoyed the jokes, but I had this game on a package with a deal. 3'99€ is TOO MUCH. I would pay max 0'14€.

Also, when you close it steam recognizes it as "running" until you restart.
( 1.3 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 17 maggio
Dont be fooled by the trailer with all those camera close ups, it's doesnt have that much action, You have 3 guys, sam and 2 his friends, you have like 5 seconds to shoot something then you have to pick what to do next for every single character attack again, change weapon or use skills. It's something between FF and SS but as this game shows FF+SS=FFS:

+This game has plenty of manly sam jokes in-between levels
+Notable monsters from the SS series
-This game is unplayable boring - you ever thought that serious sam game could be boring AF? No? Here you go. Somebody thought it would be fun to breed action and turn-base but its sucks so much, it takes like 80% of the time to pick what to do and 20% of the time you see any action + with most weapons you use shoot instantly and then you try to dodge stuff but this level design dont let you understand where the projectile going + you have 3 characters so you cant dodge all the stuff even if you want,
-This game so hard to beat, that with addition of how boring it is makes you want to kill yourself when you die from the huge wave of random crаp, because you have to play this level all over again. Wow such a nice game, so you dont want to waste your time on it, isnt it nice?
-it has no steam achievements or steamcards

So in conclusion there is no any reason to buy this sh`tty game other than to fill your library with 1 more Serious Sam game if you want to collect them all. Otherwise i highly recommend not to buy this crap.
The Ghost Of King Hamlet
( 0.7 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 16 maggio
2 Seconds of actually shooting the guns 99 seconds of getting shot.
Characters die in 2 seconds.
Enemies live long enough to develop a constitution and rally for monster rights.
Used a healing item, and in the round I used it, I lost the health I gained.
No safety net.
To infinity and beyond.
Serious sam, take me by the hand lead me to the land, that you understand,
'cause this is not it.
Horror Fox :3
( 1.8 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 12 maggio
Hey everyone and this is my review about the game!

This is a RPG turn based game.


You are able to play this game Fullscreen or windowed mode.
You can't change the resolution size.
You are only able to toggle off the music.
Music is weird.

About the game.

Instead of the normal way the Serious sam series suppose to be. This is totally something new and different. From First person shooter to turn based topview RPG. You have to kill enemies durign a random encounter (like a normal rpg game). They show up out of nowhere and you have to kill them in order to continue. (Pop up like Pokémon). Whenever a battle has started you have to do an action. Every 5 seconds you are able to perform a new move. During the "action" You have to kill enemies and avoid enemy projectiles. Whenever a character dies from your side. You can either revive him or complete the entire wave so he will be revived for free. The enemies are all from the original Serious same series.
Whenever all of your characters has died during an encounter, then you will lose a life. If game over then you will restart the same level over again.

Turn based combat.
Graphics is cartoony.
Graphics is RPGish.
Music is weird.
Not alot of "funny jokes" as we are used to know.

Other things.

Enemies that are too close, will get instantly killed however you do take some damage in return.
Bulls that are charging towards you can be avoided, Failing to do so will take a huge ammount of damage.

Keep in mind that the original Developers DIDN'T UPLOAD THIS. Its just from some strange random guy.
Game is somewhat okay. but the fact that he isn't the original developer gave me a big thumbs down.

I Don't think the replayablity is that high.


I Give this game a 6/10
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Pubblicata: 11 aprile 2014
Dedicato a chi piace Serious Sam ma sopratutto a chi piace Final Fantasy.

la cosa brutta però è che non è compatibili su Windows 8 e crasha
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Pubblicata: 12 aprile 2015
Come genere bellino MA NON VA SU WINDOS 8 PERCHE?
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Pubblicata: 1 novembre 2014
D: !
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0.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 gennaio 2012
Beh insomma...mi aspettavo di molto meglio.
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Pubblicata: 15 maggio 2015
I really, really wanted to like this. Vlambeer is one of my favorite developers, and I do have a small soft spot for serious sam.
The problem with Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is it's a bit like Space Jam, it's an idea that sounds really great on paper but doesn't work so well in execution. It's pretty much a heavily scripted pixelated turn based RPG which has one of the oddest turn based/action combat hybrids I've ever seen. You pick a character, pick a weapon or if you want them to use an item, and then point them in a direction to fire said weapon or use said item. Then you get around 5-10 seconds of action while you try to dodge bullets and hit targets with the aim you set.
The problem with this is that especially when you gain a third party member, it becomes almost impossible to actually dodge anything or have any real "skill" with dodging or hitting. As hordes get bigger later on, aiming gets less useful too, as hordes will get so big that it pretty much doesn't matter where you aim.
Keep in mind this is a scripted RPG, so no shops, no "real" overworld and every item or weapon you get is found as part of the rigidly scripted story that's underwritten even for Serious Sam. There are technically "Random encounters" (heh), but with the rewards they dole out it's actually more resource efficient to just skip straight to the next area.

It's just not worth it. You will probably get about 3-4 stages in like I did and quit when the Texan comes into play because of how impossible it is to keep going.
Buy it maybe it if goes on sale for like a dollar and you're curious. You won't even get an hour out of this.
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Pubblicata: 8 giugno 2014
This is an old school RPG based around the Serious Sam franchise. You'll have a top down map with enemy encounters and be taken to a RPG style battle system. The map worlds are literally one screen sections, if your party is wiped out three times, you need to restart that one map. It would feel right at home on the original Gameboy or a mobile phone. Random battles can happen when you walk one space on the map, so if that angers you, avoid this game.

The real game is the combat, each battle pits you and your allies against several if not dozens or hundreds of enemies chasing after you. You select fight, swap weapon or item. Any of your characters can use any weapon. Here's where it gets interesting, the weapons and enemies have uses like in an action game. The revolver will shoot at the closest enemy, the shotgun is a defensive weapon if any enemies or big projectiles get within a proximity of the user, the rocket launcher sends a spread of 3 rockets one per turn, the grenade launcher does big damage.... if you can hit your target in it, since enemies move, they might be gone before the grenade lands, and there's a mini gun where you aim the line and fire until the end of the turn.

Enemies have different properties too. Some will stay far and shoot, others will chase after you and damage you, killing themselves. Enemies are quicker and slower than you, so you can either outrun them or they'll catch you. All of the combat is a really fresh take on RPG turn based combat. Oh and as your turn is happening, you can move your party up and down on the screen to dodge projectiles or stall for time as you wait for the next shotgun blast.

After every battle, you get full health. The items mostly consist of armor power ups, health, attack buffs. All of which seem to be needed for bosses at the end of each one screen map.

So if I enjoy the game how could I give it a negative rating?

The game is a steep climb in difficulty before you know it. Walls of bullets, things become unavoidable, deaths are inevitable even if party members are revived with full health after a battle. Everything needs to be done in battle and that is the real downfall. You cannot use any items such as armor outside of battle. So if you're facing a wall of bullets against dozens or hundreds of enemies, you'll just get slaughtered again and again. Luck of who you fight plays a big part of your survival. You can grind all you want before a boss battle. The catch is once you've used your 3 lives, you'll need to start that map over again without all of the grinding you just did. Another problem with lack of grinding is that you can't go back to a previous map to grind and no amount of grinding will save you from bullet walls that comes with every enemy encounter past a few maps. Another downfall is there is no native controller or steam support. Not even key binding, but everything else is a much bigger glaring issue.

In all, its just a fresh take on old school RPGs and I like it, but its as if the developers didn't play the game past a certain point. If you're looking for a very difficult new RPG that is unforgiving and makes grinding meaningless, this is the game for you.
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Pubblicata: 4 luglio 2014
If you want to play a bullet hell in which you can't dodge bullets, go ahead and buy this game.
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2.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 5 febbraio
Short version: 39%
Unless you are a Serious Sam fanatic, skip this one; while it is mercifully short, this turn-based action game is plagued with terrible choices that just kill most of the fun.

Long version:
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is not a complex game: the player roams around on a top-down 2D map with Sam and two nameless guys – banded together with the intent of shooting Mental in the face (this is the entire plot, by the way) –, where they randomly end up in side-scrolling battle sequences. This sounds simple (and looks simple thanks to the 16-bit style graphics), yet somehow the developers of Nuclear Throne still managed to mess everything up.

The core flaw of the game is that it is nothing but randomness. It is only mildly frustrating that the same level can throw in three encounters or a dozen during the exact same trip. The real pain starts during combat when one realises they have zero influence on the outcome, as the player can issue exactly one command every five seconds (shoot, swap weapon, or use item) but the enemy horde attacks in real time; winning is just a question of luck on enemy composition and movement patterns. Due to this unpredictable and aggravating mechanic, it takes an unjustly amount of patience to even get to the final boss; a patience most players will probably lack.
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Pubblicata: 24 dicembre 2013
A great use of the Serious Sam franchise. An old school top down desktop exploration game combined with JRPG fighting mechanics. Save Sam and support Vlambeer in the process for only a few bucks!
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Pubblicata: 6 gennaio 2014
Most serious game OF ALL TIME! Contained absolutely no joking around, horsing off, rigamarole, goofin, flim-flam, ballyhoo, jim-jammery, ribbing, ribaldry, jesting comments, light banter, hoopla, slapstick, vaudvillian wisecracking, farcitude, slack-cutting, or campiness of any kind.
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