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De bekroonde actie-RPG is terug, groter en beter dan ooit! Torchlight II neemt je terug naar een eigenzinnige wereld met een hoog tempo, vol bloeddorstige monsters, overvloedige schatten en sinistere geheimen - en weer ligt het lot van de wereld in jouw handen!
Releasedatum: 20 sep 2012
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"Torchlight II is a sprawling, ambitious game that does one thing very, very well. It gives you a world you'll want to explore, filled with enemies you'll love to destroy."

- Kotaku

"Torchlight is a vibrant, fun, steampunky world, and exploring it is an absolutely addictive pleasure."

4.5/5 - Joystiq

"Not to be missed by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the proud tradition of action RPGs"

5/5 - Gamespy

"With most games of this caliber retail at $60, it might sound ludicrous that Torchlight 2 only costs $20 – because it is."

9/10 - Machinima

"Grab the game, grab some friends, and get to clicking."

9/10 - Destructoid

Steam Workshop

Torchlight 2 now fully supports Steam Workshop. A new launcher synchronizes any mods you have subscribed to, and lets you customize their activation state and loading priority. In addition, when playing Internet games in the lobby, you will be able to filter modded games by mod combination, and with a single button click, subscribe to those mods. Torchlight 2 will then restart, synchronize them, and activate them before returning you to the game.

When playing modded games, you can view your mod history, any previously played mods, and the impact disabling mods may have on your character.

We've tried to make the process as seamless as possible, with a focus on allowing modded multiplayer games with a minimum of fuss.


GUTS is our in-house development tool, now fully integrated with Steam Workshop. You can publish directly to Steam Workshop when you compile your mod, making it available immediately for others to play.

We've also added a special tool to GUTS designed to convert pre-GUTS mods into the official mod format, with an eye toward making the transition much easier for our ambitious early modders.

You can learn more about using GUTS here.

New Content

This release also includes new game content!

  • The NetherRealm tileset - new NetherRealm dungeons can be found via portals throughout the world
  • New Monsters
  • New armor sets
  • New weapons
  • New pets - including the Headcrab!
  • New endgame map content
  • Some additional new dungeons in New Game plus modes in large overworld areas

Info over het spel

De bekroonde actie-RPG is terug, groter en beter dan ooit! Torchlight II neemt je terug naar een eigenzinnige wereld met een hoog tempo, vol bloeddorstige monsters, overvloedige schatten en sinistere geheimen - en weer ligt het lot van de wereld in jouw handen!
Torchlight II brengt de kwaliteit en de opwinding van het originele spel - met een uitgebreide wereld en toegevoegde functies die spelers het meest wilden, inclusief online en LAN co-op multiplayer. Torchlight II is snel, leuk, en tot de rand gevuld met actie en buit. Ga alleen of online met je vrienden op avontuur!

Belangrijkste kenmerken:

  • Multiplayer - Speel co-op met je vrienden via LAN of gratis via het internet. Geen abonnementen, geen verkoop van items. Onze nieuwe matchmaking-service geeft je de mogelijkheid vrienden te vinden, nieuwe spellen te starten en deel te nemen aan bestaande spellen. En zoals altijd kun je ook offline singleplayer spelen.
  • Aanpasbare personages - Spelers zullen uit één van de vier gloednieuwe classes een personage maken en aanpassen. Elke class kan zowel als man als vrouw gespeeld worden, met aangepaste cosmetische eigenschappen en looks om elk individueel personage op te laten vallen. Alle nieuwe vaardigheden en buit geven veel kans voor unieke opbouw van de personages.
  • Moddability - TorchED, de Torchlight II-editor, geeft spelers de mogelijkheid om hun eigen mods te maken en nog meer inhoud aan de wereld toe te voegen. Laat je vrienden dezelfde mod downloaden en speel samen. TorchED zal vlak na de lancering beschikbaar zijn als aparte download.
  • Nieuwe gebruikersinterface - Torchlight II heeft een nieuwe en verbeterde gebruikersinterface, ontworpen om nieuwe spelers het spel sneller op te laten pikken en spelen. Deze intuïtieve interface zorgt ervoor dat je op het spel kan focussen zoals jij dat wilt.
  • Open wereld - We zijn niet meer alleen in de stad van Torchlight! Ontdek uitgestrekte gebieden en meerdere hub-steden, vecht door regen, sneeuw, dag en nacht. Onze willekeurig gegenereerde levels verzekeren nieuwe lay-outs, paden, buit en monsters, elke keer dat je speelt.
  • New Game Plus - In New Game Plus is het spel niet voorbij totdat jij het zegt. Zodra je Torchlight II's primaire campaign hebt uitgespeeld, kan je opnieuw beginnen met hetzelfde personage voor een aanzienlijk grotere uitdaging. Je zult al je vaardigheden, goud en uitrusting, waar je zo hard voor hebt gewerkt, houden!
  • Huisdieren en vissen - Deze populaire functies maken hun terugkeer in Torchlight II in verbeterde vorm. Meer keuzes, betere effecten, en je huisdier zal nog steeds naar de stad rennen om je buit te verkopen zodat jij dat niet hoeft te doen.


    • OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: x86-compatible 1.4GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 1GB System RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.2GB free space (subject to change)
    • Video Card: DirectX compatible 3D graphics card with at least 256MB of addressable memory.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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Really nice game ! The mod tool is great !
Geplaatst: 25 juni
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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Toffe game, ook als je nog niet (zo) bekend bent met het genre op zich (bijv. de Diablo-series).

Het ziet er visueel vrij goed uit, niet spectaculair, maar zeker oké.

Qua speelbaarheid zeker ook niet een spel waar je doorheen racet. Wil je na het uitspelen nog aan de slag met mods is dat ook een optie.
Geplaatst: 28 juni
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Personal Rating: "Worth Playing"
Traditional Rating: 8/10
Genre: Isometric Action Role Playing Game

Torchlight II returns in its biggest and boldest form yet but does it break new ground for the genre (look to Path to Exile if you want to see the next evolution of this genre) or is it happy to set about the well-worn battle path laid down by the Grand-General of action RPG's himself, Diablo II? Over the years many have tried to emulate the success of the Diablo franchise - but sadly - most got mired in muck and then were promptly forgotten about! Anyone remember Space Siege, Silverfall or Legend: Hand of God? No, I didn't think so.

Both Diablo and Torchlight share more in common than you would initially think when looking past both games visual representations. Where Diablo is the dark and broody Grand-Daddy of lootin' action RPG'S, Torchlight is its more quirky, colorful and humorous idiot son. That doesn't, however, make Torchlight the inferior of the two by any long stretch. Torchlight and Diablo both come from the same lineage, sharing many senior developers who developed both titles over the course of the last 25 years and this clearly explains why it's the most successful action RPG outside of Diablo. Sure - Iron Lore came pretty close with Titan Quest but until Runic Games formed and gave us the first Torchlight there wasn't much of a success rate for these kinds of games at all. As deceptively simple as they are to the naked eye getting the balance right between clicking, looting and progressing has proven to be more than just a challenge to other game development houses out there who tried to jump onto the action RPG bandwagon.

Torchlight II does very little to tinker with what makes the genre so popular and often sticks so closely to the design-blue print that was Diablo II that it even mimics its explorable areas (forrest, desert and swampy marshland). Once again the story is a whole hog of mumbo jumbo that most will have forgotten once they leave the starting area. This is the series only real short-coming as I can distinctly remember being thoroughly entertained by the cut-scene narrative that drove Diablo and Diablo II forward but I can't say the same for Torchlight and its flimsy paper thin plot I could jot down on a napkin. I know that it can be argued that one really doesn't need much narrative when it comes to this genre but a little would go a long way in keeping me invested. Runic drops the ball here again and I am still sitting here trying to remember what was the whole point and whether I really care to recount it.

Torchlight II's release was also surrounded by a more portentous event that almost shadowed everything gaming that year - the much anticipated 12-year-long-in-the-tooth-wait for the return of Diablo in Diablo III. While many initially thought it would be suicide going against Diablo III in the same quarterly release calendar , history sometimes favors the underdog and while Torchlight II got showered with praise from critics and gamers alike, Diablo III got publicly mauled for its new and improved skill-trees, its always online requirement - even when playing single player, the MMO-styled Auction House and its next-to-never loot drop of rare and unique items. You could argue that Torchlight II was the better game upon release for giving gamers everything they wanted from this genre - even including a LAN option which is always a welcome addition - but after a few heads being rolled at Camp Blizzard, Diablo III has slowly evolved into a finer form than the disaster it initially was and it's for this reason I actually enjoyed Diablo III more than Torchlight II but that's just personal taste because Torchlight II is still a blistering sequel that manages to capture pretty much everything about what makes these kinds of games the addictive experience they are.

It's also worth noting that Torchlight 2 comes with Steamworks Workshop mod integration and since release the community has been bustling away making user-generated content that whilst I haven't personally tried out is sure to keep the game going for a number more years before Runic attempt a sequel.

Gear up and get your clicking finger ready because Torchlight II is a resounding success!
Geplaatst: 7 augustus
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Kill, loot, sell, kill, loot, sell, give points for level and attributes. Repeat 100x

A pretty hard game when you want to deal with it ion elite hardcore. In total 4 classes that are pretty good balanced. Awsome new graphic (since Diablo 2). Perfect just to sit down, connect to a friends server and click till your fingers will burn.

Starting at the moment my third character (engi, bersi done) and I still don't get the point what happens in the story, but I seriously don't care. When you like games like Diablo just try it and you will gonna love it.

Geplaatst: 25 maart
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23.1 uur in totaal
This game is amazing. Be sure to download the Synergies Mod on the Steam Workshop, although the game is still pretty awesome without it!
Geplaatst: 13 juni
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