Stadsbyggarspelet Children of the Nile™ är en riktig pärla som saknar motstycke i fråga om såväl storlek som detaljrikedom.Som farao leder du ditt folk genom tusentals år i historien från enkla jägare/samlare till en odödlig civilisation.
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Utgivningsdatum: 2 jul, 2008

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Om detta spel

Stadsbyggarspelet Children of the Nile™ är en riktig pärla som saknar motstycke i fråga om såväl storlek som detaljrikedom.

Som farao leder du ditt folk genom tusentals år i historien från enkla jägare/samlare till en odödlig civilisation. Om du är en bra ledare kan du bygga häpnadsväckande pyramider, utforska en uråldrig värld och kriga mot dina fiender.

Alla invånarna i staden är helt utvecklade, levande människor som ingår i familjer och hushåll med olika behov. Från präster till underhållare, skriftlärda till arbetare, även de kungliga – alla behöver mat, och det är bara början! Varenda stenblock som släpas till din pyramid måste dras av människor som ber till gudarna i tempel som du väljer. Under din ledning kan lokala ekonomier frodas och växa när allt från flätade vasskorgar till smycken i guld skapas, köps och används av stadens invånare.

För att uppnå odödlighet måste en farao även se utanför stadens gränser och sätta sitt avtryck på världen. Undersök och öppna för handel med grannländerna så får du chans att bygga minnesverk som för evigt vittnar om din storhetstid. I takt med att din status ökar får du även allt lättare att locka till dig människor som kan stötta dig i dina ambitiösa åtaganden och bygga storslagna städer.

Hur vill du att eftervärlden ska minnas din storhetstid?


    • Operativsystem: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista™
    • Processor: Pentium® III eller Athlon® 800 MHz-processor eller snabbare
    • Minne: 256 MB arbetsminne (512 MB rekommenderas för Windows® XP, 1 GB rekommenderas för Windows® Vista)
    • Grafik: 100 % DirectX® 9-kompatibelt grafikkort med 32 MB minne och drivrutiner
    • Ljud: 100 % DirectX® 9-kompatibelt 16-bitars ljudkort och drivrutiner
    • DirectX®: 9.0b
    • Hårddisk: 1,1 GB okomprimerat ledigt hårddiskutrymme
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Upplagd: 6 januari
NOTE: Looking for the Caesar series, what about Zeus? ->> has it ! :D:D is basically a digital distribution site just like Steam that sells classic games deemed "the best games ever made" and they are DRM free.

Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition striked me fairly well, it's a city builder set and centered around ancient Egypt. There were three main reasons why I like this game, 1) the setting is rarely covered, most city builders are focused more on modern architecture. 2) The attention to detail and novel feature of Children of the Nile, and that's it has a very unique economic system -- a food based economic system. Talk about realism, you don't get close to re-living the Egyptian society than paying your government workers food. Children of the Nile also has a strong class system, also representing ancient Egypts strong class society, relying on every member to be in his/her place from peasant, middle class, and noble. How you gain and manage each of these classes is unique, but the game ensures that the player knows that in order to manage more peasants/farmers, you need plenty of nobles. Lastly, 3) the quality of 2006 game is very impressive. Plenty of resolution support and a lot of graphics and audio options, including some for the interface and gameplay. I haven't experienced any crashes or bugs either. The content advertised through the trailer, screenshot, and Steam product store is as advertised, and the voice acting and audio description before a mission is top notch. The graphics and attention to certain Egyptian architectural structures is very pleasing. The music only adds to the immersion and there's plenty of resources and freedom to build your city uniquely to your liking. Decorations are free so you can start planning the layout of your city without much hassle or delay. There's even in-game info, help menu that will explain what the building does and who works it if you are new. There's plenty of missions and content for the price, therefore, it very well worth base price. The developers know it's a great deal too because the game didn't get a price cut during the holiday sale. Even if you played SimCity[4], Tropico, Grand Ages Rome, Anno 2070, Dawn of Discovery, Stronghold, Zeus, Caesar or any other city builder, you'll still get a kick out of this game. It's amazing, it feels original and is very entertaining. Children of the Nile will be perfect for you especially if you are looking for a city builder set in an archaic setting of a former time. Take a look at other reviews as well, lots of other players already have phenominal amounts of hours racked.

That sums up my review, if a developer reads this, I hope you guys will be able to bring the Caesar games to Steam, and be able to finish Medieval Mayor with enough support if the series sells well on Steam. Best of luck, your games are amazing, thank you for creating such memorable gems. You guys will always hold the place of the best city builders in the genre.

Thanks for reading, if you think you might like this game pick it up -- support these developers, it's way better than the sorry rip-off excuse early access/DLC scams nowadays..
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Upplagd: 17 januari
First off, Children of the Nile isn't really a bad game - but it's tough for me not to compare it with other historical city builders, even those a decade older - in particular Pharaoh, Zeus and Caesar III / IV. Graphically, CotN is quite solid - it looks pretty, plenty of resolution choices for an older title. Gameplay-wise, roads, plazas and all decorative items are free, so you can grid and beautify your city from the get-go. Even on the small maps, you have plenty of room to build. Unlike the other city builders, there is no strict road attachment requirement either, and the open-world pathfinding works well.

Where CotN suffers terribly, however, is on challenge factor and pace.

The gameplay is slow. Excruciatingly slow. During play, virtually nothing happens that you need to cope with reactively. While there is trade with other cities, each and every site has all the basic resources to thrive alone. Once you know the build order, there's no need to deviate from it, ever. City guards and walls are utterly useless for the cost in bricks and manpower - luckily, you don't need them on any map, ever.

I've just finished the campaigns, and each and every map boiled down to this; build the basic city of peasant shacks, noble homes and shops, copy-pasted from previous map. Wait for a harvest. Block out into brickworks and basic infrastructure. Wait two harvests. Expand. Wait more harvests. Begin farming the 'special' resource you need to win that map (army, navy, monuments, imports, etc). Wait a huge amount of harvests. Win the map.

I wish I was joking, but my playthrough boiled down to each hour being five minutes of city-building, fifty-five minutes of waiting. I read through several books while I "played" this game at maximum speed; there was no need to pay attention at all, not even the 'disasters' that hit are worth any adjustment - mostly because by the time they happen, or the interface tells you people are unhappy, it's already too late to do anything about it save let it ride itself out, be it disease, hunger or discontent.

Compared to Pharaoh, where each map was distinctly different and had different challenges based on which resources you had available, what you could import/export and what monuments you could build, Children of the Nile repeats the same tedious thing on every map, and at the same time offers no challenge whatsoever save waiting, and waiting some more. Slow pace is all well and good, especially in a city builder - but Children of the Nile is positively glacial compared to all the other city builders Impressions/Tilted Mill ever produced, and that absolutely kills it as a game.

I enjoyed the books I read while the game run. I did not enjoy 'playing' this game. Again, it's not bad or broken - it's just incredibly tedious. For that, I cannot recommend it - save if you want an easy 100% achievements game. All you need is a ton of patience and a few good books. I'd still recommend Pharaoh / Zeus / Casesar III/IV over this one any day, as a game to play and enjoy.
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Upplagd: 3 januari
Great city builder - lots of depth to this one. Building epic pyramids is AWESOME. A bit wonky on Windows 10 (slight flickering in the UI for some reason), but overall good performance wise.
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Upplagd: 30 mars
This game is like a ancient version of Sims City. Although it is old I believe it still stands up to being a great game!
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Upplagd: 12 mars
Those who loved Pharaoh series, this will not disappoint.
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