This edition packages weapon DLC from ten previous expansions as well new featured content.
Data de lançamento: 27 Jun 2012
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“...the most exciting first-person shooter I've played in years.”
100/100 – Eurogamer
“...stop reading right now and download this game.”
100/100 – Ausgamers
“A game that is just fun as hell.”
91/100 – Ten Ton Hammer

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Acerca do Jogo

Tribes: Ascend é o shooter mais rápido do mundo – um FPS multijogador online, onde podes voar com jetpack, esquiar, usar vários veículos e jogar com várias classes. A série clássica de shooters Tribes foi jogada por mais de um milhão de pessoas. Com Tribes: Ascend, a série renasce com combates acelerados, acrobáticos e verticais, combinados com trabalho em equipa, jogabilidade por classes e visuais de ficção científica deslumbrantes.

Características Principais:

  • Esquiar: Um soldado lento é um soldado morto. Ao manter pressionada a barra de espaços removes o atrito e crias ímpeto para atravessar grandes mapas, perseguir e abater alvos e escapar do território inimigo a velocidades intensas.
  • Jetpacks: Total liberdade de movimento aéreo, um verdadeiro combate estilo dog-fight.
  • Combate por Classes: Desbloqueia até nove classes diferentes, cada uma com habilidades e equipamentos únicos.
  • Progresso do Jogador: À medida que jogas uma classe, ganhas experiência que é usada para desbloquear habilidades específicas e "perks". Também podes partilhar o XP ganho enquanto jogas com a tua classe favorita para progredir em outras classes.
  • Intensidade Gradual: Em cada partida ganhas créditos por abater inimigos ou auxiliar nos objetivos da tua equipa. Usa os créditos destas partidas para fazer melhorias nas defesas da base, aceder a veículos ou convocar ataques táticos. Quanto mais jogas, mais caótica se torna a partida.
  • Veículos: Pilota o poderoso tanque Beowulf, o veloz Grav Cycle para duas pessoas ou o versátil veículo aéreo Shrike.
  • Incríveis e Colossais Campos de Batalha: Inicia o conflito numa grande variedade de ambientes, incluindo regiões desertas congeladas, cidades em expansão e montanhas íngremes.
  • Não Lutes Sozinho: A lista de amigos permite-te ligar a outros jogadores e estabelecer a supremacia online.
  • Gratuito para Jogar... mas não "A Pagar para Ganhar": Todos os itens que afetam a jogabilidade podem ser ganhos durante o jogo. Aos jogadores é dada a opção de comprar Tribes Gold, usado para desbloquear classes e/ou habilidades de maneira mais rápida. Os jogadores também podem comprar Skins diferentes com Tribes Gold.
  • Modo de Espectador: O modo espectador altamente detalhado permite-te aproximar a imagem nos teus jogadores favoritos, ver dados de jogadores e alternar entre conflitos eletrizantes em tempo real.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 2GB (XP), 3GB (Vista, Win7)
    • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB free
    • Video Card: ATI or Nvidia graphics card with 512MB video ram or better and Shader Model 3.0+ support. (ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher).
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Video Card: ATI or Nvidia graphics card with 1GB video ram or better and Shader Model 3.0+ support (Nvidia GeForce GTX 560+ or ATI Radeon 6950+).
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Tribes, the definition of what I want to see in a game. The unique mechanics in this game are so original and flawless that it makes me weep for everyone who think each new call of duty is revolutionizing the FPS genre, or nearly any shooter for that matter. With tribes you need true skill to do almost anything in this beautiful game unlike some other shooters I know where spray and pray is just the norm. While that could mean a bit of a steep learning curve I guarantee you that your time will not be wasted learning this game, and you will surely understand from this from the brilliant "cha-ching" of your very first blueplate. This game is also very pretty if you can run it on the higher settings (unlike me) and the sense of speed as you fly through the terrain is unreal. Sadly though as I wright this review the developer, Hi-Rez, have completely dropped this game from their radar. It is no longer being looked after and the community is very small which is a shame with how magnificent this game is. Even though there is no campaign, no developer oversight, and hardly any people playing it this still remains to this day my #1 favorite game simply because of how perfect the core gameplay experience is and how unique this game is among the vast array of shooter that, to be honest, all feel exactly the same. Hopefully in the future there will be another addition to the tribes series and I sincerely hope that Hi-Rez will do it great justice and now that the company is out of its infancy will understand how to keep a game thriving. This game deserves so much more credit then it recieves, even if it recieved some form of GOTY award, it deserves even more attention. It saddens me that good games like this get shoved to the side and forgotten while every "new" COD gets so much attention even when it is doing the same thing over and over.
What makes me most sad though is to anyone who would pick up this game today would not understand the impact this game had to some people in its prime, all they would see is hundreds of empty servers with what seems like 50 people online at any one time. Even though this game has admittedly gone downhill it will still remain as my favorite game of all time.
Publicada: 24 Mai 2014
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A game with absolutely wonderful potential, a slightly less wonderful fanbase, and an absolutely horrendous dev team. Instead of balancing things, coming out with skins and new weapons was Hi-Rez's concern. And then, after saying they'll "Look into" custom maps, dev tools for the community, and other things, what do they end up doing? Dropping the game, for the 3rd person moba "Smite", which is beginning to suffer the same problems that Tribes: Ascend suffered in it's lifespan.

I can only hope that they don't muck up Tribes: Ascend 2.
Publicada: 22 janeiro 2014
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10 Shazbots out of 10.
Publicada: 15 fevereiro 2014
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Great game, fast paste futuristic first-person shooter. The graphic quality is amazing and the layouts are just beautiful.
Publicada: 26 Mai 2014
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Tribes: Ascend is a mixed bag. The very first thing I noticed about the game was that all unlockables could be immediately and permanently purchased through the "Game of the Year" version of the game. It has the standard fare of microtransactions: special currency that must be bought with real money, XP boosters and alternate costumes to buy, and of course being able to purchase any unlockables with the currency rather than XP.

The main flaw of the game is just the fact that it's dead. Hi-Rez has moved on to work on Smite, abandoning this game in the same way they abandoned Global Agenda. The vast majority of servers are Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch since the vast majority of players are new and haven't found out how lonely they're going to be once they want to play the other game modes. This might just be how I felt but looking at the server list is kind of depressing.

Publicada: 23 janeiro 2014
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