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This critically acclaimed first-person RPG takes the player on an amazing journey into the fantasy world of Arx. The game mixes intelligent story with immersive and actual medieval surroundings. Arx Fatalis allows the player to feel that all his actions have a direct consequence on those around him.
Release Date: Nov 12, 2002

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IGN Awards Arx Fatalis an 8/10

"The spell casting system (...) is probably the most fun I've had with magic in a game in a long time."

RPGDot gives Arx Fatalis a 91%

"Clever dungeon design, exciting story and challenging puzzles makes this the most intelligent RPG around"

About the Game

This critically acclaimed first-person RPG takes the player on an amazing journey into the fantasy world of Arx. The game mixes intelligent story with immersive and actual medieval surroundings. Arx Fatalis allows the player to feel that all his actions have a direct consequence on those around him.

The goal of the game is to destroy the secret cult of Akbaa, the god of destruction. As a player, you must prevent the return of such a cruel creature to the physical world. Should you fail, Akbaa is bound to impose its terror upon the world of Arx.

You will become the hero of an underground world - with weapons, spells and magical items to defend against goblins, trolls, rat-men and other vicious opponents.

Besides brute force, stealth and the "onscreen gesture based magic system" are the three alternative ways to succeed. Using the mouse, flaming runes can be drawn in mid-air. A combination of these gestures can create powerful magic spells that will protect you or empower you to defeat opponents and pursue the quest.

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows XP, 500 MHz Pentium ® III or compatible, 64 MB RAM , DirectX 8 or higher, DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 16 MB, 750 MB fixed disks

    Recommended: 900 MHz Pentium ® III or compatible, 256 MB RAM , DirectX 8 or higher, DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 32MB, 750 MB fixed disks

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This is definitely a title I'd say is "underrated". It's a relatively obscure RPG title that gives a fairly interesting setting and good mechanics.

The game is good overall, but it's definitely rough around the edges.


The game is pretty immersive, with full first person and complete view of limbs and equipment. There are plenty of things to loot, plenty of things to kill. The game is also very atmospheric: lots of dank caves with dark ambience playing. The RPG elements are mostly good, but there's not much character interaction, no real dialogue trees. I have a lot of fun exploring dungeons in the game, they can go pretty deep and pretty wide. There are lots of immersive touches, like having to drag things manually into the inventory, to manually drawing runes to cast spells, to even staking zombies to make sure they stay dead. It helps make the game feel alive.


The game barely conveys any information to the player; I've had to rely on walkthroughs extensively. The journal is worthless, it tells nothing about current tasks or reminders of where to go. If important details from dialogue are missed, they can't be found again. Navigation is nightmarish as there are no clear paths to get to locations, everything is located on separate underground levels. The game also is unbalanced in terms of combat and specialization. Playing as a thief or as just a warrior is suicidal, as a certain kind of enemy late-game cannot be easily killed with brute force. I had to restart my game to play as a sort of battlemage build, and now everything is easier.


It's a pretty mixed bag overall. If one likes RPGs with somewhat original settings, compelling mechanics, plenty of immersion, and plenty of loot, then this game is good if one can look past the glaring flaws.
Posted: November 9th, 2013
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If I were to ask what PC dungeon crawler First Person RPG you played way back in the mid 2000s you'd probably say to me Morrowind. And with good reason, it's one of the best.
But at the same time, another game came out by Arcane Studios that was shadowed by the success of Morrowind, a cult gem if you will of classic 3D PC gaming now all but virtuall forgotten save for a few souls who sought this title. What is Arx Fatalis? Is it good? Pros and Cons? Here's the run down.
Arx Fatalis is a first person semi-linear dungeon crawler where you play the role of Am Shaegar, a fantasy John Doe who wakes to find himself naked in a goblin prison in a world where the sun has died and the surviving peoples habitate in underground fortress cities and mines. The story follows Am Shaegar as he seeks to reclaim his memory, but along the way gets tossed into a series of events that could mean the end of the peoples of Arx and even the world.
While the story is strong in the beginning, by the middle act the it becomes predictable and there aren't any big plot twists or holy hell I didn't see that coming moments, but many of the characters and races of creatures of encounter and/or fight make that journey from start to finish interesting.
Because this game is well over 10 years old, it hasn't aged well in terms of graphics. Even Morrowind, however, suffers the same issue, so don't take this as a con persay. However, I've found that the Steam version is a tad glitchy with its sounds or even graphics, whether that is an error on my end or not I can't be sure.
Combat in this game is fun but takes a bit of time to get used to since depth in this world is a bit strange feeling when compared to modern first person games. There are dozens of weapons to find, enchant and utilize to bring death to the menagerie of baddies laid before you.
Puzzles in this game are much like classic D&D puzzles or even old PC adventure games, which means they range from no ♥♥♥♥ easy to what the ♥♥♥♥ hard on the first playthrough. The magic system is also unique and I wished that Arcane had taken the time to re-explore that in later titles because the concept of drawing magic spells to cast them on the screen is quite fun, though a nightmare in the heat of combat.
Difficulty can be...well, all over the board. Some enemies are unfairly overpowered even when you are higher level and certain spells and items that make fighting them easier aren't made clear in the game itself and are discovered through trial and error or game FAQs.
Pros: There are some horror elements and classic RPG elements that make this game feel like a classic. It's not difficult to pick up and get into, the characters and world is quite interesting, and the sound design is haunting (I seriously made a recording years ago of just background sounds in this game to use for Table Top role playing). The magic system takes getting used to along with combat, but once is mastered can make it hard to go back to other games of that time.
Cons: The game is sadly glitchy, the graphics did not age well and can lead to some headaches and eye strain during the first few minutes of play. Combat ranges from easy to unbeatable, puzzles aren't really spelled out, the map system needs work, and the story gets weak by the middle of the game.
All in all I rank this a 3 out of 5, its a game from my youth that I loved that nostalgia draws me back to for fond memories and aggrivating flashbacks of unkillable bosses. Its well worth the price here on steam and there are patches and mods all over the internet that fix some of these complaints. I'd like to see an HD revamp or even remake of this game, so fingers crossed.
Posted: December 2nd, 2013
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Forget about todays standards - Arx Fatalis is a great blast from the past. The gameplay and context is solid and could easily be brought forward to todays tech levels to form awesome new games.
Posted: December 25th, 2013
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You should play this game with Arx Libertatis - I'm totally not biased!
Posted: November 12th, 2013
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If you can get your hands on this RPG you have just got one of the best underestimated RPG's. It is one of the first games I bought on Steam, but still one of the best RPG's i've played. The Graphics are not as good as you get it in today’s RPG's, but the storyplay really works with the adventure you are entering when you start this game. This game is enjoyable for hundreds of hours of playing. PS: take your time to learn to use the spell-system (runes) – it makes your gameplay even more fun. So enjoy :-)
Posted: February 15th, 2014
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