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Fangeskipet ditt har krasjet på den raskeste, mest elegante og farligste 3D-verdenen som noensinne er laget. Se deg om – krystallklart vann glitrer, skygger danser og flakker, fremmed arkitektur forsvinner ut i horisonten.
Utgivelsesdato: 30 Apr 1998
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Om spillet

Fangeskipet ditt har krasjet på den raskeste, mest elegante og farligste 3D-verdenen som noensinne er laget. Se deg om – krystallklart vann glitrer, skygger danser og flakker, fremmed arkitektur forsvinner ut i horisonten. Oppdag hemmelighetene denne mystiske planeten skjuler, og finn ut hvordan en fredelig rase kom til å bli brukt som slaver av ondsinnede og nådeløse angripere.

  • Mer enn 47 imponerende oppdrag for enkeltspillere.
  • 20 flerspillernivåer med 5 forskjellige spilltyper.
  • Hensynsløse fiender, hver og én med unike personligheter.
  • Et arsenal med over 13 dødelige våpen ... og alle garanterer at kroppsdelene til fienden vil sprute.
  • Spillet inneholder alle de nyeste Unreal-forbedringene både spillmessig og teknisk.
  • Egne grafikk- og ytelsesforbedringer for de nyeste 3D-kortene.

© 1998-1999, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Epic, Epic Games, Unreal, and Unreal (Stylized) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere.


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This is the original. This is the one and only Unreal. This started one of the greatest franchises that also led to the now ever-increasing-in-popularity Unreal 3 engine. It's superb, not like newer games where they spoon-feed you tutorials that last an eternity and have pointless auto-aim features. It's just you and your gun against EVERYTHING. IT'S AWESOME.
Publisert: 22 Januar 2014
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About the best throwback to old school shooters you can find. Health packs, carrying over a dozen guns as opposed to 2, and an EPIC soundtrack.

Well, I suppose shadow warrior classic is as good too ... Ah, the good old days.
Publisert: 17 Mars 2014
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Playing this again is so enjoyable. I remember the first time playing, and there is still some great stuff here. The first time you walk off the Vortex Rikers, and look up, and it is just amazing. The Skaarj are still a great enemy. Glad this is available.
Publisert: 23 Juni 2014
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I do not recommend the whole Unreal Gold. Just Unreal released in 1998. Return to Na Pali is one of the biggest craps I've ever played. Unreal (1998) is really well-made game in classic FPS style. Gameplay is addictive, weapons are diversified and every player will be satisfied. There's also some nice maps but in fact I can find few levels (Chizra - The Water God Temple, Bluff Eversmoking...) which I really hate. Unfortunately, I saw some AI bugs but it's some kind of Unreal's appeal. I confess I was not interested in the storyline (I know just the overall meaning) so I won't tell you anything about it. Last levels are really great for me - short, "quick" and good. ;) I played it on 'unreal' difficulty level (the hardest) and I finished the game in more or less 20 hours (I have started it twice).
I have to say something about Return to Na Pali... It is really bad. I thought it will be as good as Quake's mission packs...but no. Levels are boring. I was waiting for the ending during the whole time. I met AI bugs in every level. What about new (3) weapons? Hm... I was using just two of them Combat Assault Rifle (yeah, it is one of my favorite) and Grenade Launcher which I don't like. The third - Rocket Launcher is just weak and useless.
I finished this erm... mission pack in 8 hours. And if you really want to try it I will just tell you that I prefer to abacinate myself rather than play this again.
Unreal Gold is worth buying. But you should try just the main Unreal game.
Publisert: 22 April 2014
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Beautiful game, God-like music, pure uniqueness and unreality that you will rarely see in the games right now.

Unreal is a creative game made in the old times when Quake 2 was born. However; What makes it special is that it was released on its own source, engine, and everything else. It is freely changable with how you play it; Game-speed (overall except of the music), the way you see your weapons (Right, left, center, hidden), and with the custom hud.

The game is ambientic. You feel like you are going forward the way you ticked those maps off without any kinds of annoying loading screens. And it feels good when you finish the game. Very dramatic.

Genres: Action FPS + Puzzles. If you are the lazy thinkers of this generation please do not waste your money on this lovely game. All the time it requires thinking and knowing were are you going, were have you been, etc. You do not dumbly shoot the aliens. Never.

Since the game is old and never gets updated now it contains glitches. If the button is not working, or the door is not opening feel free to use a console. Gladly they do not ruin the game. (Multiplayer is not dead)
Weapons.....are unreal. Dispersion Pistol is the cutest~ Automag is for scouts. Stringer is for semi-minigunners. ASMD Shock Rifle is for semi-snipers. Eightball is NOT for rocketjumpers. Flak Cannon will work for anyone...for the shotgunners I would say. Razorjack....love this thing (But not anyone will), GES Biorifle is for spammers! Rifle...for tryhard snipers. Minigun for minigunners...and Dispersion Pistol for kawaii people. :3

Items....are adorable (Some of them) Invisibility is useful but helpless when you attack someone with it. Flashlights are quick. Flares are useful at dark levels. Nali Seeds....good for people who like to eat healthy stuff~ Everything else you will find out yourself.

And overall...what can I even say now. Title sais it all!

72/10 Would play forever more, with a lovely Dispersion Pistol and a Razorjack~

Publisert: 16 Juni 2014
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