Based on the award winning Red Orchestra: Ostfront, Darkest Hour: Europe ‘44-’45 is a free, online multiplayer, total-conversion mod that raises the bar for intensity, realism and emphasis on teamwork to crush your enemies and achieve victory.
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Next Test Date

We are super happy with the test on Sunday and motivation is up. However, we want to flesh things out a bit more for the next test. Fixing up the logistics and preparing more maps to be ready will take time. So we've decided to not test this coming weekend. And we will schedule the next test as soon as we are ready for one. So please be patient.

As a distraction to the fact DH 8.0 isn't live, I'd like to offer a challenge to everyone. I want everyone to get a microphone and begin using it, conquer your shyness, and get more involved with communication. Play the live DH and try calling out some enemies and get used to using your voice. The 8.0 update is all about teamwork and teamwork without communication is like sex without genitals.

See you gents on the battlefield!

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HUGE Success!!!

This test was a huge success and I want to thank everyone for showing up. I had a blast! Tests will continue next weekend (we need time to fix stuff up).

We managed to test (pretty much) full rounds of Lutremange, Putot, and Cambes, and even Stoumont_Cutoff at the end. All were amazingly fun and unique. As a SL there are so many things to do and we will be adjusting to make sure the SL isn't TOO overwhelmed. Also it seems voice communication is finally working. Local chat after 9 years, finally works!

Still some bugs to work out, but otherwise we are moving towards filling in missing features.

In the mean time head over to the steam discussion board and discuss ideas:

Again our 8.0 alpha change log is here:

And can be obtained by following this guide:

Hope to see everyone next weekend!

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D-Day Anniversary 2016 Update

To commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, we have added a total of five new official maps for Darkest Hour!

  • La Cambe (50+ players)
  • St-Clement (32+ players)
  • Dead Man’s Corner (8-16 players)
  • Vierville (16-32 players)
  • Foucarville (8-16 players)

For more details, head for the official website:


Darkest Hour 基于屡获大奖,备受 Steam 玩家喜爱的游戏 Red Orchestra,它将把经典的 RO 多人游戏体验带到诺曼底的沙滩、市场花园行动、突出部之役以及攻入纳粹德国的战场上。现在,你将能扮演美国、英国或加拿大士兵,同时享受大量的新特色:
  • 超过20种新的步兵武器,包括独具特色的加兰德、M1 卡宾枪、.30口径机枪、布伦、FG42、汤普森和李-恩菲尔德步枪
  • 美式巴祖卡、英式 PIAT 和德国反坦克火箭步枪陪你去猎杀坦克
  • 新的步兵功能,如战地空投、子弹消音和超音速音爆等,还有可以召入炮火袭击的新兵种电报兵
  • 各国的数十种新制服
  • 十余种可驾驶的载具、如德军的虎王式坦克和猎豹式驱逐战车,对抗各类装载75mm炮火、76mm炮火或 17-pounder 的谢尔曼战车,克伦威尔坦克、M10 狼獾式坦克和阿基里斯坦克歼击车
  • 新的护甲功能,如引擎损伤、起火和乘员伤害,受到攻击时履带明显破损等等
  • 更多的交通工具—大众桶车、吉普和欧宝卡车
  • 朱诺海滩 — 加拿大人在经典的D日行动中扫荡海滩
  • 卡郎唐 — 美军第101空降师在D日后不久空袭了小镇
  • 布瑞科特 — 第101空降师尝试摧毁德军在海滩后方一个重要的炮台
  • 维约 — 英军在诺曼底卡昂行动中尝试突围时展开的一场激烈的装甲战斗
  • 金克尔荒地 — 英国伞军在市场花园行动伊始时空降至一块争夺激烈的伞降区域
  • 守望莱茵河 — 突出部之役中的一场规模浩大的坦克战斗,其中包括骇人的虎王式坦克
  • 斯图蒙 — 美军步兵和装甲兵在阿登的巷战中尝试击退亲卫队装甲掷弹兵
  • 雅克绿地 — 顽强的美军防御力量与德军的坦克与步兵力量对抗
  • 佛依 — 德军抵抗美军空降部队
所以,无论是诺曼底战役、空降阿纳姆还是突出部之役中的艰苦战斗,新老玩家都有机会了解到为何 RO 如此经典。现在,你有机会以 RO 风格重回那些战场,Darkest Hour: Europe 1944-45 为您献上!


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    最低配置:处理器:1.2 GHZ 或同等速度,512 MB 内存,显卡:64 MB,兼容 DX9,2 GB 可用硬盘空间,DX 8.1 兼容音频,Windows XP

    建议配置:处理器:2.4 GHZ,显卡:128 MB 兼容 DX9,支持 PS 2.0 声卡:Eax 兼容


    OS: Windows XP/Vista
    Processor: 3.0 GHZ or Equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: 1024 MB DX9 Compliant
    Hard Drive: 5 GB free hard drive space
    Sound: Eax Compatible


    OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    Processor: Intel Mac
    Graphics: Nvidia or ATI GPU (Intel GPUs unsupported)


    OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    Processor: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia, ATI, or Intel GPU with hardware-accelerated drivers
    Hard Drive: 3 GB free hard drive space


    OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
    Processor: 2.4 GHZ or Equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia, ATI, or Intel GPU with hardware-accelerated drivers
    Hard Drive: 5 GB free hard drive space
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