Basert på den prisbelønte Steam-favoritten, Red Orchestra, bringer Darkest Hour den klassiske RO flerspiller opplevelsen til strendene i Normandie, Operasjon Market-Garden, the Battle of the Bulge og inn i Riket.
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Utgivelsesdato: 9. jun, 2009

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Community-Made Mod

Dette spillet krever at du eier Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

Spill Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45

Red Orchestra modifikasjon


About This Game

Basert på den prisbelønte Steam-favoritten, Red Orchestra, bringer Darkest Hour den klassiske RO flerspiller opplevelsen til strendene i Normandie, Operasjon Market-Garden, the Battle of the Bulge og inn i Riket. Nå kan du spille som amerikanske, britiske og kanadiske tropper, med et stort spekter av tilleggsfunksjoner:

  • Mer enn 20 nye infaterivåpen, sånn som Garand, M1 Carbine, .30-kaliber, Bren, FG42 og Enfield-riflen.
  • Gå på stridsvogn-jakt med amerikansk bazooka, britisk PIAT og tysk panzerschreck for å gå på stridsvogn-jakt med.
  • Nye infanteri-muligheter, inkludert Airborne-dropp på slagmarken, kule-undertrykkelse og supersoniske sprekker, pluss en ny type radiomann som kaller inn artilleri-ild.
  • Dusinvis med nye uniformer til de forskjellige nasjonene.
  • Over et dusin nye bemannede fartøy, inkludert King Tiger og JagdPanther for tyskerne som motvirkes med flere typer Sherman i 75mm, 76mm og 17-punds versjoner, pluss Cromwell, M10 Wolverine og Achilles
  • Nye pansermuligheter, inkludert med motorskader og brann, mannskaps-skader og deler som gir synlige skader når de blir truffet.
  • Mer transport — Kubelwagen, Jeep og Opel-lastebiler.

11 nye kart, inkludert:

  • Juno Beach — Kanadiere som stormer strendene i klassisk D-dag aksjon.
  • Carentan — US 101st Airborne som angriper byen kort etter D-dagen.
  • Brecourt — 101st Airborne sitt forsøk på å sette et tysk artilleribatteri ut av drift bak strendene
  • Vieux — Britenes overfeiende, pansrede kamper når de prøver å bryte seg ut i Operasjon Goodwood i Normandie.
  • Ginkel Heath — Britiske fallskjermshoppere hopper inn i et landingsområde som det er mye kamp om i starten av Operasjon Market-Garden.
  • Wacht-am-Rhein — Overfeiende stridsvogn-kamper som finner sted under Battle of the Bulge, med den fryktinngytende King Tiger-tanksen.
  • Stoumont — Amerikanske infanteri og panserstyrker prøver å holde tilbake SS PanzerGrenadiers i gatene i Ardennes.
  • Bois Jacques — Det tykke amerikanske forsvaret i mot de kombinerte, tyske panser- og infanteristyrkene.
  • Foy — Tyskernes tur til å forsvare seg i mot angripende, amerikanske fallskjermjegere.

Så om det er slaget om Normandie, hopping på dropzones rundt Arnhem eller bitre kamper i Ardennerslaget, får både nye spillere en sjanse til å se hvorfor RO forblir en klassiker. Nå med muligheten til å spille disse kampene i RO-stil i Darkest Hour: 1944-45 Europa


    Minimum: Prosessor: 1,2 GHz eller tilsvarende, 512 MB RAM, skjermkort: 64 MB DX9-kompatibelt, 2 GB ledig harddiskplass, DX 8.1-kompatibelt lydkort, Windows XP

    Anbefalt: Prosessor: 2,4 GHz, skjermkort: 128 MB DX9-kompatibelt med støtte for PS 2.0, lydkort: Eax-kompatibelt

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This game is awesome, endless hours of gameplay on it even though there aren't many servers left.
Publisert: 23. juni
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As you can probably tell, or know, 'Darkest Hour, Europe '44-'45' is a modification for the original Red Orchestra, set on the western theatre of the Second World War focusing on the beach landings in Normandy, which is shown by it's content, mainly map designs. Content wise, it obviously expands it's content to that area and period, including weaponary, vehicular combat, mapping and other features. Apart from that, it contains most of the same mechanics from it's mother title, any extras, I'll just keep them as a surprise.

Personally, I have been casually been playing the mod for quite a few years, and enjoyed it everytime I give it another go, so be it with myself, or a few others. At this current moment, most servers and community input rely of the 29th Infantry Division, a unit for the mod which is known to be the main playerbase. I believe it has been active for quite a few years, keeping servers up for pubbers and members alike with a mature and friendly enviroment. Of course there is other smaller units which are always to be present, but if you are interested in such affairs, the Jackboot forums contain that sort of infomation, if that's your cup of tea.

The original RO is known to contain a higher realism factor in my eyes, and may be a struggle to those used to recent and popular First Person Shooters. Aesthetic eye candy from such titles is not the focus here either, and will only be of interest to those of the period, and having the needed patience for it's pace.

For those wishing for a quick analysis of Darkest Hour.


One of best realism alternatives to Arma for instance, set in the Western theatre of WW2.
Enough content for all categories.
Active units and clans to participate with, if that's your can of beans.
Atmospheric, giving a sense of realistic combat.
Can run well on most/all systems.


To be honest, I personally cannot find any large ones, without being picky, apart from some small animation and sound quality problems, the only reason you would dislike parts of the title, would be it's entirety due to it's mechanics. It can appear very sluggish at times, in terms of gun handling and such, but as said previously, it's aimed at those wanting a more realistic experience to the usual FPS style.

Either way, it's free, so why not give it a bash?...

In comparison, it is the best/ only alternative for the ArmA 2 Invasion 44 modification, if you do not have a 'beefy' system, and is easier to set up if you would rather play it casually. The public playerbase is fairly active currently, but may smallen in time.

A new title named: 'Festung Europa' which will focus on the same aspects of this title, and to hopefully improve in all of it's areas, and will most likely release next year. Keep an eye on that in future!

Oh, and remember! You'll need to suck a bag of raisins through a straw before you'll get the 'Practice' mode to work.
Publisert: 23. juli
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Just too damn much fun.
Publisert: 20. mai
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Free expansion pack to Red Orchestra 1? SWEET! It's got the same good mechanics as RO1 with newer maps.

If you don't own RO1? I'd recommend just buying RO2. It's a much more badass game and still has a very lively community.
Publisert: 25. august
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One of the most REALISTIC WW2 FPS games I have ever played. This game should be in anyone's collection who is a fan of WW2 style shooters. I highly recommend.
Publisert: 10. oktober
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Don't ever run to the front of a machine gun. Ever.
Don't cross the road without looking at the sides. Ever.
Don't 360º non scope. Ever.
Don't try to be the hero. Ever.
Don't do anything stupid like you do in CoD, or real life. Ever.
Don't go to the toilet while playing. Ever.

If you do all these things, you increased the chances of not getting killed. By 1%
Publisert: 26. mars
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