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Darkstar One oferă foarte multă libertate de a alege. Misiunile te conduc treptat mai adânc într-o galaxie de rase noi, tehnologii noi și oponenți mai puternici ca niciodată. Explorează vasta matrice de sisteme solare in căutare de artefacte ascunse ale raselor antice, obiecte esențiale pentru îmbunătățirea navei tale--Darkstar One.
Data lansării: 14 aug., 2006
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Despre joc

Darkstar One oferă foarte multă libertate de a alege. Misiunile te conduc treptat mai adânc într-o galaxie de rase noi, tehnologii noi și oponenți mai puternici ca niciodată. Explorează vasta matrice de sisteme solare in căutare de artefacte ascunse ale raselor antice, obiecte esențiale pentru îmbunătățirea navei tale--Darkstar One.
Pe lângă artefacte, acumulează credite pentru a cumpăra echipament mai bun, cum ar fi arme si scuturi. Câștigă credite într-un număr vast de metode: prin acceptarea unor misiuni, vânătoare de recompense, piraterie, contrabandă, comerț, escorte, transportare, premii și multe altele.
  • Un univers vast, simulat cu multe rase unice, nave spațiale si tactici de luptă.
  • Poveste elaborată prezentată în mai mult de cincizeci de minute de secvențe video.
  • Configurează și modernizează-ți propria ta navă, Darkstar One, așa cum vrei tu--construiește o navă rapidă cu multe arme ușoare sau un navigator aproape invincibil cu arme grele.
  • Peste două sute de arme diferite, scuturi si echipament.
  • Rachete, torpile si mine utilizate tactic: minele pot fi lansate către oponenți sau să distragă rachete care se apropie.
  • "Arma Vrajă": o armă specială cu un efect puternic similar unor vrăji din jocurile role-play. Pe parcursul jocului această armă devine din ce in ce mai multifuncțională, oferindu-ți mai multe opțiuni în folosirea tactică a acesteia.
  • Achiziționează arme de la alte rase - Montează arme distincte unor rase pe "Darkstar One", fiecare având funcții diferite care necesită tactici de luptă diferite.
  • Îmbarchează în misiuni speciale - explorează canioane sau chiar și subteranul lumilor necunoscute.
  • Libertatea de a alege - câștigă credite prin multe mijloace: lupte, piraterie, misiuni, contrabandă, comerț, escorte, transportare, premii si multe altele.
  • Joacă fie ca și tipul "bun" sau cel "rău" și profită de disputele politice.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • Supported OS: Windows XP (32 bit)
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 128 MB graphics card with support for pixel/vertex shader 1.1 (GeForce 3 and above)
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB HD Space
    • Supported OS: Windows XP with SP2
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 256 MB graphics card with support for pixel/vertex shader 3.0 (GeForce 6/Radeon x1x00 and above)
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB HD Space
Recenzii utile ale clienților
22 din 23 oameni (96%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
224.1 ore înregistrate
This isn't the next coming of Freespace or X, but it doesn't pretend to be either. It's a nifty space shooter with a side of RPG elements, and for what it is, it's actually a great wee game. Given the disappointments in the genre that are available today, going back to titles like this is actually kinda refreshing.
Postat: 14 mai
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9 din 9 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
64.6 ore înregistrate
Ok, so here is my review of Darkstar One. I was kind of hesitant to get this game, but at $2.49, what the hell, right? I had read other reviews, seeing positive's and negative's about the game. I decided to give it a go. So far, I like the game. Good graphics, decent story line, some pretty good space-combat. All in all, not a bad game and is definately worth the price. I like all kinds of genre in games, from Dungeon-crawlers to space sims, to racing and first-person shooters. I grew up on Atari, Nintendo, Panasonic 3DO, Playstation, etc. So, I know gaming. Darkstar One is a good game. It has it's moments, lag, glitches, etc, but so far, I'm having fun playing it. My opinion, if you enjoy space combat, open-"universe" games, you might really enjoy this one.
Postat: 14 mai
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3 din 3 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
43.6 ore înregistrate
Good fun. Kept me playing for 9 hours (so far). That's not bad for £6 (I actually got it in the sale for less, but I would have been happy even if I'd paid the full price). Fly around space, shoot space pirates (or become one), be a mercenary or a trader transporting resources between systems to make money, do odd jobs for people etc... Think if X2/X3 had a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ child with an arcade machine...

Graphically it's not bad, actually looks quite nice considering it was released 8 years ago. Some of the backdrops are brilliant, an effect only slightly let down by the special effects and textures (which to be fair aren't bad, but nothing special today either).

The bad? The voice acting is terrible (so just like most other games in this genre), the story is painful, and the cut scenes look like they belong on a PS1/N64. Also it doesn't capture your mouse, so if you use more than one monitor you will occasionally find yourself clicking on the wrong screen and making the game drop to desktop (disabling the screen in your graphics card control panel fixes it, there may be another fix I haven't bothered looking). Game's crashed twice on me in 9 hours, pretty sure it was to do with the multi screen problem as it hasn't happened since.

If you can look past the voice acting (as any fan of this genre has to be able to do), and ignore the low res cutscenes (of which there aren't many anyway), then this is fun.

Update: 16 hours... It's more fun than sim, and Turrets are totally OP: my first turret is a lvl 3 railgun turret - every time I get in a fight I hear constant fire from the turret, keep dodging, kill everything!

Update 2: 33 hours. I am fury. I am pain. I am Death. I have blasted, burned and obliterated my way through dozens of star systems. Hundreds, maybe thousands of souls floating through the void are my responsibility. A silent testament to my rage. Pirates are afraid to even think of my name. Now my sights are set on Broniss corporation.

Flying through a Broniss subturanean complex, and the lead character comes out with the single best comment in a video game of all time "These Bronies are gonna get it." So I guess that's that. Bronies beware...

One, Two, Funky's coming for you.
Three, Four, missiles to your door.
Five, Six, wait till you see my tricks.
Seven, Eight, plasma burning bright.
Nine, Ten, you'll never breath again.

Hmmmm... Maybe I should take a break from this game.
Postat: 18 mai
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2 din 2 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
50.6 ore înregistrate
For a older game its dam good for a space game and there are a few mods out there for it but not too many of them. In its time i think this game was over looked because of bigger names like Wing Commander and star wars and so on, To tell you the truth for a space game i would put it up there with them, Maybe a little past them for this reason, It does have a story line in it and yes you have to follow it to get anywhere in the game but there is so many things in the game you can do, you can be a miner, a trader, most wanted man in knowing space, bounty hunter and so on, for a time you are all of them. I would give this game a 9 out of 10.
only reason why it lost one what because of the graphics, the game is old but the graphics are still up there for its age.
Postat: 22 mai
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2 din 3 oameni (67%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
9.5 ore înregistrate
Big discount on Strategy First games? Okay. Let's see what they have... Hmm, interesting, here's a neat little game.

I won't compare Darkstar One directly to any of the Big Four. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, then let me give you a hint: The Big Four games in this genre start with the letters F, P and X. (Two share the letter 'F' for their name.) These games are held by many of space sim/combat games to be the pinnacle of the genre.

But I'm not going to invoke the Big Four in direct comparison to Darkstar One. Comparing DSO to any of those has been done before in other reviews, and at times, I feel this comparison is unjustified, particularly when people say DSO isn't "as good" as the Big Four.

I suspect the developers of DSO have played the Big Four. There's lots of elements from those games present in DSO -- And, in fact, I would argue that you couldn't MAKE a space sim/combat game without having those elements, either borrowed intentionally or re-created without realizing it. It's like hold-left-dragging to select units in an RTS game. That is an extremely common and intuitive manner to select lots of units. It's become a common verb in RTS games, and in hind sight seems like a very obvious thing to implement and if you were to create an RTS today, you would implement mass-unit selection in that very manner. To do otherwise would be unnatural and new players would complain. Someone else found the most optimal verb for expressing an intent, and it's become a part of the building bible for the RTS genre.

Therefore, DSO uses a lot of the same verbs as the Big Four. If you've played the Big Four, then practically nothing in DSO will seem out of place. It's all there, it works like you expect it to, and that is what makes this game a lot of fun, even for someone such as myself. I've played practically every major and note-worthy space sim/combat game out there, and that's not really much of a boast considering that I can only think of a dozen in my entire lifetime as a gamer. This isn't a genre that gets a lot of attention.

DSO does it right and does it competently.

If you are a die-hard Big Four fan, you can't go wrong with DSO. Just give it a chance. The graphics are good, the voice-overs are decent, the plot and characters are okay, and the game mechanics are just fine. There's all the elements you would expect from this genre: Exploring, trading, bounty-hunting, alliance/allegiance shifting, pirates, Big Scary Aliens Doing Bad Stuff To Everyone, Mysteries to Uncover, etc. The whole kit and kaboodle.

The only real issue with DSO is that it doesn't bring much new to the table aside from the single, upgradable ship instead of the more typical ladder-climbing of purchasing better ships. I also like how they implemented the cargo carrying system, as it allows your super agile combat ship to suddenly take on the characteristics of a slow, vulnerable cargo vessel without forcing you to switch ships or land at a station first. That was well thought out.

The game is well made and both looks pretty good and plays well enough for what it is. And damn, you can't beat the price. (Under $3 as of this review. I would have gladly paid far more for this game, if I had known about it before hand.)

If you aren't a fan of the Big Four, and in fact if you are confused about what I am talking about: Give DSO a try. It's a good starting point for someone interested in this genre. If you want more, then don't worry. The Big Four are still around and you can pick them up at bargin prices. (For the uninitiated, most of the Big Four are really old games. Like, one of them is a DOS game! See what I mean about this genre not getting much love and attention?)

DSO is worth it, no matter if you are a fanatic of the genre or not. It's not going to blow you away, but it will provide many hours of solid, fun gaming and that's more than can be said for %90 of what is on Steam. :)

Kudos to the developer of DSO for making such an enjoyable game in this genre!
Postat: 18 mai
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27 din 28 oameni (96%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
21.8 ore înregistrate
Nice space sim. Sadly enough, that's about it. The character animations and voice acting are a bit stiff, the story is kinda boring and predictable.

BUT the fighting is fun, the upgrade system is great, the game looks nice and the alien races are distinct. And in a genre that is as starved as this, that's enough sometimes.

Well, at least until Star Citizen is released next year.
Postat: 26 noiembrie, 2013
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