Darkstar One offre una fantastica quantità di scelte possibili. Le missioni vi guideranno gradualmente nella profondità della galassia verso nuove razze, innovative tecnologie e avversari sempre più temibili.
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Data di rilascio: 14 ago 2006
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Include 3 oggetti: Darkstar One, Patrician III, The Great Art Race


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"Overlooked Space Shooter - the game is divided into different action role-playing quests. Escort, bounty, transport & espionage missions - Very Good!"

Riguardo questo gioco

Darkstar One offre una fantastica quantità di scelte possibili. Le missioni vi guideranno gradualmente nella profondità della galassia verso nuove razze, innovative tecnologie e avversari sempre più temibili. Esplora un vasto assortimento di sistemi solari alla ricerca di artefatti nascosti da antiche forme di vita o di potenziamenti essenziali per la tua astronave...La "Darkstar One".
In aggiunta agli artefatti, puoi ottenere Crediti per comprare equipaggiamenti migliori, come armi o scudi. Puoi guadagnare Crediti in una miriade di modi diversi: accettando contratti di protezione o trasporto di merci, cacciando criminali e ricevendo ricompense, ma anche con atti di pirateria e contrabbando.
  • Un universo vasto, con molte razze uniche, astronavi e tattiche militari.
  • Una storia elaborata, completata da più di cinquanta minuti di sequenze video.
  • Configura e migliora la tua nave, la "Darkstar One", come meglio preferisci--costruisci una nave d'assalto, veloce e pungente, o una fortezza indistruttibile completata dalle armi più devastanti.
  • Più di duecento armi differenti, scudi e equipaggiamenti.
  • Razzi, siluri e mine completano il tuo arsenale permettendo tattiche speciali: usa le mine per distrarre il tuo avversario dai missili in arrivo o lanciale direttamente all'attacco.
  • Le "Armi Arcane": armi speciali con un potente effetto simile ad alcuni incantesimi tipici dei giochi di ruolo. Queste armi diventano man mano più versatili incrementando le opzioni tattiche e le strategie disponibili.
  • Acquisisci armi dalle altre razze - Installa armi di tecnologie aliene sulla "Darkstar One," ognuna dona possibilità uniche e influiscono sui risultati della battaglia.
  • Imbarcati in una missione speciale - esplora canyon o gli abissi di modi sconosciuti.
  • Libertà di gioco - guadagna Crediti nei modi più disparati: combattendo, assaltando, contrabbandando, commerciando, proteggendo, cercando tesori...cosa aspetti?
  • Giocare come il "Buono" o il "Cattivo" farà cambiare alleanze e vantaggi politici.

Requisiti di sistema

    • Supported OS: Windows XP (32 bit)
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 128 MB graphics card with support for pixel/vertex shader 1.1 (GeForce 3 and above)
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB HD Space
    • Supported OS: Windows XP with SP2
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Sound: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 256 MB graphics card with support for pixel/vertex shader 3.0 (GeForce 6/Radeon x1x00 and above)
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB HD Space
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This isn't the next coming of Freespace or X, but it doesn't pretend to be either. It's a nifty space shooter with a side of RPG elements, and for what it is, it's actually a great wee game. Given the disappointments in the genre that are available today, going back to titles like this is actually kinda refreshing.
Pubblicata: 14 maggio
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Ok, so here is my review of Darkstar One. I was kind of hesitant to get this game, but at $2.49, what the hell, right? I had read other reviews, seeing positive's and negative's about the game. I decided to give it a go. So far, I like the game. Good graphics, decent story line, some pretty good space-combat. All in all, not a bad game and is definately worth the price. I like all kinds of genre in games, from Dungeon-crawlers to space sims, to racing and first-person shooters. I grew up on Atari, Nintendo, Panasonic 3DO, Playstation, etc. So, I know gaming. Darkstar One is a good game. It has it's moments, lag, glitches, etc, but so far, I'm having fun playing it. My opinion, if you enjoy space combat, open-"universe" games, you might really enjoy this one.
Pubblicata: 14 maggio
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Good fun. Kept me playing for 9 hours (so far). That's not bad for £6 (I actually got it in the sale for less, but I would have been happy even if I'd paid the full price). Fly around space, shoot space pirates (or become one), be a mercenary or a trader transporting resources between systems to make money, do odd jobs for people etc... Think if X2/X3 had a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ child with an arcade machine...

Graphically it's not bad, actually looks quite nice considering it was released 8 years ago. Some of the backdrops are brilliant, an effect only slightly let down by the special effects and textures (which to be fair aren't bad, but nothing special today either).

The bad? The voice acting is terrible (so just like most other games in this genre), the story is painful, and the cut scenes look like they belong on a PS1/N64. Also it doesn't capture your mouse, so if you use more than one monitor you will occasionally find yourself clicking on the wrong screen and making the game drop to desktop (disabling the screen in your graphics card control panel fixes it, there may be another fix I haven't bothered looking). Game's crashed twice on me in 9 hours, pretty sure it was to do with the multi screen problem as it hasn't happened since.

If you can look past the voice acting (as any fan of this genre has to be able to do), and ignore the low res cutscenes (of which there aren't many anyway), then this is fun.

Update: 16 hours... It's more fun than sim, and Turrets are totally OP: my first turret is a lvl 3 railgun turret - every time I get in a fight I hear constant fire from the turret, keep dodging, kill everything!

Update 2: 33 hours. I am fury. I am pain. I am Death. I have blasted, burned and obliterated my way through dozens of star systems. Hundreds, maybe thousands of souls floating through the void are my responsibility. A silent testament to my rage. Pirates are afraid to even think of my name. Now my sights are set on Broniss corporation.

Flying through a Broniss subturanean complex, and the lead character comes out with the single best comment in a video game of all time "These Bronies are gonna get it." So I guess that's that. Bronies beware...

One, Two, Funky's coming for you.
Three, Four, missiles to your door.
Five, Six, wait till you see my tricks.
Seven, Eight, plasma burning bright.
Nine, Ten, you'll never breath again.

Hmmmm... Maybe I should take a break from this game.
Pubblicata: 18 maggio
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The game could have been a real contender in the space sim genre, but the severe gamekilling bugs and general errors the game suffers from completely obliterates any chances this game had, even back in 2006 when the game launched DSo suffered from a morass of issues the worst being the save game corruption which leads to the infamous infinite loading white hyperspace bug which is near impossible to fix leading to potentially hours of lost time and work - most people who have finished this game will tell you, save the game often because save games will get corrupted on a regular basis.

If your easily frustrated by bugs, having to repeat missions due to bugs/crashes and hate near constant corrupted files then never bother with this game.
Pubblicata: 18 agosto
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For a older game its dam good for a space game and there are a few mods out there for it but not too many of them. In its time i think this game was over looked because of bigger names like Wing Commander and star wars and so on, To tell you the truth for a space game i would put it up there with them, Maybe a little past them for this reason, It does have a story line in it and yes you have to follow it to get anywhere in the game but there is so many things in the game you can do, you can be a miner, a trader, most wanted man in knowing space, bounty hunter and so on, for a time you are all of them. I would give this game a 9 out of 10.
only reason why it lost one what because of the graphics, the game is old but the graphics are still up there for its age.
Pubblicata: 22 maggio
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Nice space sim. Sadly enough, that's about it. The character animations and voice acting are a bit stiff, the story is kinda boring and predictable.

BUT the fighting is fun, the upgrade system is great, the game looks nice and the alien races are distinct. And in a genre that is as starved as this, that's enough sometimes.

Well, at least until Star Citizen is released next year.
Pubblicata: 26 novembre 2013
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