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Super Toy Cars is a tabletop arcade combat racing game featuring fast and cool looking cars, impressive tracks made of everyday objects and a bunch of power-ups that will let you destroy your opposition.
Data di rilascio: 6 giu 2014
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Super Toy Cars v1.0.5a

5 luglio


It's been a while since last update, so I think it's about time we added something here :o)

So we've implemented quite a few fixes and minor features that have been requested both in the forums and by people either personally, through mail or in youtube videos. Here is a list of the features:

- Changed start grid FX to be 'after' the start gate, not before it so that they are more visible. We have fixed the issue whereby it triggered every lap in replays too.
- Added a new step in the tutorial explaining the different camera options.
- Sensibly improved collisions using 'invisible walls' all over the game to replace per-object collisions. The cars now behave a lot better after crashing against a wall.
- Fixed audio bugs in the engines due to sudden rev changes.
- Added the possibility of revving the engine in the count-down (although it has no gameplay utility yet)

As always, we're open to more suggestions and if you find any bugs or issues with the new (or old) features, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix them ASAP.


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Mac Version now available

28 maggio

Mac version is now available! It's still work in progress, so please be patient with regards to bugs you may find. Anyway, please report them all so we can fix them ASAP.


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Informazioni sul gioco

Super Toy Cars is a tabletop arcade combat racing game featuring fast and cool looking cars, impressive tracks made of everyday objects and a bunch of power-ups that will let you destroy your opposition. Collect all cars and upgrades to keep up with competition while you progress in career mode or have a quick race either against AI opponents or against friends. You can play up to 4 players locally and up to 8 players online. Go and build your own tracks, share them with friends or play with them in your tracks. Super Toy Cars is big and with lots of options for you to tinkle and play with, but most importantly this game has been carefully crafted to be fun play and fun to race, either alone or with friends.

There are 16 different cars in the game each one with its unique handling model. You can experiment with them and play the ones that best suite your driving style and the different situations you'll find in our 12 tracks. Oh, and maybe you'll want to use different cars depending on which type of event you're playing, because we have 48 events in career mode, but not all of them are races! And if you grow tired of the tracks in the game you can always check what other tracks have the community built or even build your own and share it with our in-game track editor.


  • 16 different cars with unique handling models
  • 12 different tracks in 4 different locations which can be played in 5 different event types
  • Career mode comprising 48 events
  • Up to 4 player local multiplayer
  • Up to 8 player online multiplayer
  • Track editor to build and share your own tracks

Early Access Roadmap

We have a roadmap in place for the period the game is going to be in Early Access. We are aiming for a final release date in the first or second week of May. We have roughly 10 weeks to that date and we're planning to do, at least, weekly builds with improvements. We'll be announcing what's new in every build in the announcements section, but anyway here's the planned roadmap:

  • March, 3rd: Mostly bugfixing and online improvements. Possibly some improvements in the HUD and menus.
  • March, 10th: Improved menus backgrounds, improved HUD, better and more consistent AI accross the game. Achievement icons.
  • March, 17th: More effects and particle systems. Bugfixing.
  • March, 24th: First batch of vehicle paintjobs.
  • April, 7th: Mac version. Second batch of vehicle paintjobs.
  • April, 21st: Linux version. All vehicles have, at least, 2 paintjobs available.
  • April, 28th: Some easter eggs, and other bonuses. Maybe provide a first alpha of a vehicle editor.

Bear in mind that this list is meant to change and adapt to your suggestions and feedback. Although we can't guarantee we'll implement every detail and suggestion we receive, we'll do our best to react to community feedback and make of Super Toy Cars the best game we can with your help.

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB with Shader Model 3.0 support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • OS: OS X 10.9 or higher
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core Intel CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GT 9600M/320M, or ATI (AMD) Radeon HD 4670 with 256 MB VRAM.
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: These specs are still being determined.
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Comprato per 7,50 euro durante i saldi (in teoria, a prezzo pieno costerebbe 10) e non ne vale minimamente la pena. In tutto nel gioco ci sono solo 12 piste che ci vengono ripropinate in mille salse (time attack-corsa classica-eliminazione) per allungare il brodo (infatti in tutto ci sono 48 "gare" da fare) dopodiché il gioco e finito. Quindi, ricapitolando, vi sconsiglio altamente di spendere 10 euro per 12 piste (rimischiate pigramente per farle sembrare di più), ed una fisica di gioco "programmata appoggiando le natiche sulla tastiera" [cit.], poiché non solo il gioco è molto corto, ma anche pieno di bug (testato sia su IOS che su Windows).
P.S. Vi giuro che quei maledettissimi bug mi hanno fatto sclerare oltre ogni limite anche nell'attuare le azioni più semplici.
P.P.S. Aggiungo io (visto che i simpatici e zelanti produttori di questo gioco non l'hanno scritto) che il fatto che la versione per IOS sia work-in-progress non solo la riempie di bug (ancor di più di quella per Windows) ma, ad oggi (25/06/2014), la rende totalmente priva di modalità multiplayer.
Io vi ho avvisato: state lontani da questo gioco, vi conviene...
Pubblicata: 25 giugno
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For what it is it is fantastic fun , its like an old school type racer where the main objective is about fun and there is lots of that . Super Toy Cars starts off fairly easy but as you progress the racing becomes far more aggressive and strategic , If you have a soft spot for old games like Re Volt I urge you to try this out , I think this is better TBH , sometimes Gaming can capture imagination and Super Toy Cars has done just that, it has a certain charm about it ! at the price steam are asking for it I think it is too good to pass up.
Pubblicata: 28 marzo
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First impressions: http://www.cublikefoot.com/super-toy-cars-first-impressions/

A relaxing kart racer with toy cars, who wouldn’t want that?

The game is already running smoothly, even in its early access state, and I’ve yet to encounter any game-breaking bugs. The gameplay is as expected from a kart racer, or, in this case, toy car racer. Be the first to cross the finish line after that last lap and make use of items and obstacles along the way to either benefit you or put your enemies at a disadvantage. I found the game to be surprisingly easy. I’ve yet to lose a race, or maybe I’m just too good for the game?

Super Toy Cars has some pretty neat graphics, on top of a nice soundtrack. There are a variety of cars and tracks to choose from, a nice addition (and still more to come, as the game is in early access). The game even has a track editor, which is awesome!

There are a few minor bugs that I’ve run into, however. One being that collisions with other vehicles and objects are wonky and don’t seem to work as expected. This is really noticeable with the tubes that can be driven through. You’re easily clipped into them, which is quite annoying.

Other than that, Super Toy Cars is a pretty solid game and earns my recommendation.
Pubblicata: 7 aprile
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Anyone who liked the game Micro Machines or any similar titles (even Mario Kart) will like this game. It is fairly polished, and is still in early access so I am sure there will be more features to come. Great game. I haven't been able to get multiplayer to work as of yet, so I assume that feature must still be in the process of being implemented.
Pubblicata: 19 aprile
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I'd really love to write a good review about Super Toy Cars but i'd rather give my honest oppinion.
Maybe my hopes were too big or not but the game is nothing like the good old Re-Volt.
As much as i would love to - i wouldn't recommend this game , at least not at this stage of development!

Controlls: 3/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Level design: 3/10 (yes, there are invisible walls)
Soundtrack: 4/10 (there are 2-3 tracks at this point)
Overall: 4/10
Pubblicata: 27 maggio
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