Året är 2156. Världen har förintats av både nukleär och biokemisk teknologi. Din historia tar plats i en av de få beboeliga platserna som finns kvar i världen, Grand Canyon. Som en klon med ett osäkert förflutet är ditt jobb att överleva i en värld nu byggd på förstörelse, förräderi och ömtåliga allianser mellan de olika fraktionerna.
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Utgivningsdatum: 12 okt, 2011

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"Good game for cuddle piles."
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30 september

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3 juli

This 4th of July celebrate America in the Wasteland!

This 4th of July celebrate America in the Wasteland! We’ve just released our summer combat improvement patch . Not up on the details? Check out the patch notes here – http://www.gamersfirst.com/fallenearth/?q=Patch2.7

Looking for a way to celebrate in style? Check out our new cosmetic armors. Introducing the Cobra Jacket, Pants and Boots as well as three new cosmetic heavy armor suits for the Ace collection

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Om detta spel

Året är 2156. Världen har förintats av både nukleär och biokemisk teknologi. Din historia tar plats i en av de få beboeliga platserna som finns kvar i världen, Grand Canyon. Som en klon med ett osäkert förflutet är ditt jobb att överleva i en värld nu byggd på förstörelse, förräderi och ömtåliga allianser mellan de olika fraktionerna.

Upptäck, utnyttja och visa din dominans av över 1,000 kvadratkilometer ogästvänlig, men förunderlig terräng. Den varierade spelstilen tillsammans med avsaknaden av karaktärsklasser tillåter dig att spela som vilken karaktär du vill. Upptäck dynamiska händelser där du samlar resurser och invaderar städer, inta och håll en "Progress Town", slåss genom instanser, ta del av den rika bakgrundshistorian, eller lev på att auktionera ut det du samlar på dig och tillverkar på auktionshuset. Fallen Earth ger dig friheten att göra vad du vill. Världen må vara en skugga av sitt forna jag, men det finns ingen gräns för vad du kan uppnå.

Key features:

  • Samla på dig, skörda and tillverka nästan vad du än kan tänka dig. Över 95% av alla saker i spelet är tillverkade av spelarna.
  • Stridssystemet ger dig det bästa av både first-person combat och rollspelande
  • Bilda allians med en av de sex fraktionerna och ta del av den rika bakgrundshistoria som definierar världen i Fallen Earth
  • Fallen Earth är inte hindrad av karaktärsklasser, spela det på vilket spelsätt du vill
  • Över 1,000 kvadratkilometer mark att upptäcka
  • Dynamiskt förekommande händelser, inkluderandes invasioner och hemliga förråd av resurser betyder att det alltid finns något som händer i spelvärlden



    • Operativsystem: XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz eller Athlon 64X2 2.4 GHz
    • Minne: 2 GB för XP, 3 GB för Vista, 2 GB för Windows 7
    • Hårddiskutrymme: 10 GB
    • Grafikkort: NVidia GeForce 6600 eller ATI Radeon X1300
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (XP), 10 (Vista)
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*I HAVE A LOT OF TIME IN THIS DUE TO PRESSURE BY MY FRIENDS TO PLAY IT ALL OF THE TIME. Same reason WoW still has so many subs who don't actually like the game much, they play it as a social experience.*

World is not interesting, enemies are not interesting, dungeons are boring with bullet sponge bosses. The end game pvp is borderline pay2win with the way the shop works. The combat is aim/action based but still uses spammy hotkey skills. Overall the combat is worse than WoWs style due to how horrible the animation and unbalanced the skills are. The crafting takes a long time to do unless you pump money into the game. You can straight up buy the best vehicle in the game, and you have to buy a item to craft the best weapons. This is not fallout the mmo, this is a sad attempt to milk fallout fans.
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Upplagd: 28 oktober
For those of you looking for a fallout-ish experience, you won’t find it here
For the very few people who actually read this review, I’m going to start off with everything bad that it does.
1) The community feels as dead as all the enemies I had to kill to complete one objective
2) The game does nothing new, it’s like having a kit named “build your own post apocalypse survival game” written in pen on a bit of tape, to which the tape is stuck on a pseudo G.E.C.K device.

The purpose of a game like this is to do what similar games of its genre did and build on those ideas and make them better. Not fabricate what already exists and slap a “done” sticker on the front.

3) There is very little explanation about how skills, items and game mechanics work, only basic key mapping like moving, turning and combat.
4) The story is fairly mild at best
5) Melee combat is dull
6) Quests have a tendency to “bug out” or have confusing objectives, one situation was where I needed to go to a point on the map, let an NPC follow me and walk back to the start point. Apart from I failed the quest somehow on the first try, the game never explained how or why.

When I went back there the NPC that was meant to follow me no longer appears, and as such I have no idea how to complete the quest.
Other situations like questing disappearing from my menu also happen frequently, meaning quests I was halfway through needed to be picked up again from a guy quite literally 3 miles away and completed in one go.

7) Menus are very clunky, from the start I was bombarded by a bunch of skills I didn’t know (and still don’t know) the effects or uses of.
8) The crafting system does nothing new
9) How skills work is never explained, you have to figure it out via tooltips.
10) For me this game took over 50 minutes to download, unpack and patch before I could play.
11) I have no idea how they got the screenshots on the store page, I push everything to max and it still looks like something a commodore 64 would play.

So what is good about it?
Well for a start it is actually very well made. The skills menu and the depth of control you have is refreshing. You don’t get your hand held and from the start you can wander in any direction you please.
Speaking of wandering, the map is a very good and from my current playtime I could guess that if you wanted to skirt the edge like a racetrack it would take you several hours to do so on horseback or via a vehicle, it has many interesting points and few “blank” spots. Yet the map still does not feel crowded...

If you are a nerd like me you will probably understand the skills system quickly, it’s very D&D style with character sheets and raising skills that all affect your other skills. The mechanics are probably what holds this game up.
Dialogue feels forced but it’s fairly frequent, not every line is voiced but there are greetings you get from time to time. What makes it better is the lack of hand holding and the freedom you are given.

I know I have scorned games that have committed fewer crimes than this one, but I honestly see it getting better later on. I’ll probably keep playing for another 30 hours, I doubt much more than that.
It’s kept me busy for almost 10 hours, it’s very consuming once you get immersed.

If I had to give a score it would probably be 6/10
It has lots of bad points but for me mechanics outweigh graphics, voice acting and story
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The 3 day install was my favorite part.
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First impressions:

As you can see (at the time of writing), I haven't played the game much, as such I can only write about first impressions.

Loading the game initially through steam, account setup is pretty basic (log in, verify e-mail, get to playing) except for one tiny detail... you can't choose your user name. The software generates a hash code for your name (around 20 characters in length including upper/lower case letters, numbers, and hyphens ( - ) ) and I have to say... the support team is *FAR* less than helpful (their response : we can't change unique user names)...

Okay, let me rant a moment... so what they're saying is their programmers can't use SQL? Can't use PHP? Can't... um... access their OWN databases? I think not... I think someone is too lazy to correct their mistake. Log in with an e-mail because "that's the username"... but tried logging in with my e-mail and it says "invalid username" but using the hash... all hunky dory.

There, that's out of the way, let's get to the game itself and not the customer service.

The game is old-school. The graphics sit somewhere between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. The NPCs and "Monsters" are all standing around in one place, tethered to a spot (where they will chase after you for a predetermined distance before giving up and returning to their spawn) ~ a lot like EverQuest 1. The world itself is a little on the empty side, but I cannot honestly say if it remains this way (the internal zones and buildings are pretty cool, and for a game that is set in a wasted world, it's as desolate as it should be).

The story-line is thoughtful and creative, even if it's a little flat and tired. It is interesting, it is engaging, it's just that it's a bit 'old.'

The GMs are super helpful, and I've seen them online every time I've logged in. The help channel is busy, and responsive (I can't even begin to say how refreshing that is)! That said... they have the typical censored chat system that is pretty much par for the course... but don't bother censoring your own words (like: aw s*** that sucks) because a GM will threaten to mute you for language (a redundancy which borders on zealous). Hardly anything to complain about... keep it clean (and PG so you don't offend the super-innocent teenagers playing this game - note sarcasm).

Movement is a bit cumbersome and unweildly ~ but once you're used to it it isn't too bad (such as hitting tab or the middle mouse button to turn on targeting, and therefore a locked mouselook instead of free-look). It's pretty hard to get the camera around front of your character (but it's entirely possible I've just overlooked something).

Skills, stats, levelling, trades... a detailed system. A wonderfully detailed system. APs (which I may mistakenly believe to mean "action points") are granted frequently in small doses for everything from quest completion to simply levelling up your trade skills. Mousing over anything will give you a clear and detailed description of what that thing is for and what it does and what it effects - I've long desired that games did this, some do, but FE starts with this right out of the gate... they do NOT leave you in the dark (as long as you can read at a Junior High level, it's sweet).

Questing is a bit weird to get used to - the map (okay, the map... WOW... if you like detailed maps that don't hold your hand, but make some pretty obvious markers... then this map system is for you - detail, detail, detail... easily one of the most beautiful map systems I've seen in a game in a LONG time)... anyway, the map... shows a little red X on your radar that when you mouse-over it will show you the name of the quest it's for. There are no indications of distance on the radar or for quests, and some quests are a bit ambiguous (really, they just don't hold your hand there - read it... then figure it out ya lazy bums)!

Will I continue playing? You bet. What is the not free to play? Buying keys for dropped lockboxes. Unlocking your entire wardrobe. Paying for premium content (usually access to skills, timers, clothing, zones, etc) in three different monthly plans (from about $12 to $30), not so bad - but pretty steep considering you can get a great deal more out of a game like LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online) for about $15/month, with far better quality and content. Still, not too bad, save that it's comfortably on the expensive side (especially for what it is and offers).

Do I recommend it? Yes. Get past the opening stuff. Put some points into Intelligence and Perception (both of those increase your maximums for tradeskills), and READ THE QUESTS.

If you don't like reading, or actively engaging a game... this isn't for you. I, however, love reading the content in a game (I want to see what other writers and creative teams are doing with their work) and I enjoy a challenge. As such, I really enjoy this.

In short, a rocky start, some negative experience with the customer service and GMs, a bit unweildly and old-school, and expensive beyond the F2P... but a game that grows on you quickly and really eats up time (that's a mark of a good game right there).

Test it out. If you liked Fallout 2 and 3, then you'll probably enjoy this. I don't think it's a "long term" game (as far as playability) in my books, but that's simply my own opinion and nothing more. Plenty of players are really enjoying this game, and that speaks volumes about the overall content and quality.
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Downloaded enormous game file. This took an entire day.

Created account.

Read EULA. Standard stuff.

Read SECOND EULA. Code of conduct and a few weird roleplay related rules. Mental note to stay away from those servers.

Downloaded five hundred updates. Another day is now nearly over.

Loading screen / ad.

Create character.

Loading screen / ad.

Finally get to make my first gameplay related keystrokes.

Game freezes after 4 seconds of play.


Game resumes.

Punch small man.

Small man yells at me.

Game freezes.


Game crashes.


Moral: you get what you pay for.
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I really do recommend this game.

I recommend it not only cause it is free but because they community and everyone in it is friendly :)
I got told to strip into my underwear by a gang of so called "bandits" (They weren't NPC)

I'm only level 8 yet I have had so much fun already and alot more to come.
The reason I'm only level 8 in 23 hours is because I restarted.

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Played through the solo begining and was very happy with playability and was looking forward to exploring and finding new things, but once outside in the multi user world, the game became utterly unplayable on a platform on which I have played dozens of MMORPGs without framerate issues or lag issues to this extent where I had to stair the player at the ground just to slowly turn then try to look up to see if I was facing the correct direction after only a few minutes in the unplayable outer world I had to quit never to return.
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Post Appocalypt Earth caused by Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Zombies. being the first MMO I actually Liked, going into towns and helping peopled was a realy sattisfying experience. But then I ran into delema's with the main story where you are not a single man army. This game will probably be more fun if you work in packs or join a guild, Also, this game isn't free if you, it's just got a free mode that used to be sweet. It still is sweet, but a sometime after the release of the free edition, they removed the ability to have craft ques for free players.
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good game but kinda disappointed for freemium

overall good
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Straight away you can see how ♥♥♥♥ it is, even for a free game this is bad... dont waste space on your computer and download this.
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the game is fun there is NO tips about how to get stuff done and you have to know what your doing befor you start its a little hard to get started but whan you do its fun
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Upplagd: 24 oktober
a decent game but as i have seen pointed out it lacks imagination in some of the enemies and the bosses just soak up bullets but overall its a decent game about like runescape but again not the same you will just have to check it out
things it has that make it worth the time
- player built vehicals
- factions (player controlled and non)
- pvp and pve
- decent respawn system that will make you work to get your stuff back but wont make it easy mode
- interesting selection of weapons

thats the highlights feel free to try it out its a free game aside from some in game things but thats how the gaame keeps running so overall its a decent game but fun if you like FPS games
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im a huge fan of fallout 3 so this is great for me :3
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this game has its limits. I can see people liking it for its roleplay features but i thought it would need some sandbox. Like adding clans that can make there bases and save them so they have somewhere to stay. Then it would be a game worth playing
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Upplagd: 25 oktober
This game is dead. You can try it, but DO NOT spend money on it.
Bottom line, AbandonWare.
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This Is The Best Story Ever!!!!!
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I only played this game briefly, but it was fun. It did, however, have a steep learnin curve, and not much was explained, so it left a beginning player a bit confused and wandering around a bit. I have not played it in many months, however, so patching and the like may have fixed many of those problems. If you like the post apoc or survival genres, it's definitely worth checking out, especially with its (free) pricetag.
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i shot a guy to death with an invisiblee paintball gun. 11/10
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just a super cheap knock off of Fallout, this game sucks
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Upplagd: 24 oktober
Can't even play the game, too many issues with updating; It keeps reinstalling the same update over and over again so actually launching the game from steam is impossible.
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