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2156-ot írunk; a világot nukleáris és biokémiai fegyverekkel elpusztították. Történeted a világ néhány még lakható helyének egyikén, a Grand Canyonban játszódik. Bizonytalan múltú klónként feladatod a túlélés egy immár pusztításra, árulásra és törékeny frakciószövetségekre épülő világban.
Megjelenés dátuma: 12 Okt 2011
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11 április 2014

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A játékról: 

2156-ot írunk; a világot nukleáris és biokémiai fegyverekkel elpusztították. Történeted a világ néhány még lakható helyének egyikén, a Grand Canyonban játszódik. Bizonytalan múltú klónként feladatod a túlélés egy immár pusztításra, árulásra és törékeny frakciószövetségekre épülő világban.

Fedezz fel, használj ki és mondj magadénak több mint 1000 négyzetkilométernyi barátságtalan és titokzatos terepet. Az osztálymentes fejlődés és nemlineáris játékmenet lehetővé teszi, hogy olyan karakterrel játssz, amilyet szeretnél. Csatlakozz véletlenszerű dinamikus eseményekhez, hogy készleteket gyűjts és településeket szállj meg, foglalj el és tarts meg Fejlődő Városokat, harcolj elkülönített területeken, vegyél részt a frakciók gazdag háttértörténetében, vagy élj meg az általad felkutatott és készített tárgyak eladásából az aukciós házban. A Fallen Earth megadja neked a szabadságot, hogy pontosan azt tedd, amit akarsz. Bár a világ már csak az árnyéka régi önmagának, de annak nincs határa, hogy te mit vihetsz véghez benne.

Fő jellemzők:

  • Kutass, gyűjts be és barkácsolj szinte bármit, ami csak eszedbe juthat. A játékban lévő tárgyak több mint 95%-át a játékosok készítik.
  • A hibrid valós idejű harcrendszer tökéletesen ötvözi az első személyű harcot és a szerepjátékot.
  • Fogadj hűséget a hat frakció egyikének és vegyél részt gazdag háttértörténetükben, ami meghatározza a Fallen Earth világát.
  • Nincsenek osztályok, játssz úgy, ahogy akarsz.
  • Több mint 1000 négyzetkilométer felfedezhető terület.
  • A dinamikusan történő események, például támadások és rejtett készletek felbukkanása azt jelenti, hogy mindig történik valami.



    • Operációs rendszer: XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
    • Processzor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz vagy Athlon 64X2 2.4 GHz
    • Memória: 2 GB XP, 3 GB Vista, 2 GB Windows 7 esetén
    • Merevlemez-terület: 10 GB
    • Videokártya: nVidia GeForce 6600 vagy ATI Radeon X1300
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (XP), 10 (Vista)
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Közzétéve: 27 február 2014
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If you like Fallout and STALKER, then this game is for you, this game is mostly based in gameplay not graphical, but still has STALKER graphics, decent, it has First person, 3rd Person. Its similiar to Fallout, find missions, Find weapons and armor, but this game has a pretty dynamic view of recipe creations, incredible Gamemasters, which help prevent spammers from annoying you or harrassing you In-game. Although help is limited unless you buy at least one Store item, which isnt a bad thing, Its Free2Play why complain, if you plan on keep playing than buy something from the Marketplace to unlock You're Certain limits In-game. When creating Recipes, some take minutes while some take hours to days. So this game isnt for the faint of heart, if you can't read and follow through quickly and comprehend well, then this game is not for you.

Certain Armor and Gear, are only available through PVP, which is recommended with Teams. This game has well endored people playing so its best to keep you're Manners at hand, you tick one person off and you're name is pretty much Kill on sight, game is comprehensive when it comes to recipes, FE is hard to play through without recipes, but isnt impossible since it has a similiar concept as Amazon sellers or Ebay Auctions, since this game has its Own Auction House, mail box which you can send and recieve mail just as real life with packaging.

If you follow through the beginning Tutorial you will recieve free gear and a Vehicle. Easiest ways to make Chips as in cash, is to collect and farm and Auction off items, but keep an amount of items for yourself.
The game is quite simple when it comes to making a clan or joining a clan, you also get a Help channel with Region and local, But Global Chats are unlocked with a single item bought from the Marketplace.

The Devs, do their best at updating but at times can be slow, just like most any other games, the current level from this review is lvl55, since they take their sweet time when updating higher lvls.

If you plan on playing this game keep in mind, DON'T rush the game, take you're time, customize you're controls, set you're Window Panels in-game best to you're level. Don't forget you get basic Training abilities with Mutations that disapear at a certain level. Max chip limits are all 9 chips in every chip collor for now. Don't Skip levels, if you play all missions you'll have more than enough chips to buy whatever suits you. I dont recommend Power-Leveling unless you already played all the missions on another Alternative Character AKA Alt. Its best to stay within the lines of all Factions until you know which Faction is best for you.

Update 1/13/14

Auction House: Used to sell whatever Items that are tradable, though most people I have noticed that are new to this game even older members tend to get two things confused at times, first.
Remember that theres differences between Not Tradable and Not sellable. Not tradable means exactly what it means, you can't trade it with other members of the game like yourself, and Cannot be sold, means you can't sell that item to the Merchants in-game. This doesnt mean you can't place this in the AH unless it states its both Not Tradable and can't be sold. If it just says cant be sold, you can trade the item with players but cant sell it to the merchants. if the item says it cant be traded but doesnt say it cant be sold, that means you cant trade with Players but you can sell it to Mercs. If both are displayed, best th8ing to do is either two things, stash it somewhere or right click the item to delete or Scrap it for parts, if given that Option.

Most players have a hard time figuring out where best to scavenge loot, whether its for crafting or selling. Try looking in the outskirts of Embry, Oilvile, Pass Chris and other towns, Oilvile contains alot of Copper and Lead deposits for example.

Waypoints is VERY important in this game if you have a hard time keeping track of where your favorite spots are, rather its for looting and killing. To use Waypoints go to your Menu and locate the name Waypoints click it to open another window you can create a Waypoint or Add another. To create your own you can locate your Radar and click the globe icon to bring up your strategic map, from there, you can uncheckmark the Overhead to view detailed Information of where your at, and you can right click where ur Marker is at to add a waypoint, you can edit name to easily find it in your Waypoints Manager Window.

Copy recipe Links or AH links to Chat Windows

If you are near a AH or chatting in a Chat Bar, you can link recipes by going to Menu locating your Recipes and find the desired recipe and look at the bottom of your recipe, you will see an icon that looks like Shuffled cards, next to that icon is a chat bubble you click that to add it to any Recently Active Chat windows, then Enter it to show Full recipe to someone, But NEVER shout out recipes in the HELP section, since this will get you muted or possibly banned from Help for Spamming in the Help channel. Just like Adding Recipes you can also just directly link the Item itself rather the full recipe which is useful in the Auction Channel so you dont spam and make anyone mad. To do so, locate any recipe, find the actual item you want to craft, look at the Icon of the Item point your cursor to the thumbnail of it and you will see a Red pin like picture in the picture of it, you will then notice it will show a detail information of it, when it does that, hold down your Ctrl Button down on your keyboard and click your left click on your mouse to see it directly link to your active Chat Window. Works great for asking in the Auction Channel when saying WTB or Wanting/Willing To Sell

Best of luck and happy playing.

This game is worth playing at least once
Közzétéve: 25 november 2013
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The poor man's Fallout.
Well, not exactly, but hey, it ís free 2 play and it does have that post apocalyptic thing going on.

Either way, it's a pretty cool game. Lots of crafting and scavenging to get things done.
And the community is quite nice too.
Közzétéve: 26 november 2013
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It's a good game, but it could be better.

The Bad...
*Lack of server optimisation, PvP is sometimes a horrible experience because players strafe left and right to avoid damage because their hitboxes and character fly all over the place.
*Lack of weapon variety in end-game.
*Lack of useful weapons, some weapon stats are just better than the other.
*Seen some clans camp newbies who enter PvP on accident.
*Some mutation abilities are underpowered.
*PvE enemies are predictable and boring to fight.
*Character customisation is permanent (face, tattoos, paint, etc...)
*Money, character, and crafting limit if you don't buy anything for real money.
*Some skills seem underpowered because most abilities can hardcounter them (Dirty Tricks, Escape Artist, maybe a few more).
*Loud bad player minority.

The Good...
*Lots of build variety, be as special as you want to be or become a jack-of-all-trades.
*3 Weapon skills to choose from - Melee, Rifle, Pistols (all with different pros and cons).
*Mutations enhance your abilities.
*Some body and character customisation.
*Lots of crafting.
*Helpful help chat.
*Freedom to choose what kind of build you want.
*Community is friendly.
*Full game experience is cheap, buy something in the store and the money, craft, and character limit is gone forever (Max character limit in "freemium" is 4)
Közzétéve: 8 december 2013
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Best post apocalyptic mmo I have ever played, but then again there are not many out there. I will admit as of this recommendation I am not that far in-game, but from what I have seen, it's definitely a keeper! You have got to try fallen earth.
Közzétéve: 3 november 2013
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