Wir schreiben das Jahr 2156 – die Welt wurde sowohl atomar als auch bio-chemisch zerstört. Ihre Geschichte findet in einem der wenig noch bewohnbaren Plätze der Welt statt, dem Grand Canyon. Als Klon mit unklarer Vergangenheit ist es Ihre Aufgabe, in einer Welt, die auf Zerstörung, Verrat und schwachen Partei-Allianzen errichtet wurde,...
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Veröffentlichung: 12. Okt. 2011

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6. August

Brief Network Maintenance 3:00 PM PDT

We'll be performing network maintenance that will involve rebooting some equipment. The reboot will be fairly quick and will impact Jericho and Fallen Earth. This will start at 3:00 PM PDT Today.

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Über dieses Spiel

Wir schreiben das Jahr 2156 – die Welt wurde sowohl atomar als auch bio-chemisch zerstört. Ihre Geschichte findet in einem der wenig noch bewohnbaren Plätze der Welt statt, dem Grand Canyon. Als Klon mit unklarer Vergangenheit ist es Ihre Aufgabe, in einer Welt, die auf Zerstörung, Verrat und schwachen Partei-Allianzen errichtet wurde, zu überleben.

Entdecken, sammeln und setzen Sie Ihren Anspruch auf über 1.000 Quadratkilometer rauen und mysteriösen Bodens aufs Spiel. Der klassenlose Fortschritt und das nichtlineare Gameplay ermöglichen es Ihnen, den Charakter zu spielen, den Sie wollen. Nehmen Sie an zufälligen, dynamischen Ereignissen ein, um Ressourcen zu erbeuten und in Städte einzumarschieren. Erobern und verteidigen Sie eine Stadt, kämpfen Sie sich durch Instanzen, beteiligen Sie sich an der reichen Fraktionsgeschichte oder verdienen Sie sich Ihren Lebensunterhalt durch das Verkaufen Ihrer Plünderungen und Anfertigungen im Auktionshaus. Fallen Earth gibt Ihnen die Freiheit, all das zu tun, was Sie wollen. Die Welt mag zwar nur noch ein Schatten ihrer selbst sein, jedoch sind dem, was es zu erreichen gibt, keine Grenzen gesetzt.


  • Ergattern, sammeln und fertigen Sie so ziemlich alles, was Sie sich vorstellen können. Über 95% der In-Game-Items sind von Spielern erstellt.
  • Das gemischte Echtzeit-Kampfsystem gibt Ihnen die perfekte Kombination aus einem First-Person-Gefecht und einem Rollenspiel.
  • Schwören Sie einer der sechs Fraktionen Gefolgschaft und haben Sie an der reichen Hintergrundgeschichte, die die Welt von Fallen Earth definiert, teil.
  • Komplett klassenlos. Sie spielen so, wie Sie es wollen.
  • Es gibt über 1.000 Quadratkilometer zum Erkunden.
  • Dynamisch stattfindende Events, unter anderem Invasionen, und immer neue Ressourcenlager-Optionen bedeuten, dass immer etwas zu tun ist.



    • Betriebssystem: XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
    • Prozessor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHz oder Athlon 64X2 2,4 GHz
    • Speicher: 2 GB für XP, 3 GB für Vista, 2 GB für Windows 7
    • Festplatte: 10 GB
    • Grafikkarte: nVidia GeForce 6600 oder ATI Radeon X1300
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (XP), 10 (Vista)
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Verfasst: 24. März
Meine Meinung zu Fallen Earth:

Im folgenden Abschnitt werde ich positive wie auch negative Kritik üben:

+ Schönes Skill-System mit vielen Auswahlmöglichkeiten
+ Große und frei erkundbare Welt (überall gibt es Interaktions Gegenstände, wie Ressourcen oder Gegner)
+ Sehr oft GM's online, wodurch Fragen sehr schnell beantwortet werden können
+ Auktionshaus in dem man auch Premium-Inhalte erhalten kann
+ Viele Dungeons vorhanden
+ Spielmodi, wie Deathmatch, Survival etc.
+ Kostenlos spielbar
+ Viele Missionen außerhalb der Hauptgeschichte
+ PvP-System

- Grafik ist veraltet
- Animationen wirken manchmal etwas träge

Meiner Meinung nach ist Fallen Earth ein gelungenes Free2Play Survival-MMORPG.
Das zwar grafisch veraltet ist, jedoch durch die große Spielwelt und das riesige Skill-System
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Verfasst: 2. März
I think this game will appeal to you if you are a certain kind of person. Do you like Firefly or Mad Max? Does the post disaster/apocalyptic setting appeal? Do you like melancholy, moody music? Do you tend to like more serious 'grown up' games that allow true role playing? Are you happy to wander around on your own, sometimes for long stretches of time, without seeing a soul? Are you more of a loner (a strange question for an MMO perhaps)? Are you more of a calm person who takes gaming slowly rather than rushing to experience a game in the shortest possible time? If the answer is mostly yes this game could be for you...

For me, the atmosphere in this game is second to none. Fantastic music, incredible view distance that really hammers home the immense size of the game (around 1000 square kilometres I believe - to put that into perspective Skyrim is around 40 I think) and true freedom to go pretty much wherever you want right from the very start of the game. Note though that I play as a single player - I'm not a clan type of person - so I can't really tell you much about the social side of the game. It is fairly quiet of late - not too many players - but that suits me fine.

It's certainly not a polished experience but then, if you're anything like me, that won't matter in the slightest. There's plenty of minor bugs although hardly any will stop progress (a simple relog usually sorts out most things) and there are plenty of minor gameplay things to moan about but, overall, the game is very unique and well worth the download. A huge thing in its favour is that it's a true free to play game. You can play the entire game without spending any real world money. Real world money will get you cool items to wear, cool vehicles, nice buffs and such but almost all of it can also be purchased with in game earned currency if you are patient and keep an eye on the auction house for bargains. It's also worth noting that a lot of the coolest, unique weapons and clothing items can only be earned through questing.

I'm not going to go too heavily into the mechanics of the game - it's pretty standard MMO levelling and crafting (but a very deep and rewarding crafting system) and such but it is one of the very few MMO's with real time skill based combat - think first person shooter - and the whole experience of the game is very 'manual' - nothing's on auto pilot - it's all on you to use your skill to stay alive basically.

Right, I think I've talked enough now...
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Verfasst: 2. März
How the f*** did I craft a horse?!
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Verfasst: 8. Juni
Alright. This may as well be a rant but I'm going to break this review down on some subcategories. I've been playing this game for a while and recommend it to new people. HOWEVER, for people playing the Alpha and Beta like I had, GOOD LUCK GETTING YOUR CHARACTER BACK. G1 basically said "screw you" to me and I haven't even been able to access my character from maybe...3-6 months ago? Not even? TERRIBLE.

CATEGORY 1: Graphics
Now the graphics AREN'T FALLOUT LEVEL. They're about average MMORPG...Like ArcheAge or TERA. Yes, you can set your graphics really high and I get about 50-60 frames on Highest, and when I lower about 110-120 FPS. They can use some work, but I noticed if you turn your graphics down even slightly, you loose A LOT of really nice detail that they put in there for fine polishing.

CATEGORY 2: Gameplay (Combat, Movement, PvP, PvE)
Gameplay is...it's...it's alright. The combat is either 1st or 3rd person; and personally I would rather go 3rd. 1st person is extremely wierd and awkward, and rather dull as well. Now, as for movement- THE MAPS...IN THIS GAME...ARE SO FREAKING HUGE. I SWEAR. TO GOD. They split them up into "Sectors," and the last being "Alpha County" which is basically the end game area. Now, that being said, you can ATTEMPT to run there. However, I tried to get from Sector 1 to Sector 2, and didn't pack enough feed for my horse. I was left STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE with a horse that eventually DIED on me (No it didn't literally, but it may as well have with the speed it was going). So, if you're going between Sectors, be sure to grab a mount. But what I would LOVE to commend G1 for doing here is I have never...NEVER...IN MY LIFE..EXPERIENCED A LOADING SCREEN TRAVELLING. Only will you ever for teleporting and loading INTO the game. Travelling is loading-screen free, along with dungeons as well.

-Mounts in the game are very nice to have and can be pricey at times, but they're well worth the buy. You have two types of mounts, machines and natural. Natural covers things like horses and some kick-♥♥♥ massive wolves you can ride on. And no they aren't your stereotypical wimpy ♥♥♥ wolves. These things are H-U-G-E and well worth getting in the quest line that you complete to get them (yes, you can actually get mounts through questlines; GOOD ONES not just starter ones). Machines covers ATV's, Bikes, Buggies, and Cars. But, the higher tier you get on mounts, THEY ARE GOD-AWFUL TO TAKE CARE OF. Be ready to spend some in-game cash to take care of them, 'cause some use "premium" fuel.

-PvP in the game is fairly decent, involving some ethics of "skill" and dodging. However, if you want PvP, it is HORRIBLY balanced. Rifleman and snipers are left in the dark, along with some longer range classes while melee is the way to go. Oh, and you think carrying a massive club around is going to get you where you want? HELL NO. Yeah, you have the OCCASIONAL good heavy melee weapon that can get the job done; but no, you'll be faced with a load of VERY....VERY...VERY fast DPS melee weapons that literally shred you. So for PvP, get some very fast dual pistols or duel machetes/knives.

-PvE/Questing is nice in the game and is pretty alright. However, questing can get..repetitive. "RUN HERE, SHOOT THIS, RUN BACK, TURN IT IN. DONE." Now, there are the exceptional quests that do have you doing some pretty cool things such as setting explosives on a vehicle or hunting down massive bosses. And the bosses in this game are VERY...VERY hard to beat without a group. Other than that...Not really much else for questing. I commonly found myself GRINDING THE ♥♥♥♥ out of high level enemies just to rank up. Took me HOURS and loads of cash for ammunition.

CATEGORY 3: Community
The community is alright, but nothing different from any other MMO community out there. You're going to have those OBVIOUS dickwads and terrible people. Hell, you will even FIGHT...LITERALLY FIGHT over loot sometimes. Seriously...fk that. Even then, on GLOBAL channels people are being harassed. I had to step in once and tell someone to back off, which then lead to me reporting these asshats to the online GM (Game Moderator). Their accounts were issued a warning. Don't hope for the best from this community, 'cause you ain't gon'na receive ♥♥♥♥.

Now....now comes the Pay-to-Play/Pay-to-Win. N-O. All things you will get to buff up your character is IN GAME. The only thing in this "cash shop" is going to be cosmetics and SOME boosts such as EXP. Overall, a fun game, good setting, terribad community, decent cash shop. ♥♥♥♥ TRAVELLING BY FOOT. IN. THE. ♥♥♥♥.

EDIT: Funny Things in the game
>Running around in a speedo with a gasmask on.
>Crafting horses. With Kits. That's right. There's a kit to craft a horse.
Oh and one more thing, this game, as it is made by Gamers First, MAY NOT WORK ON SOME PEOPLE'S COMPUTERS. I don't know what is wrong with it but sometimes these games just don't want to work.
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It's like fallout with cancer
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