Living liquid machines have overrun a world of unstoppable progress and their inventor must stop the chaos in this game about a man with the power to bring ordinary matter to life!
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Data di rilascio: 1 mar 2012

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"Showed at PAX East 2012 - Critically acclaimed physics and fluid puzzler."


““Just like Portal 2, Vessel is about a universally recommended game as can exist. It’s charming, entertaining, stimulating, and a hell of an experience for the price point.””
9/10 – Machinima

““One of the best puzzle games since Little Big Planet or Portal. Yeah, it's that good.””
5/5 – Piki Geek

““Vessel is around a quarter of the price of a AAA game, but it contains more flair and ingenuity than most blockbuster games can muster.””
9/10 – GameSpy

Steam Big Picture

Riguardo questo gioco

Delle macchine a base di un liquido vivente hanno invaso questo mondo di progresso senza limiti, e spetta al loro inventore, Arkwright, fermare il caos che stanno provocando. Vessel è un gioco su un uomo con il potere di portare ordinaria materia in vita, e tutte le conseguenze che ne derivano.

Elementi chiave:

  • Gameplay a base di fluidi - Vessel è costruito a partire da un simulatore di fluidi ottimizzato che permette lo scorrere di acqua, lava bollente e vapore, reagenti chimici, melma luminescente, il misterioso 'protoplasma' e molto altro ancora. Ogni liquido ha proprietà uniche e si mescola con gli altri generando effetti spettacolari.
  • Porta i liquidi in vita – Interagisci con le creature 'Fluro' formate interamente da fluidi simulati. Ognuna conserva le proprietà del liquido di cui è fatta, donandole la possibilità di sciogliere, ricomporsi, assorbire, esplodere e molto altro.
  • Enigmi unici – Risolvi gli enigmi combinando i comportamenti unici di ogni creatura con il liquido di cui è fatta. Ogni elemento dell'ambiente è una simulazione fisica, e tutti gli enigmi sono basati sulla simulazione dei fluidi. Libera un 'Fluro Bevitore' e attiralo diffondendo melma. Crea un 'Fluro Oscuro' e allontanalo con la luce. Fluidi e fisica non sono un'aggiunta estetica in Vessel, ma piuttosto la base di tutto il gameplay.
  • Stile artistico misto di 2D e 3D – Esplora un mondo di fantastiche e dettagliate macchine e strani e incantevoli ambienti. Le texture 2D disegnate a mano combinate con normali mappe, luci e profondità in 3D creano visuali uniche e mistiche.
  • Potenzia il tuo equipaggiamento – Usa il misterioso liquido protoplasmatico trovato negli ambienti di gioco per potenziare il tuo equipaggiamento, ottenendo nuovi potenti modi di manipolare i liquidi.
  • Colonna sonora di Jon Hopkins – E' inclusa una traccia audio completa del prodigio della musica elettronica Jon Hopkins, conosciuto a livello internazionale per le sue collaborazioni con Brian Eno, Imogen Heap e i Coldplay.
  • Esperienza di gioco completa - Vessel include oltre 10 ore di contenuti tra vari mondi, con tipi di liquidi e Fluro unici.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2GB System RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.5GB
    • Video Card: ATi Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or better (Shader Model 3.0 needs to be supported)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
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8.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 6 giugno
The game is... okay.

It has decent and quite creative puzzles, plenty of hints that build up the puzzles, the control is quite responsive, and there's actually some sort of story that draws me in. The visual isn't really up to my taste, but eh, may be other people will find it just fine.

For me there are 2 problems with the game. The first one is that there's some sort of upgrade system that actually has no use. Nothing really gets easier by unlocking the upgrade, you can't get faster or die harder with the upgrades.

The other problem is I find the number of puzzles quite lacking. There are maybe... 25 main puzzles here (could be 35-40 if you count the tutorial puzzles). I was seriously surprised when the game ends, I thought it's just mid way, especially since I haven't used the upgrades at all.

All in all, I'd put down "neutral" score if I can, there are plenty of other games on Steam.
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6.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 10 agosto
This is a great game on sale, but for $15 it's hardly recommendable, especially for about 7 hours of gameplay.

It's an interesting fluid-physics puzzler, but the trailer makes the fluro creatures out to be some sort of monster gone awry. It's a really great tone/goal, that would've worked out great, but it gets halfway to it and falls flat. In the introduction to the 2nd level, it starts adding in horror elements with a bug-like version, made of lava, that simply chases you. Buuuuut, they're completely forgotten by the 3rd level, changing the tone of the game back to "scientist fix it, no troubles".

Instead of a "monster gone awry" it's more like "guy makes button pushing creature, creature pushes buttons". The ending is pretty abrupt too, and ends on a "you serious?" note.

There's a couple of puzzles in there that are interesting (kill fluro, spawn new one from corpse) but overall it's a very 'meh' game. I have to give it to the developer though as they created something that feels like it's completely their vision, unaltered.
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Pubblicata: 6 luglio
Vessel is a physics puzzle platformer primarily focused on liquid manipulation. What makes it unique is that you can actually turn the liquid into living creatures called fluros which have simple behaviors you need to utilize to solve puzzles. You also have a liquid tank and sprayer which you can use to suck up and spray liquids. You play as the scientist who created fluros, which have now gotten out of control and are evolving new abilities and are interfering with machinery near your lab. You solve puzzles in order to repair the machines so you can get your lab up and running again, and to study the new fluro types.

Throughout the game you discover more liquid types and fluro types, as well as more interactions between different types of liquids. The puzzles are varied and interesting with only a few being difficult enough to stump me for a while. The game is paced very well without any large difficulty spikes or sudden flood of new mechanics. Most of it works well, though as physics games often are, the simulation can be rather glitchy. Especially when fluros are created with near the minimum amount of liquid necessary, they have a tendency to die randomly. I did have to restart a puzzle or two due to not being able to fix various glitches, but overall it went pretty smoothly.

Graphically the game is nothing special. I wouldn't call the art style particularly pleasing but it gets the job done. I would expect the game to run well on most PCs.

Vessel surprised me being much more enjoyable than I was expecting. When the game was released I didn't think it looked very interesting but it turned out much better. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle platformers.
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Pubblicata: 15 giugno
When I looked at the tile I thought it will be some average platformer. But I have never been so wrong...

Once I played 1 minute I was completely into it. I felt like I was in that lab and I even felt connection with all those blobs. At first it felt very relaxing, so was the music. But when I entered the factory I heard a different kind of music. And it was absolutely AMAZING. Then I made sound effects a bit quieter and the music created an atmosphere so strong I din't notice how quickly 6 hours passed by.

In addition to all that good stuff I actually felt joy from controller rumble. It wasn't a jackhammer that got me afraid of rumble in first place. No, it gently let's you know what's going on around you.

But don't be fooled this game took me 6 hours to complete fist stage and there are few more.

Also there are bosses. Oh those bosses... it felt so awesome when I defeated the first one.

Well, no when I look at the description and see 'Very Positive' I once again remind myself that it is a great game.

If I were to nitpick this game I'd say that movement felt somewhat not precise at first but then I got used to it and didn't even notice.

I urge you to try it if you're into great puzzle platformers.
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3 persone su 3 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
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Pubblicata: 11 dicembre 2014
Gran bel gioco, la musica del genio vale da sola il prezzo del biglietto, ed il gioco è poetico, mentale , emotivamente narrattivo.
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