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Udgivelsesdato: 16 Maj 2011
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Ahoy! Terraria is Teaming Up with Pixel Piracy!

19 Marts 2014

Ahoy mateys! We be teaming up with Pixel Piracy to bring ye the best booty available in the seven Steams!

In the next update, ye landlubbers will be able to catch fish and plunder glorious crossover content!

Any Terrarian who feels like swashbuckling will find that they have a 25% discount for Pixel Piracy on Steam!

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Terraria is live!

18 Februar 2014

Version is now live! This update brings mostly bug fixes from the last update. Enjoy!

Balance Changes:
Spectre Hood doesn't increase mana usage anymore.
Made it slightly easier to advance in frostmoon waves.
Made several frostmoon monsters shoot slower and do less damage.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with a naked arm drawing over some vanity shirts.
Fixed bug where Autopause played bad with Chest renaming (and sign editing a bit).
Fixed bug where Brick Layer and Cement Mixer were not reducing stack quantities when placing items.
Fixed bug where prefixes were not getting set properly on a world load.
Fixed bug where coins would disappear during Quick Stack.
Fixed an exploit where you could duplicate coins with Quick Stack.
Fixed crashes when starting the dedicated server in a language other than English.
Fixed an issue where Team Dyes were causing crashes when used with Capes.
Fixed a bug where the map was drawing Fireblossom wrong.
Fixed a bug where the map was showing Water Candle as Band of Regeneration.
Fixed bug that was causing maps from older versions to erase.
Fixed a bug where Chests could not be placed on 2x1 tiles. There had to be a solid tile to the right of the chest to place it.
Fixed several typos.
Fixed bug where in-game options Map Control section wasn't blocking input like the regular controls.
Fixed bug where Hardcore characters couldn't open the menu after death.
Fixed bug where opening a chest with a sign open would lock the inventory.
Fixed bug where stylist had a hole in her selling list if you didn't meet a requirement.
Fixed bug where Magnet Sphere applied venom and Venom Staff did not.
Fixed the problem with the familiar wig and missing hair.
Added Butterfly Bottle recipes.
Fixed non-animating critter cages.
Due to layering issues, you can no longer show a shield and a cloak at the same time.
Gemspark blocks now properly glow when dropped as items in the world.
Fixed bug where hidden accessories still applied their dye color (wings still apply it if hidden but in the air).
You can only equip one pair of wings at a time.
Face accessories that shouldn't show hair no longer show hair.
Fixed the Cthulhu typos in game.
Hardmode bosses no longer spawn if another boss is alive.
Hardmode bosses will no longer spawn if no player is above ground.
Fixed an issue where placing a bucket on a mannequin would eat it whole
Fixed workaround delay for placing things on mannequin starts using your items.
The travelling merchant can no longer spawn in lava.
Fixed problems with rescued NPCs not having any names.
Fixed the recipe for Super Mana Potions. They now correctly create 15 Super Mana Potions.
Fixed the Stylist name "Esmeralda" to not have a space at the end.
Platinum coins now stack to 999.
Fixed an issue where tiles might not update properly in multiplayer.
Fixed torches being able to be placed on wrong sides of slopes (that leaves them in air).
Fixed the problem with altars/pots/chests spawning in bugged conditions.
Fixed a bug with ice bricks not blending with snow blocks.
Fixed the Fairy Bell buff from breaking quick buff.
Chests should no longer lose their names in multiplayer.
Fixed bug where players would fall into tiles when walking into a ceiling with a mount.
Fixed bug where Cogs could be overwritten by another item in the Steampunker's shop.
Fixed bug where prefixes would be lost when you buy an item from the shop with right click.
Fixed bug where long hairs would draw the front part in the player's feet when in reverse gravity.
Fixed bug where palladium pickaxe and drill would say they can mine adamantium and titanium when that's no longer the case.
Arcane Rune Walls now count for housing.
Fixed bug that allowed mana hair to go pink when you armor that gives max mana.
Fixed bug where capes did not show properly when mounted.
Fixed issue where maps were not saving on some worlds.
Fixed bug where Blue Moon and Harpoon had invisible hit boxes near the player.
Fixed bug where frostburn wasn't applied in pvp when using flower of frost.
Fixed bug that allowed levers to be placed and immediately broken.
Fixed bug where queen/king statues didn't teleport stylist and travelling merchant respectively.
Fixed bug where painted tiles did not draw on the map properly.
Fixed bug where steampunk workbench was not craftable.
Fixed bug where you could have Fairy Bell and other light pets up simultaneously.
Fixed a few language issues pointed out on the forums.
Fixed a bug where Extendo Grip let you open chests that would instantly close again.

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Om spillet

Grav, kæmp, udforsk, byg! Intet er umuligt i dette actionprægede eventyrspil. Verden er dit lærred, og jorden selv er din maling.
Grib dit værktøj og kom af sted! Lav våben til at bekæmpe en række af fjender i talrige biomer. Grav dybt ned i undergrunden for at finde tilbehør, penge og andre brugbare ting. Saml ressourcer til at lave alt du behøver for at gøre verden til din egen. Byg et hus, en fæstning eller endda et slot. Folk vil flytte ind for at bo der, og måske endda sælge dig forskellige varer til at hjælpe dig på din rejse.
Men pas på, der venter dig endnu flere udfordringer... Er du klar til opgaven?
Centrale elementer:
  • Sandkasse-spil
  • Tilfældigt genererede verdener
  • Gratis indholds-opdateringer


    • OS: Windows Xp, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 512MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 200MB
    • Video Card: 128mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 1.1
    • DirectX®: 9.0c or Greater
Helpful customer reviews
9 af 9 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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4 reviews
90.7 timer bogført
It's great alone, but when you play with friends and loved ones, it becomes something quite magical. You will have situations which you can reminisce and have a laugh about.
Indsendt: 28 November 2013
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1,712 af 1,890 personer (91%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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1 review
541.4 timer bogført
To commemorate the beta of Steam Reviews, as well as passing 1,000 hours in Team Fortress 2, it only makes sense that I finally write a recommendation for a game that has been close to my heart since the day I was first introduced to it: Terraria.

Terraria has proven to be a lot of fun to play, and has been one of my biggest video game time sinks in recent years because of it. Between lenient system requirements, a solid (albeit imbalanced, at times) combat system, a broad permittance for exploration and a wide selection of building decor, it's the type of game that strikes me as having something for everyone. Which is good, when you consider that it also has multiplayer. Even better when you get to the late game, which has a wide array of weapons, armors and tools to allow for a wide variety of specializations.

Building and exploration are strong points in favor of the game, but the gameplay mechanics are something I'd like to single out for praise. For a 2D game, its combat system has a lot of spectacle, and perhaps that's part of why I find it so charming. Hurting enemies--even those who are vastly inferior to you--feels good. It's satisfying to hear the hit sound on the more squishy enemies, and watch them explode into fine little chunks when they die. Ground movement could be better, but certain late game items give you the ability to dash and fly, which really expand how you can explore and fight. And with a wide selection of weapons, every player is bound to find a roster of tools, spells and fish-related artillery that fits their playstyle.

The game isn't without flaws, mind you. With the game's update history, the launch endgame now vastly differs from that of the current one. This has led to some balance and progression issues, the most glaring of which being how sluggish the early game feels. It worries me that the start of the game might dissuade some people from playing, when they might love what the late game has to offer. The game also has a bad habit of recycling mob AI with reskins, though this is averted by adjusting certain parameters and giving them unique abilities to hide the fact. Even though I have more to say about the shortcomings, there's just too much good in the game to stay mad about what effectively boils down to nitpicking.

Plus, it has hats. Any game that has a selection of hats gets brownie points.

Watch some trailers. Read some other reviews. If this looks like something you'd be interested in, then take it from me: give Terraria a chance. The game occasionally goes on sale for 75% off, so pick up a four pack for yourself and three friends. If I'm wrong, then I cost you a meal at Subway--not subliminal advertising--and I'm sorry. But if I'm right, then it'll be well worth the price. We're expected to pay $60 these days for a fulfilling gaming experience. This is one that'll run you $10, at most.
Indsendt: 25 November 2013
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7 af 7 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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25.0 timer bogført
Jeg synes at Terraria er et super godt spil. Jeg har hørt en del anklage det for at være en nedgraderet kopi af Minecraft men det er jeg uenig i. Hvor Minecraft for mig er meget byggeorienteret og har et relativt kort tectree så er Terraria mere adcenture/bossfight-orienteret og har et større tectree hvilket er nogle af de ting der for mig er den helt store forskel på spillene (og får mig til at spille begge). Også det med at der er forskellige muligheder for at specialicere sig i sine angreb synes jeg betyder en del. Hvor alle i Minecraft som regel ender med at have diamant-rustning og både sværd og bue så må man i Terraria typisk vælge mellem meelee (sværd, spyd (ikke kastespyd), etc.), ranged (bue/pil, pistoler, etc.) og magi. Det giver også gode muligheder hvis man spiller multiplayer hvor en så kan spille som tank mens en anden kan stå lidt bagved og bruge magi. Personligt synes jeg dog at Terraria er bedst som mutilplayer da jeg ret hurtigt går i stå hvis jeg spiller singleplayer.
Jeg kan kun anbefale spillet og kommer til at spille det mange timer endnu.
Indsendt: 18 Januar 2014
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6 af 6 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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82.1 timer bogført
Fantastic game :D
Fantastisk spil :D
Indsendt: 2 December 2013
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4 af 4 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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44.3 timer bogført
Very addictive, boring in the starts, but when you get into the game and you get better armour, and stuff, then it's fun as hell
Indsendt: 1 Januar 2014
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