Since its announcement back at BlizzCon 2019, Overwatch 2's pre-release marketing has predominantly focussed on its new bits - which is to say its PvE story campaign and co-op modes. PvP's still a major part of the package, of course, and Blizzard will finally be giving the game's competitive multiplayer more of an airing next week.

That's according to Overwatch's new game director Aaron Keller, making his Developer Update video debut following Jeff Kaplan's departure from Blizzard last month.

"We've been hard at work on Overwatch 2," Keller explains in the video, "and we'd like to share some of what we've been doing with all of you." To that end, Blizzard will be offering a closer look at Overwatch 2's PvP action next Thursday, 20th May, at 8pm BST/3pm ET.

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Resident Evil Village

We loved Resident Evil Village on consoles, but unfortunately, my opinion of the PC port isn't quite so positive. On the one hand, I love what the RE Engine is doing technologically and the game itself is fantastic, but on the other hand, I'm genuinely puzzled and disappointed by some of the design choices, bugs, glitches and performance problems. This conversion really isn't where it should be right now.

It starts with the game's menu system and settings which are both excellent and awkward at the same time. In terms of features, the graphical options are great: there's plenty to tweak, along with preview imagery showing you what the settings actually do and some rough idea of the performance implications. The problem comes in how the user navigates through the menu. Scrolling through the options is so, so slow and while keyboard works, you can't actually leave a sub-menu without pressing the right-button on the mouse (and no, ESC doesn't work). It's all counter-intuitive to the point where remarkably, menu navigation is actually a lot, lot quicker using a controller.

I've also got issues with the graphical presets themselves. To begin with, I was excited to see support for Tier 2 Variable Rate Shading (VRS) - which looks so good in Gears 5 and Wolfenstein Youngblood, and effectively gives you free performance with no perceivable visual drawbacks. AMD's FidelityFX implementation is used here and it's immediately obvious that something has gone badly wrong with it. Detail is lost and you don't need to eyeball screenshots or zoom in at 400 per cent to see the issue. The fact it's the AMD implementation is doubly disappointing: you'd expect a standardised solution from the vendor to produce good results but that's not happening here. It really needs to be looked at and fixed.

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If you're still trying to wrap your head around what "brain punk" is, then not to worry, as action-RPG Scarlet Nexus is getting some demos this month ahead of its release on 25th June. Hopefully that will help clear some things up.

Bandai Namco has announced the demo will first land on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on 21st May, with PlayStation 4 and PS5 following on 28th May. There's no news on whether the demo is coming to PC, so we'll have to wait and see if it comes to the platform.

Scarlet Nexus is set in a world where society has harnessed the power of the brain for communications and unlocking supernatural powers. Which is just as well, as these powers are required to defeat horrible monsters called "Others" that sometimes drop down from the sky. The demo lets you play as either Yuito or Kasane, who both have psychokinetic powers and sign up for the Other Suppression Force to keep the creatures under control.

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Europa Universalis IV

The recent Leviathan expansion for Europa Universalis 4 has managed to earn itself an unflattering spot amongst the lowest-ranked products on Steam, with a positive review rating of only seven percent from 3955 reviews. Players said the DLC was seriously buggy and suffered from a host of problems, and sure enough, the game's bug report megathreads quickly filled up with complaints. Paradox Tinto studio manager and game director Johan Andersson has now issued an apology for the state of the expansion and several previous releases for EU4.

Over on the Paradox Forums, Andersson admitted "Leviathan was one of the worst releases we have had," and that the expansion "follows a long trail of low quality releases starting back with Golden Century for EU4.

"As the studio manager and game director, at the end of the day, this is my responsibility, so I have to apologise for this," Andersson added. "This is entirely my fault."

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A dark futuristic world, psychokinetic powers, monsters shaped like slinkies with human hands... despite the limited amount of information Bandai Namco released about Scarlet Nexus over the last year, what we had seen pointed towards a fairly unique action-RPG. In particular, the gameplay trailers suggested that Scarlet Nexus would boast some truly crunchy combat: after all, it's not every day you can smack a car down on a mutated unicorn's head.

Yet after playing the preview build for four hours, I've found Scarlet Nexus's combat to be chaotic at best, irritating at worst. Generally speaking, the combat just feels a bit woolly. Which is unfortunate, considering it's the main focus of the game.

Scarlet Nexus is a third-person action game developed and published by Bandai Namco, due to release later this year on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It's set in an alternate reality where humans have learned to harness substances in the human brain to give them powers. They use these abilities to fight hideous monstrosities called Others that rain from the sky and eat human brains.

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UPDATE 3.30pm UK: Ubisoft has further clarified its commitment to big budget games in a new statement shared with Eurogamer. In it, the publisher says it is not reducing its typical AAA output:

"Our intention is to deliver a diverse line-up of games that players will love - across all platforms," a Ubisoft spokesperson said. "We are excited to be investing more in free-to-play experiences, however we want to clarify that this does not mean reducing our AAA offering. Our aim is to continue to deliver premium experiences to players such as Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Riders Republic and Skull and Bones to name a few while also expanding our free-to-play portfolio and strengthening our brands to reach even more players."

Ubisoft has said it will release big budget free-to-play versions of some of its major franchises - as well as continue its traditional full-price AAA releases of things like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry.

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Destiny 2

Bungie has acknowledged the fact you can currently play with people from platforms other than your own in Destiny 2 - all a little earlier than planned.

Reports of Destiny 2 crossplay being possible emerged last night, and were picked up by Destiny community manager Cozmo.

Describing it as an unintended "sneak peek", Bungie said that crossplay was officially still in development, and would be disabled again in the coming days.

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Apex Legends™

Apex Legends' Legacy update has now been live for over a week - after a somewhat wobbly start - and Respawn has already rolled out some balance changes for two weapons. The Spitfire and newly-added Bocek Bow, both considered overpowered by the player community, have been adjusted to make them a little less lethal.

As explained on the Legacy patch notes page, the Spitfire's bullet damage has been reduced from 19 to 18, while gold and purple magazines will now hold 50 bullets instead of 55. The Bocek seems to be getting a much more severe nerf, with maximum damage decreased from 70 to 60, stack size decreased from 16 to 14 and inventory slot count decreased from 48 to 28. The Bocek's charge up time and Deadeye's Tempo hop-up charge time are also being increased by 0.2 seconds. I imagine this is all to prevent this sort of thing from happening:

The update also brings a number of fixes to the game - including one for those low-detail character models ("goodbye derpy blob Legends, you will be missed" say the patch notes). At one point Valkyrie's passive was highlighting players that were "not alive and/or in spectator mode," something that has also been fixed. Creepy. More importantly, the update brings some general stability improvements, which should hopefully help prevent some of the server issues we saw last week.

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Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition

I'll get this out the way first. I understand there are people who may not want more Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It is an enormous game and, for sure, Wrath of the Druids is no minor DLC. To those people, I hear ya, and thank you for your time here today! Lovely. To those who are hungry for more Eivor and to hang out in a new country's history, welcome. Ireland offers lots of familiar things to do across a beautiful new landscape, and some fun fresh additions.

Here's the top-line stuff. Wrath of the Druids adds around two-thirds of Ireland to explore, with an enjoyable self-contained campaign, some interesting new enemies, a major new trading system and, fans will be pleased to know, a boatload of fresh armour sets and cosmetics to unlock and upgrade. This is an adventure focused on Eivor - and while things do skirt very slightly into the supernatural, there's no major modern day or Isu plotline here.

Designed to be played at any point of your Viking adventure, Druids introduces a new cast of characters led by your hitherto unmentioned cousin Barid, who has wound up becoming King of Dublin (where was he when we were trying to sort out England, eh?). Barid calls for aid via his trade envoy, the intriguing one-eyed Azar, who turns up in Ravensthorpe to rope Eivor in. From there, the action heads across the Irish Sea to a fresh map accessible via your Atlas, akin to Vinland and Norway, and the start of a sprawling new adventure.

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EA has discussed how Battlefield 6 will benefit from its development focus having been on current-gen consoles - PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S - even though it will also launch on last-gen hardware - PS4 and Xbox One.

The fact Battlefield 6 will not be exclusive to current-gen consoles seems somewhat obvious, in the grand scheme of things - with scalpers and low stock still prevalent and a huge, active install base for PS4 and Xbox One. But EA only made it official for the first time last night, in an earnings call to investors.

"So yes, Battlefield will be available for both current-gen and next-gen as will our sports titles," EA boss Andrew Wilson said.

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