Product Update - Valve
  • Completely rebalanced MP player character classes for all. Now factions are more unique and fairly balanced.
  • Captain Co-Op difficultly has been rebalanced to spawn fewer enemies.
  • Tatar Town map spawn points have been rearranged.
  • Captain mode NPC troops have more hit points.
  • Disabled friendly fire for bots.
  • Dedicated server console operations have been updated.

Bug Fixes:
  • Captain co-op prisoner cart now spawns correctly.
  • Captain co-op equipment buying now works correctly.
  • Horses no longer run away from the PC during the tutorial mission.
  • Grenade usage no longer results in occasional crash to desktop.
  • Don't Die From Dysentery achievement works properly now.
  • Various visual bug fixes to items and animations.
  • Swedish troops in Custom Battle mode spawn correctly.
  • Various bug fixes.
Product Update - Valve
  • Some rebalances to the trade/production systems.
Mod system Fixes:
  • Shield replacement w/out respawning visual error has been fixed.
  • Scene objects damage editing has been fixed.
Bug Fixes:
  • Crash to desktop when entering a new scene bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed random problems with merchants' inventories not showing up sometimes.
  • Lady of the Lake achievement bugs have been fixed.
Product Update - Valve
  • Six new Steam achievements...
  • Several new operations added for use by modders.
  • Sarranid Archer and Sarranid Master Archer no longer have jarids.
  • Mounted units cannot spawn on walls
  • 3d mouse on map window for 3dvision;
  • 3d vision convergence has been decreased;
  • ti_on_agent_hit position is moved down a bit in order to give the correct damage value, and it now uses the trigger result as the dealt damage if it is greater than or equal to zero.
  • mayor_politics_assess_realm dialog having no options after all factions are defeated bug is fixed.
  • party_count_members_with_full_health no longer counts player as a regular troop. needs some testing on battles and sieges.
  • qst_troublesome_bandits no longer gives reputation penalty when it is aborted due to someone else destroying the party.
  • Shield no longer gets damaged when the attack is chamber blocked.
  • process_text now encodes for url if requested. therefore url strings will only encode the tokens like {s0} {s1} etc for url.
  • show_item_details_with_modifier operation is added for showing item details which have modifiers (unlike the original operation).
  • several wrong operation condition checks are corrected.
  • Font is now reloaded when player switches to a new module without closing the application.
  • module_version, compatible_module_version, compatible_savegame_module_version keys are added to module.ini
  • become_knocked_down works for mounted agents too (but they don't get knocked down with an animation, they just continue fighting).
  • healing of wounded troops of parties are now related to wounded troop ratio in that party and 50% slower also it is a bit related to campaign ai.
  • overlay_set_container_overlay, agent_get_ammo_for_slot, scene_prop_set_prune_time operations are added
  • agent_unequip_item and agent_equip_item operations now have new parameters
  • ti_on_player_exit trigger is added
  • mission_object_prune_time is added as a key to module.ini
  • savegame checksum calculation no longer requires megabytes of memory (which causes the CTDs during saves).
  • restore module objects is removed from ctrl + m
  • equipping unequipping agents after they are spawned had several visual bugs. they are all fixed.
  • Crash when exiting dedicated server (bugid:3431) fixed;
  • new sound system is redone, and working fine under both old and new versions
  • ti_on_scene_prop_hit: set_trigger_result sets the damage dealt, just like the new feature for ti_on_agent_hit.
  • scene_prop_set_cur_hit_points is added
  • agent_equip_item and agent_unequip_item bugs are fixed (minor)
  • Various minor item stat fixes
  • Rhodok infantry troops dont have battle forks and military sycthes anymore
  • Long axes and great axes now have proper "unbalance" penalty
  • Minor balance bug .. Rhodok Multiplayer_ai items changed (was clone of nords scout)
  • inventory infinite ammo bug is fixed
  • client side fixes for agent ragdoll effects;
  • dedicated server fixes;
  • tableau fixes for new 3d vision drivers
Product Update - Valve
  • Steam Achievements!
  • New Multiplayer Mode: Captain Co-op -Play cooperatively against successive waves of bots.
  • New Multiplayer Mode: Captain Battle -Display your skill as commander against human enemies.
  • New Lighting setups for multiplayer scenes.
  • Refinements to Single Player balance, horses, melee, and armor stats.
  • Three New Multiplayer Maps
  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements
Product Update - Valve
  • Firearms have been generally rebalanced. Muskets are deadlier. Pistols are less accurate but faster.
  • Pistols and Muskets are now held by their barrels when used in melee mode.
  • Muskets have new thrust and swing animations for being used in melee where they are used to bash the enemy with the stock.
  • Melee weapons have been rebalanced in general and they are now faster.
  • Motion blur effect has been removed from some weapons.
  • Horses have been made slightly faster and expensşve ones now have higher charge rating.
  • Characters can now crouch. The default key is 'z'.
  • Order menus redesigned.
  • New orders for volley fire.
  • New orders for specifying formation depth (between 1 and 5)
  • Damage type of Ranged Weapons is now determined by the type of ammunition rather than the weapon itself. Basic arrows for bows do cutting damage but it is possible to buy more advanced ones with piercing damage.
  • New sounds and particle systems for musket shots bullet hits and ricochets.
  • Pikes can now be thrusted from an overhead stance so they no longer have a single type of attack.
  • If a character is interrupted while reloading a musket (by being hit) the reloading action is now resumed from where it was left off.
  • Switching to pistols is now quicker whereas switching to muskets has been made slower.
  • Grenade damage alternative is changed so as to account for obstructions.
  • Female face textures retouched slıghtly.

  • Changed the fog and atmosphere settings in some multiplayer maps.
  • Multiplayer Captain modes have received an overhaul. Bots can now be purchased individually through a seperate overlay.
  • Network code improved and sends less events.
  • Multiplayer character stats have been revamped. Infantry units now run much faster and muskeeters run a bit faster as well. Muskeeters can reload and fire ranged weapons much more effectively.

Single Player:
  • Added starting option to play the game with a female character. All armor pieces have been given proper morphs when equipped by female characters.
  • All dialog has been readjusted for accounting for female player characters.
  • Renamed the faction "Polish Republic" to "Polish Commonwealth"
  • Battlefield AI enhanced and can give the new volley fire orders.
  • New Village Elder Quests.
  • New and more realistic Caravan Trading System. Caravans can now move unescorted. Goods are now removed when transported by a caravan.
  • Production System rebalanced.
  • Mercenary Wages and Hiring costs changed.
  • You can now pay off all looters and bandits.
  • Looter and Bandit party size readjusted.
  • You can no longer kick during tavern fights.
  • Grenades in single player are now much cheaper but they no longer auto-replenish.
  • Ranged weapons and ammunition don't replenish anymore when the baggage chest is accessed.
  • Crimean Horsemen wages are only 33% more expensive (66% for other factions)

Bug Fixes:
  • Find bandit camp near ZAMOSHYE village
  • No loot screen after defeating Enemy Wagoncamp
  • King Jan Kasimir gets captured and disappears permanently
  • Items shown as good trading opportunities are not available in marketplace
  • Fixed bug when player leaves Polish faction during "Black Mace" quest.
  • Paid-off Deserters sometimes continue to pursue the player
  • Castles/villages/towns still yours after leaving a factions
  • Grenades hurt outside of duels on duel servers
  • Formation lines forming at an angle
  • horses can not be looted
  • Cannot accept village elder quests
  • Fire at Will doesn't take effect for all troops immediately and sometimes results in putting all weapons away.
  • Trade Permit cost is off
  • Cannot capture/loot Forager groups
  • Hand-craft Mace is not a mace
  • Money in merchant guild cannot be withdrawn if it exceed 10000 thalers.
  • Cannot capture captured city
  • No reinforcements on wagenburg battles
  • Ransom the Girl City Quest cannot be finished if target town is besieged.
  • The game sometimes creates a copy of player character in the castle.
  • warlords captured in battle by patrols and never got released!
  • Fixed siege door abuse in some multiplayer maps.
  • Fixed ladder placements in many maps.
  • Navigation meshes in lots of maps fixed.
  • Bug fix: >Lords of Kingdoms easily gather armies even just after being defeated
  • Double barreled pistols' reload animation bug is fixed
  • grenades that cause damage to neutrals is fixed. in addition to that, any damage that is less than 10 will no longer make a fall animation.
  • Fixed towns where "Don cossacks" could be hired
  • Fixed typo in trade permit cost
  • Fixed prisoners skill bonus to 10 per lvl
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Added German Language
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Troops can now upgrade properly.
  • Fixed bug with grenades exploding at wrong location.
  • Squad size limitation bug is fixed for multiplayer.
  • An update is made for preventing graphics glitch on some ATI cards.
  • Several text corrections for all languages.
  • Scene fixes mainly on the custom battles and village/town scenes.
  • Fixed a quest bug with persuading Obuhovich
  • AI behavior changed so that muskeeter troops can now close up on the enemy properly
  • Product Update - Valve
    An update to Mount&Blade: Warband has been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
    • Rhodok Sharpshooters' ironflesh skill has been decreased.
    • Sarranid infantry & archers now have jarids added to their inventory.
    • Some other minor game balances.
    • Numerous game bugs of all shapes and sizes have been squashed.
    • Minor fixes to scripting files.
    • Some collision issues fixed.
    • Some operations for modders are now "fully operational".
    • Plenty of new operations and features have been added to aid our amazing mod community.
    Product Update - Valve
    An update to Mount&Blade: Warband has been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
    The major changes include:
    • Some multi-player map fixes.
    • Some armor stats have been rebalanced.
    • Quests fixes:
      • Aborting quest bugs have been fixed.
      • Ordering your lords to stop script error bug has been fixed.
      • Pretender quest has been fixed under the condition of already having a village/center before starting the quest.
      • Caravan escort quest script error has been fixed.
      • Deal with looters quest script error has been fixed.
    • Other fixes:
      • ATI driver fix.
      • Achievements "last man standing" and "morale leader" have been fixed.
      • Non-ending battle/siege bugs have been fixed.
      • Desertion of prisoners when party morale is low bug has been fixed.
      • Hold fire/use blunt weapons orders have been corrected, player agent no longer changes his/her weapon because of the order.
      • Formations not looking at the enemy bug has been fixed.
      • Automatic offline favorite server removal is added.
      • TCP protocol optimizations are made for dedicated servers.
      • Various other bug fixes.
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Mount & Blade: Warband have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Version 1.126

    Features and Gameplay:
    • NEW! Gameplay features have been added, now players have the ability to build production houses that produce valuable goods such as iron, wine, velvet and more. The building of production houses is accessible through guild masters in towns. Also players may visit these newly modeled scenes via the town menu.
    • New Swadian houses have been added to major Swadian towns.
    • New, AI Behavior enables more realistic AI lord behaviors, such as AI lords collecting taxes.
    • Campaign difficulty has been rebalanced, hard mode is now even more challenging with AI lords recruiting troops faster.
    • Economy parameters such as taxes from fiefs and raiding outcomes, have been balanced.
    • The Khergit faction has been given some much needed love and as a result has had their troops and items rebalanced.
    • Khergits get modified hats and steppe armor instead of leather vests in multi-player.
    • Man-hunters and high tier slaver troops have been given an overhaul and have top tier troops equal to other top tier army troops.
    • Weapons that cannot be used to block can now do feint attacks.
    • All items from hammers to warhammers and spiked clubs to iron maces now have knockdown capabilities.
    • New flags for items are added and new operations are defined to give more freedom to modders.
    • Out of memory errors while rendering are now handled more properly.
    • Fixed a bug that caused AI lords to have too many high level troops.
    • Several bug fixes to the level editor.
    • Lots of other bug fixes and some healthy re-balancing/improvements in both single and multi-player modes.

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