Product Update - Valve
Updates to Sword of the Stars II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed AI from taking control of players in slots other than slot 1
+ Fixed upgrade missions from using the wrong system to populate upgrade options
+ Fixed issues with upgrade missions.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed missing start node lines for Humans
+ Fixed an incorrect calculation for ship construction that caused the player to have less production then they were supposed

to have.
+ Fix missing Battle Cruiser and Battle Ship Categories
+ Fixed module weapons
+ Fixed spectres not being attacked by planetary beams when merged with planets
+ Fixed some animations for Liir battleriders
+ Fixed minor projector bugs
+ Fixed the order of fleets in all mission screens

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Minor tech tree and ship tuning changes

Known issues
+ Launcher not properly reflecting game version number
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Sword of the Stars II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a ship module sound issue that could potentially cause leaks.
+ Optimized code that was contributing to longer turn times and slower combat.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing combat to be initiated when no ships
were present.
+ Fixed the issue where invisible enemy fleets could still be selected
on the star map.
+ Fixed the bug where additional armor layers were not being carried
over into combat.
+ Fixed the issue where the strategic AI was not researching outside
of initial core technologies.

Other Fixes:
+ Addressed known bad turret arcs on numerous ship sections.
+ Fixed known issues with combat AI assigning objectives to ships.
+ Fixed issues with the design screen weapon panel not closing.
+ Fixed the intermittent bug that would cause icons not to be laid out
correctly when switching ships in the design screen.
+ Added missing combat sensor icons.
+ Fixed the bug where simulated and full combat start positions would differ.
+ Numerous fixes to known issues with Psionics effects in combat.
+ Fixed Neutron Round and Accelerated Amplification effects.
+ Fixed some issues where star system ownership visuals could get out
of sync in the star map.
+ Addressed known issues with disruptors and deflectors.
+ Addressed known issues with minelayers.
+ Rapidly clicking buttons will no longer bypass feasibility studies.
+ Slave discs now attach to ships other than Scavengers.
+ Made some changes to address the strategic AI spending itself to death.
+ Fixed an issue where COL launchers were not orienting to face the target.
+ Addressed known issues with node lines and fleet travel.
+ Fixed some issues with fleets showing up behind routes.
+ Fixed a bug where fleet pathing would sometimes return an incomplete route.
+ Addressed known issues with DLC materials.
+ Fixed a bug related to colonizing systems with more than one colony.
+ Fixed a bug with armor alignment on tooltips.
+ Fixed the bug where research was not being cancelled when going too
far over budget.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Build screen now sorts available ship classes, and only shows
classes that you have designs for.
+ Implemented Smart Nanite effects.
+ Stealth armor on all sections now correctly reduces sensor signature in strat.
+ Full functionality for Liir battlecruisers and battleships.
+ Full functionality for mines and cracker COLs.
+ Improved grappling hook physics.
+ Effective ranges for ships used in stance positioning no longer
include PD weapons unless requested.
+ Numerous ship section, weapon and module data tweaks.
+ It is now possible to select a direct route for Zuul bore ships to travel.
+ Updated UI for upgrade missions.
+ Updated combat UI introducing new cloaking, stance buttons, facing
buttons and a priority weapon toggle.
+ Fixed some spelling errors in UI.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Sword of the Stars II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Added better battlerider behaviours
- Added drone healing and autolaunching
- Added patrol positions in combat
- Added a fleet widget tooltip to show ship information from any fleet listing.
- Added gravity mines and tar pit functionality

Major Bugs
- Fixed a crash involcing salvage projects that occured after combat with a zuul player
- Fixed a hang with the zuul intercept missions
- Fixed a number of incorrect ship section and module stats
- Added ship options to a number of ships
- Fixed a crash caused by the Von Neumanns in combat
- Fixed a crash caused by critical hit repairs
- Fixed a crash caused by dead AI admirals trying to repurpose fleets.
- Fixed an issue with reserve fleets causing false combat for a turn.

Minor Bugs
- Fixed the critical hit for shield generator to function correctly.
- Changed the default ship construction on planets back to zero
- Fixed a framerate issue with overlapping ships in combat
- Fixed a framerate issue with gate ships in intercept combat
- Fixed the weapon panel to no longer show destroyed weapons
- Added a primary weapon to ships to determine closing distance for pursuit
- Fixed planet missiles from attacking themselves when spectres are attacking the planet
- Fixed the battle rider button to only enable if the carrier is able to launch
- Fixed being able to select things other then the design ship in the design screen
- Moved station spawns closer to planets
- Fixed a bug in the tech tree that allowed the camera to focus on nothing
- Removed unneeded sliders and ship designs related to trade when FTL economics are not researched
- Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect tech state for feasible techs
- Fixed gate ships getting incorrect spawn positions in combat
- Fixed mesh particles from always spawning at their effect position
- Fixed a label in the fleet widget from overlapping it's list
- Fixed the starmap so that it focused on your home system if a certain option was checked
- Fixed disabled states on sliders so that they are more obviously disabled.
- Made the combat preview focus on the system the combat is taking place in
- Added art for admiral promotion events
- Fixed VN disintigrator beam range
- Fixed the defaults shields from not showing up in the design screen
- Fixed mining station costs
- Fixed a missing icon for adaptive buttresses
- Fixed some turret arcs on the torpedo mission sections
- Removed an extra quote from a localized string
- Fixed the cost of human large habitation modules
- Increased supply and track speed of guass PD
- Increased track speed of Phaser PD
- Increased track speed an muzzle speed of laser PD
- Added disabled state to controls of a colony when it is not owned by a player, but still visible to them
- Fixed a number of incorrect turret arcs
Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed the known issues where ships would not respond to controls.
+ Fixed a design screen boarding pod-related crash.
+ Fixed an AI crash that could occur when issuing orders to fleets.
+ Fixed a crash related to Hiver AI trying to set Gate missions.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when entering combat with police cutters.
+ Fixed the rare crash that could occur when previewing maps when creating a game.
+ Fixed the crash that could occur when combat salvage generated a special project.
+ Fixed a game lockup that could occur when entering combat at a system with no orbiting bodies.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues where planet missiles and boarding pods were missing certain ship sections.
+ Fixed the issue where only one module of the same type would show up in the design screen.
+ Fixed some known Battleship rider issues with Leviathan class carriers.
+ Fixed Hiver, Human, and Liir boarding pod speeds.
+ Fixed Drone configuration issues with the Horde Drone Satellite.
+ Fixed incorrect display of armor in the design screen.
+ Fixed a couple issues causing different combat results at different time scales.
+ Fixed the launch pattern of planet missiles, which should lead to planet defenses being more effective.
+ Fixed the issue where feasibility could be displayed as 0%.
+ Fixed Meson Beam Length and the issue where its impact effects were not positioned correctly.
+ Fixed some issues where ships could fly over planets in combat.
+ Fixed the missing sound cue for relocate missions.
+ Fixed duplicate speech events for research breakthroughs.
+ Fixed an issue where the empire summary was counting fleets incorrectly.

Other Changes:
+ Various weapon and section tweaks.
+ Sensor information is now shared by players in teams (allied for example) in combat.

Known Issues:
- Overlapping start points can occur at star systems with no orbiting bodies.

Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed the crash that could occur in turn updates during AI fleet management.
+ Station sensor ranges are now enabled again.
+ Provinces are once again only visible once discovered.
+ Fixed known issues regarding rejoining games in the correct player slot.
+ Fixed the crash caused by fleets losing their supporting systems while in transit.
+ Enemy fleets no longer appear in the fleet manager.
+ Fixed an issue where ships could become stuck in a permanently spinning state.
+ Fixed issues relating to excessive force imparted by weapons.
+ Fixed the issue where clicking the menu button in the star map after entering the planet manager would lock out UI control.
+ Fixed the crash that could occur due to combat occurring at a star system with pending station construction.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed a number of Tarka ship and module art issues.
+ Fixed a neutral combat issue for systems involving more than 2 players and one player is neither at war nor allied with any other.
+ Fixed issues where weapons were not auto-targeting planets.
+ Fixed known issues where combat sensor data was shared incorrectly between players. There were some diplomatic edge cases here.
+ Fixed an issue where too much damage was being applied in simulated combat.

Other Changes:
+ Drones now automatically launch from platforms.
+ Fleets now display sensor range bubbles once again.
+ Level four and five station structure values have been increased.
+ Added default names to AI fleets.
+ Added three new star maps: Duel, The Heavens and The SotsVerse.

Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed issues where stations and special encounter enemies were not being removed from the game when eliminated.
+ Fixed the issue where existing profile names with apostrophes would cause a crash.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur with a neutral engagement.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when upgrading stations.
+ Fixed known issues where colony information would not disappear for a player, preventing re-colonization and causing a crash in some cases.
+ Fixed the issue where moons were not listed as candidates for viable colonies.
+ Fixed the issue where moon climate hazard was being reported incorrectly in some cases.
+ Fixed excessively large station sensor ranges.
+ Fixed the issue where strike missions would not end automatically.
+ Fixed missing trade info on systems.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed an issue where weapon forces were not being applied.
+ Fixed a rare issue ship-not-responding navigation issue.
+ Fixed an issue where boarding pods were causing ships to disappear.
+ Fixed known issues where boarding actions were not taking over ships.
+ Fixed some known issues regarding ship starting positions in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where critical hits were being incorrectly applied to drones.

Other Changes:
+ Accelerated combat enemy range distance has been reduced.
+ Reduced combat scale a bit more.
+ Improved station construction mission UI.
+ Survey missions now abort when encountering enemies at a colony.

Product Update - Valve


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur within the strategic AI could not determine which ships to construct for a fleet.
+ Fixed another crash related to selecting shield options in the design screen.
+ Mission estimates are back.
+ Fixed a crash related to fleet selection in the Battle Manager.
+ Fixed an issue where the star mapo camera could become locked after selecting a system for a diplomatic event.
+ Fixed a feasibility study crash.
+ Fixed mine frame rate issues.
+ Fixed mine audio issues.
+ Fixed frame rate issues when selecting large numbers of ships in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where fleet entry positions were not taking advantage of closer control zones.
+ Fixed the issue where game setup parameters were being lost when reloading a saved game.
+ Players rejoining hosted saved games will now be moved to their respective slots when possible.

Other Fixes:
+ Strike missions against stations now require the targets to be in sensor range.
+ Added missing Ionic and Shield Breaker weapon attributes.
+ Fixed an issue where Siege Drivers were not causing damage.
+ Added missing psionic abilities to modules.
+ Added missing tactical sensor range to colonies.
+ Fixed an issue that stopped cancelled fleets from being able to be issued new missions right away
+ Fixed an issue that caused the autosave to save the wrong turn number
+ Fixed a trigger constraint with the von neumanns
+ Fixed issues with calculating fleet ranges.
+ Fixed an issue where the endurance rating for fleets was falling below one turn.
+ Boarding pods are no longer factored into fleet endurance calculations.
+ Armor display on the design screen now updates correctly when changing techs.
+ Fixed an issue where colonization missions would not resume after clearing enemies out.
+ Fixed the bug where non Zuul factions where getting node line collapse events.
+ Fixed issues with station module assignment.
+ Fixed a number of small resizing issues in fleet lists.
+ Added missing combat fleet placements for neutral encounters.
+ Fixed an issue where damaged ships entered combat destroyed sections not properly connected.
+ Fixed various boarding pod issues.
+ Fixed issues with weapon target leading.
+ Added missing economic and research efficiency connections.
+ Von Neumann homeworld starts hidden once again.
+ Fixed Fire Control and AI Fire Control section effects.
+ Fixed an issue where all weapons would fire immediately when coming out of overthrust.

Other Changes:
+ Sensor memory and is now working.
+ Improved interfaces for all mission types except Station Construction and Upgrade.
+ Added features to the combat UI.
+ Introduced a Surveyed Systems view mode for the star map.
+ Reduced size of tactical star system.
+ Introduced surrounding behavior to combat AI.
+ Reduced structure of all ship sections.
+ Various weapon tweaks.
+ Made improvements to the research screen interface.
+ Added tooltips to all tech selections on the design screen.

Key Known Issues:
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Deployed gates are not showing up in combat.
- Some moon orbits are still incorrect.

Product Update - Valve

Critical Fixes:
+ ** Fixed known empty fleet issues caused by orphaned battle riders not being removed. **
+ Fixed crash due to module instance count not matching actual module count.
+ Fixed the crash caused by selecting fleets while in the province edit mode.
+ Fixed the crash caused by multiple special encounters (for instance System Killer and Asteroid Monitor) at the same system.
+ Fixed the reported colony update crash.
+ Fixed the reported System Killer crash.
+ Fixed a crash caused by bad data in certain turn events.
+ Fixed a crash that could be caused by transferring a battle rider to reserves.
+ Fixed the crash caused by a colonization fleet being destroyed just prior to the appearance of the Colony Self-Sufficient dialog.
+ Fixed a potential crash that could be caused by removal of collision from dying objects.
+ Fixed a crash that could be caused by not having enough admirals for starting fleets.
+ Fixed planetary missiles not firing.
+ Fixed numerous known issues with fleet pathing.
+ Fixed a bug where a different station would be upgraded than the one selected.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues with Battle Cruisers.
+ Fixed an issue where detonating weapons were not selecting the correct targets.
+ Fixed known issues with lagging PD target tracking and PD target selection.
+ Improved general target leading in combat.
+ Increased turret tracking speeds in general.
+ Fixed an issue where multi-volley weapon firing sequences were being timed incorrectly.
+ Fixed an issue where drones were not firing their targets.
+ Disabling a Command Monitor or its turrets now forces a neutral state to eliminate unwanted combat.
+ Fixed an issue where battle riders were launching in the design screen.
+ Fixed known issues with the Combat HUD showing incorrect information for multiple ship selections.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing jitter from ships in formation flying around planets in overthrust mode.
+ Immigration slider is now hidden until until the correct technology is available.
+ Fixed an issue where disruptors were not disabling turrets.
+ Fixed a few smaller issues with Protean placement.
+ Fixed the issue where battle riders were not being provided with default ships.
+ Fixed the missing Siege Driver impact effect.
+ Fixed many localization typos.
+ Fixed known turret arc issues.
+ Fixed some material issues on various Human faction models.
+ Fixed an issue where stance changes were being erroneously applied to battle riders and stations.
+ Fixed bug where player was being charged for civilian built mining station.
+ Fixed bug where enemy fleets would show up in phantom fleet widget when turn is ended.
+ Rewrote turn transition interface flow to more accurately represent turn processing time.
+ Removed scrim from GUI loading lockout, which may eliminate the rare reports of being stuck on a screen forever.
+ Fixed bug where tooltips would be one line no matter how long they where.
+ Fixed known issues with variable weapons in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed known issues where Drone carriers were not attaching drones.
+ Fixed known issue where meteors could not be destroyed.
+ Fixed an issue where weapon recharge times were double the intended value.
+ Fixed bug with Zuul where all civilians where being considered as slaves
+ Updated colony UI to properly represent slave vs civilian population.
+ Fixed a bug where a player's own colonies could be misinterpreted as being out of sensor range.

Other Changes:
+ Added new Double Helix star map.
+ Introduced combat AI surround and flank behaviors.
+ Adjusted some tech costs.
+ Made improvements to the research screen.
+ Tutorial pop-ups for Research and Starmap updated to reflect changes.
+ Added border and background to star map fleet and planet lists.
+ Planet orbital position changes have been disabled.
+ Asteroid Monitor special projects have been added.
+ Colonies will now launch heavy missiles if the population is high enough.
+ Introduced corrosive ship damage from weapons.
+ Added a better visual effect for ships being disrupted by EMP.
+ Improved strategic AI capabilities.

Key Known Issues:
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Tempest Array weapons are not firing.
- Some star systems have anomalous moon orbits.
- System Killer auto resolve is not producing results.
- Tarkas and Zuul Dreadnoughts have various turret arc corrections still to be made.

Product Update - Valve

+ Fixed Node Line deteriorating event crash.
+ Fixed colony destroyed crash.
+ Fixed VN target crash.
+ Fixed a von neumann constraint violation that was adding a bogus target.
+ Fixed constraint violation when inserting a weapon bank.
+ Fixed System Killer move order crash.
+ Star map nebula and other features are back.
+ Fixed colony populations not updating.
+ Added colony max repair points calculation to database to fix various bugs with colonies as repair ships.
+ Fixed inconsistency bug where ships requiring repair where not showing up in repair widget.
+ Fixed rounding bug where slightly damaged ships could never be repaired fully.
+ Fixed Liir Flickerwarp availability.
+ Fixed Spinal Mount availability.
+ Fixed numerous module, section and technology descriptions.

Product Update - Valve

- Fixed crash when launching drones in weapon test screen, backing to design screen, and then switching mission sections
- Fixed crash caused by opening battle manager at a system where platforms are available for placement.
- Fixed crash that could occur when destroying weapons in combat.
- Fixed crash at end of turn when offering treaty
- Fixed occasional crash due to Main Menu combat
- Enemy AI will prioritize faction opponents over random encounters when choosing stance
- Strat AI will now prefer to enter conquering stance over expansion when past the war threshold.
- Modified the calculation for AI expansion factor, it will no longer take into account unexplored systems.
- Various adjustments to enemy AI's decision-making process
- Various adjustments to enemy AI to properly utilized specialized weapons
- Added combat UI for clicking on target locations for relevant weapons (Siege Driver, Detonating Torpedoes and COL).

- Fixed bug where platforms weren't showing up in defense manager
- Fixed bug where ships built with new Gate designs would not be available for the Gate mission.
- Fixed a bug where dissolving a fleet would lead to empty fleets.
- Seige Drivers working for all factions
- Fixed known issues with mine laying in combat.
- Fixed missing repair capacity on relevant ship sections.
- Minelayer sections working for all factions
- Fixed mine behaviour (depending on mine - tracking, etc.)
- Fixed various Torpedo sections that weren't firing
- Fixed arc of movement on all Zuul free-beam turrets
- COL weapons added.
- PD weapons now only engage PD targets
- Targets engaged per turret, not per bank (allowing PD, Torps, etc. engage multiple targets)
- Fixes for various weapon icons/names
- Fixed handful of missing tech descriptions
- Salvage missions are now properly being generated
- Fixed prototype modifiers for Human faction
- Fixed salvage profits
- Fixed weapon cost calculation in designs
- Ship option savings cost multipliers are now applied per section instead of per ship.
- Fixed various diplomatic messages that weren't displaying
- Fixed incorrect calculation of turret efficiency based on power and crew.
- Technical knowledge now gathered during combat
- Research progress now displayed in Research screen
- Completed technologies now clearly marked in green
- Fixed bug where players were unable to build habitations for their own race
- Fixed bug where Zuul players could build alien habitations
- Allowable distance between systems in a province has been increased to 8-ly.
- Fixed various turrets with odd parameters and placement
- Fixed various weapons with odd parameters
- Fixed Morrigi BR AM engine label (not a streak engine)
- Added ability to set initial fire mode and target filter when creating a ship design
- Any ships left in a removed fleet are now properly cleared
- Introduced new Scan Satellites and Torpedo Satellites
- Any remaining ships in a removed fleet will now be deleted
- Fix to a constraint violation between diplomacy and turn events
- Combat ready ships will increase the calculate strength of an empire more than utility ships
- Fixed defense platforms not showing up in Combat
- Fixed known issues with tracking speed on turrets
- Introduced initial pass diplomacy requests and demands
- Fixed a sound bug when constructing stations (event played when ordered, not completed)
- Fix potential issue where system/planet killer would not avoid a station in its path
- Added weapon panel configuration to design screen
- Fixed known issues with direct-fire torpedoes behaving incorrectly
- Fixed known issues where boarding pods and assault shuttles were not able to connect to ships
- Fixed rider patrol paths around a star

Known Issues
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Human faction unable to select typo of COL for COL section ships.
- Slaves and system information are not yet hooked up to diplomacy.


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