Warlords Awakening - Playwith Interactive
Greetings Walords!

Our Ambassador test period is coming to an end shortly and we have received a great amount of feedback that we can begin implementing in the game as the first couple weeks of Early Access commence.
We've decided to compile a list of some of the major issues that have come up that we are working to correct as soon as possible. This is meant to be viewed as a Q&A and road map for what we intend to fix over the next couple weeks.

Ambassador Test Period Feedback
  1. The chat font in game is not good.
    We aimed to have a chat font that would allow many users from different countries to speak in their native tongue and have a font that would accommodate all players. Our choice has clearly not worked well, and we will be improving it so that each language will look good in game.

  2. Lag issues
    We've been aware of the lag issues some players have been experiencing, and most of the problems have been caused by having only a single test server located in the United States. We have run a variety of tests with our Ambassadors and with the implementation of an EU server today, we hope to remedy these lag issues.

  3. Chat Censorship
    The chat censorship has been quite annoying to many players and we realize it has caused undue problems. We do not need these over stringent censors in the game and soon players will be able to chat much more freely.

  4. VIP Service
    There has been some initial misunderstanding about the use of this buff in game. To those who haven’t played the game, it could be perceived as a Pay2Win feature. We admit the labelling of VIP was a bad choice; the icon will be rebranded and the item will be named “Scroll of Awakening”. This buff is temporary and is meant to help with levelling, and is given to players as attendance rewards, so every player can get the buff without paying any money. So long as you play the game consistently, you will always have the helpful buff.

  5. Pay 2 Win
    We have repeatedly announced and would like to say once again, that we strongly believe in a non-Pay 2 Win atmosphere for the game. We have no intention to create any significant advantage for those paying money over players who don’t want to pay money in-game.
    Warlords Awakening is a Buy 2 Play game and is priced at an affordable price, and players are not coerced to pay for anything extra to still enjoy the game. There will be a cash shop with cosmetics and some consumables that provide a level of convenience, rather than advantage. The cash shop will be updated over the next 2-3 days leading up to Early Access.

  6. Opening Multiple Loot Boxes
    It has been very frustrating for players who are farming materials and items when they have to open each loot box individually. This will be changed very soon so that up to 10 boxes can be opened at one time. This should really speed up the process of farming and make the game feel more fluid.

  7. Epheia’s Blessing Bomb
    While we thought this would be a quirky idea and it probably was for some players, we found that it is rather meaningless and exploitable to some degree. This feature will be removed and readded once it has been modified to be more meaningful.

  8. Reward System in PvP
    We are building a special reward shop for passionate PvPers. We do not have all the details worked out just yet, but be aware that there will be great rewards and items that you can get if you want to be the best Warlord in Epheia!

  9. Stance Switching Delay & CC Breaking
    In the current build of the game, there is a delay on switching your battle stance and many players have mentioned that this causes very clunky combat and detracts from some of the great, fluid combat that Warlords Awakening has to offer. We do agree that the removal of this delay will greatly improve the quality of the gameplay and create a better experience for all players.
    The delay in stance switching has also made it very hard for players to break CC chains in PvP. Without being able to switch stances while stunned, players are unable to use their escape abilities to break CC chains. With the allowance of stance switching at all times, we will fix both of the above issues. We ask that you do bear with us as this change will take 2-3 weeks to fully implement.

    On The Horizon

    We're very happy with how the test period has gone and it has certainly helped us set up the game for Early Access launch. With the additional feedback, it will also ensure that the game is more enjoyable for more players in the long run. There are some issues that will not be perfected by Early Access launch, but we will be implementing them over the next couple weeks and the game will continue to get better and better.

    Warlords Awakening Team
Firmament Wars - maelfyn
Patch 0.2.6 has added the following:

• A new 8-player Flat Earth map has been added to the game.
• The map now zooms out farther than before to allow players to see more at once.
• Made various server-side performance optimizations.

Waifu Bay Resort - Alchemist
Sunny Chitose loves water and sea breeze. She believes that the best place to enjoy them is your own yacht! She goes out to sea every day, so you'll see her at the harbor often. Which means it must be perfect!

Swim Out - Lozange Lab
Hi everyone !

8 new achievements have been added when you complete all objectives of a chapter, and all objectives of the whole game.

If you’ve been enjoying Swim Out, please take a moment to rate it or write a comment, thanks for your support!

Catan Universe - Catan Universe [CM]
Hi Catanians,

Today July 23 at 11 am [CEST] we will roll out CU 1.5.3. The Amazon Version will be released tomorrow.

New feature:

• Turntimer in Rivals of Catan was set to 120 sec.

Fixed issues:

● Seafarer tutorial now progresses past chapter 3
● Metropolis is now displayed again when using the standard board pieces
● Players can now be reported via the report button in the statistics screen
● Unlocking “Rivals” with a Scroll will no longer result in only 2 theme set stacks available in “Duel of the Prices”
● The second last remaining player of a match will no longer get displayed a wrong message (game canceled) when all players except one got kicked by the kicktimer
● Edge case of Duel scout card fixed
● A second “create guild” button will no longer get shown in the interface where it shouldn’t
● Rivals: “traveling merchant” now will allow to trade 2 gold
● Rivals: “Gudrun” card could cause the AI to be stuck in case the AI owned a
gold cache which was full already
● Fixed an issue where it wasn´t possible for certain accounts to create his own custom match lobby

Please note that it make take a while until the newest version is available in your store to download.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Studios

Added special materials for equipment: Alchemical Silver, Mithral, Adamantine, Darkwood (equipment that made of special materials, like Adamantine Greatsword, +1 Darkwood Composite Longbow, will be randomly found in shops and loots)
Added masterwork equipment (masterwork equipment, like Masterwork Dagger, will be randomly found in shops and loots)
Now ammunition can be magic items with magic bonuses, masterwork equipment, or made of special materials, like Masterwork Arrows, +1 Silvered Sling Bullets
Allows to choose the current ammunition from the battlefield pop-up menu
Adjusted Armor Check Penalty of armor
Reduced Armor Check Penalty of magic or masterwork armor by 1
Armor with 0 Armor Check Penalty will be treated as auto-proficient, like Mithral Chain Shirt
Adjusted shields: removed speed penalty, reduced AC, maximum magic bonus is +5, more kinds of enchantments
Adjusted parameters and prices of some magic items and enchantments
Removed price rounding for magic items
In-game Wiki: Added "Equipment" section

Remade monster AI module - Changed the original interest maximization AI to following 3 types based on the natural Intelligence:
-- Instinctual: Creatures with low intelligence like animals attack nearby enemies instinctively without any strategy.
-- Tactical: Humanoid creatures at a normal level of intelligence can choose more favorable positions in combat, attack opponents with lower defense first, and know how to cooperate with each other.
-- Advanced Tactical: These creatures are more cunning. On the tactical basis, they also consider the target's remaining HP since killing is a key indicator of damage output maximization.
AI (even the Advanced Tactical type) no longer always attack casters first
The behavior patterns of summoned creatures of players are not affected by Intelligence. They always use the Advanced Tactical AI.

New graphics option: Brightness
New item sort options: "By Weight" and "Total Price or Weight"
Flee no longer reduces reputation
Adjusted initial abilities of shooters (including PCs and monsters): -2 Con, +2 Wis
Fixed crash bug: damaged save files
Fixed crash bug: 20+ minions on small size combat maps
Fixed crash bug: position overlap after movement
Fixed crash bug: position overlap by knockback
Fixed crash bug: Hobgoblins' Phalanx Soldier
Fixed crash bug: using certain potions on world map

Fixed ambiguous description of Precise Shot
Adjusted description of abilities
Added "immune to bleeding" to description of Regenerating
Fixed image overlap of cloth when trading

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder\saves) to support@lowmagicage.com. It's extremely useful for debugging.
The Entity - Ragdoll
Hello everyone,

This update is a smaller one, as we are working on something for you guys ;) here are the patchnotes:

- Added grass to the end scene areas
- Added a coffee table, bookshelf and minor items into the office upstairs
- Added a few extra ambient lights around the house
- Fixed the walking enemy (Hall) from getting stuck on the baby toys
- And fixed a few items that where missing some textures.

Regards: Ragdoll Inc
Rhombus Legends - andrewpanov
- GUI has been redesigned. All elements have been redrawn to match fantasy style.
- Rewards for ingame activities increased.
- Basic cards upgrade chance increased.
- Various bug fixes and stability improvements.
Armello - [LoG] WordSlice


Another season comes to a close and new stars light across the sky.

Hello and welcome to the second feature reveal for the July Update landing on the 31st. The beta kicks off tomorrow, and naturally that's extremely relevant to what we're talking about today.

*Thunder crashing in the distance*
That means all new dice will be dropping and the old collection will rotate out into the void. Fear not, Skin Fragments will continue to drop as they have been.

Throughout the beta, we'll be running double drops of the current collection, Skeeve's Curiosities, along with our dedicated servers. If you want to finish your collection whilst checkin' out the new tech, here's your chance!

Also, until further notice from this collection onwards, we will not be selling chests from the in-game store. The Steam Marketplace will still be active and dice will be tradable, but right as the collection drops you're going to have to EARN those cubes.

There we have it folks! The beta will kick off tomorrow so prepare yourself.

<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad

Police Air Transporter - paveltitov266
What’s new?
We made absolutely new amazing graphics, so now you can enjoy different weather conditions (snow, rain, simple summer days and even the thunderstorm at night – anything you want).

Watch updated damages and realistic planes, and become the real manager of police air transporting company!

Coming soon:
  • Helicopter and new controls for it
  • Water ships with the opportunity to transport cargo
  • Upgraded missions and quests
  • Large motor car park
  • Bikes and motorcycles

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