Innkeep is an immersive job sim with an RPG core and a dark twist. Run your own fantasy world inn. Serve ale. Share rumors. Tell jokes. Rob your guests…?? Well, maybe just a little.
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About This Game

The Weary Pilgrim has a new master of the house. It’s you! Time to wear an apron, put on a warm smile, and rob your guests…

Of course, you’ll need to cook them something to eat first. And give them plenty to drink. Only, supplies are short, what with how dangerous the roads have become. Hopefully they don’t recognize the taste of mountain rat. A little water in their wine won’t hurt them either. Then you’ll have to tell your guests a good joke or two to win their trust. Maybe share a few rumors. That will make it easier to get nice and close, so you can listen to their conversations, and learn who among them are the best targets. Then, when they are drunkenly asleep at night, you can sneak into their rooms, rummage through their belongings, and take their ill-gotten gains for yourself!

Innkeepers have all the fun. That's what you've observed. Hanging around indoors all day, talking, drinking and eating, wearing fine aprons and wiping bar tops. No need to plow a field in the rain or dig ditches. No need to chase after muddy pigs. You've always coveted the job. But... you're merely a Profane. And only those of Divine blood can run a public house in Buccolia. So, resigned to your fate, you lose yourself in drinking and dicing.

Until, one day, somebody murders your friend.

Everybody knows he owed you money. And worse, they found you with the body! It was run or be hanged. But as Cirr takes with one hand he gives with another, and through a strange twist of fate you soon find yourself the new master of a once proud inn, the Weary Pilgrim, located in the Valley of the Incarnates. There’s no law to bar you from innkeeping here. Indeed, right now, there’s no laws at all! The imperial guard has been disbanded, as strife engulfs the Divine Empire. Now all kinds of folk are turning up, with digging tools and mean eyes. They want to rob the tombs of the gods themselves.

Now you must attempt to run this lonely house in a lawless land, playing host to ghoulish grave robbers, bragging adventurers, cold blooded bounty hunters, and worse. If you’re going to survive out here you’ll need to get creative. Very creative. Starting with what’s going into the stew.

Desperate though you may be, you never expected to become a thief. But as the tomb robbers burrow deeper into the bone-strewn hills of the valley, they are beginning to unearth the vestiges of an ancient secret. Little do these impious illiterates know about the true significance of the old tablets and inscribed trinkets they hope to sell as curiosities. Yet a disgraced sorceress of the Divine blood believes they may be the key to preventing the outbreak of war and the certain destruction of your new home. And so, each night, you sneak into your guests’ rooms, rifling through their belongings for fragments of a long forgotten mystery.

It is a race against time. As the tomb robbers unwittingly bring you more revelations, so too do they draw outrage from the provinces. Who will be the first to send soldiers into the valley? And how will the rest of the Empire respond to the breaking of this taboo? You listen to the rumors as they swirl amidst the pipe smoke of the Weary Pilgrim’s common room.

Alone, it may be a hopeless venture. Yet along with the sorceress, you have gained the aid of a band of outcasts, heretics, and freaks, who have come to dwell under your roof in fractious friendship. It is a strange irony that while each of you has seen your lives smothered or upended by the Empire’s inflexible laws, together you just might be the ones who ultimately determine its fate. And so, here you stand, in the eye of the storm. Another day begins. The guests arrive. The cauldron bubbles. You put on a smile. Watch. Listen. And wait.

Pour some ale

Your guests are a thirsty bunch, so keep the ale flowing. You’ll need to get hands-on, hauling barrels, and pouring drinks. Just keep an eye on the stocks in your cellar. If supplies get a little short you might need to mix in a bit more water.

Get ‘creative’ in the kitchen

The road to the Weary Pilgrim is far from safe these days. The merchants who still visit are bringing plenty of extra protection, and charging four times the usual prices. If you’re going to keep your fine establishment running you’ll need to go outside your culinary comfort zone. Or at least, your guests certainly will. They say mountain rat kind of tastes like beef. Kind of.

Spy on your guests

Every guest who visits your inn has their own story… and their own secrets. Listen in on their conversations while you innocently bustle about. If you’re clever enough you might learn a few things. Maybe a new story or joke to add to your repertoire. Or maybe the fact that they just unearthed a fancy trinket from a nearby tomb.

Build a band of bards

It’ll be easier for your guests to relax if they have some music to listen to. So assemble a band to help keep them drinking merrily, late into the night. Of course, the kind of bard who’d turn up at the Weary Pilgrim must be pretty low on options. Maybe they’re running from someone. Or from something.

Burn the midnight oil

Once your guests are finally fast asleep it’s time to pay some of them a visit. If you were watching carefully through the evening you’ll know who the juiciest targets will be. Paw through bulky travel sacks. Check the heels of boots for extra gold. Wiggle rings from fingers. Look for anything that glints in the candlelight. Just be careful to be quick about it. And quiet.

Feature Summary

  • The ability to collect and share rumors, stories, and jokes by eavesdropping on real time conversations.
  • A challenging core game loop revolving around serving and entertaining your guests, while learning their secrets and deciding which of them you will rob each night.
  • A cooking system that lets you get a little “creative” when it comes to what goes into the stew or pies.
  • A lavishly detailed inn where walls and floors fade away to reveal what is behind or beneath them.
  • A host of guest characters with their own unique portraits and dialogue.
  • Musical tracks that are incorporated into the game, played by the bards that can join your band of down-and-out bards.
  • An unfolding story filled with mystery and deception. Work to uncover an ancient secret so immense that it could either tear the Empire apart, or be used to save it.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Innkeep contains a small number of violent scenes. For this reason it may not be suitable for younger children without adult supervision.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: A potato
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: NA

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