You have inherited your grandparents farm as they set off to travel the world. Work with Frank at the local construction shop to finish off the final touches on your new home. Aid Frank and Mayor Wilson in building up the town so it may reach it's full potential.
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Dec 18, 2018

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July 4

We've reached 500 Quests!

Happy Canada Day!


Sorry we're a little late with the post for the update that came out a few days ago. If you've been in Garden Paws since July 1st you'll know we released a small Canada Day update and a couple small patches since then.

During our anniversary event we tested the dungeon with 32 players.

Dan, Kristina and Thiago are still hard at work on the Dungeon and we plan on having it out this month (July). The dungeon will be optional and you won't be technically "killing" the creatures for anyone that is worried about blood/gore. We can assure you there won't be any, in fact you're helping the creatures move on, from the evil necromancers grasp. The Dungeon will have 100 procedural levels, bosses and new items along with it.

Credits in the Garden Paws main menu

The first thing you'll notice in this update is the mail from the developers (Dan, Kristina and Thiago), we added a couple new skins, the Canada Dragon and Canada Fox. There's lots more to this small.. but large update including the Credits where you can find all the backers names. If you don't see your name here please send us a message, we did have to remove a few that either weren't appropriate or were promotion links. We will be adding a bit more to the credits in the next update, including the community members that made skins for Garden Paws.

New Quests, New Shop and New Items

This update our main focus was squishing bugs and improving the the QOL (Quality of Life) for Garden Paws. We did manage to squeeze in a few new items, another upgrade and over 20 new quests. This brings us to 500 Quests currently in Garden Paws!

Fishing Shop

McCoy's fancy new Fishing Shop

The new shop you'll find in Florens is the Fishing Shop. McCoy has been dreaming, and with your help they'll get to run a large shop that can even provide daily shipments of fish, (for a small fee that is..).

New Storage Crates

New Gem Storage Crate

We have added a few more decorative crates including the Ore/Bar Storage Crate, Gem Storage Crate and two new superior crates. The Superior Seed and Flower Crates have a 30 capacity and are visually unique from the other flower and seed crates.

Paw Path and Animal Display

Paw Path rotated with the Item Shifter.

There are two items with very different functions. The Stone Paw can be used to decorate you're home. The Animal Display can hold 1 animal of any type and display it in your world, it won't drop resources while on display though.

No Harvest Zone

Canada Fox building some No Pick Zones!

A small but big new item is the "No Harvesting Sign", when you place this item it prevents anyone from harvesting within it's radius.

Quality of Life

With the community's suggestions and feedback, we have made several fixes in this update to improve on Garden Paws.

  • The Item Shifter can now rotate up/down as well as left/right.
  • The Inventory has an Auto Sort option, as well as a transfer all button.
  • Building pieces have a smoother placement.
  • The range of the Pickaxe and Axe have been increased.

Creative Mode Adjustments and Server Sizes Increased!

Having some fun testing out 32 player lobbies.

At the request of the community we have increased the creative mode lobby sizes from 10 to a whopping 32 people! We have done a few quality of life improvements as well.

  • The inventory and energy levels have been maxed out.
  • You can craft anything at a workbench without requiring the materials.
  • The UI has been adjusted to better fit all the items.
  • Easter eggs and all non-vegetation items have been removed. (Ex. Boris' cart)

We have added a few new items to the creative mode including the Jetpack, Hourglass (which can be used to pause time or jump ahead/back an hour), and the Sponge (to clean off paint).

In creative mode you are also able to place Trees, Bushes and other foliage.

Flying carpets!

Bug Fixes and General Tweaks

Some of these bugs came in with the last update but we missed adding them to the update list of fixes.

We were made aware of a hacker today that was able to join Password Protected lobbies, we've changed the server authentication process to prevent this from happening.

  • The Grid UI now has a scroll bar.
  • The Crystal Garden centerpiece and divider now have colliders.
  • Animals that weren't collecting items (Ferrets/Beetles) are fixed.
  • There's a new in game achievements to track how many Easter Eggs you've collected.
  • McCoy went on vacation and is now back.
  • McCoy's new shop holds 3 items and rotates stock daily.
  • McCoy's Fishing Delivery box has been set up.
  • Text size in the stat screen has been slightly reduced.
  • The Shed has a bottom, when naming the shed it will show up in front instead of inside.
  • Stable animals won't disappear.
  • Legendary Feed shows up when you tame 100 Beetles.
  • Temporary items (like the cart and flying carpet) won't disappear the day after in creative mode.

Social Media Links

Want to chat with the developers (Dan, Kristina and Thiago) or this amazing community? Here are some of the best places to find us.

We have also started weekly challenges in the discord for anyone that would like to participate. Last week we did a pool challenge, this week's challenge is creating a garden.





Lifeguard is on duty!
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June 25

Tame every animal in Garden Paws AND MORE!

Our focus for this update is to make every animal tameable and we're happy to say we've done it and we've added MORE animals to tame with great benefits to your farm!

We've updated the taming as well to include the feed the animal likes above their head, as long as you're holding one type of feed.

The arctic fox and it's love of small fish.

Foxes, Ferrets and Beetles!

We added the Foxes, Ferrets and Dung Beetles in this update! All with really great uses.

Foxes! Once tamed they'll bring you a fish a day, or just some poop...

Let's start with the Fox. The Fox can be found in the forest area and can be tamed with Small Fish. You need to pick up a Forest Animal Habitat from Roman the Blueprint Vendor and give the fox a nice home for it to stay with you.

Once you have the fox tamed you can visit it every day to collect some fish, or some poop.

The ferrets make a great addition to any farm. They'll collect feathers, furs, eggs and more every day for you!

Next up, the Ferrets! The Ferrets are something Kristina, our designer, really wanted to add since she grew up with them. Simply purchase the Ferret Habitat and grab some wool and you can head off to start taming these little ones.

The ferrets can be found on one of the southern islands, or in the ruins. Once you've got them tamed they'll collect all Fiber, Wool, Fur, Feathers and Eggs in the area!

Isn't this one stinking cute habitat?

Last but not least, we've added the Dung Beetles! Once you have collected 100 poop you'll be able to build a Dung Beetle Habitat (it's stinking cute!) and craft some Beetle Feed. Once you have some beetles tamed and in their habitat they'll start collecting all the poop within the area the next day!

The beetles come in tons of different colours, even rainbow!

The beetles come in 6 colour variations, and if you choose to pursue the Beetle Mania achievement and tame 100 beetles, the Legendary Beetle will have a chance to spawn! This Gold Legendary Beetle is even a mount and can be ridden around the map!


Rainbow Glitter Unicorn anyone?

You may remember from on of our past updates that we mentioned the Unicorn coming in and we're happy to say that day is today! Call us Unicorn-y but we went with a classic rainbow design, gold horn and ALL the glitter!

The unicorn has a 1% chance to spawn everyday, when you see the rainbow you'll know it's out there, somewhere. BUT you'll only be able to tame the unicorn when you have some Legendary Feed that you get from activating another Legendary to spawn. (Don't worry the fastest legendary to trigger is just by collecting 100 poop.)

The Unicorn, like all legendary creatures, is a little bit faster then regular mounts and a little more ... legendary.

New Animals

We added some new animals, and some variations to existing ones. Here's a little list of some of the new animals.

The new black cat!

  • Arctic Fox (doesn't show up every season ;) )
  • Black Cat (tamed with fish)
  • Mountain Goat (tamed with Hay)
  • Black Horse (Roaming the lands)
  • Pigs and Piglets! (Poppy's Shop)
  • All sheep can be tamed! (Black, White and Pink)
  • New Black Bear variation (tamed with Honey)
  • You can tame the Deer

Want another Barn or 10?

The new barns!

We've heard you want to raise more barn animals. We've added a buildable barn in this update! You'll receive the blueprint in the mail your first winter and you can start building barns to hold up to 4 animals! If you need some Hay we've also included a blueprint for a Drying Rack to turn Tall Grass into Hay.


There are new poop achievements, all the achievements have also been added to the in game menu.

You can now keep track of your achievements progress in-game.

Twitch Integration Update

With Twitch Integration you can enable emotes to pop up above their heads!

We've updated Twitch Integration a little bit. Your chat can now type "hype" to pop some confetti (this can be disabled). Chatters also have a chance to appear as an animal in the wild.

We've also added some NPCs to the Town Hall and the Inn. When you enter your chatters will appear as those characters. Chatters can type "dance", "dab", "jump", or "fart" while they're characters in your game!

One last update, people in your chat can choose the character type they'd like to spawn as in your world when they're a customer.

Bugs Fixes and Other Info

The re-textured hippos <3

  • The Fish Traps don't get picked up when you harvest from them.
  • The Flying Carpet and Kart have been added to the Creative Mode.
  • There is a Storage Workstation, all "Storage Solutions" have been moved there.
  • There are 3 new poopy achievements.
  • Creative mode update: The odd buildings have been removed.
  • The Queue in the oven has been increased from 1 to 5.
  • The food item that a wild animal wants now appears above their head.
  • The hippo texture has been adjusted to look less piggy.

How to find the devs:

Yup you can find Dan and Kristina streaming on Twitch, taking suggestions, giving spoilers and just having fun!

Want to chat with the devs or get sweet sweet spoilers? Here are some fun links!





A HUGE Thank You to everyone that has supported us in creating Garden Paws. The community around our little game is incredible and we appreciate you all so much.

Daniel, Kristina and Thiago

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About This Game

We have released the game but we're not done yet. Garden Paws is a passion project by Daniel, Kristina and Thiago and we have lots more content to add to make it our perfect game. What you can expect to see in the future includes Creative Mode with up to 10 players per lobby and an optional fully procedural Dungeon. We have lots of sprinkles to add including but not limited to Fruit Trees, mini-games and new areas to explore.

You have inherited your grandparents farm as they set off to travel the world. Work with Frank at the local construction shop to finish off the final touches on your new home. Aid Frank and Mayor Wilson in building up the town so it may reach it's full potential.

In order to expand your home, and build up the nearby town, you're going to need coins. What better way to earn those coins then by running a shop! Explore the islands and caves collecting everything from poop to flowers to sell to the local villagers. Once you have some seeds you can dive into Farming, or many of the other activities on the islands including, Fishing, Mining and Questing.

Once you have some spare coin talk to Frank to commission new buildings, with each building bringing unique Upgrades, Shops, Quests and possibly even New Areas to explore, you'll have plenty to keep you busy!

With each area that you explore there are new items to find, collect, sell and even wear. Around every corner there is a chance to find hidden treasure, so you'll want to explore every chance you get.

Once the mining camp is built, commission the miners to clear up the rubble and open new mining caves. Don't worry, there won't be any spirits to battle here, only geodes and other treasures to find.

Want to explore new areas? Take a boat ride over to Halloween Island during Fall to grab some epic loot.

You don't have to go alone on this new adventure, invite up to three friends to join you online. From shopkeeping to taming and exploring, everything is better with friends.

As the server host you can open your home to friends that will fully be able to interact in your world. Host a public or private server to play with old friends or make new ones.

There are currently 10 characters to choose from, the Fox, Bunny, Bear, Dragon, Cat, Bird, Badger, Chipmunk, Horse and Dog. Each character has a unique appearance and for all the characters there are over 400 skins to customize your character with.

Clothing items and more unique skins can be found in chests or through questing. We currently have 150+ dye-able clothing items, to personalize your character further.

Found a flower or rock you think your customers will love? Open your shop between 12:00 and 18:00 and watch the money roll in.

Upgrade your shop from a small single table stand to a large extravagant showstopper. Personalize your shop with mannequins to show off your accessories and hats for sale. There are 750+ items to sell in your shop, from raw materials to crafted items.

If you want to explore instead of tending to the shop, hire an assistant to take over for you.

Are you a streamer that wants to interact with your chat on a new level? Simply enable Twitch Integration and the viewers active in your chat will have a chance to appear as a customer in your game.

Don't go too far, the townsfolk will need your help rebuilding their town, especially when a natural disaster strikes. Help build up the town and local buildings introducing new quests, areas and items along the way. There are over 450 quests and a minimum of 30 hours of content to explore.

Dig up seeds with flowers and vegetables in the wild or talk to Sammy the Seed Seller to purchase new seeds. Use your hoe to till the soil, then make sure to water it every day until your crops are ready to harvest. After a couple of days, harvest your crops and then cook them up or wrap them in a bouquet to sell in your shop.

Keep an eye out for those lovely rainy days, where you can spend your time doing other tasks without worrying about your crops withering away.

There is water everywhere! So it's no surprise that the villagers on these islands like to fish. Whether it's dawn or dusk there is a large variety of fish to catch.

Don't want to spend your time fishing, set up some fish or shellfish traps and let them do the work.

What farm is complete without animals? Talk to Frank about building your first Chicken Coop and Barn. In Garden Paws you can raise and tend to many animals including Chicks, Ducks, Calves, Alpacas, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Rabbits and more. All of your larger mature animals can also be mounts to help you get around faster if you want a break from gliding around.

Learn how to befriend the animals with their favourite foods, we hear rabbits love carrots.

Tired of selling boring sticks and stones? Use your crafting skills to create works of art fit for a king. Make sure to upgrade your tools and equipment to unlock new recipes and blueprints.

There are over 200 crafting recipes, including various chests, furniture and building pieces. You can keep your farm classic with wooden decorations or glam it up with crystal furniture and glass walls. Your Farm, your style!

There are multiple cooking stations to make your favorite treats, whether it's grilled fish, pies or salads you can take your shop to the next level by selling your delicious dishes.

Work with Frank at the local construction shop to upgrade the home your grandparents left you, when they set off to travel the world. Want something bigger or in another location? Build some foundations and walls to build anything from a small fishing shack to a large castle!

Once you've built your house you can customize it further with paintbrushes ranging from your classic colors to galaxy walls and floors.

In Garden Paws you'll have the opportunity to commission new buildings, bringing in new townsfolk and seeing the town grow due to your efforts.

Even though the game has so much content already with some players passing 500+ hours of gameplay we don't plan on stopping there. We enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoy working on it and there will be a lot more content coming in the future.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 250 or above
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 250 or above
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: OS X 10.9.3
    • Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9400 256MB
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: OS X 10.9.3
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1GB
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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