Dive into fast-paced, easy-to-pickup 1v1 combat - in this hybrid of MOBA, tower defense and deckbuilding. Play solo or bring a friend for co-op, collect cards, build your deck and crush your enemies!
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Khá tích cực (44) - 79% trên 44 người dùng trong 30 ngày gần đây đánh giá tích cực.
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Khá tích cực (526) - 75% trên 526 người dùng đánh giá tích cực trò chơi này.
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22 Thg02, 2019
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Chú ý: Trò chơi truy cập sớm này chưa hoàn thành và có thể sẽ có sự thay đổi. Nếu bạn không cảm thấy hứng thú với trạng thái hiện tại của trò chơi, bạn nên chờ đợi để theo dõi tiếp quá trình phát triển của trò chơi. Tìm hiểu thêm

Điều nhà phát triển muốn nói:

Tại sao Truy cập sớm?

“Rise of Legions will be in Early Access on Steam in order to get in touch with players as soon as possible. We plan to implement a lot more meta game features in the next stage of developing Rise of Legions. During this process we want to enable our community to actively take part in shaping the future of Rise of Legions.”

Trò chơi này sẽ ở trạng thái truy cập sớm trong khoảng bao lâu?

“We plan to go full Release as soon as the core features are polished and the meta game is finished. We currently think this will be summer 2019.”

Phiên bản đầy đủ sẽ có sự khác biệt thế nào so với phiên bản truy cập sớm?

“For the full version we plan to have an additional Legion (Robots! exciting...i know :) everybody loves them) We also plan to further develop the PvE experience. Last but not least, new cards, skins and features will be added to the game on a regular basis.”

Tình trạng hiện tại của phiên bản truy cập sớm là gì?

“We are heavily focusing on bugfixing and polish. Everything is up and running but might be a bit rough around the edges at first. We apologize for that. All of the features listed in the "about" section are implemented.”

Liệu trò chơi sẽ có giá khác nhau giữa và sau khi Truy Cập Sớm?

“We don't plan to change the pricing.”

Bạn có kế hoạch tương tác với cộng đồng trong quá trình phát triển của mình như thế nào?

“Involving the community is of utmost importance to us. For now we are monitoring player feedback and improvement suggestions through our Steam forum as well as our facebook page and our Discord server.

Join us on Discord to be a part of shaping Rise of Legions’ future:

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27 Tháng 4

Rise of Legions - Roadmap to Full Release

Hey guys!

After our recent gameplay iteration, which saw lots of positive feedback, we think it’s important to get back on track for getting the game ready for release. So today, we’d like to share more information on our future plans with you, to keep everyone up to date on where the game is going. To do this, we’ve prepared a rough roadmap with all the important milestones to come, and some information on why we are working on each.

As a disclaimer: We see these as our most important goals, and plan on working on them in roughly the order listed below, however, as often is the case in game development, these things are still subject to change.

Now for the list, let’s jump right in!

1) Client Performance / Compatibility
In terms of performance, we think there is still lots of room for improvement. Our goal is to allow the maximum number of people to enjoy the game, no matter the power of their system. This will not only allow players with low-end systems to play the game, but also make the game smoother for everyone.

2) Server Stability
Servers are the backbone of any multiplayer game. We constantly need to keep working on these and improving their performance and stability. While this is not visible from the outside, it does take a lot of work and effort. So please be aware that things may occasionally seem slow, while we are actually hard at work behind the scenes. Another important point: All of our servers are currently located in Germany. This is very good for development purposes, but unfortunately leads to high pings for players in countries further away. So one of our big goals is to set up more servers spread out across the globe, so you can enjoy the game with good ping from anywhere.

3) Improvements to the User Interface
The User Interface is an important aspect of the game, especially for any new players. After two months of feedback and playing the game with lots and lots of players, we have a good idea of what needs to be done to make the most out of the UI for everyone. This will include usability overhauls and probably one or two system redesigns (I’m looking at you, ascension popup!).

4) 2v2
2v2 is still our highest mid-term priority. All previous milestones are really just the necessary preparation for getting 2v2 up and running smoothly. Like a lot of you guys, we are super excited about getting it going as soon as possible, but we need to lay the required groundwork first. Once the technical foundation is laid with the previous points, we are going to start testing of 2v2 and want to get it out to players soon after.

5) Cards and Skins System Iteration
We put a lot of thought into how cards and also how skins should work before going into Early Access. Nevertheless, we think there’s always room for improvement, especially in areas so central to the game. We will likely iterate on the cards and skins system at least one more time before going into full release.

6) Bugfixes and Balancing
Fixing bugs and balancing the game is of course an ongoing process. While we work on these milestones for full release, we will always be fixing bugs and improving the game, as well as keeping an eye on the meta.

And finally...

7) Blue Legion
This is it, the big one! Once the scene is set, and everything is prepared, we are going to put all our efforts into getting the Blue Legion ready for showtime. Release of the Blue Legion will most likely coincide with the game leaving Early Access and going full release. When that time comes, we are going to put all our energy into making the biggest splash possible and getting as many players as possible into the game. It’s going to be a blast!

We hope this list helped everyone get a clearer picture of where we are, and where the game is heading. We’re super happy to have such a great community, and we believe that you guys want the best for the game, same as we do. With this roadmap, we’re very confident the game is going to have the best chance of success, and we’re very happy to have you guys on board :)

As always, you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter and Facebook:


We’re always curious to hear what you think! Join us on the Discord to share your opinion, chat or just hangout!


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18 Tháng 4

Rise of Legions - Lots of Balancing and Heating up the Action!

Hey everyone,

we skipped last week, so this week’s patch is extra big and extra juicy, with lots of gameplay improvements! The focus was to make games more dynamic and action-packed, and stop certain tactics that could make the game boring, both for the winning and the losing player. We also did some unit and spell re-balancing, with the same goals in mind, which should make games a lot more fun and enjoyable. We also added two new skins plus two more that will be available as rewards soon!

Part of the goal this week was to make fighting between towers less static. By reducing the tower reload speeds, players can now continue an attack on a tower over multiple waves instead of always being faced with a fully reloaded tower each time they approach. Another goal was to shorten drawn out games, so we’ve reduced the Nexus ammo across the board. Your Nexus can still hold off one pretty big push, but it won’t draw out the game forever.

The effects of Summoning Sickness have been greatly reduced. The duration is shorter and units no longer take double damage while being summoned. This allows a lot of interesting tactics, like summoning units directly on the battlefield, that weren’t really possible before. Summoned units are still vulnerable though, as they won’t be able to defend themselves during summoning.

Another goal for this patch was to stop certain semi-exploit strategies that relied on getting double spawns and/or saving up lots of Mana while simply not doing anything. To get this done, we’ve both reduced the Mana caps and increased the income rates. After these changes we saw much more action-packed games, while still not changing the general game feel too much. To address the double spawn strats, we’ve changed the mechanics of the spawners to now only immediately spawn a unit if the spawning field is active, and then not spawn another until the next spawning cycle.

Especially at lower levels, there could often be situations of big blobs of high damage/low health units forming, that were impossible to counter, which could be extremely frustrating. To balance this, we’ve given one low-tier spell of each Legion a moderate damage effect, which can be used to break up these “DPS blobs” and should allow players to get back into the game in these situations.

On top of that, we also did a bunch of unit balance changes, which are mainly based on community feedback. So thanks to all of you who contributed feedback and ideas! In that vein, a few of you might also have noticed a certain flying unit getting a new ability... Hats off to all you “Wisp Defenders” out there, you made it happen! :)

Whew, that was a lot of text! So without further ado, here’s the full changelist:


Base Buildings
  • Reduced “Nexus” Ammo to 31 across all tiers
  • “Nexus” is now spell immune
  • “Lane Tower” reload speed reduced by 50%
  • “Lane Tower” and “Nexus”: Main target of projectile now only gets single target damage, not splash damage as well

  • Increased “Heavy Gunner” Lightgrenades Splash-radius from 2.5 to 3.0
  • Reduced “Archer” damage from 21 to 20
  • Increased “Archer” health from 23 to 25
  • Increased “Monk” health from 205 to 225
  • “Light Pulse” now also deals 15 damage
  • Increased “Light Pulse” cost from 80 to 130 Mana

  • Reduced “Shatter Ice” damage from 1000 to 200
  • Increased “Soul Cauldron” health from 155 to 190
  • Increased “Vecra” health from 345 to 375
  • “Frost Shock” now freezes units as well as buildings and fires 12 shards at nearby targets
  • Increased “Frost Shock” cost from 80 to 130 Mana

  • Increased “Rootling” health from 190 to 200
  • Increased “Rooted” effect damage from 1 to 2 each second
  • Increased “Entangling Roots” cost from 80 to 130 Mana
  • Reduced “Woodwalker” health from 170 to 115
  • Reduced “Rootdood” Mana cost for "Dood Root" from 2 to 1
  • Increased “Rootdood” range of "Dood Root" from 8 to 11
  • “Wisp” has a new ability: Depleting Bounce (Attacks bounce and hit up to 6 random targets; each hit reduces the damage of the next bounce by the damage dealt)

  • Reduced “Gatling Turret” health from 250 to 210

  • Reduced Summoning Sickness from 2.5 to 1 second. Units also don’t receive double damage anymore while being summoned
  • Reduced Mana Caps (Stage 1: 400 / Stage 2: 500 / Stage 3: 600)
  • Mana gain increased to +2 instead of +1 with every income upgrade
  • Stage times Stone are now: Stage 2 starts at 3 min, Showdown starts at 6 min
  • Stage times Bronze/Silver are now: Stage 2 starts at 3 min, Stage 3 at 6 min, Showdown at 9 min
  • Stage times Gold+ are now: Stage 2 starts at 4 min, Stage 3 at 8 min, Showdown at 12 min
  • Spawn Tiles now glow when they are ready for instant spawning. If a Spawner is placed on a glowing tile, it spawns instantly. If the tile is not glowing, the unit doesn’t spawn until the next spawning cycle

  • Added Cultist (Monk Skin)
  • Added Predictor (Oracle Skin)
  • Added WIP Priest (Limited Reward)
  • Added Rainbow Skeleton Archers (Quest Reward)

While this round of balancing was very important for the current state of the game and also for future features (we always have 2v2 in mind), we can understand that many of you would like to know more about our near-term plans. We're planning on releasing more information on the game's roadmap soon, so the community knows how things are shaping up on our way to full release. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and Discord to hear more about that soon!

You can keep up to date by following us on Twitter and Facebook:


As always, we’re curious to hear what you think! Join us on the Discord to share your opinion, chat or just hangout!

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Đánh giá

“Broken Games Studios has taken a classic genre and turned it into an engaging, fast paced fight to the death experience you won't want to miss.”
The Early Access

“Take up your sword, sharpen your claws, fasten your bolts, and chew on some compost as you go to battle in this fantastically simple castle rush game.”
Keen Gamer

Về trò chơi này

Dive into fast-paced, easy-to-pickup 1v1 combat - in this hybrid of MOBA, tower defense and deckbuilding. Play solo or bring a friend for co-op, collect cards, build your deck and crush your enemies!

Key Features:

  • Completely free-to-play
  • Short, intense 1v1 matches (2v2 and ranked coming soon!)
  • Deck-building
  • PvE-challenges
  • Three playable Legions (more coming soon!)
  • Dual-color decks

"Command sacred archers and shiny knights accompanied by angelic forces. Raise your shields and stand strong!"

The White Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of healing and shielding spells that can be targeted at multiple units at once. Overwhelm your opponent with masses of archers and knights and make them survive to the last minute in order to turn the tide of battle.

"Lead an army of vivid plants and ancient trees into battle. Root your enemies and drown them in a flood of saplings. Evolve them to become stronger."

The Green Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of heal-over-time effects, rooting your enemies in place and last but not least, hordes of Saplings that can be evolved into powerful creatures.

"Freeze your enemies and drain their life. Creatures from the void gather souls to unleash sinister abilities upon their foes."

The Black Legion's main gameplay mechanics and combos feature a variety of freezing spells and abilities, as well as ripping out the souls of enemy units in order to trigger powerful passive abilities.

Yêu cầu hệ thống

    Tối thiểu:
    • HĐH: Windows 7
    • Bộ nhớ: 4 GB RAM
    • Đồ họa: Any with at least 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Phiên bản 11
    • Kết nối: Cáp mạng Internet
    • Lưu trữ: 2 GB chỗ trống khả dụng
    Khuyến nghị:
    • HĐH: Windows 10
    • Bộ nhớ: 4 GB RAM
    • Đồ họa: Any with at least 2GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Phiên bản 11
    • Kết nối: Cáp mạng Internet
    • Lưu trữ: 2 GB chỗ trống khả dụng

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