CS2D é um jogo multijogador de tiro rápido visto de cima. Têm vários tipos de modos, um editor de mapas embutido e muito mais.
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24 Dez, 2004

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7 de Abril


I'm happy to announce that CS2D has just been released!

Note: There was a corrupted update depot for a short time frame. Please restart Steam if you have trouble updating CS2D!

[FIXED] "-nointro" command line parameter led to crash
[FIXED] Memory leak in chat system (leak was introduced with
[FIXED] Steam version offered auto update instead of updating via Steam only
[FIXED] Chat/radio icon over player heads was covered by map shadows
[FIXED] Turret does not shoot in wrong direction anymore
[FIXED] "Auto-Select" random player image wasn't always scaled correctly in HUD menu
[FIXED] IP banning in scoreboard context menu did not work properly with all IPs
[FIXED] Bug which led to corrupted player score values in score/rank system
[CHANGED] Console now supports multicolored printing (same as chat)
[CHANGED] Bullet synchronization between server and client
[CHANGED] Improved bullet particles graphics
[CHANGED] Reorganized "More (Settings)"-tabs with more categories for better overview
[CHANGED] "U" icon for U.S.G.N. login in main menu instead of padlock icon
[CHANGED] Improved Steam login logic
[CHANGED] Better handling of long texts in some UI elements (less overlapping)
[CHANGED] Max transfer file size limit (for "all", "images only", "sounds only" settings) lowered from 100 mb to 16 mb
[CHANGED] Improved Env_Decal in-game rendering performance (editor rendering performance not affected)
[CHANGED] More aggressive avatar caching / less avatar update/download socket connections
[CHANGED] Only 1 avatar download at a time instead of 2
[CHANGED] Error message in console when executing an unknown command is now a single line only instead of 3
[ADDED] Steam support (login & achievements) for Linux and MacOS
[ADDED] Full support for client-side and server-side mods
[ADDED] Client mod selection menu in main menu (these mods will be activated locally)
[ADDED] Server mod selection menu in "New Game"-menu (these mods will be enabled for everyone on the server)
[ADDED] New server filter and status icon to filter/sort servers depending on custom transfers/downloads
[ADDED] "Is decoration" setting for Env_Sprite & Env_Image entities
[ADDED] Ukrainian translation, thanks to Maxor (U.S.G.N. #125571)
[ADDED] Off-Screen damage option (when disabled you can't get damaged by players outside your visible screen area)
[ADDED] Some visual additions & improvements in buy menu
[ADDED] Kill cam (when own or spectated player gets killed camera smoothly scrolls to killer)
[ADDED] "Unreal Software's" and "CS2D" in main menu are clickable, leading to unrealsoftware.de / cs2d.com
[ADDED] Commands "killcam", "killcam_spectator", "killcam_fx", "killcam_victimtime", "killcam_scrolltime" for kill cam settings
[ADDED] Command "renderdecoration" to enable/disable map decoration sprite/image rendering
[ADDED] Command "renderdecals" to enable/disable map decal rendering
[ADDED] Command "mp_anticlock" (detect local time/clock related hacks)
[ADDED] Command "menu_voxelweapons" to enable/disabled spinning 3D voxel weapons in buy menu
[ADDED] Command "effect" now supports new particle types "blood" and "sparkles"
[ADDED] Command "clear" to clear the console output
[ADDED] Lua: better require support (now looks in sys/lua/ and mods/, as well as in mods/<MODNAME>/lua/ when executed from mods/<MODNAME>/lua/main.lua)
[ADDED] Lua command os.millisecs (gets the number of milliseconds since the game's start)
[ADDED] Lua command os.info (gets information about the server's OS)
[ADDED] Lua command playerammo (get ammo value approximation of a weapon carried by a player)
[ADDED] Lua command objecttype (get info about a specific object type)
[ADDED] Lua image command now allows to spawn lights by using "<light>" as path value
[ADDED] Lua tile command now has parameters "rot", "blend", "color", "brightness" and "height"
[ADDED] Lua hook "turretscan" (when a turret searches for a target)
[ADDED] Warning message if server info is empty
[ADDED] Commandline parameter "-nosfx" to disable audio loading (for faster loading on low end systems)
[REMOVED] Launcher.exe removed from Windows Steam client (did not work properly with Steam)
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25 de Março

Downtime and Version Insights

U.S.G.N. Service Downtimes
the server provider for the U.S.G.N. master server has scheduled some updates which may lead to reboots and therefore short down times of the master server. The online server list and the U.S.G.N. account login won't be available in this time. Down times will probably just take a few minutes so most of you shouldn't even notice them.

You will still be able to play during that time and you won't be kicked from any server because of a U.S.G.N. downtime.

Down times may occur within these time frames. All times are UTC+2 (Germany):
26-Mar-2018 – 27-Mar-2018, 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM (UTC+2)
27-Mar-2018 – 28-Mar-2018, 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM (UTC+2)
28-Mar-2018 – 29-Mar-2018, 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM (UTC+2)

Version Insights
We are currently working hard on CS2D version which will hopefully be released next week / within this month.

Some new key features are:

Steam Support On Linux & MacOS
Steam login and achievements will finally work on Linux and MacOS as well! Hooray!

When you die you will now see a visual effect and the camera will scroll to the player who killed you. Same when the guy you specated gets killed. This can be configured (and also disabled) with a number of new settings.

(No) Off-Screen Damage
There will be a fancy new server setting with huge impact on game play. You will be able to completely disable all "off-screen damage". If you do so players will only be able to damage other players and objects which are inside their visible screen area!
This is an experimental new setting we added because some people from the community asked for it / complained about being shot by enemies they don't see. By default you will still be able to damage things outside the visible screen like in previous versions.

Improved Mod Support
CS2D already has mod support but this feature will be improved a lot in version! You will be able to switch enabled mods in the main menu. You will also be able to enable mods on the server so all players on the server see the same mod.

And more...
Of course there will be more. A lot of bug fixes, optimizations, improvements and additions!

Update 02-Apr-2018
The update will be delayed for a few days because of some technical problems. We will try to release it this week. Thank you for your patience!
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Acerca deste jogo

CS2D é um jogo multijogador de tiro rápido visto de cima! Gratuito para Windows, Linux & MacOS!

Duas equipas tentam lutar entre si em partidas com muita ação. Têm vários tipos de missão como plantar a bomba, resgatar reféns, matar o V.I.P. , captura de bandeira, construção, zombies, deathmatch e team deathmatch. Também tens acesso a um grande arsenal de armas - o que incluí armas malucas como arma de portais, lasers, lança-mísseis e muito mais. Joga online, em LAN ou contra bots. Usa o editor de mapas embutido para criares os teus mapas em segundos ou escreve Lua scripts para modificares e expandires o jogo!

CS2D é 100% GRATUITO! Sem custos. Sem qualquer tipo de pagamentos. Nada de pagar para ganhar. Nem penses em gastar dinheiro aqui.
É verdade! Não precisas de pagar nenhuma coisa para jogares este jogo! Nós queremos que te divirtas!

  • Jogo online de tiro rápido (ou offline contra bots programados em Lua script)
  • Pistolas, caçadeiras, espingardas, espingardas com scope, submetralhadoras, granadas e muitas outras armas
  • Vários modos de jogo: Clássico (Bomba, Reféns, VIP), Deahtmatch, Zombies, Construção...
  • Fácil de mexer no editor de mapas com o sistema de entitys/triggers
  • Consola & Scripts de compra
  • Modifica & Expande com Lua scripts (sim, nós também temos mods com chapéus engraçados!)
  • Efeitos de luz dinâmicos e um modo visto de cima com elementos 3D parecido ao "GTA 2"
  • Clientes e Servidores dedicados para Windows, Linux & MacOS
  • Vários jogadores ativos por todo o mundo, milhares de mapas personalizados e scripts!
  • ... e... esquecemos de mencionar que tudo isto é GRATUITO SEM QUALQUER TIPO DE CUSTO?!

  • Vários tipos de armas de fogo e um escudo tático
  • Proteções especiais (incluí uma proteção de médico e outra furtiva)
  • Kits de médico & Ligaduras (recuperas a vida instantaneamente ao pegares)
  • Dinheiro (ganha dinheiro dentro do jogo ao apanhares moedas no chão)
  • Combate corpo-a-corpo: machete, Chave Inglesa, garra, motoserra
  • "Granadas" especiais: flare, cocktail molotov, granada de gás, sinalizador de ataque aéreo, bola de neve
  • Lançadores: Lança-Mísseis, Lança-Rockets, Lança-Granadas
  • Minas: minas anti-pessoal, minas com laser
  • E mais: lança-chamas, laser, arma de portais, ... - mais de 70 items diferentes ao total!

  • Modos Clássicos com DE, CS e AS mapas (bombas, reféns, VIPs)
  • Deathmatch: fica louco e mata toda a gente!
  • Team Deathmatch com captura de bandeira e mapas de dominação.
  • Modo de construção: Constroí as tuas torres, paredes, teleportes, distribuidores e mais!
  • Zombies! Tenta sobreviver ou sê um zombie e tenta infetar todos os sobreviventes!

  • CS2D está disponível há mais de uma década e foi melhorando com vários updates
  • Completo e um jogo funcional! Sem acesso antecipado! Sem promesas falsas! O que vês é o que tens!
  • A comunidade CS2D espetacular tem uma data de mapas e mods criados

Requisitos do Sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema Operativo: Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processador: 1 GHZ
    • Memória: 256 MB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: 64 MB 3D video card with DirectX OR OpenGL support
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 50 MB de espaço livre
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 100 MB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: OpenAL compatible audio device for voice chat
    • Sistema Operativo: MacOS 10.3.9+
    • Processador: 1 GHZ CPU
    • Memória: 256 MB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: 64 MB 3D video card with OpenGL support
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 50 MB de espaço livre
    • Notas adicionais: ATTENTION: Achievements and Steam features are only available in the Windows version!
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 100 MB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: OpenAL compatible audio device for voice chat
    • Sistema Operativo: 32-Bit Linux distribution recommended, otherwise some libs probably need to be installed: apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 libidn11:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386 libpangox-1.0-0:i386 libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386
    • Processador: 1 GHZ
    • Memória: 256 MB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: 64 MB 3D video card with OpenGL support
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 50 MB de espaço livre
    • Notas adicionais: ATTENTION: Achievements and Steam features are only available in the Windows version!
    • Processador: 2 GHZ
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 100 MB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: OpenAL compatible audio device for voice chat

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