The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep is the triumphant return of one of the most iconic RPG series of all-time. Delve into a tactically rich combat system that rewards creativity, solve puzzles to gain treasure and advantages, and discover a beautifully crafted world.
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Sep 18, 2018

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September 21

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep Patch 1

Hello everyone!

Today we are releasing the first patch for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep.

Once more, thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to resolve all issues you may encounter as quickly as we can. In addition to that, we are also very grateful for all the feedback we have received from you since launch. Please keep sending us your reports and thoughts, it means a lot to us and helps us to hunt down all remaining problems (as well as considering other revisions).

Let's take a more detailed look at Patch 1:

Our primary focus has been to address the topics which most impact your gaming experience, based on your feedback and what we’ve seen pop up during the last few days:
  • Crashes
  • Dropping framerates
  • Non-functional widescreen support
  • Unusual loading times on HDDs
  • FOV slider
  • Localization concerns
As already stated in the road map we released earlier this week, some of these points are not easy to resolve and require in-depth changes to the game (and subsequent testing). This applies especially to stabilizing framerates, improving loading times, and taking care of resolution issues. Today's patch lays the overall groundwork for fixing these, and you will see more improvements with patch 2, currently targeting Friday 9/28.

While we continue building on that, a number of issues have been fixed in today’s patch. We added a FOV slider, solved some pesky crashes, overhauled some funky skills, and many other things. Please take a look at the complete list of changes to get the full picture:

  • Added FOV slider to the options menu
  • Added ability to delete each save independently
  • Updated ordering of PAK files to improve loading times up through Skyhenge
  • Tweaks to volumetric fog in many areas to reduce load on the GPU
  • Optimization of Kael’s Rudiment VFX to improve performance issues in combat
  • Fix for puzzle weapons not saving their puzzle state if they were equipped when solved
  • Fix to puzzle weapon crafting icons to remove stretching issues
  • Updated materials on some puzzle weapons handles not displaying properly on high, medium, low quality settings
  • Increased speed of Rain of Arrows enemy animations to reduce slowdown
  • Fix to a crash when pressing End Turn when the player has an exploding arrow on that would kill them after the turn
  • Added skill tree icons in subterfuge for lockpick and mastery
  • Raised FPS cap on smoothing to 260
  • Fixes to Inner Peace, Mindful, and Quick Thinking to not activate only once
  • Added windowed mode drop down to replace checkbox
  • Fix for game softlocking if a tutorial popped up right as a note was read
  • Fix for electric boon line crash with certain abilities proccing out of combat
  • Fix for a combatants kill action that could be triggered multiple times and after the end of combat screen which could cause a soft lock, notably with conjurers mark
  • Fix for activating a standing stone right as combat starts causing a soft lock
  • Fix for 2 handed weapons with 2 skills that were losing the first skill when level loading or training skills
  • Fix for issue where combat statuses weren’t being removed after combat
  • Removed the ability to destroy ink recipes in Mangar’s Tower
  • Updated Mangar’s horde fight in Mangar’s Tower so traps go away when defeated after save/load
  • Fix for a fairy golf collision issue in Baedish Lowlands
  • Audio improvements to final game scene
  • Removed code that auto sets controller functionality if a gamepad is connected. Gamepad functionality will be added in patch 3
  • Updated Blessing of Mathan VFX to remove untextured squares
  • Drunk tutorial should no longer fire off when stepping into a trap
  • Added aspect ratio adjustments when resolution is changed
  • Fix for changing between resolution, language, and fullscreen in the options menu causing the game resolution to revert to 1 x 1
  • Switched Sybale’s background VFX to the rogues set instead of the bards set
  • Fix for issue where pausing the game in certain (spoilers removed) cutscenes could cause the game to be unresponsive
  • Updates to floating damage text for readability
  • Fix for Rabbie’s FaceFX for Snow in Summer song.
  • Fix for issue where level transitions while dual wielding two main hand weapons would destroy the main hand weapon and dupe the offhand weapon
  • Fix for Elven wine tooltip to show amount of spell points you generate on use
  • Small walkability fix in Fichti forest
  • Fighter’s mana bar shows up now if they have the Veteran passive
  • Updated traps in base of Song of the Sentry to deal damage to the whole party
  • Updated text on skill points tutorials
  • Fix to Harkyn’s Castle and logic puzzle quests to properly complete
  • Fix to secret doors in Iwon Reg that became impassable after save/load
  • Fix for an issue where an equipped trinket would duplicate if a consumable trinket was swapped with it
  • Made the Torr Fion key a quest item
  • Can no longer spam a lever in Mangar’s tower that would restrict the skulls
  • Fix for Show North so it’s not useable in combat
  • Fix for bug where mana was using the current mana value and not the max mana value with certain items
  • Fix for wraith sub-abilities not respecting mana costs
  • Update to a combat space in Iwon Reg that was on top of spikes
  • Fix for an issue in Baedish Forest where there was a chance to get stuck in a combat space

  • Fix for a possible sequence break in the Isle of Stronsea where the player could speak with the selkie sisters before they should be able to.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at our support line.

The team at inXile
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September 19

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep Patch Road Map

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you for your patience and for your ongoing support. We are here to update you on the short-term road map for The Bard’s Tale IV so you can get a sense of what’s coming. We had a few more problems during yesterday’s release then we had hoped for, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will try hard to solve all of your issues as fast as we can.

One of the biggest concerns has been the delay in delivering the final keys of the game. Both our partners Crowdox and Xsolla faced a situation where these were not distributed as planned and it took them some time to sort it out. Our partners have assured us that all remaining issues should be resolved by today.

We are also aware that some people are experiencing problems with dropping framerates, missing widescreen support, FOV sliders, or unusual high loading times between certain areas. In addition, a small amount of people are encountering a black screen on load. Thank you for all the feedback you have been provided so far, and we want to make sure you see what we are doing with it. Please take a look at our patch notes below for detailed information.

We are working around the clock to solve these issues as soon as possible. Also, we would like to ask you to let us know if there are any other issues that influence your personal gaming experience in a negative way. We have spent a lot of love, time and effort into the development of The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep, and there is no bigger reward for us than if you are enjoying it.

The team at inXile

Patch notes:

Patch 1 – Est. Friday 9/21
  • We’re starting initial work on improving load times to help people playing on non-SSD hard drives. There is more work to be done but it’s a big focus of ours in the near future
  • Initial work on optimization and framerate improvements.
  • Auto-detection of hardware and adjustment of quality settings on initial load of the game. While there is currently auto-detection in the options menu, it wasn’t happening automatically. The game defaults to Ultra settings which is likely causing FPS issues for those without high end hardware.
  • FOV adjustment slider.
  • Fixing wide-screen monitor support. This is part one of a two part plan.
  • First is getting the resolution settings working as intended followed by an art pass on the UI elements in patch 2.
  • Fixes for a few side quests that weren’t triggering as intended
  • Fix to puzzle weapons where if a puzzle is solved on the weapon while it’s equipped by a player, it will result in the puzzle reverting it’s state to unsolved. As a workaround now, it can be solved in the inventory perfectly fine.
  • Optimization to Kaels Rudiment that dropped framerate while in combat
  • Fix in Magnar’s Tower where a lever can be spammed in the shadow combat room that makes a bell hint unreadable
  • Fix for a softlock if a tutorial pops up when a player reads a note
  • Falkentyne’s Fury will no longer persist on the players party team after a combat has ended.
  • Fix where the Strifespear’s abilities don’t play nicely with the Vanguard skill
  • Update to the save system that will allow players to delete saves as needed.
  • Fix for a bug where killing Charn Cultists with Falkentynes Fury, which would result in a soft lock.
  • Fix for spellpoints not updating correctly on the stat sheet when gear is equipped and unequipped.
  • Fix where in rare instances, activating a standing stone of gratitude before going into a combat can result in a soft lock
  • Fix for a duping item issue by replacing a non-stackable trinket with a stackable one.
  • Fix so MACO compass can’t be spammed outside of combat, allowing for a stacked stun chance.
  • Fix where pausing the game during a cutscene after killing Yadis can cause the game to enter an unresponsive state.
  • Fix for the wraith where it shows 3 mana before summoning but actually costs 4 mana.
  • Other smaller fixes

Patch 2 – Est. Friday 9/28
  • Continued improvements to load times
  • Continued work on optimization and framerate. By this patch, we expect to have some solid improvements in place for some areas that have higher than expected hits to your GPU.
  • Part 2 of wide-screen monitor support. Updating the full screen art and layout of UI elements like the quest text and mini-map to extend to the proper edges of the screen.
  • Update to the save totem system and adding mini-map markers for where save totems are in the world.
  • Updating and improving localization in all languages for noted issues and some awkward grammar
  • Fixes to a variety of abilities to make their effects more clear.
  • Balance pass to some weapons and abilities after gameplay feedback.
  • Fix to masteries sometimes not saving their ordering when changing them in the mastery page.
  • Fix to some sounds not playing in certain parts of the world and in some UI elements
  • Fix to the party HUD staying open if you use a merchant while party HUD is up
  • Fix for removing range diagrams from Songs of Exploration where unnecessary
  • Fix for caltrops not firing off if summoned enemies enter their space
  • Update to some text spacing and flyouts in combat for readability
  • Update to map legends and mini-map to remove unnecessary items and improve readability
  • Fix for health bars showing up in front of giants and some bosses
  • Fix for some FaceFX issues on characters
  • Fix for some models not displaying when inspected from the inventory
  • Fix for some redundant text in the ability tool tips
  • Fix for gold sense where it doesn’t turn when near a chest after it has been looted

Patch 3
  • Additional Loading time improvements
  • Additional game optimization and framerate improvements
  • Addition of a Legacy Mode (hardcore mode with grid move, option to turn off mini-map, the A-Team, perma-death, auto-resurrect)
  • Ability to speed up combat animations
  • Inventory sorting
  • Controller support
  • Continued bug fixes and general improvements

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Special Editions

About This Game

Over one hundred years later, the terrible events of Skara Brae’s violent destruction are nearly forgotten. Hidden in the shadows, an evil has waited patiently. Until now. Fanatics are gathering control, the famous Adventurer’s Guild has been outlawed and its members persecuted, and you must rise up in defiance to become the hero that the realm needs. Featuring 40+ hours of gameplay, 350 speaking parts, and over 100 pieces of incredible music.

Create the Hero You Want To Be
Play as Bard, Fighter, Practitioner, and Rogue. Each archetype features 60-70 skills and collectively they unlock 21 unique classes. Build an array of characters to make each playthrough a unique experience.

Craft your Party, Your Way
Develop, progress, and grow a party of adventurers as you see fit. Start your party with a single character. Recruit or create new heroes to bolster your ranks. Level up and customize their skills and gear. Summon creatures into battle to fight for you! Build a party that suits your unique play style!

An Adventure Around Every Corner
Traverse a beautiful world filled with wonder and powered by Unreal Engine 4. Explore towns full of quest givers, fight your way through dark and deadly dungeons, and navigate beautiful rolling hills, dense forests, and icy wastes.

Outsmart Evil
Battle your enemies in dynamic, intuitive turn-based tactical combat that rewards clever thinking. Combine spells and skills for increased effects greater than the sum of their parts. Use superior strategies, thoughtful positioning, and deadly combos to bring down your foes!

Unlock the Secrets of the Past
Unravel challenging mysteries. If your enemies don’t get you, the devious riddles, demanding puzzles, and dangerous traps which await just might. For those bold enough to seek them out, hidden rewards await your discovery.

Recover Powerful Artifacts
The sense of discovery and mystery doesn’t stop with the environment. Recover ancient Elven weapons imbued with mystical powers and containing secrets which you’ll need to uncover by carefully examining them. Doing so will gain you deadly advantages in the battles that lie ahead.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K (4 * 3300) or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2048 MB) or Radeon HD 7970 (3072 MB)
    • Storage: 55 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD 290 equivalent or greater
    • Storage: 55 GB available space

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